Author Stephen King got into a bit of trouble on Twitter Tuesday after he lambasted the Tea Party and Christians for what he believes to be their position on the current immigration crisis. Fortunately, there were plenty of conservatives and Christians – including TheBlaze’s own Dana Loesch and Dan Andros – ready to put King in his place. Glenn discussed King’s ignorance on radio this morning.

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“Did you see what Stephen King did yesterday,” Glenn asked. “This is absolutely phenomenal to me. Stephen King yesterday comes out and he is tweeting all day long. He’s tweeting about, ‘where are all the Christians,’ ‘where are all the Tea Partiers,’ ‘I guess when it comes to love thy neighbor, it doesn’t count if you’re Hispanic.’”

Twitchy aggregated some of King’s tweets and the best rebuttals he received. Most people simply wanted to know how deep the author’s hypocrisy ran. After all, it does not appear as though King has visited the border yet or spoken out about the issue in any way other than bashing those he disagrees with politically.

Below are a few of King’s tweets:

“This is a guy who said that I was Satan’s mentally challenged younger brother. That’s what he called me,” Glenn said. “Of course he’s not going to recognize our effort… He can’t get past his hate.”

While many Twitter users jumped in to point out King’s ignorance on the topic – including the fact that he resides at a fenced in compound in Maine, which is thousands of miles away from the southern border – TheBlaze’s head writer Dan Andros made sure King was aware of what Mercury One did this past weekend for the border towns that are currently being inundated.

TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch, meanwhile, had quite a bit to say on the topic. Below are a few of the highlights.

Needless to say, King has yet to respond to any of his critics. Glenn believes the best thing anyone can do in a situation like this is simply let the facts speak for themselves.

“Now, if we are just who we’re supposed to be, when Stephen King says this, you can reach out in love and say, ‘Stephen, here are the pictures. Now can we actually have a debate about the issue on the border because we’re already doing that,’” Glenn concluded. “You win immediately. You don’t throw it in his face and say, ‘Look what we’re doing.’ You don’t do that. You just say, ‘It’s already being done.’”