Glenn’s emotional message to Israel: Forgive us, for we know not what we do

On Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration temporarily banned all U.S. airlines from flying to and from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. The ban followed reports a Hamas rocket infiltrated Israeli airspace and landed near the airport.

As TheBlaze reported, the FAA’s notice “was issued in response to a rocket strike which landed approximately 1 mile from Ben Gurion International Airport” Tuesday morning, the agency said in a statement. The ban will remain in place “for a period of up to 24 hours.”

The moratorium has come under fire from many who believe the FAA’s action signifies a “win” for Hamas. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was one of the vocal detractors who went so far as to board a Tel Aviv-bound El Al flight Tuesday night to protest the FAA’s decision.

“This evening I will be flying on El Al to Tel Aviv to show solidarity with the Israeli people and to demonstrate that it is safe to fly in and out of Israel,” Bloomberg said. “Ben Gurion is the best protected airport in the world and El Al flights have been regularly flying in and out of it safely. The flight restrictions are a mistake that hands Hamas an undeserved victory and should be lifted immediately. I strongly urge the FAA to reverse course and permit US airlines to fly to Israel.”

On radio this morning, Glenn issued a harsh condemnation of the FAA and the Obama Administration for empowering Hamas via this decision. As he explained, the flight moratorium offers Hamas a rare victory in this two-week-old bloody conflict, while choking Israel. Glenn reiterated his personal support of Israel and its right to defend itself.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

I want to talk about what the FAA and the Obama Administration did. They gave a win to Hamas. I want you to listen to this and understand. Without an investigation, there was a rocket landed a mile away from the airport in Tel Aviv. They didn’t report that it landed on a house. How about we start with that one? You’re always talking about how the rockets of Israel are landing on houses. How about the rocket from Hamas? It didn’t land in an open field. It landed on a house. But it was a mile away from the airport. And, immediately, the federal government shuts down all American planes going to Tel Aviv and Israel and Ben Gurion airport.

I know this for a fact: If you stop the airlines from going to Tel Aviv, you’re choking Israel to death. This was a 24-hour suspension without any kind of investigation at all. What they are doing is they are sending Israel a message. And let me just ask you: Do you believe that if American airliners feet it was unsafe to fly into Israel, they would make that call? Shouldn’t the airlines be the one, without my pressure, to say, ‘I don’t want to fly in there because I don’t feel safe’? Wouldn’t they do that? El Al is one of the safest airlines in the world and Ben Gurion Airport is one of the safest airports in the world. Israel is not like Boston.

That’s not to say, God forbid, something couldn’t happen. But Israel knows, especially now, that if an airliner was about to be shot out of the sky, it would be horrible for their country as well as ours. You might say that’s counterintuitive. ‘Glenn, that would make Hamas look bad.’ Really? Let’s think this through.

Who would the media blame? Would the media blame Hamas or would the media blame Israel? I contend that already the media would have blamed Israel, but now that there’s been an FAA moratorium, and the FAA is saying, ‘Hey, we’re a little concerned about planes flying into Israel.’ What have they done? They have just set Israel up. So if, God forbid, something does happen, Israel would get the blame because the President and everybody else would say, ‘See, they should have known better.’ That’s where it starts. Have you heard anyone talking about how Hamas should stop?

Instead, we’re stopping people from flying, while we are lecturing the people who are trying to stop the people with the rockets. We are equating violence with violence. I heard the argument yesterday. I think it’s great. As if somebody who is trying to stop a rapist, that their violence is equal to the violence of the rapist. No, no. That’s not the way it works.

Could I ask you a question? Would JFK airport or Newark airport, if they were being bombed, would we have planes flying in there? ‘Yeah, Canadian Airlines, keep flying into Newark.’ Or would we say, ‘No, we know better?’ Would we have more compassion and say, ‘We don’t want 300 dead people burning up like in Ukraine. Would we want that? Would we want our international flights from our biggest allies, especially knowing that even our biggest ally will put the blame on us and not the separatists? This is a direct attack on Israel by our country and by the FAA, and all in the name of safety.

America, answer a few questions: Do you think the FAA and the DHS know how to keep our airports safe? Do you think our airports are safer than they were on 9/11? I would be hard-pressed to find anyone to say yes. There are a lot of trappings. But do you really believe you are safer than you were on 9/11? Do you really believe this government – a government that didn’t know that a country in revolution was being taken over by Muslim extremists in Libya would be unsafe for an ambassador to fly into and go to a lightly guarded non-embassy in the heart of terrorist town on the anniversary of 9/11? This government didn’t see that one coming. You really believe they know what’s happening in the air space halfway around the world of another country? Do you really believe that they’re better to judge it than that other country?

If I hadn’t seen the anti-Israel actions, the fruit of this government’s labor in the last six years, I would say to you, ‘They’ve got to know something that we don’t know, but I don’t.’ But, especially seeing that this President continually says, and I quote, ‘I get the news only TV, just like you did,’ I can’t give him credit he knows something that I don’t know. Even if he does, his very intelligence organizations were the ones that said that whole attack on 9/11, by Muslim extremists, was a video. That had nothing to do with extremism. Why would we listen to those advisors?

So a message to Israel. Israel, hear me clearly: As an American citizen, I don’t represent all Americans. I don’t even come close to representing all Americans. I represent me. I’m sorry. I am really sorry. I am sorry to the Ukrainians as well. We have violated our oath to you to be your friends. We’re not going to come over and fight your wars, but, Israel, you don’t need anybody to fight your wars. You seem to do a mighty good job on your own.

Here’s what I can offer: My prayers and my support. And I wish my country would support you, but don’t think that our country is our government. It’s not. Our country is set up unlike any other country in the world, even yours. Our country is ‘we, the people.’ And there’s a good number of ‘we, the people,’ a lot of people that – Republican, Democrat, independent, left, right – support you. We support our right to exist. We support your right as a Jew to live unmolested. We support your right to live in a state.

Everybody is saying we need to have the UN try to come up with a solution. Everybody says we have to have the UN. What does the UN say? Well, why are all these people asking what the UN says? Because we have to have a global governance. We have to have a global community come together and agree on a solution. Well, the UN came up with a solution. You should be the most legitimate state ever created. Your borders should be the most legitimate of all time because all those people who say we have to go to UN should be reminded that it was the UN that created your borders in the first place. It was the UN and this beloved global body that put you in that space.

You’re just trying to live by the rules the world and that global body set up. You have a right to defend yourself. And dare I say it, none of us would have put up with this as long as you have. If Canada had in its charter that their goal was to destroy the United States of America and kill every American, as Hamas has in her charter, that they want to wipe Israel and all the Jews off the face of the earth, this is a no-brainer. You can’t sit at a negotiating table when your ‘whys’ are different. Why does Israel want peace? Because we just want to live as neighbors side-by-side and just get along so we can raise our children. Why does Hamas want peace? Well, because it furthers my goal to wipe them off the face of the earth and kill all the Jews. There is no peace there.

I know that Jon Stewart and everyone else can make a joke of that. That’s what they do. We are here to talk about adults. If this were happening to us or any other country, we would have bombed that country into the Stone Age. Be it right or wrong, that’s what most of us would have done. Maybe you have an Israeli exceptionalism, because your Israeli exceptionalism would come from the same source, the God of Abraham Isaac, and Jacob that teaches us to be good the one another. Our best way to serve God is to serve our fellow man. And maybe that’s why our rage would have bombed Canada into the Stone Age, but I’ve never seen Israel act out in rage. Boy, you have had reason. But you don’t. You understood, when you took the Temple Mount, that God does not want bloodshed. You understood the sacred nature of that land, and so when you could have taken the Temple Mount, you didn’t because you know that bloodshed is not always the answer.

Hear me, Israel. Sometimes, unfortunately, bloodshed is the only option left to a peace-loving people. I feel for the Palestinian people. I have met Palestinian people. We have working for us Palestinians. There’s a difference between those who have been rapped up in hatred. That’s not Palestinian. I feel for the Palestinian people and their children. I believe you do too, but you know and the rest of the world refuses to face that they are being lied to by their clerics and politicians. Unfortunately, in many ways, we are too. It isn’t hard to figure out who the bad guys are in this, when people are handing out sweets and candy and celebrating in the streets when there’s a kidnapping of a soldier, a kidnapping of anybody. I would say the same thing about you. That’s despicable. They did the same thing to us, but too many Americans have forgotten. They did exactly the same thing when our World Trade Center came down and all humans on the planet were sorrowful. All humans on the planet mourned with us and stood with us. They, the Palestinians, were handing out sweets and candy in the streets, exactly the way they are doing it to you now.

The Palestinians have to stop the insanity themselves. Until they do, you have to protect yourselves. We pray for a peace and we pray for the end of bloodshed as quickly as possible, but don’t let us pull the rug from underneath you. Remain standing – even when your closest allies won’t stand with you – unflinched in your hour of need. But know this: Many Americans and many all over the world still stand with you. And we will stand with you to the end.

While charity helped you build hospitals that take in friends and foe, our charity, Mercury One, has done the same. We have helped you build those hospitals, and, today, we are launching another initiative. We are going to help your military as well. We are sending supplies for your military – for you sons and daughters – who have been called into action and need flashlights, need blankets, need tents. Mercury One will deliver them. Quite honestly, I am thinking about delivering them myself this weekend.

While your sons and daughters are fighting, we refuse to stand by and let them be in need. While they are protecting the only land the Jews has ever owned and the only land ever to be created not only by the United Nations but by the only global authority I recognize – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Israel, you are not alone. God speed. God bless. And forgive us, for we know not what we do.

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    • rotem

      Israel hear u glann !!! Thank u, we love u..!!

      • olf

        We are with you ! And so is our Lord God ! Shalom

    • olf

      Please remove your self from our site. Thank You

  • Type 53

    What a blowhard.

  • Johnathan Read

    “Israel, you are not alone. God speed. God bless. And forgive us, for we know not what we do.”
    Israel then, now and forever.

    • Guest

      I agree!!!

    • Dave Posh

      I agree!

    • Lisa Fore

      I have asked and am asking again…plz go online and buy an Israeli flag and FLY IT!!!! No…it will not help Israel win this war…God has that covered…BUT it will show Israel and THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND OBAMA THAT WE STAND WITH ISRAEL. When you buy your flag and you fly it…plz post a pic of it…I..for one …am tired of us as Christians…NOT STANDING. Buy the flag and fly it. And of course…Pray.

      • With Fortitude

        Where do I get a flag? Do they sell them online ?

        • olf

          There are many online sites. God Bless your effort.

          • Lisa Fore

            I would love to see those flags flying all across America. So many that the government would HAVE TO TAKE NOTICE….God bless you

        • With Fortitude
          • Lisa Fore

            I see your a flag supplier. Plz help me spread this word. I hope you sell the flags made for the outside also. Give groups a special rate and plz remember people are hurting economically but I also know you need to make money. If you are a believer I would pray that you are also doing this for Israel. I know this can help you too.

          • Brittany Robert


            ❤❤❤ �❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ �❤❤❤

          • olf

            Be very careful with her, the sites have checkout were a fraud.

          • Anonymous

            Attn: Glenn Beck, your staff and Blaze personell. Could please stop these stupid ads both on and They add nothing to the discussion.

          • With Fortitude

            Laughing) Lisa I just placed the link there for everyone, but I don’t sell flags. But I see your very enthusiastic about flags for Israel. God Bless

        • Lisa Fore

          Yes..they sell them online. I made the mistake of buying one that was made for inside…if you get one….and I pray you do…get the one made for outside. Plz talk to friends and your church about getting one also. God Bless You. Lisa Biggs Fore. Ps: Are you on f/b?

      • Nancy Paino Robinson

        I have been flying the Israel Flag with the US Flag for 4 Years. My neighbors said “BUT AREN”T YOU CATHOLIC?” Yes but I love Israel and the Jewish people. G_d Bless them and the their Land.



    • BlueMN

      “…forgive us, for we know not what we do?” I think they know exactly the genocide Israel is committing in Gaza and for political purposes, choose to politely ask for a cease fire instead.

      “The overwhelming majority of people killed so far in the conflict are Palestinians, including 121 Gaza children, who make up one-third of the total civilian casualties, Juliette Touma of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said.”

      • Connor Kenway

        Why does it not mention the fact that Hamas prevents people from evacuating the places the Israelis warned that they are going to bomb? Oh because facts are not important ok then carry on supporting the gay and women stoning Hamas.

        • BlueMN

          Opposing apartheid in Palestine does not mean supporting Hamas

          • olf

            Yes it does. Then remove hamas.

      • olf

        You are very misinformed. Palestinians use women and children for human shields and firing rockets from schools, housing projects and hospitals. 3 Cease fires were arranged and Israel honored them hamas refused all 3. Please get on your knees and ask God to forgive your hatred.

        • Odi Fass

          Misinformed is understatement. I am sure that the guy is very well informed, he is just a brainwashed leftist or Muslim. You must be real stupid not to be able to know who is the good and who is the bad. Thank god that Israel has developed the iron dome system or there were thousands of casualties on her civilians.

          • olf

            People covet them because they are “Gods Chosen People”
            and they are very inventive, smart, and hardworking folks. That’s why they satan hates them. God has already won ! Amen

          • Watch it

            He only posts his leftist garbage here to agitate.

          • Tam time

            Wow I have to say I’m so glad to see that some people can still see. I support Israel with all my heart and I will adopt a solder.

        • BlueMN

          No god should condone killing unarmed women and children.

          • ken.

            like hamas suicide bombers blowing up buses full of school kids in Israel!

          • olf

            If you knew the Lord, you would know He is also a God of Justice. Amen

          • R Racer

            God doesn’t condone killing innocent people but Israel has the right to defend itself against cowardly terrorists and then it is Hamas that is to blame period end of discussion.

        • Sandy Silvaggio Forro

          i just watched a program and they had a little Palestinian boy on tv saying how Israel is killing them all;;;WHAT ;;;WHO fired the first rocket?????HAMAS and Israel does go out of it’s way to inform the Palestinian people where they are stricking;;;if this was happening ANYWHERE else in the world;;they would be defending their people also;;;Hamas is a terrorist organization first of all;;;i just can’t STAND how bias the media is;;but God said this was going to happen;;Look UP the Lord of Lord and King of King’s is coming;;i hope soon!!!!!!!!God Bless the Jewish people and God really does have it all covered;;i will pray for you always;;and also for the Palestinian people that they would see they are being “used” by Hamas;;i don’t want to see anyone killed;;only thing they have to do is STOP firing their rockets and agree to the cease fires;;;PERIOD;;if not they deserve what they get

          • olf

            Thank you Sandy. God knows the true hearts. Amen

      • olf

        Israel is the only Army I know that makes phone calls, Texting andtv as well as leaflets to ask civilians to get out the way. Palestinians won’t let civilians evacuate from the area. Hummm who do you think wants dead people ?? Israel is very honest and honorable people even though they are blamed for things that aren’t true. They must protect themselves. God has Blessed Israel Amen! Please learn and admit the facts.

        • BlueMN

          “…to ask civilians to get out the way.” Get out of the way to where? There is no place safe in Gaza for them to go. Palestinians are surrounded. If they are so “honorable” why do they continue to build settlements in the occupied territories in defiance of the international community?

          • olf

            The answer is very simple, hamas stop firing at Israel. God Bless the people who love peace and not hate.

          • BlueMN

            From today’s The Guardian:

            “Israeli tank shells hit a compound housing a UN school in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens who were seeking shelter from fierce clashes on the streets outside.

            “Pools of blood soiled the school courtyard, amid scattered books and belongings.”

          • Anonymous

            “God bless the people who love peace and not hate” unfortunately does not apply to Israel, just like it doesn’t apply to most any nation on earth. Listen to news reports and it’s nothing other than violence, killings and wars.

          • Anonymous

            There always were many ‘safe places’ in Gaza but the cowardly, bloodthirsty Hamas monsters have turned most of them into localities from whence they can ‘safely’ bombard Israeli civilians, mainly women and children, with their murderous rockets (while most Hamas ‘men’ and their families are safe and sound in their shelters).
            As for ‘settlements’ in ‘occupied territories’, it is the Arabs who are the illegal settlers occupying ancient Judaea & Samaria, which anyone who reads the Bible knows were always inhabited by Judaeans (i.e. Jews), both before and after the Romans crucified Jesus (and thousands of other Judaeans every month) eventually ravishing rebellious
            Judaea and destroying the Holy Temple.
            But apart from a period during the Crusaders’ rule in the Holy Land, Jews have always lived there, although often
            downtrodden and in poverty.
            Even the Koran says that Allah gave the Land to the Jews/Israelites, and would bring them back at the End of Days (Koran, Sura 17, Night Journey, verse 104) “Then WE said to the Israelites “Dwell in the Land. When the Promise of the hereafter comes to be fulfilled, We shall assemble you ALL together..”
            Koran 10:91, Jonas: “We [Allah] established for the Children of Israel, a secure dwelling in the Land of Canaan.” and also Koran, Sura 5:21

          • moveintothelight

            poor palestinians why they all look like al qeeda or isis. well they are all the same

          • Bareli

            It is so obvious that you don’t know anything about the conflict at list you do not know the facts!

            Stop listen to what CNN and NBC are feeding you!
            If you really want to know the facts take a flight and come to Israel and see the facts for yourself.

        • Anonymous

          Israel has every right to protect itself, yes. But to call them honest and honorable people is reaching a little far. Read up on their own Mossad works and what they are doing world-wide to open your eyes. I do admire Israel, but if they really wanted to be honest and honorable, they would obliterate Hamas without killing so many Palestinians, nor innocent people and children. Israel has agendas that they hide from the rest of the world very effectively.

          • Bareli

            WOW, “obliterate Hamas without killing so many Palestinians”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I always know I will find the person that knows better then the IDF how to do it!!!!!

            Can you please share your plans with us?

            Hmmmm, you can’t say how! so stop giving unrealistic suggestions, I insure you that if the IDF could do it with less civilians casualties they would!!

      • Anonymous

        all u freaking idiot, Israel is suppose to just sit there and have 3/4 of their people in bomb shelters and let thousands of rockets come in and pummel their homes, schools road and infrastructure and do nothing about the hundreds of tunnels that they are finding leading right into Israel! It is not Israel using their people for human shields, like the terrorist u support, It is not Israel putting military targets in schools, hospitals and homes of innocent people, it is not Israel killing their own people for not staying in harms way and trying to run!! Israel is not committing genocide it is Hamas and all the other muslum radicals who are committing genocide, If u stand by them so much why don’t u move there and quit spewing ur anti-Israel hatred because they are creating a shield for their people instead of using their people as military shields!! War is Hell, especially when one side tries to gain the favoritism of the world by putting innocent people in front as targets and hide behind the skirts of their children and women as cowards which they are! Putting the innocents in the line of fire to protect the yellow cowards which they are, if they want to die for their cause then get out there and fight Israel, so they can be exterminated once and for all, and grant life and peace to their innocent women and children!!

        • Anonymous

          Your comment is right on. This is what our administration, the news-papers and radio and TV stations should shout from the roof-tops, instead they speak with forked tongues. Israel has the right to defend itself, this president and Kerry should not lecture them. We live in an upside-down world, it seems, were the bad actors get away with murder!

        • Sandy Silvaggio Forro

          Amen Tazzydog;;;your comments are RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        And who started this madness? Hamas and the Palestinians. They,
        and all other neighbors of the State of Israel want the Jews gone.
        Israel and its people is fighting for their lives. Hamas is using the children of Palestine as human shields. Israel is committing genocide? You must be kidding! Another uninformed person who listens to the wrong people who are spreading propaganda. The UN and Kerry and the adoring Left all are aiding and abetting Hamas. The UN especially, is not the friend of the American people nor of the State of Israel.

      • Anonymous

        There is no ‘genocide’ being committed by Israel which tries its best not to harm its enemies civilians to such an extent that has never been known before in the history of the world’s militaries. This was recognized, and publicized, by Col. Richard Kemp, who led the British forces in Afghanistan. If and when civilians are hurt in Gaza, it is because they are used by the Hamas monsters as human shields, and locked into apartment buildings where rockets are being stored and shot into Israel from. If not for the Iron Dome, tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of Israelis, men, women and children, would have been killed or seriously wounded by now. Israel opened a field hospital on Gaza’s border where it treats any Arab who manages to get there, even as Hamas does everything to prevent people from getting there. The Israeli doctors are so dedicated and brave seeing they are in danger of being targeted by the Hamas war-criminals.
        By the way, one must take the ‘numbers’ of dead with a pinch, no, with a handful of salt, as Arabs are past masters at lying about their dead and wounded. I wouldn’t wish anyone to have them as enemies as they are the originators of the”Big Lie’ (Taqqiah) which was perfected by Goebbels, a great favorite, together with Hitler, of the Arabs who already in 1946 were declaring that they intended “to finish off what Hitler started…” . In fact the Egyptian Mufti of Jerusalem fled to Germany in 1941 to participate personally in the gassing of Europe’s Jews while broadcasting and inciting against the British and the Jews of ‘palestine’ from Goebbels’ radio studios in Berlin. He was a great pal of Himmler and Hitler but was never brought to justice. Adolph Arafat was related to him and proud of it.

        • WASP

          I hope the Islamics and the Zionists kill each other, evil eating itself. Koran, Qu’ran (whatever) and the Babylonian Talmud are best used as toilet paper, the Talmud will leave a rather kosher rash where as the other will leave an un-kosher rash.

    • Dan Andris

      please St Glenn, send them soccer balls and teddy bears

    • Cahill U. Smarshall

      Yes. They are alone. Good sentiment, and best wishes, accomplish very little.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the planes LANDING in the airport the FAA is worried about it’s the planes flying into the airport. If Hamas shoots down an American plane it could be an international incident. Nobody wants another Ukraine to happen. Actually, it’s not President Obama handing Hamas a victory. He’s handing Israel a victory because at least with our planes not flying no Israeli worker on the ground will be harmed if anything gets attacked. Meanwhile the airports in the Palestinian places Israel is attacking will be running as usual. Giving Israel a bigger target to work with. In war it’s easier to replace buildings and runways than it is to replace people. Any bombing Isreal does might be disabling any military planes Hamas might be flying.

  • landofaahs

    If you want to help Israel Glenn, go over there and join the army and pick up a gun and help them. These publicity stunts make my stomach lurch.

    • Lisa Bergeson

      I am feeling the same way about the Blaze.

    • olf

      Life it’s self makes your stomach turn. While bent over, shake your head as hard as you can from side to side, then with a firm upward motion pull, and catch your breath, seat down and wait for paramedics to arrive. Have a nice day.

      • zemla

        Can’t shack his head, he ran out of nails

        • olf


      • landofaahs

        FYI and GPS. )

  • You’reNoGandhi

    “forgive us, for we know not what we do”.

    Speak for yourself, Glenn. For all you “know”, Glenn, Washington may “know” about a plan to explode a dirty bomb in Tel Aviv. Maybe Washington doesn’t want to alarm people with the real truth so they issue a warning predicated on a bottle rocket and not the actual truth. You have to learn how to read between the lines, Glenn.

    This might not be the best time to visit Israel.

    • Dorothy Pohl-Scot

      Do you really believe Washington anymore? Do you think the Obama Administration gives a crap about Americans being safe? You do realize they are on the side that wants all of us dead. If this were WW2 Hitler would be Obama’s buddy.

      • Blitz

        Funny you say that when Hitler and Obama are at complete opposite ends of political spectrum. Perhaps you should rephrase that and say Stalin and Obama would be buddies instead… He was a paranoid communist dictator who killed 30 million of his own people.

        • Dorothy Pohl-Scot

          Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem were quite close. That is what I was referring to as far as Hitler and Obama. We know Hitler hated the Jews. It looks like Obama is on the side of Hamas instead of Israel.

  • Lisa Bergeson

    Glenn, you just bashed someone else for disliking the Palestinians movement and violence, and you went so far as to call that person “despicable” and you gloated (yes you did) that you hired Palestinians on your show. What now? There is no way I would get on ANY flight to the Holy Land now. I don’t trust Palestine, and I am not apologizing.

    • olf

      Sounds like your heart wires are crossed. Lord please heal our hearts. Amen

  • Michael Brennan

    No glenn, it is clearly the responsibility of the faa to make this call. Your crazy politics aside the FAA is in charge of air safety.


    Glenn, you’re doing an amazing job and we’re all proud of you.

    • Anonymous

      Glen u are a Great Soldier of Christ, as are most the rest of us on this forum!God Bless you Glen I will pray for you and for the people of Israel and for the Nation of Israel, and I am going to get an Israel flag to fly!! Peace Be With You Brother!!

    • zemla

      That’s only funny because of your screen name

  • Keith

    You are no better than those who support terrorism Get the facts before you bash our government.

  • Dave Posh

    I agree with Glenn.

  • Valerie Gibbons

    ” forgive us, for we know not what we do.” — correct in that we, as a country, aren’t supporting Israel, but we are not killing the Son of God either. Using that quote was out of line.

  • Lisa Fore

    I have asked and am asking again…as a Christian…go online and order an Israeli flag and FLY IT!!!!! You will never see anything more beautiful. It will show Israel that we support them and it will show the U.S. Government THAT WE STAND FOR ISRAEL….I AM TIRED OF CHRISTIANS NOT STANDING!!!! PLEASE…buy the Israeli flag and an American flag and fly them proud. For once let us as Christians STAND!!! God bless you all and God Bless Israel. Fly it and wait for the blessings of God to reign down on you….

    • Janet Prentice

      I fly mine over Zion National Park proudly

    • Connor Kenway

      I will once I get work.

      • olf

        Sir if we can help please let us know. True Americans work together.
        Connor we want to help. Amen

        • Connor Kenway

          Just prayers if you will.

    • olf

      I have one on my wall and its been there almost 4 years. I will forever support them. God said : I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you. Those who speak foolishness about Israel is poking their finger in the eye of God, (not very wise). I stand in awe of our God, Amen

  • Lisa Fore

    ” We’re not killing the Son of God”? Jesus PLAINLY said NO ONE COULD TAKE HIS LIFE BUT HE LAY DOWN HIS LIFE…for you and for me. The Jewish people did not TAKE the life of Our Lord…He laid it down for the WORLD. And I Praise Him because He saved mine by doing so and yours. So be clear on that point. God Bless.

    • olf

      Thank You for making the truth clear to those who may not understand.

    • Moozmom

      Romans were the crucifiers.

  • Anonymous

    Obama knows exactly what he is doing, Obama is a terrorist enabler!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      He is the obamanation that makes desolate, the ultimate definition of EVIL under Heaven, and he was elected twice in the United States by a majority of electoral votes, and sadly by 69% of American JINOS (Jews in Name Only).

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it must be FREEZING in that studio. Glenn is bundled up like he’s working in a meat locker.

  • Reliquary

    Interestingly, I thought that we were giving Hamas a win by canceling flights to Israel the moment i heard the news. Correct me if i am wrong ( a rhetorical request) but aren’t we fighting a war against terrorism right now in that very same part of the world. Shouldn’t we be coming to the aid of our Allie, I am pretty sure we have an agreement with Israel to do just that if they are attacked. Hmmmm Our word means nothing anymore.

  • olf / Israel Many sites online.

  • Connor Kenway

    Support Israel.

  • Anonymous

    “We the people” might want to send Israel a few super Hornets for ground attack missions, but if the people’s GOVERNMENT wants to sit on its hands…. then those Hornets won’t be forthcoming.

    Heck, “we the people” were against the Hutus slaughtering the Tutsis in Rwanda.

    “In the weeks after April 6, 1994, 800,000 men, women, and children
    perished in the Rwandan genocide, perhaps as many as three quarters of
    the Tutsi population. At the same time, thousands of Hutu were murdered
    because they opposed the killing campaign and the forces directing it.”

    The “will of the people means nothing as long as the sycophant leftist media tirelessly cheer lead for our feckless, do-nothing, socialist regime.

    And so …. the president is scheduling his next 30 fundraisers and next 10 golf games.

  • Yehuda Konigsberg (Jerusalem)

    Glen, and those you represent are true friends of the Children of Israel. I want to know when you are coming here so I can shake your hand and than you personally. Shalom & Blessings to you and your family!

  • Anonymous

    Screw Israeli Zionist & Hamas Moslems, I don’t give a flying fig about either of them!

    • olf

      And God said give them over to their reprobate mind delivering them to the tormentors.

  • Pearls to Swine

    Thank you Glenn. You are truly of the righteous among the nations.
    I would hope, my government Israel will understand this boycott of our airports as a sign to intensify the military campaign and not continue to be crucified on the alter of good PR when we get none anyway.
    May we all yearn for the revelation of Gds Messiah you in your way and we in ours.

    As of this writing I just heard news that Hamas is shelling the field hospital that we set up to treat their wounded civilians.
    They also managed to send a few terrorists today on motorcycles to fire guns at one of our shopping malls. I can tell you that as good as the Iron Dome is, were it not for the love of the Gd of Israel none of us would be alive today.

  • With Fortitude
    • olf

      Thank you.

  • uri.m

    thank you glenn for your seaport and friendship to us your Friends in Israel.uri minyan neve ziv israel

    • olf

      God Bless you Folks. We are with you in prayer.Shalom

  • Anonymous

    When I first heard this yesterday I thought that the Obama administration had found a way to punish Israel. . .and showing support for Hamas. . .just like the under-Secretary of State hash tagging support for the Palestinians. . .

  • Arizona Don

    I know what I’m doing as I’m also sure most all of us do. However, what is happening here in America when it comes to our best and possibly only ally in the middle east is we cannot control our president and this country put a muslim in the white house and muslims hate Jews, nearly as much as they hate Christians, maybe more.

    I think, of course I could be wrong, most all if not all conservatives support Israel. When America was attacked on 9-11-2001, and nearly three thousand people were murdered by the terrorists, the Palestinians danced in the streets in celebration. Palestine supports Hamas. Iran supports both. We just gave Palestine over 50 million in aid. Why do we reward those who attack Israel? Looks that way. But the question is who does obama see as the ally in the middle east?

    This so called president has turned his (Americas) back on “all” our allies and favors our enemies in north Africa and the middle east. The real unbelievable aspect of this president however, is he still has nearly half the nation believing he is Christian. Now that is a con man much better even then Columbus. Lets face it Columbus got a Queen to give him three ships to go somewhere he did not know where and discover something he did not know what and agreed to pay his help. For perhaps years. I thought he was the greatest con man of all time. I now consider obama to be better. Doubtful if Columbus could even be obama’s water boy.

    I think it is ironic that conservatives support Israel and the Jews here in America support obama. He actually carried well over 80% of them each time he ran for office. How can that be? Did they not see him as he was/is?

    • olf

      Sir, the enemy with in will have to answer to God as well. Bless your way down there. Amen

  • GrandmaPeggy

    Thank you Glenn. This post says all I am thinking but in a much better way. So angry at our government for the evil they are doing. If Mercury One is doing donations for the IDF can we donate specifically for that cause. Hope you get to go to Israel this weekend. I’ve been there 5 times and only wish I was going there this weekend. Safest place in the world to be right now. Thanks again for your support.

  • Ron

    Thank you Glenn for your wonderful work, many of us in Israel
    like to read and listen to you and the guys.

    As for the FAA decision to ban Tel Aviv airport it looks to many of us here
    that it’s a political issue & not a safety issue.

    Looks like your government and it’s leader are trying to apply pressure on Israel
    to fold up and put up with accepting rockets and that terror should be our
    daily routine for ever.

    Give terror a prize because we are some small country in the middle of no wear
    with no oil or other resources but human capital and resilience and a very very
    strong will to live in peace and happiness.

    In the Old Testament, the book of Exodus chapter 32 verse 9 the LORD said to
    Moses, “I have seen this people, and, behold, it is a stiffnecked

    Keep up the good work, you people bring us hope.

    • olf

      We are with you ! God will keep His promise ! Shalom

      • Anonymous

        Yes, peace be with you!

  • Chim Ritchells

    I, and many other thousands will be abandoning the ‘alternative’ media network the Blaze and it’s support of apartheid, oppression and mass murder. Love free markets, hate Neo Conservatism. Call yourself a Libertarian, Glenn? Shame on you, brother. Way to discredit everything you have fought against, and what a hypocritical gesture after your supposedly pure one of sending aid to those kids on the borders of the USA. Shame on Rand Paul and his desire to end foreign aid to the thousands of families and innocent civilians in Gaza. The outside world is truly appalled. There is no hope for the States if it is willing to turn a blind eye to the murder of innocent children be they Palestinian (100’s) or Israeli (none so far).


    • olf

      I’m not sure how or where you get information, but your a sad case. All of your statements are completely in reverse of truth. Please find a true honest media coverage so you may find the whole truth, so help me God. Amen

      • Odi Fass

        Well he is a troll Olford…forgive him.

  • Anonymous

    ” Forgive us” ? For what? I don’t need them to forgive me for anything, They can defend themselves all they like. But my salvation IN NO WAY depends on how I feel about the state of Israel.

    • olf

      Are you and mr putin picking your nose ?

  • With Fortitude

    Everyone should read this and pray for the protection of Israels soldiers !

  • Anonymous

    Beck is a real P.T. Barnum sometimes. I wish he’d stay off of this “God’s People” garbage and just stick to the fact that they are the only sane country in the region.

  • Addisoneconman

    We know not what we do? Unfortunately our leadership knows exactly what it is doing. Read this little excerpt today in an article about John Kerry’s trip to Egypt to talk about a cease fire. Found the part about our idea of what a cease fire should do very interesting. So yeah the leadership knows what it is doing and I hope they are held accountable, unfortunately they theoretically represent us.

    “U.S.-Egyptian relations have been strained, following a perception in
    Egypt that the Obama administration offered excessive support to the
    Muslim Brotherhood leadership under former President Mohammed Morsi and
    was too slow to recognize Morsi’s ouster.

    Now, Cairo is upset with the Obama administration’s call for an
    immediate Israeli-Hamas ceasefire, which is more in line with a proposal
    tabled by its arch-rival Qatar, which funds Hamas and the Muslim
    Brotherhood. Egypt has offered its own cease-fire plan, which Israel
    agreed to last week.”

  • Anonymous

    For this, I agree with Glenn 100%.

  • Lisa Fore

    Could you just imagine riding down streets or highways and seeing Israeli flags flying…at homes and churches…just one after the other. Conner…if there is someway I could get your address, I would send you one. Let me know hun…ohhhhh…THIS is what being a Christian is all about…Loving the Lord Jesus and loving one another…as I said STANDING TOGETHER…SPEAKING OUT AS ONE…WE HAVE TO STAND AS THE BODY OF CHRIST…NO MATTER THE “DENOMINATION” BUT AS “THE CHURCH”…THE BRIDE OF CHRIST…LOVE TO YOU ALL, MY BROTHERS AND MY SISTERS.

    • Anonymous

      What does being a Christian have to do with Israel?

  • Anonymous

    We stand with the Israeli people and whatever they have to do to protect their right to defend their people.

  • Anonymous

    “Israel, you are not alone! God Speed! God Bless! And forgive us, for we know not what we do!” But God does know what the government of the United States is doing to God’s Chosen people and the judgement of calamity will not be pretty upon this soil!! I have repeated over and over on this chat that three things have been proven down through history which bring the judgement of God upon a nation and that is 1.Adoption of radical homosexual agendas and implementing them in our governments, schools and institutions and replacing God’s virtuous laws with them! 2.Persecution of the innocents, through radical abortion laws and institutions and allowing radical judges to hand out lenient sentences for child rapists and murderers!
    And Three,Turning their backs on Israel!!! This is the final straw for America and this corrupt muslim president is going to bring judgement of catastrophic proportions upon this Nation!!!! He is no friend of Israel he is Israel’s enemy!!

    • olf

      God Bless you for your truth and obedience to God. This country is clearly under judgment for it’s sin in the highest leadership in the world. It has turned it’s back on the people and the Lord.
      Lord keep your people in truth and spirit as we praise You. Amen

      • Anonymous

        Thank You Sir, Very well said by you!! You are a servant of God and a Patriot!! Peace Be With You!!

  • Moozmom

    My grandchild is dual citizen, Israel and the United States. I am for Israel, the chosen of God. Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled as we witness. Watch and be amazed.

    • Lisa Fore

      I agree. God is going to do mighty miracles for Israel. I am asking you also to fly the flags. Israel and American flags. But Israel for sure if you cannot afford both. They sure need to know we are standing with them. God Bless you.

    • Blitz

      Yes, because watching innocent children being maimed and killed is amazing.

  • Simca Brooks

    Dear Glenn,
    Thank you so much, I was moved to tears by your hearty
    support to Israel at the time when the president of the USA and the
    whole world has turned upside down and most people are full of hatred
    towards the Jewish people – you stand with us. Thank you! Thank you for
    speaking the truth, thank you for the kindness and honesty throughout.
    You will be most welcomed in Israel; we all admire and respect you.

    God bless you ,and your dear family,
    God bless the USA

    Dr. Simcha Shalom Brooks

    • olf

      God is with you, be of courage and love, Shalom

      • Aardvark Mark

        Thank you so much Olford, your support is appreciated.
        Love and prayers to the USA and the American people. :)

  • Anonymous

    Does no one remember anything? It was less than 10 yrs ago that worldwide TV showed the Israeli army pulling diehard settlers off synagogue roofs in Gaza as Israel uprooted its settlements, expelled its citizens, withdrew its military and turned every inch of Gaza over the the Palestinians. There was not a single Israeli left in Gaza.

    Israel wanted this new Palestinian state to succeed. To help the Gaza economy, Israel gave the Palestinians its 3,000 greenhouses that had produced fruit and flowers for export. It opened border crossings and encouraged commerce.

    And how did the Gaza Palestinians react to being granted by the Israelis what no previous ruler, neither Egyptian, nor British, nor Turkish, had ever given them…an independent territory? First, they demolished the greenhouses. Then they elected Hamas. Then, instead of building a state with its attendant political and economic institutions, they spent the better part of a decade turning Gaza into a massive military base.

    Our government, the American government, is absolutely insane. This gov will not stand with Israel and seems to be doing everything to hurt them. Something must be done to rid America of this diseased government before its too late. I don’t see how we can continue on this path of destruction another two years.

  • Jay zargot


    • olf

      Thank You Sir. God Bless you everyday and forever. Amen

  • Laissez Faire

    Glenn Beck and his Christian Zionist cult needs to be eradicated from America and the world. Furthermore, apostate israel is no friend of America; ever heard of the USS Liberty or Rachel Corrie? Also Beck, what about La Raza and Luis Gutierrez?

    • Anonymous

      Come and eradicate me then.

    • David Wilson

      Since you believe Christianity should be eradicated do you also believe muslims should be as well?

    • Getaclue

      We shall send you to your friends in ISIS land.. they will promptly kill you for being an infidel!

    • Anonymous

      Although I believe you posted this just to rile people sir are a jackass

    • olf

      When satan shows up call him what he is, A Liar !

  • William Fuzi

    Glenn the Muslim brotherhood has a foot hold in our government.

  • Anonymous

    I just read on Townhall that the UN is saying that Israel and Hamas have both committed acts in Gaza that might be war crimes and they want to “investigate” The majority of the countries that supported this are Arab. The UN is controlled by terrorist supporting nations and despotic tyrants. We need to stop supporting and funding it. Any “investigation” will ignore the acts of Hamas in favor of condemnation of Israel. And Obama will support it.

  • Anonymous

    Are You Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Ayb

    Anybody who thinks Hamas missiles could hit the broad side of a barn is retarded.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when God lowers his protective hand on us.

  • Anonymous

    You need to remember Palestine fought with the Nazies!
    It is so wrong what their doing to Israel , God bless them.
    Kerry and Obama need to wake up!!!

  • Pearls to Swine

    Just a side issue that may be of interest to Christians on this site (as well as anyone with an ounce of Humanity left in them):

    An Iranian judge sentenced a Christian man to have his lips burnt with a cigarette for eating during the day in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan,The Daily Mail reported.

    The barbaric punishment was carried out in public in a square in the city of Kermanshah.

    Five other Muslim men were also flogged in public with 70 lashes for not fasting during Ramadan, the city’s deputy governor Ali Ashraf Karami said.

    A spokesperson from The National Council of Resistance of Iran, a political coalition which opposes the government, denounced the treatment as “savage” and called on western countries to take action.

    “The silence of the world community, especially of western countries, vis-à-vis these medieval punishments under the excuse of having nuclear talks with Iran has intensified the brutal and systematic violation of human rights in Iran,” said the council, according to the Daily Mail.

    “This will ultimately embolden the Iranian regime to continue its nuclear projects more than before,” it added.

    Earlier this year the UN blasted Iran for the persecution of Christians in a report laid bare to the world in March.

    The detailed report found that Iran has continued to imprison Christians for their faith and designated house churches and evangelical Christians as “threats to national security.”

    At least 49 Christians were among 307 religious minorities being held in Iranian jails as of January 2014, noted the UN, which also criticized the regime for its hostility to Jews, Baha’is, Zoroastrians and Dervish Muslims.

    In 2012, Iranian police arrested between 100 and 400 Christians and thrown them into prisons on charges of “creating illegal groups”, “participating in a house church service”, “propagation against the Islamic regime” and “defaming Islamic holy figures through Christian evangelizing.”

    In 2013, an Iranian convert from Islam to Christianity was sentenced to a decade in prison for proselytizing. He was officially charged with “crimes against state security.”

    There are an estimated 250,000 Christians in Iran’s 76 million strong population.

    They all face torture, imprisonment or the death sentence under Sharia law for not observing Islamic religious festivals and dress codes.

    Christians are facing trouble in other parts of the Middle East as well. In Egypt, Coptic Christians have been targeted by violence from the Muslim Brotherhood, while in Syria, Al-Qaeda linked rebels havethreatened to kill Christians who do not join the fight against President Bashar Al-Assad.

    • olf

      God as always we need your loving guidance. Come to our side O’Lord. In Jesus Name Amen

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t there exemptions during Ramadan so people who need to eat during the day can? It’s doubtful the sick and anyone really young or really elderly have to follow the same rules that everyone else has to with regards to fasting. Muslims in Arab countries take their holy days super seriously so if the rules were deliberately flaunted then of course they should be ashamed. It goes with the territory. As for having the Christian guy shamed how would anyone know he was eating during the day?

  • landofaahs

    God is not a respecter of nations and he is able to turn stones into children of Abraham. Only those who believe in Christ are going to heaven. The rest all go to be with their father named satan.

  • bella

    You can purchase flags at The Galilee Experience . This company is in Israel and are made in Israel

  • IT 2 IT 1234

    MEANWHILE – – – -much, much, much closer to home,
    —-about that MASSIVELY consolidating RED CHINA handover
    —————————–TREASON OP?——————————-

    about that now OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION of Post America?

  • Cahill U. Smarshall

    Touching, moving, and sincere. However, when do we quit “being sorry” and do something about it?

  • thedogwalker

    Yes, Israel has a right to defend itself, but this is not a fair fight. Israel is killing hundreds of Palestinians while very few Israelis are dying.

    • olf

      The answer is very simple, hamas stop firing at Israel.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn,
    May God Bless you, our wonderful friend, your family, and all Americans who
    think and feel for Israel like you, including commentators on this Comment Column.
    Sincerely yours,
    GranDam, one of your many friends and admirers here in Israel which is, at the moment, under bombardment from Satan’s spawn who seek to destroy Israel and murder every single Jew in their promised homeland.
    The Bible says that, in those days of strife, God would cover Israel/Zion with His shield to protect her from harm. That ‘shield’ is also composed of the Iron Dome, whose creation by Israeli military scientists, was put into their brains by the Almighty.

  • Eagleclaw 1

    Unfortunately at the present time America is represented by The Muslim in Chief. This is by no means represents the feelings of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. I have always and will always support Israel. We pray everyday for Her survival. She is not the aggressor in this or any other conflict. As a People they only want to live in Peace. America wake up, this may not end well. Remember what happens there will soon be here. GOD SAVE ISRAEL!

  • Jeffrey

    I have to disagree with Glenn on this one. We have a responsibility to protect Americans first, period. An airliner was just shot down in Ukraine and a rocket landed a mile outside Ben Gurion Airport. If any United States citizens had been killed as a result of not taking this action, everyone here would screaming in rage that Obama didn’t do more to protect our people. We give 2 billion dollars in aid to Israel annually and everyone is acting like grounding our flights for 48 hours as a precaution is a boycott of Israel? Europe is doing the same exact thing! In any case, I hope that Christians like myself, in addition to praying for Israel, are also praying for the innocent Palestinian civilians who are losing their lives. The current rate is one child dead every hour. Pray for peace and the innocents on BOTH sides.

  • WASP

    ” Forgive us, for we know not what we do “[sic] that is all to obvious you zionist-duped schlep. I wonder, did you do pelvic thrusts birthing spiritual abominations as the pagan adherents of Satanic Babylonian Talmud , whom you support, do? A little
    ” Shekinah” butt sex for Glenny boy? *chuckles*

  • Anonymous

    From Obama’s first speech (apology) in Cairo to date what would you expect from a muslim communist?

  • Anonymous

    America and other friendly nations will lose this war and all other terrorist wars if we don’t shut off all financial and military supplies to Hamas – and all other terrorist

    Please dear God don’t forgive us until we know what we would ask others to do for ourselves in similar circumstances, and then do the same for others.

    • Anonymous

      Your 100% right shut off the money ,that means we drill drill for our own oil and natural gas ,get Western Europe off the choke hold from Russia and Muslim world,drive the price down for energy so Russia & Iran don’t have money to wage war, and dry up the funds for radicals Muslims terrorists fractions one back by Saudi Arabia the other by Iran ,one bidding for Sunni control the other is Shiti to control the radical Muslims caliphate both groups wants to destroy the U.S and the free world and kill all who don’t practice Shari Law !!!! Plus it will get U.S out debt ,build up our military so we won’t be threaten by war !!

      • Anonymous

        The president and congress is unlikely to shut off supply because the suppliers donate heavily to their campaigns!

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    It’s safe for Jewish tourists to fly to Jerusalem during a supposed war

    but Palestinians are killed in hospitals, schools and in their homes.

    This isn’t a war

    it is the mass slaughter of people who cannot defend themselves.

  • Anonymous
  • Robert Lindsey

    Israel, Glenn is right! Our government proves that it does not want to help you but, “WE THE PEOPLE DO!” May God continue to bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn your message should be rewritten ( To Israel and the Free World forgive us, for we know what we do ) !!! Russia is a massing troops on Ukraine border for invasion ??? Our obama say to Putin to stop hostilities , ya I think Putin listen real well to obama the first time was with the open mic was it the whole truth obama say he have more flexibility with canceling anti-missile and radar in Europe and our offensive missile !!?? ,But did obama also say I have more flexibility to look the other way to pull Eric Holder stunt to Putin so you have free rein to take over Ukraine ,Eastern Europe and maybe Western Europe too ??!! Hey obama it time you put your foot down ,,to show Russia to stop their bullying in taking over countries !! When this Ukraine crisis first started I suggest a solution I’m petty sure our military experts wizards can come up with a better option or solution !!! I said provide Ukraine with hand held anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, and key component to make it very costly to Russia to back off from aggression is station some of F22 stealth jets which 5 generation jets with Patriot anti-missile battery in Poland and Ukraine !! Now in a exercise two F22 took out 18 F18 latest version are 4 & 5 generation jets and didn’t lose a F22 !!! Now Russia only have third generation jets our F22 could destroy the Russia air force and take out any anti-aircraft battery on the border o in capture Ukraine territory !!! This would clear the way for F18,F16, A10 to free rein to pound Russia tanks,troops,helicopter concentrations and for pin point strike on individual targets with spotters with laser. Russia will lose the war they started ,and their tanks and their Air Force !!! If we don’t stop Russia they will keep pulling this stunt until they on our door step have their puppet Cuba claim we miss treating ex Cubans citizens and Spanish people be for Cubans and Russians start a rebel movement back by Russia !! We better stop Russia now or we have far more costly war for the free world and for freedom of U.S , no one wants war but Russia asking for one ,hoping we back off !!

    • Anonymous

      Ya obama Putin will stop hostilities when he take over Ukraine completely and kill off any freedom resistance fighters !!!!!!!!

  • Joyce Clemons
  • Joyce Clemons

    The 450 (one reporter says almost 1000) or more Christian families thrown out of the province of Mosul, Iraq by the ISIS terrorists were not allowed to bring “their papers” meaning basic identification, nor money, nor belongings. It is very possible that as refugees, they will face thirst, hunger, exposure, and illness in the Nineveh Plain. They may face further lethal attack there. This is a huma…nitarian crisis in reality, as well as an obvious violation of international law. These people are legitimate refugees due to religious persecution plain and simple. Earlier this week, UN officials tried to make the clear letter of international law fit the US border crisis, so that they could justify a declaration of the Central American foreign nationals as seekers of asylum, and belly up to the bar to intervene. They could not. Now, in Iraq, they can. Do you think they will? Calling on Glenn Beck, MercuryOne, and Joe Kerry to cough up a kitty of $1M to challenge the US Christian community to provide humanitarian aid to the Iraqi dispossessed Christians. I saw the Mercury One balance sheet…believe me, they have the money. Bread for the World, Inc. can give direction on how to make sure the help gets to the people. Don’t wait for the US government, or the UN to act.

  • storibund

    Sorry, Glenn, you’re being a zionist stooge. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Question did the phony savior obama find a another way beside ban of flights to pressure Israel !!?? To punish or blackmail Israel to submit to a cease fire not in Israel best interest ,but in Hamas best interest or else !! Question is obama using one of his senator puppets to attach to the obama immigration bill that republican won’t pass in the House of Representatives , is for funding for replacement funding for Iron dome missiles for Israel ,which Israel been using a lot of anti-missile in the Gaza conflict and let the Republican and conservatives take the blame for not backing Israel !! That what I call underhanded dirty politics by the devious obama administration on,our trusted ally Israel, and place blame on Republicans and conservatives and U.S citizens who in favor of supporting our ally Israel in their time of need !! The funding for Iron dome missiles replacement for Israel a trusted ally should stand alone in congress both houses !!! Hey obama you and your puppets in senators really hate Israel and the Jews ,I Then trying cast blame for the non funding of Iron dome anti-rocket missiles on innocent parties of Republicans & conservatives to take the fall for your evil back stabbing deeds or pass obama immigration bill which U.S citizens don’t want !!! When will all the Jewish people wake up obama only giving Israel token help like previous funding for Iron dome anti-rocket,missile system maybe to win a battle to get the Jewish votes and backing,but not to win the war or to stop more attacks until Israel is no more that the end results obama going for !! Which is hidden by his deceptions of token help and backing to Israel !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If obama really for backing Israel in a time of need !! Then obama should have his cronies senators or representatives in the house promote a stand alone bill for funding in replacement of Iron dome missiles use in defense of Israel in the Gaza conflict !!! Otherwise what obama say that he is backing Israel is just BS lip service to Israel, Jewish people and U.S citizens ,when obama is pressuring and blackmailing Israel to something not in Israel best interest so the end result Israel be no more in a short time period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Question is the JR of the White House obama is he up to his devious plots,deceptions schemes and tricks again to hoodwink U.S citizens ?????????????

  • Anonymous

    Some possible reasons why Hamas won’t accept a cease fire with Israel ?? One to deplete Israel Iron dome anti-missile supply so Israel won’t be in position to do pre-emptive strike against Iran nuclear threat give Iran more time ??? Second lower the supply of Iron dome missile for surprise attack from Iran to be more effective ??? Plus obama and his senate puppets doing their share too by attaching the funding to replenish Israel Irone dome anti-missiles supply to immigration bill that obama know it won’t pass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    My question for the USA, the EU and the UN, which is mourning for the killed children in Gaza – as they should of course, as everyone should – my question is why didn’t they do anything to prevent it? Why, when Hamas started firing rockets, didn’t they go in Gaza to inspect and to impose sanctions and to prevent them from building up that arsenal. Didn’t they know that in the end many innocent people, either Jews or Palestinians, would be killed? How could have Israel stopped Hamas alone? The blood of those children are on the hands of those who could have averted the situation and they didn’t, the Hamas and the international community.

  • Pasha92

    America stands with Israel and always will.

  • preciousbwallace

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  • Jake Roe

    As a military spouse (US) and a Christian I will buy a flag a well, for the Free Palestinian State…I support Palestine… Any military active American military member that donates to a beligerant force is in violation of military law. God bless the people of Palestine in their time of suffering…

  • Pearls to Swine
  • moveintothelight

    arabs care for their babies

  • Guest

    a palestinian using his children as human shilds

  • moveintothelight

    a palestinian using his small children as human shields

    • Anonymous

      BS. You jewbags are full of sh**.

      • moveintothelight

        evil hamas the photo showing what they really doing with their children.

        • Anonymous

          You’re right. I’ve changed my mind.

  • Anonymous

    No self respecting Christian would pray at the wailing wall.

  • Anonymous

    Bundy Ranch Gun Nuts wanted to use women as human shields.

    Terrorist one and all

  • Bareli

    what is going on with Obama?!?
    you have too see this one:



  • Dirk Agia

    I literally need a barf bag! Beck has lost what was left of his mind…

  • Splatt Nickerson

    G-d bless Israel!
    I think there is a resurgence of racism against
    Jewish people because at this point in time Israel has not yet learned
    how to be multicultural.
    And I think Americans are going to be part of the throes of that transformation,

    which must take place. Israel is not going to be the monolithic society
    they once were in the last century. Americans are going to be at the
    center of that.

    It’s a huge transformation for Israel to make. Israel is not going to be
    the monolithic place it once was, they are now going into a multicultural mode and
    Americans will be resented because of our leading role. But without
    that leading role and without that transformation, Israel will not

    • Anonymous

      Haha I doubt anyone here will understand the Barbara Spectre reference, but well done nonetheless!
      I suggest people research the origins of all immigration bills in the history of the US to see ‘who’ was behind multiculturalism, diversity & cultural Marxism in America, whilst those same people also promote a ‘pure Jewish’ Israeli state.

      It’s a case of “Israel for the Jews & America for everyone” – the hypocrisy is sickening.

      I suspect Beck knows all of the above, yet doesn’t care & deliberately misleads his audience – which makes him a ‘suspicious’ character, to say the least.

  • Syed Iftekharuddin

    evil white race put jews in gas chamber NOT muslims

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