On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn continued his conversation with Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. If you are at all familiar with Glenn’s radio and television programs, you know how much he loves (or is it hates?) President Woodrow Wilson and his progressive policies. Byrne agreed Wilson’s progressivism is the root cause of much of America’s issues today, and he explained why historians will one day pinpoint the Wilson Administration as the time “we really got off track” as a nation.

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“I think that when historians look back 100 years from now, they’re going to say Wilson is where we really got off track,” Byrne explained. “Would you ever have seen George Washington say let’s get over into Europe? You know, Europeans commit auto genocide every two generations. You can count it. Every two generations they commit mass auto genocide. Would Jefferson or Washington have said, ‘Well, we’d better go back there and straighten it out’? So I think that we got off course with Wilson.”

With that reasoning in mind, Byrne offered his “succinct” version of U.S. history, which can be summed up into two distinct time periods.

“I think that the real story of this country can be told very succinctly. For about 150 years, it worked. The constitutional principles worked,” he said. “And then in the 1930s, as all this power got shifted to Washington, we all figured out that you can go and, instead of competing, you can go and lobby and get checks written on the account of other people.”

For the next 50 years, Byrne believes America did just that. But then came the 1980s during which “everybody had gotten organized into groups,” both to lobby for other people’s money and to prevent their own interests from being harmed.

“Then we all found one group of people that we can write checks on their account, and they can’t stop us, and that’s the group of future human beings,” Byrne concluded. “They can never organize to stop us… We’ve just written checks on the bank account of the future, and now the future has shown up, and life sucks.”