Rand Paul: If you want immigration reform, you need to secure the border first

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has yet to confirm whether or not he will seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016, but he recently wrapped up a trip to Silicon Valley in which he met with industry heavyweights. On radio this morning, Paul joined Glenn to discuss his trip in addition to current events like immigration, Israel, and Russia.

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Glenn praised Paul’s trip to Silicon Valley because he believes many of those in the tech industry right now are not the leftists they are believes to be. Instead, they are much more in line with the libertarian principles Paul espouses.

“Senator Rand Paul was just out in Silicon Valley and had a great reception… I think that these guys – and they always have – support the Democrats and are liberals. But they’re really not,” Glenn said. “The ones that I know are much more libertarian… Here comes Rand Paul. Rand Paul is talking to them as libertarians, and they are connecting with him.”

Paul explained many of the people he spoke to are inventing things that back up against big government. He used the car service Uber as an example.

“One of the things I learned when I’m out there and I think you learn if you look at the high-tech industry, is a lot of their new invasions back up against big government,” Paul said. “So like Uber is this miraculous thing that gets around cities in such an easy fashion for a good price, but big government and protectionism of old business and rackets is up against them.”

“So I think you’re right, many of them are for freedom in the marketplace,” he continued. “They are fiscally conservative and much more conservative than the President. They don’t neatly fit in any box. They’re not neatly in the Republican box or the Democrat box. They may be more libertarian.”

Paul has received criticism as of late for the position he has taken on some issues, and Glenn ran through a series of current events to get the Senator’s thoughts.


“I think what’s going on down there illustrates the whole problem in a microcosm. It shows you why that if you want to vote for immigration reform, you have to secure the border first. You can’t have sort of the granting of a beacon or a magnet or an amnesty or any kind of forgiveness without a secure border. That being said, if I felt like the border were secure and we did that, would I be for some kind of accommodation for those who want to work in our country and have been here for years and they want to be taxpayers and work for maybe some of these kids that were brought here? Yes, I can be for some form of forgiveness, but only after we have secured the border… If you secured your border, I think there are ways that we can try to figure out a humane solution to this, but it can’t be without securing the border first.


[W]hat does it mean to secure the border? To secure the border means that when people are apprehended coming across the border, when they’re apprehended in the process of a crime that if they’re kids or whoever they are, we hold them in a humane fashion. But we hold them, we adjudicate it in a very expeditious way that they broke the law and that they’re going home. And then we have a very big public display with the countries of returning them and the countries will cooperate or we shouldn’t, frankly, trade with the country. So Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, all these countries need to very visibly step and up say, ‘We will protect these kids. You will put these kids back into our care. We will protect these kids and find their parents and find their families and return them.’

But it needs to be one of these tough love kind of things that is 100% and done in a humane and compassionate way.”


“The first thing I would do is absolutely say no money goes to Hamas and no foreign aid should ever get into the hands of Hamas. And I have legislation to do that. I would also say that there’s a report out there now that the U.N. found missiles in schools in Gaza and made sure that they turned them back over to Hamas. What kind of international relief organization is turning missiles that they find in a school back over to Hamas? So I would make sure no money gets to Hamas, and I would make sure that Israel has an adequate defense to defend themselves. I’m a big supporter of the Iron Dome. In fact, I’ve gone one step further saying, you know what, maybe we need an Iron Dome in the United States as well.


[T]he other thing I wouldn’t do is I wouldn’t question what [Israel needs] to do to defend themselves because the decisions they have to make have to be based on living under a barrage of missiles on a day-to-day basis. So really, there are difficult decisions people make in war when someone attacks you. It’s not our job to second-guess how they defend themselves. Can we be facilitators as far as trying to convene people if we can have influence on a cease-fire? Yes, but ultimately the decisions of what Israel decides is acceptable have to be made by Israel and those in Gaza.”


“It looks there’s a lot of evidence [the missile that took down Malaysia flight MH17 came from pro-Russia separatists]. The trajectory looks like it comes from the separatist controlled area. Most people are saying [the separatists] would have had to have some sophisticated training by the Russians to be able to do this. I’m sort of amazed because I don’t see how you can be part of the civilized world and, you know, shoot a missile at a commercial airliner. And so I’m really amazed that Putin hasn’t tried to distance himself from this.

The only way we can have an effect short of war – and I don’t think war is the answer at this point – but short of [war] the only way we can have an effect is we need a unified European Union, NATO, and U.S. response to the Russians. And would that include sanctions? Yes. Would that include sanctions probably on the country of Russia? Yes. Would that involve trying to develop alternatives very quickly for Europe as far as natural gas and things like that? Yeah, and there’s a lot the President could do to expedite that. Most of what this President has done has gotten in the way of exports, gotten in the way of the oil and gas industry. So there’s a lot that we can do.”

  • rambler

    The border will never be secured. Border security wasn’t done in ’86 and it won’t ever be done. Want to stop people from entering the country illegally or over staying visas, then take away the incentive to come illegally. Take the bennies away and stop with the serial amnesty. There is very little consideration given to those who came legally or to the value of American citizenship. The American citizen is as good as discarded if this group gets “forgiveness”. The politicians have looked the other way and created this mess. Lack of enforcing our current laws allowed for those who came to stay for decades and that never should have been allowed. The American citizen should not have to keep putting up with gov incompetence.
    It should be really interesting to watch the towns forced to take in the current invaders going bankrupt. Makes me wonder if that was part of the plan too. Does the fed gov want to bankrupt all the local communities on purpose?

    • Brittany Robert

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    • Anonymous

      This is all a result of a deal between Mexico, Guatemala El Salvador Honduras and Belize. We could put a stop to this real quick but that isn’t going to happen. Our, so called, leaders haven’t got the desire or the intestinal fortitude to try it. We should tell the leaders of these countries to stop transporting illegals to our border immediately or we will stop sending them the billions in foreign aid they depend on. Then follow through and do it. That money is to help the people and the children. I seriously doubt that any more then a few cents on every dollar (If that much.) goes to the intended recipients. The leaders of those nations live in palaces that dwarf the White House. Google it yourself and check it out. Makes me wonder how much of our tax Dollars go into the maintenance of those palaces. How much of our tax Dollars go into maintaining the life styles of those leaders? Also put a freeze on all their financial assets and holdings in this country. Impose sanctions. Send them the bill for the freebies. If they don’t pay, take it out of their frozen financial assets and holdings. Then put those countries off limits to American tourists and businesses. Start to seriously gather all the illegals and deport them and make those countries reimburse us. Impose serious fines and punishments on all people and businesses in this country who harbor illegals. Hit them in their bank accounts where it hurts. Make it crystal clear that Mister Nice Guy no longer lives here.

      • rambler

        Our politicians are colluding with foreign powers…. I call that treason! There is no way any of the politicians will change this. It will have to come from the public. The public has to boycott these countries and vacation elsewhere. The public can put pressure on elected officials to cut foreign aid, but those politicians won’t be listening. Parents have to be prepared to yank their children out of public schools it their schools get flooded with these new “arrivals”. Change has to come from the local level or there will not be enough leverage to use against the feds.

    • ken.

      it’s the cloward and pivin plan to overwhelm the system and economy to destroy america so they can replace it with their marxist dictatorship.

      • rambler

        The 2 dim bulbs who created that system haven’t a clue what the unintended consequences will be as a result. What really happens when a system is overwhelmed? What happens when what rises from the ashes isn’t under progressive control? The expectation is that we will turn to the gov for help. Well, what if nobody does? I think lib/progs should be very frightened. It will be up to the public to fix things since the politicians don’t have the stomach for it.

  • Crassus

    Looks like Dandy has moistened his index finger, stuck it into the air, and decided to go “all in” for border security. Welcome to the party, Senator Paul. It’s about time you arrived. Too bad the punch bowl is almost empty.

  • You’reNoGandhi

    Firstly, Rand Paul isn’t libertarian. Libertarians want open borders absent welfare or any government paychecks and no public assistance of any kind issued to anybody whatsoever..

    Secondly, most libertarians see right through Washington’s attempt to surround Russia by converting one border country after another into becoming a NATO member and subsequently erecting Star-wars systems. From these border countries CIA backed proxy attacks could then be carried out with the goal of destabilizing Russia to the point of relegating it into obscurity.

    Thirdly, Washington is also “pivoting” toward China. And the reason that Washington is targeting China is because China threatens America’s economic supremacy.

    Finally, Libertarians mostly believe in remaining neutral, and not getting involved in foreign entanglements; which means not getting between Israel and dozens of other nations who view Israel as an occupier. In fact, this feud between Israel and a dozen other countries predates the founding of America, and most libertarians wisely want to stay out of that fight. But not Rand, nooo.

    • Kristin LaMoure

      Glenn and Rand both pretend to be Libertarians.

  • Chris Layton

    This border issue is going to be Glenn Beck’s Waterloo.

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Anonymous

    The border is secure. Just ask Senator Read. He’ll tell you. If you can’t trust the word of a United States Senator, who can you trust?

  • Anonymous

    This has been going on long before Obama was even born. The blame can be shared by ten administrations. Eisenhower tried to nip it in the bud with his Wetback program. With just a hand full of agents they were quite successful. They were finding and deporting illegals by the thousands every week. Just as they were getting the situation under control the Eisenhower Administration came to an end. That program started to slack off during the Kennedy Administration and continued to decrease until we have the situation now facing us. From that time on they were all derelict in their duty and, in my opinion violated their oath. Between Eisenhower and Obama there were nine other Presidents who could have dealt with this seriously along with Congress but chose not to. There is plenty of blame to go around and you can point the finger on ten Presidents, to include Obama, and all the politicians who served in Congress since 1961. There are just as many Republicans as well as Democrats in that group. If they were all true Americans they would have kept this under control and did what was right, instead of worrying about their careers and the next election. This is what happens when we have career politicians.

  • landofaahs

    Our borders should be as secure as the White House. Do you think illegal children would be able to just break in and be physically unharmed?

    • BlueMN

      Yes, that is exactly what would happen, even under Dubya or Bonzo. Really got a powerful hankering to kill a Central American child, don’t you lando?

      • landofaahs

        No dumbass but you seem to want to kill some white American kids by letting diseased ridden kids in here to pass along our kids. You also seem bent on destroying the future of our kids by paying for every corrupt government around the worlds failures. You just hate white kids. By the way don’t you liberals believe in killing them off in the womb anyway? Consider it an abortion and you will not only be fine with it but praise it. This is about respecting your neighbors property because these kids were brought up here and the ones responsible for it should hang.

        • BlueMN

          More insane babbling followed by another revelation about yourself. Now you want to hang them? Teabaggers are sick, sick psychopaths.

        • landofaahs

          If my words were babbling (incoherent) how can you condemn them? How do you condemn what you cannot understand? You expose yourself for the liar UR.

  • IT 2 IT 1234

    Polish joke ‘coverage’
    —————of Polish Joke understatement and off point perspectives.

    RAND PAUL will NOT save US!

    WE are BEING taken down.


    —————————————–ALLLLL other CONCERNS.


  • Anonymous

    We need to secure the border instead of getting into the interests of other countries. Work on our border and the the borders of European countries. Stay out of activities of countries that have fought for centuries.

  • Abe Bird

    Although I’m not American I think that America lost her mind by letting unstopping
    waves of infiltrators to get into the country illegally. Obama administration is paralyzed, doesn’t take emergency actions to halt that dangerous phenomena. If you let that phenomenon to continue, America will change her nature and values in 20-30 years from now for good. Democracies should protect themselves from uncontrolled infiltration of foreign immigrants that coming from the undeveloped world. Poor people from the third world looking for better life in the “new world” (and it is including Europe) bypassing legal procedures and endangering the local population diversity and social system. America is losing control over its population
    preventing herself from be relevant to her society needs in the future.

    America remains helpless, without any desire to understand the problem and risk of the infiltrators phenomena. If a year ago it had been said that America contains 11 million illegal aliens, today it is clear that the number is up to at least 14 million. Don’t forget that we speak only about estimation because there is no any established process to register the illegal comers and document it scope. It is possible that the actual number is much greater.

    America must defend itself. Unlikely in orderly border crossing gates where
    people who come to America are searched into their underwear and socks, the terrestrial borders are open for the outbreak of any person whether he is looking for “better life”, criminal or terrorist mission / terror cells. I am sure that not only poor Latin Americans come to the US, but Islamic activists exploiting the “American Opportunity” also to infiltrate into the US, disperse and spread into regionals’ sleeping terror cells. It is very likely that the US contains several of such cells that creating the base for operational terror future activity when it will be decided somewhere in the Islamic Jihad decision makers.

    Every average president would have been closing such border as fast as possible – increasing the Border Patrol activity; enlisting thousands new Border Police recruits (why not taking the military Veterans to such role?); initiating early detection operations to alert and stop new waves of infiltrators at the Mexican
    side of the border; accelerating the construction of the fence. At the same
    time it is needed that America will register the already infiltrators and decide a clear policy regarding them- may it let them work for one year and then going back home, or sending them to their countries for readdressing their wish to work in the US through the regular legal process.

  • Kristin LaMoure

    “The ones that I know are much more libertarian… Here comes Rand Paul.
    Rand Paul is talking to them as libertarians, and they are connecting
    with him”. Well, here is one Libertarian that feels a great disconnect with him. Glenn, you go ahead and keep pretending you’re a libertarian, just like Rand. Rand is just another politician who changes words around. Example: “and I would make sure that Israel has an adequate defense to defend themselves” Translation: Continue something the establishment has been doing for 60 years, by supplying military “aid” to Israel. Reality: All the quarter trillion we have sent have done nothing to bring about peace.

    • Kristin LaMoure

      Rand keeps playing both sides of the aisle, trying to keep one foot in the favor of the GOP establishment, and safely balking enough to try to win over Libertarians who would rather see anyone in the white house except another Bush or Romney type. It’s a dangerous straddle for him. As the gulf becomes wider that will leave him doing a very ouchy split. It reminds me of one slick speaker who suffered the fate I see for Rand as he plays this game. “And thus we see the end of him who perverteth the ways of the Lord; and thus we see that the devil will not support his children at the last day, but doth speedily drag them down to hell.” And Glenn, you know who this is, don’t you?

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