President Obama is on the West Coast for yet another fundraising tour. When Obama comes to town, traffic virtually grinds to a halt and one expectant mother learned that the hard way on Wednesday. On radio this morning, Glenn shared the bizarre story out of Los Angeles involving a woman in labor and a presidential motorcade.

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“In case you happened to be in Los Angeles, all bets are off,” Glenn said. “The president has a fundraiser to get to… so your cute, little problems [can wait].”

Witnesses told TheBlaze a woman in labor was told she could not cross an LA street to get to the hospital because the road had been closed for President Barack Obama’s impending motorcade. Though the woman was just a few hundred feet away from the hospital, she was forced to wait upwards of 30 minutes for the President to pass.

According to TheBlaze:

KNBC-TV reporter Robert Kovacik posted footage on video-sharing website Instagram depicting the incident.

“Woman in labor on bench as motorcade passes,” he wrote, “not allowed to cross street to get to #CedarsSinai.”

A spokesperson for the LAPD declined to comment on the incident early Thursday morning and referred TheBlaze to the Secret Service. A spokesperson for the Secret Service did not immediately return TheBlaze’s phone call.

Below is the video Kovacik posted:

Ironically, the woman was not permitted to cross the street, but photos from the incident seem to show medics were able to get to the woman.

“Let’s not ask any questions,” Glenn quipped. “[But] how does a nurse cross the street? I don’t know.”

While this woman certainly takes the cake for being most impacted by Obama’s visit, the greater Los Angeles area was not immune from disturbance. According to the Los Angles Times, #ThanksObama trended at one point during the day as residents griped about the traffic delays.

“People are just sick of it. But apparently not sick of it enough to actually get him to wake up from it,” Glenn concluded. “Because he won’t hear it. He’s totally isolated.”

“He gets away with it because he’s got the cover of the media,” Pat added. “When you have that, you can turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to the nation because it doesn’t hurt you at all.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP