Woman in labor ‘not allowed’ to cross street to hospital… because of impending Obama motorcade

President Obama is on the West Coast for yet another fundraising tour. When Obama comes to town, traffic virtually grinds to a halt and one expectant mother learned that the hard way on Wednesday. On radio this morning, Glenn shared the bizarre story out of Los Angeles involving a woman in labor and a presidential motorcade.

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“In case you happened to be in Los Angeles, all bets are off,” Glenn said. “The president has a fundraiser to get to… so your cute, little problems [can wait].”

Witnesses told TheBlaze a woman in labor was told she could not cross an LA street to get to the hospital because the road had been closed for President Barack Obama’s impending motorcade. Though the woman was just a few hundred feet away from the hospital, she was forced to wait upwards of 30 minutes for the President to pass.

According to TheBlaze:

KNBC-TV reporter Robert Kovacik posted footage on video-sharing website Instagram depicting the incident.

“Woman in labor on bench as motorcade passes,” he wrote, “not allowed to cross street to get to #CedarsSinai.”

A spokesperson for the LAPD declined to comment on the incident early Thursday morning and referred TheBlaze to the Secret Service. A spokesperson for the Secret Service did not immediately return TheBlaze’s phone call.

Below is the video Kovacik posted:

Ironically, the woman was not permitted to cross the street, but photos from the incident seem to show medics were able to get to the woman.

“Let’s not ask any questions,” Glenn quipped. “[But] how does a nurse cross the street? I don’t know.”

While this woman certainly takes the cake for being most impacted by Obama’s visit, the greater Los Angeles area was not immune from disturbance. According to the Los Angles Times, #ThanksObama trended at one point during the day as residents griped about the traffic delays.

“People are just sick of it. But apparently not sick of it enough to actually get him to wake up from it,” Glenn concluded. “Because he won’t hear it. He’s totally isolated.”

“He gets away with it because he’s got the cover of the media,” Pat added. “When you have that, you can turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to the nation because it doesn’t hurt you at all.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Margaret Lauer

    You’re right, Glenn. Common sense was on life support until yesterday; now, with what happened to the pregnant woman, it finally died. If the nurses could cross the street, why couldn’t the pregnant woman. Maybe by the time the nurses got there she couldn’t even walk. Does anyone know if she had her baby on the sidewalk, or did she make it across the street to the hospital after the motorcade went by?

    • Zodiak Paredes

      Regardless the police should have carried her to the hospital if she couldn’t walk, don’t you libtards get tired of making excuses.

      • Margaret Lauer

        I agree with the police thing. However, I’m definitely not a “libtard” and simply made an observation about the situation. Sorry if my observation about common sense insulted you, Zodiak, but I don’t appreciated your nasty name.

  • Ari Andalman

    Okay first of all those are not medics, “ironically”. Pharmacy techs wear scrubs and whose to say those two weren’t students waiting for a bus? I don’t see them providing any patient care. Please report on truth not speculation.
    An Actual Medic

    • Bob Young

      You are an actual idiot.

      • Chris Chirtes

        Obama voters and lovers you should go true suffering like that women or like anybody els suffer, because you choose him you should be that person

        • Bob Young

          I trust you know I was responding to Ari the”actual medic” and not Danielle?

    • Danielle Carey

      If you look close, you can see a medical bag on the bench. She’s having a baby not dying, so not sure what care you expect to see, she’s not going to hike her skirt up and be examined on a public bench.

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        Don’t know about you Danielle, but if my baby was coming and I couldn’t get to the hospital, and someone, anyone stopped to help, I would hike my skirt up and let my baby be born! The baby comes first, and far ahead of the mother’s worry about who see’s what!

        • Suni Godbold

          Spot on!!!

        • Danielle Carey

          Haha! yes very true, she must not have been quite there yet.

    • J Morris

      Waiting for a bus on a closed off street? Riiiiiiiiight.

      • brian

        You are an idiot, she was using the bench to SIT DOWN #uninformedobamavoter

        • Ryan Caskey

          no i believe your the idiot, he was responding to the guys comment up top with sarcasm

          • Jermy


            It’s idiots all the way down.

      • Gwen Marsh

        J Morris – what an oaf yu are. When a baby decides to come it comes no matter where the mother is. I would think she sat down on the nearest place she could, believe me having a baby is NOT painless.

        • africanhater

          Ok lady you are moronic. Obviously she didn’t just choose a bench she was FORCE to sit there, those women are not medics I’m a medic and have never worn scrubs,

    • Annette Hannah

      awwww another obongo zombie trolling on a Conservative site. Not shocking. Go back to Kenya, you muslime moronic terrorist.

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      That doesn’t help Obama’s reputation one bit Ari. Just shows us he made sure NOBODY got to her to help, and if her baby died, he probably would have blamed Pres. Bush!

  • Bob Young

    Nothing gets between obama and a fundraiser.

    • landofaahs

      Accept a teleprompter.

      • Jennifer Gates Darby

        Except….not accept

        • landofaahs

          I can except that… bothers ya don’t it?

          • russellmuscle1

            That sounds like you are offering him a teleprompter……..like “here, accept a teleprompter”. 😉

        • landofaahs

          AAAAWWWWWEEEEE you found me out. I’m not perfect. I guess that means I can’t post no more. Shucks. Just when I was having fun. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to live with the shame. Boo Hoo. Do you think there is any hope or will the word police hunt me down like a dog?

          • Avril Brown

            Now I think “accept” a telepromter works here, especially as that is what we did when (someone), voted him into office…. Obama: little more than a telepromter….

  • Roy Walsh

    Wonder if she’ll name it after obummer? Could this be called block-aide?

  • Annie Conrad

    I remember reading some time ago that the reason Obama didn’t attend church regularly was because he felt it would disrupt the worship of those in attendance. It seems to me he needed too bed about the business of what the majority elected him to do, run this country instead of the constant fund raising.

  • Roger Koehn

    This is where the senior officer should have used more common sense. I don’t think even “His Majesty” would have had any problem with a medical emergency. Sometimes the spirit of the law has to be weighed.

    • Anonymous

      A common sense answer. What a breath of fresh air.

      • zemla

        I second that

      • Anonymous

        Ah, “common sense”. That is a quality that is almost non-existent in the realm of those in control.

  • Anonymous

    Because his secret service men can’t handle a 9 month pregnant woman and her significant other. . . . Oh now that’s rich. . . .

  • Anonymous

    Everybody remembers how much the media came down on Christie for the traffic problems that one of his aides caused. They talked about ambulances hitting traffic. Hmmm…seems to me this is an ACTUAL incident where someone with an ACTUAL problem had to wait 30 minutes because of the idiots in the Secret Service have no frigging common sense. Where’s the media outrage here? If this were during President Bush’s presidency, this would be the #1 story on every cable channel in the country. Since it is Obama, it will barely make a sound louder than a fart.

    • landofaahs

      Actually, the woman with child should have had first consideration because between Obama and the unborn child, the unborn child has a chance of being a worthwhile productive citizen.

      • Teresa DeBerardinis Huggins

        yeah, but Obama doesn’t believe in rights for unborn children!

        • russellmuscle1

          Yeah cause apparently they aren’t some arbitrary definition of “human” until they “cross over”. lol

      • fodub

        You’ve got to remember that 90% of the people in the Media are gay, so when it comes to non-agenda (gay) issues and babies, there is nothing to see here. Just move along!

        • landofaahs

          As much as I dislike Putin, I am glad that He and some others have enough sense to say nyet when it comes to pushing the Q agenda. Of course Obama will double down on his temper tantrum against Putin because of it. He’s a Bi pajama boy and I bet that some of the stuff in his college records proves that. Anyway, sadly Obama will fail and designed to because he is here to primarily destroy America and the Petro dollar is quickly being set up to be replaced. When that happens, get ready. The old Professor knows and Enil Selnad listens.

        • landofaahs

          Well I think 90% suck but I’m not sure they are Q.

    • vforba

      If it had been Bush it wouldn’t have been a story because his people would have let her go to the hospital!

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        Absolutely right! President Bush would have stopped the motorcade to let her cross! Obama is just an unfeeling idiot! Bet we don’t hear word 1 about it on today’s news either. Well, Fox will probably report it.

      • Dana Nation

        Bush would have escorted her himself, then visited without media present after the baby was born. Bush may not have done everything right (what president has?) But at least he had class.

  • Rosemary Burnside

    We all know Bush would have let her through!

  • caseybloo

    If she was an illegal immigrant Obammy would have delivered another democratic voter himself

    • caseybloo

      Edit: the baby would be a citizen, so Obammy will not help.

      • fodub

        The libs wouldn’t let her cross with an unborn baby, because they think it’s Bush’s fault…

  • Anonymous

    what a pathetic NON-story

    • Pam Dunn

      Yes, You are RATHER PATHETIC and your mother thought so too along with all of your teachers. I bet your boss at work (IF you work) thinks you are pathetic.

  • lolasuncle

    Glenn is starting to look like a drunken fool. I can tolerate his radio show, but who would watch this program? Go on back down to the border Glenn so you and Senator Cruz can welcome more illegals with open arms and soccer balls.

    • Catherine Mammana

      You are an idiot.

      • lolasuncle

        Call me all the names you want. But did Glenn not get on the radio last week and say his “conscience” would not let him go without helping the so called “children” illegals? Next thing you know he’s on the border handing out soccer balls. I didn’t make that up. He’s an establishment tool just like the rest.

        • Catherine Mammana

          Obviously, you don’t know Glenn very well, and you misinterpreted Glenn’s explanation about “conscience” and how he believed he needed to do something for the children who arrived here (regardless of the policies that brought them here). You can blame the president for that. The government does a lousy job of taking care of people, and charity is always the answer. The private sector has always provided amply for the poor, while THE government’s policy is to keep them poor. Glenn i the antithesis of establishment – unlike all the rest who think they have a stake in this crisis.

          • lolasuncle

            We actually agree on 95% of what you just said. All except for the Glenn factor. He’s a charlatan.

          • Catherine Mammana

            You couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t know how you formed that opinion, and I don’t care. I’ve been following Glenn or years, and, for better or for worse, he shines above the rest – I know who is guiding him, and God is never wrong.

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            Very well said Catherine!

        • Marjorie Lee Peterson

          He was trying to give them some food and maybe something to do. He was NOT advocating for them not to be sent home. I would have done the same. I’m all for making sure any CHILDREN, are fed, and looked at medically, and helped, and then sent back to their parents where they belong! And if their parents are with them, send them back too!

          • lolasuncle

            But they are NOT going home, that’s the thing. And he didn’t have to be there cause if we know one thing about the Obama admin it’s this: Illegal aliens and terrorists will always receive better treatment across the board than U.S. citizens.

      • Anonymous

        What are you 12? Because throwing around insults to people you don’t know with no explanation makes me question if you have developed mentally past that age.

        People have lost all tact and it’s starting to get a little pathetic. Just because you’re on the web doesn’t mean you get a wild card allowing you to be as mean as you want to anybody you want.

        • Pam Dunn

          OH, you have OUTED yourself as a troll more than once; and usually as a left winger troll with turds for brains. After All, you voted for Obama twice.

        • Catherine Mammana

          Butt out. It’s not your conversation. And, what you have written isn’t worthy of a response.

        • zemla

          To your last paragraph, actually that’s exactly what it means, and it’s a shame. You and I know darn well half the crap typed by keyboard commandos would never be uttered face to face in public. Not that it should, but the web allows the worst of…basically everything, to be published.

  • Matthew Wypyszinski

    Last time I checked this is all presidents, not just Obama…..

  • Cee Hep

    I don’t remember anything saying the President stopped her from crossing the street, It was a 30 min wait before the President reach that spot. So talk about the poor judgment of the police, he the President an the security should be tight

    • Anonymous

      Yep exactly, but what can you expect from Glenn Beck. His reporting is not based on reality, it’s based on Glenn Beck’s delusional reality.

      • Pam Dunn

        Too bad nothing you do or say is “based on reality” otherwise you wouldn’t have voted for Obama the moron twice.

  • Christian Glupker

    A politician will throw their kids to the wolves if they get in the way of a fund raiser.

    If I were President, I’d invite her and her family (new born) to the White House. I would then have a closed door discussion with the secret service and see if we can find any common sense within their brain cells.

  • landofaahs

    How much we have changed from days gone by. Real men would lay down their lives to save a child but now they are treated with hate and even foreign children are given special treatment over our own children. The collapse can’t come quick enough. The quicker the collapse the sooner the chance for old fashioned American values. The conservative ones. Not the liberal crap we have now. It’s time to deport all libtards.

    • zemla

      “THE CHANCE”……there’s also a chance that it goes in a decidedly different direction.


      • landofaahs

        Except there is No chance on our present course. Life is taking chances. Our Founders took plenty of them.

  • Syberlink

    Local police just love to kiss the presidents but.

    • zemla

      I doubt they care about the president, other than if one may come anywhere near their precinct they automatically feel more empowered and get to play secret service man for a day

  • Carol Lee Brown

    We all know what value Obama puts on an unborn child,this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    But the left yell at us for our so called war on women.

  • Anonymous

    Remember the DUMB or craps are for the “little people”

  • Annette Hannah

    surprised the leftist lunatic in the half-million dollar ghetto vehicle didn’t get out and slaughter the baby whilst he was there. obongo is all about his sexual perversions and killing as many white babies as it can! idiot muslim.

  • Anonymous


  • capa760

    Where does it say in a US handbook that all activity, whether Turnpike, I-90 road work down to 1 lane, or an empty street in front of the hospital will not HELP a lady in
    labor cross the empty street, because eventually his motorcade will come down the street. Obama is NOT our King, a dictator-yes, he says we are too stupid to run our country, and we should give up our rights to run our lives, and give up the US Sovereignty to Obama’s Socialism. Hmmm- Or borders were more secured, at least OUR free market healthcare works; VA Hospitals were professionally working until G,W, Bush left his Oval Office of efficiency, leadership, a rapport with the Congress, rest of the government offices, and a respectful appreciation for the US Military for ALL branches, is FOR Christians, & having Presidential Diplomacy with the countries of this world. If the new EPA and business taxes did not discourage new business productivity, our resourceful citizens would provide more jobs for our legal citizens. Limit welfare (Socialism) years,and allow reductions in utilities, food banks and services, for those going to classes for cooking economically and delicious on food banks and cards; how to save electricity and water; job and volunteer services training-with daycare on site. Stop Socialism, Communism, and Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Two thoughts came to me instantly about obama…..narcissist, classless.

  • Anonymous

    The Left characterize the Right for a so-called war on women. But when it comes to a very urgent womanly need, the needs of the Progressive Left come first.

  • Anonymous

    If this woman had gone home and had her baby at home, no doubt the dept. of children and family services would have gone there and taken the baby, claiming the mother had put the child in danger and was neglectful, preventing her baby from getting critical medical care. I hope she sues obama, the city and the cops who prevented her from going to the hospital. She has plenty of witnesses and documentation that’s for sure! Make this video go viral.

    • Elena

      Or refusing to give the child a birth certificate. At home births, rising in popularity, have to have the proper authentication to get the child’s birth registered.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Los Angeles, loads of moviesan shows are shot on the streets there when they need outside scenes. The motorcade is just another reason to close streets and have people take alternate routes. They should be used to that. Could be there are plenty of women who can’t get to hospitals when they are in labor if the street they need to cross is closed. What do THEY do? It’s also not President Obama’s fault presidential motorcades close streets, all presidents have it like that.

    • Redd Cocroft

      Yep. To me…this is just an excuse to shoot at Obama’s reputation. Hateful people, I swear…

  • Anonymous

    Cops aren’t known to be too bright…

  • Joyce Adrian

    Back in the days of President Bush, he came to town (Fort Myers, FL) just at commuting time to hold his fundraiser, and this held up traffic for hours. It took hours for me to get home from work. So stop ragging on President Obama. It happens to all presidents, as excruciating as it is. Get a life.

    • Karl E Hubrath

      You Joyce is the voice of reason, God bless you. :-)

    • Chris

      There is a difference between getting caught in motorcade traffic and not letting a person cross the street to the HOSPITAL when the motorcade is no where near where the crossing needs to take place. SO stop blaming Bush and open yourself up to a bit of common sense.

  • Karl E Hubrath

    People I strongly agree with this article when it pertains to common sense; however it should not begin and end with Obama. The fact of the matter is this silly non common sense stuff, including long vacations and such is not just Obama, and it would be nice for people, especially Glenn Beck to point that out as well when talking about common sense. I am really getting the impression that this criticism of common sense only applies to some Presidents. If that is true, who lacks common sense? Just asking, God bless.

    • Redd Cocroft

      I think you’re on to something, but you are forgetting one thing. This may come off as an attack, but people these days are lacking common sense. They see a story like this and will run with it, without thinking twice about the facts given. Don’t believe me? Look at the comments posted. So many are believing this really happened, and assuming that Obama knew and gave the order to keep going…when he’s not even responsible for the motorcade. In addition, the photo shows 2 people in scrubs and it said they are helping her. To me, that photo doesn’t look like they are helping, it looks like they are on their cellphones. If they were helping, why would one lean up against the wall with her legs crossed, feel me? These people are fools for believing the media so hard like this. Will people ever learn to never trust the media this easily? There are getting too emotionally attached about Obama….and believe just about everything the media dishes out. What I dislike, is how people are making him responsible for every little thing as if Obama is the ruler of everything…when really he’s not. He has people who are not only above him, but also…he has a limitation of certain responsibilities. He’s not responsible for everything…but again, I believe that if he knew about that lady, he would have done the right thing…Obama haters don’t believe that…they think he’s the devil. For shame…

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Chesh Ire

    if she died while in labor who would be responsible

    • zemla

      The lowest order taking person on the totem pole

    • Redd Cocroft

      She would be for allowing herself to wait. The blame wouldn’t be the president as he most likely didn’t even know about it. People are quick to believe the president knew and ignored the lady. Don’t be quick to believe what you see…in every story, there is always a real truth behind it…and an agenda to hide the truth to make Obama look the culprit.

  • Anonymous

    He probably wasn’t even aware of it. He’ll have to see it on TV.

  • Anonymous

    How dare they block a hospital. A President should not be allowed within twenty miles of a hospital if this can happen. That would prevent such atrocities as this.

  • Angie Tyndall

    Narcisstic President.

  • Angela Greiser


  • Anonymous

    Many of the people posting here act as if Obama himself made this poor lady wait. You’re idiots if you think the president was consulted on whether to allow this poor woman to cross the street to get to the hospital. She absolutely should’ve been allowed to go to the hospital, but I guarantee you Obama knew nothing about it.

    • happytortuga

      Bush did it.

      • Redd Cocroft

        Bush probably knew about it. You’re missing the point.

  • Adam Kapraun

    That should indicate what Obamacare is going to be like.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    bho lives for accolades. what is the atmosphere of a fundraiser? he needs to be the center of accolades. this is the sum of who/what he is.

  • Amy Thompson

    How could this not infuriate someone?? Ridiculous!!!! >:(

  • William Durkee

    You should be bright enough, but many apparently are not, to figure out that the President does not actually direct or get involved in figuring out how the motorcade works. The LAPD, in conjunction with the Secret Service, arranges the motorcade. Whether or not you like Obama, his actions in general indicate that if he had known this was happening, he would have not only stopped the motorcade, but made sure the woman got to the hospital as quickly as possible. The kind of inane responses I see here strengthen my suspicion that if Obama obtained world peace, abolished taxes and found a war to gave everyone a million dollars a year, people would still criticize him.

    • 1966pontgp

      Sort of like it was with George Bush, right Billy?

    • Redd Cocroft

      That’s exactly what I was saying….except the LAPD and Secret Service facts.

  • justme

    Okay the president had nothing do to with this. I’m sorry but whoever was in charge should have contact with the motorcade. That way they could have let her cross especially after 30 minutes of waiting. And if the road has to be shut down then they shouldn’t cross in from of a hospital anyways. They should find a different route. What if there were other emergencies? Life and death situations and THAT hospital was the closest? Is it safe to say that it would be okay for those people to die since the road was closed? Whoever made the route should be held accountable. Reminds me of when 9/11 happened and Hilary Clinton came on and said, “Just wanted to let everyone know that Chelsea is fine and safe” Like who cares that YOUR daughter is safe. What about the others? But because these people have money and are on the totem pole they can get away with anything. The president should step in and say, “okay you are an idiot for blocking a road that ran in front of a hospital.” But will he, of course not. Oh I can guarantee that he knows of this incident. But I bet he will do nothing. Not even apologize for the people that work for him.

    • Redd Cocroft

      I agree with you. Truthfully, I think this was all used just to attack Obama’s reputation, when in actuality, someone else was responsible for why that motorcade continued to move. So many people dislike Obama and they are trying to find any and every reason to spread the hate. People are so hateful and gullible these days.

      • justme

        I can’t stand Obama but this was not his fault. People are quick to jump up and blame without doing further research. I think it is just people that have nothing else better to do besides make everyone miserable because they aren’t happy in their own lives. But this time people need to stop blaming Obama for something that wasn’t in his control.

  • Adam Jenson

    Obama’s war on women continues.

  • Redd Cocroft

    This is based on if Obama even knew she was there….or was even in labor. With so much floating around about Obama (good and bad), people are making their opinionated judgments based on that…neglecting some possible unseen facts about this story. As it goes, people are too gullible about what they see and read when they weren’t there to really investigate on what really happened. I’m not saying I’m defending Obama, but I’m not taking his side either. I’m more of a neutral player than anything else….I don’t like to take sides…because when you do, you are blinded from the truth of the other side imo.

    Also, there are mothers who gave birth in places other than the hospital. If she really wanted to birth that baby, she wouldn’t make any excuses and would do what she can to make sure that baby is born safely. (I’ve seen mothers give birth by themselves. No excuse….again…my opinion though. Take it or leave it.)

  • Wade Johnson

    had anything happened to the woman, or the baby, they should be suing the fundraiser, obama and the secret service at a minimum, it is pathetic that this president thinks of himself as a royal personage. Personally i think of the president as a royal jester

  • Salty

    But, hey, when there is a fundraiser to get to, you can’t take any chances…

  • Bruno’s Beach

    Although liberty offers a history of prosperity, we must always be on watch for despotic designs conjured up as appeals to emotional whims.

  • russellmuscle1

    Honestly I don’t think the president would approve of them not allowing the woman in labor to cross. So, what about ambulances and other ER situations trying to get to the hospital? Are they held up as well?

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