Dinesh D’Souza explains the ‘moral disgrace’ of the American left

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza joined Glenn to discuss his latest book and film titled America: Imagine the World Without Her. The project is particularly fascinating because of the range of opinion D’Souza chose to include. Glenn asked D’Souza how he was able to sit through interviews with radicals like Ward Churchill, Bill Ayers, and Noam Chomsky, who make it clear they have nothing but disdain for this country.

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“I want to talk to you a little bit about sitting with people like Ward Churchill because I have so much respect for you, and I don’t know how you did it,” Glenn said. “I mean, but you sat there with him, and you listened to this warped view of America and then heard him actually say, ‘Well, yeah, I guess maybe I am for the bombing of America.'”

D’Souza explained that he felt it was necessary to offer “critics of America” the opportunity to “say their piece.” Unlike leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, who D’Souza said never allows “the other side” to have their viewpoints “presented in an intelligent way,” he was looking to speak to these individuals in a way that would “flesh out the implications” of their ideas.

What D’Souza did learn, however, is there is a “moral disgrace” on the left that allows former domestic terrorists like Ayers to be welcomed into the world of academia as heroes.

“There is a romance for guerrilla terrorism on the left,” D’Souza said. “It is seen as excessive passion for social justice that these guys put themselves on the line. I call it the ‘Che Guevara phenomenon.’ Che Guevara was a bloodthirsty revolutionary. He took pleasure in shooting people… [Yet] this guy is on people’s t-shirts.”

“This is the moral disgrace of the American left, and it’s pervasive in the culture,” he continued. “And that’s how people like Bill Ayers can make that smooth transition from being a terrorist to being essentially a leading academic figure.”

  • Anonymous

    The warped world-view of the left in this country is how they can be wrong about literally EVERYTHING. No matter how many times you prove them wrong they just keep coming. Not only do they keep coming, but they give each other awards and accolades for holding these warped viewpoints. It’s disgusting really and will take a huge day of reckoning to shake them out of the current state of mind they are in.

    • Alex Cunningham

      I really think that we still think that it will require one event or a short term fix. this like Dinesh says is a long term fight. We have to fight it like they do. They are embedded in our schools and Cirriculum. Fortunately for us we have the Truth. If we fight the battle on the same terms we will win 95% of the time. The battle is not an election. its small battles for the hearts and minds of children and college students.And its still a battle within each republican to make them understand that this is really happening. they are sending there kids to schools that brainwash them. They are Voting for people that are just as progressive as the people they are running against. its frustrating, but thats the only way short of revolution that we will win this.

      • Anonymous

        absolutely Alex, it’s going to take diligence and keeping an eye on the ball. Americans in general are very forgiving and trusting of their fellow Americans, no matter which political perspective they have. This worked in the past, but it’s not going to any longer. Gotta stay on top of things every step of the way now.

      • Fred Toft

        The Progressive/Liberals are embedded in every aspect of our lives. They are the Democrat Party and the Republican Leadership, they are the Federal Bureaucracy, they control 90 per cent of the news media and 90 per cent of the entertainment industry, the education system, the unions, Wall Street, sports reporting, and are worming their way into the churches and are very much a small minority. The only thing they don’t control is talk radio and they are attempting to destroy that with every fiber of their collective bodies. The two traditional political parties, Democrat and Republican no longer exist. We now have the Progressive Party and the Conservative Party.

        • Patrick Donald’son

          And WE are coming for YOU!!!

          • Nancy Creekmore

            Yet another terrorist!!

    • Mudpie

      Yes, I fear you are correct. A reckoning is likely to be coming, and perhaps soon. It is an amazing cultural victory that the Left has achieved, brainwashing so many of our fellow citizens that they now seem as foreign as the MI13 crossing the border from Mexico – we are in deep, deep cow manure.

    • BlueMN

      LOL A convicted felon claiming “moral disgrace” of the American Left! Hey Beck! Next you should drag Cheney out here to call Obama a war profiteer!

      • Anonymous

        What are you trying to say?

      • TheCatholicGirl .

        You seem very confused about who are the bad guys and who are the good guys.

        The good guys are the righteous following God’s laws and ensuring human dignity for all.

        The bad guys are those trying to take it away and enslave the people.

        Christ was also a ‘convicted felon’ and would have been a bad guy by your definition.

        And your comment on the Pope Francis article (which seems to have disappeared), “How does Pope Francis feel about that? ‘Wretched
        are those who are vindictive and spiteful.’ -Pope Francis” See above

        • BlueMN

          Jesus made illegal campaign contributions and lied about it to the FEC? You’re the one who seems confused about right and wrong.

      • Linda

        people don’t even waste yourselves on this one! complete immoral idiot!

        • Patrick Donald’son

          Ad Hominem

          • Jerry D. Nobles

            You are correct Patrick.. he is a convicted felon and may spend time in prison… that said where is your objective data that counters the claims made in his book and film? Can you dispute his claims that the left is morally bankrupt? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Please enlighten us as to the solutions you believe that will make this a great nation again.

          • Ybrik222

            Patrick didn’t make any claims. Strawman.

      • Cynthia L Smith

        A onvicted felon for making a $20,000 contribution to a friend’s campaign. Not nearly as bad as the contributions Obama took from his terrorist buddy Bill Ayers also a communist. Dinesh admitted his mistake and took his licks like a man. More than you can say for that arrogant supreme leader of yours. Douchebag! Troll.

        • Patrick Donald’son

          When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.

          • Crassus

            From what I can see, Cynthia is telling the truth. Truth is an absolute defense to slander. Step to the rear, troll.

          • Guest


          • Guest


        • BlueMN

          A convicted felon for making a $20,000 (the individual limit is $2,600) contribution to a friend’s campaign using straw donors and making false statements to the FEC. He only admitted to the first charge in hopes that they would drop the more serious charge, hardly taking his licks “like a man.” LOL

          Also I flagged your comment for your absolutely ill-mannered and crass name calling. tsk,tsk

      • Patrick Donald’son

        ↑ Bahahaha! Good one!

      • BlueMN

        Here’s another example of the “moral disgrace” of the American Left, I guess: “Glenn Beck Blames Boston Marathon Victim for his Own Defamation”

      • Dwayne Huskins

        as apposed to following the ideology of a domestic terrorist like Bill Ayres , right ?? lol

    • Linda

      that is why liberalism was considered a mental illness until about 30 years ago. it’s shameful how this country has elevated these people to the status of “hero!”

      • Patrick Donald’son

        Mental illness 30 years ago?!?!?!? Where did you get that little tidbit?

        • Stackan Johnson

          She made it up…. like much of the rest of the ‘facts’ the right claims to believe

      • Dominic Milan

        Have to be careful of those liberals: Washington and Jefferson against the divine right of kings; conservationist Teddy Roosevelt; anti-slavery Lincoln; nuclear bomb dropping Truman. Hard to believe America survived the liberals of their time.

    • Anonymous

      It will take the annihilation of the United States with all if us annihilated together with the leftists, or an annihilation of the left by Civil War to save the country.

    • Michael Bass

      Liberalism/Progressive/Socialism is like the Zombie of politics it always comes back and rises its ugly head throughout the world.

    • libertarian1234

      “No matter how many times you prove them wrong they just keep coming.”

      Yes, it’s because they have been programmed and inculcated into a dogmatic point of view that was instilled not on the basis of truth or irrefutable logic, but by repetition and emotional appeal.

      PC adherents are EXACTLY like sect or cult members Once they have been programmed they’ll never question their beliefs and will go so far as to stand in line waiting for their glass of cyanide laced Kool-Aid if it is mandated that they should do that.

      They’re the least objective and most gullible in any population. Societies would be better served if these types were found out and ousted into exile somewhere. They’re damaged goods who need to be culled by any means necessary.

  • Lorraine Terpening

    It is so hard to hear the hatred spewed by Left Wingers. Stephen King’s remarks are so out of touch with reality. I’ve been a “constant reader” for over 35 years now, and I am still waiting for any form of retraction for his remarks. Perhaps he doesn’t need revenue from his books any longer because he just alienated half his fan base. It saddens me that generous church going people are insulted, and for what??

    • Xavier

      Don’t take his comments too personally. You have to realize they are geared toward radical conservative Christians who are saying very nasty things about children from Central America. (e.g. they are criminals, let them starve, ship them back, etc.) And some using scripture to justify their sentiments.

      • Broilerroom

        What christians said that, I have not heard one christian say, let them starve, they are criminals, in fact most of the conservative christians have been trying to take them some decent food and clothes. But Obama has refused to let THEM. He does not want christians to be SEEN as humanitarians, although they are. As for sending them back to there parents, we should, we dont have enough money to take care of thousands people. And this was done on purpose by our president to cause problems and to add votes to the democrats and it’s a disgrace to use children, don’t even care that they being brutalized coming here. The left can justify anything and try to blame it on people who did not cause the problem. I suppose Obama insulting Israel and sending money to terrorists is the fault of christians to!! Go peddle your lies some place else like say, a WARD CHURCHILL WEB SITE!

        • Anonymous

          “Obama has refused to let THEM. He does not want christians to be SEEN as humanitarians, although they are.”
          Similar to the governments in countries like Ethiopia & Sudan that prevent(ed) aid form being supplied to the starving populace during famines & such. Marxists controllers again.

      • Pissed

        How is “ship them back” nasty? Maybe you need to have about 50 of them come live with you and you feed and clothe them, put them through college. They should not be here and need to ALL go back….

        • Joseph Hamilton

          You didn’t mention that “X” can also contract any of
          the various diseases that are being allowed in.

      • RJohnston

        A great many of them have gang affiliations. Christianity is not a suicide pact.

      • TheCatholicGirl .

        More lies to demonize the truth. You should be ashamed of yourself. The biggest problem conservatives have are not liberals, but other conservatives like you spreading there propaganda and using their terms like radical terrorist Christians and radical Muslims. There are no such things. Stop demonizing those willing to stand up and be courageous because you aren’t even willing to support them.

        • Cynthia L Smith

          There’s no such thing as radical muslims? Or Christians? I’m a Christian. You’re living in a dream world if you don’t think there are radical muslims and muslim terrorists in this country now and more sneaking across the borders. Wake up! Get off the pipe crackie! We’re in deep.

          • TheCatholicGirl .

            Radical Muslims = mainstream Muslims. Really? You haven’t figured this out? There using women and children as human shields. They’re hiding in hospitals, schools and residential/civilian areas. You need to wake up because there moving in. And they’re all radical.

        • Blfstick

          Are you really that messed up? or are you just pretending?

          • TheCatholicGirl .

            Are you really this messed up? I’m pretty sure you’re not pretending. You seem to think you’re God. Alert: not only are you not God – you’re a moron

      • Anonymous

        Xavier, you speak ex-cathedra but give zero references, zero traceable examples. I hear and see people on both sides discussing these issues rationally. Then we have people like you appear to be, trying to incite for lack of substance. Doo you really fail to see the need for boarder security in today’s world? No conservative whom I have heard wants to treat the kids in an abusive manner. No conservative has raided Social Security, but lie mongers blame conservatives for everything, while the demise of our nation continues due almost totally to the efforts of radicals. You are uninformed and biased or just plain stupid. Do something nobel, like shut up.

        • Joseph Hamilton

          But that’s not to deny you of your 1st Amendment
          rights, assuming you are a citizen of this great,but
          not perfect nation.

        • Joseph Hamilton

          Oops! Sorry, my comment was to Xavier,bobsomm.

      • Hy Alldredge

        I notice nobody is saying a word about the parents from Central America who are shipping their children off on their own, to be quite possibly abused, raped, and/or killed on the dangerous journey here. I see nobody saying anything negative about the parents who come here illegally and leave their own children in their apparently awful home countries, only to be reunited when the children get trafficked up here by the coyotes years later. Nobody seems to be mentioning the governments of these countries, who are practically deporting their own citizens, or the corrupt Mexican government that is aiding and abetting them. There’s plenty of condemnation to go around without having to dump it on Americans who just want sovereign borders.

        • Karen

          You are certainly right there. There is more than enough “blame” to go around. It is not humanitarian to embark on a dangerous journey with uncertain outcomes, leaving your children or sending them out on their own to do so. And what about those governments? Are they not to blame also?

      • Anonymous

        If they aren’t shipped back, more and more will come, many getting raped and killed along the way.
        It’s not a radical Christian view to say send them back… (Isn’t Glen saying the same thing.. only after they are fed and cared for?) It’s the humane thing to do.

    • Big Red Johnson

      I used to be a big fan of Stephen King’s books, but since he has started injecting left-wing politics into them I no longer buy them.

    • TheCatholicGirl .

      You’re waiting for an apology? Really? This is evil you’re doing battle with. Wake up and start living in reality. We need to fight these people and fight them with everything we have.

      • BlueMN

        How does Pope Francis feel about that?

        “Wretched are those who are vindictive and spiteful.” -Pope Francis

        • Anonymous

          The Pope is but a man.

        • Anonymous

          That quote fits ‘most’ of the left to a ‘T’.

        • TheCatholicGirl .

          I think your ability to discern the vindictive and spiteful from the righteous is broken

    • Anonymous

      His failure to respond to the tweets of the Blaze staff speaks volumes.

  • Kerry Audet

    The sins of our country’s past are now being suffered. The urban welfare centers that have for decades had spokepersons who spewed out hate against whitey and the establishment, now are controlling elections. With promises of being able to live a lazy life and not have to accept personal responsibilty for anything, these squatters and the illegal squatters crossing the border by the millions, the moral and social fabric of this nation is already destroyed.The country has been segregated into groups, gays lesbians and perverts, illegals, black vs. white, left,right, moderate and libertarian. I remember a time when we were all on the same side. Now every power hungry group wants to control everything. They think they are advancing a noble or just cause, but the reality is they just further divide what is good for everybody . They take from one group to give to another. A civil war at this point would not be citizens against the government, it would be citizen against citizen. Washington, in particular the shadow government controlling what Obama and his supporters say and do, has masterfully created this scenario. It allowed Washington to become all powerful, and the people too divided to have enough common ground to end the seige on our freedoms.

    • TheCatholicGirl .

      This has happened because we let it happen. Stand up and stand for it no more.

    • Karen

      Life mirroring fiction. Sounds like the situation in the Hunger Games.

  • Big Red Johnson

    I could not converse with Ward Churchill without my hands around his treasonous throat. It would be a natural reaction that I would not be able to control. D’Souza is capable of a lot more self-control than I could ever have. I have read his book, by the way, and it is excellent. This man understands the motives of the left better than anyone else.

    • Anonymous

      I think many on the right understand their motives quite well. Dinesh articulates them very well though.

      • Joseph Hamilton

        Ditto, JJ-Y.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Thanks, RJ! For sure I’ll purchase one, now.

  • Dennis

    The ‘leaders’ get what they are promoting, however the lemmings (cognitive thinking skills seem kinda low) – have no clue whatsoever.

    • TheCatholicGirl .

      My mother called them useful idiots. Apt.

      • potfroggy

        So did Stalin.

      • Joseph Hamilton

        Without idiots, how would we know what they
        were. Wise lady, is your ma!

  • suzeeqbl

    I have been reading the comments and I find them very insightful. Denish D’Souza is teaching us how to fight this fight. Bless him for speaking the truth.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      I’m going to get his book, maybe a couple of them!

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Ordered (1), but won’t get it until Sept/Oct. Good fall season
      reading to look forward to.

  • http://philmon.blogspot.com philmon

    The whole purpose of the Frankfurtian Critical Theory Zinn/Churchill/Ayers espouse is to put decent Americans on the defensive – because decent people will question themselves, and these people take advantage of it. Why do you think they plunk the race card down so freely? The reason Churchill’s eyes spun is that somebody finally threw it back at him and forced HIM to be on the defensive.

    This is what ALL of us on the side of right need to do with these people. But we do need to know our stuff, so study up.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Reminds me of when my dad would yell about something, and ask
      “Did you do this?” Though I knew I didn’t, I still felt guilty.

  • Anonymous

    Dinesh D’Souza is absolutely right, but everyone fails to point out the colossal ignorance of the average Democrat voter, as well as a blind rejection of the truth about what the party they support stands for, labeling any information presented to them as ‘republican propaganda’. I know this first hand because unfortunately, there are many of them in my own family, and they all fall in the same category: a basic, minimum high school education, pride in never reading even an instruction manual, zero knowledge of the Constitution, and zero interest in listening to anything other than whatever is presented in the major networks. If is is not on the alphabet networks, it was fabricated by FOX.

    • Mike Barnes

      Not a smidgen of corruption, right? Don’t have to make monkeys out of these dupes, they already are. Hear, see, and speak no evil.

  • Mike Barnes

    Dinesh was brilliant in the movie. Glenn’s question was stupid. You just let Ayers, Churchill, and Chomsky spew their balloon juice and they condemn themselves out of their own mouths. Read all of the negative reviews of the movie and you’ll see leftwinger newspaper critics sputtering and fuming but none rebutting.

  • Joseph Hamilton

    “The enemy, or ally, of my enemy is my friend!”

  • Jayne Nielsen

    In addition to Allen West, Dinesh D’Souza is another of the most articulate and intelligent persons I have ever heard and seen. This is why the Left fear him and Obama (that feckless idiot) despises him. They can’t stop him and they are unable to refute the truth he brings forward. I love watching him on Fox. I try to catch every episode he’s on whether he’s on the Kelly File or Hannity.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Mr. D’Souza is kinda wrong about Bill Ayers. He may have been a professor at the university of Chicago but he’s hardly a hero. Maybe some of the Left think Bill Ayers is cool but when he retired the university didn’t acknowledge him as an alumni or anything else. Goodness knows how he got to be there in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      Bill Ayers was a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, not the more prestigious University of Chicago.

      • Anonymous

        Oh. I sit corrected. Thought he was at U of C. At least I remember seeing him interviewed on PBS and the caption saying that. I didn’t know the University of Illinois had a campus here in town unless that’s Circle Campus. If it IS Circle it would be fitting he would have been teaching there since that place is kind of Berkley-ish.

  • http://lenslight.com/ RealityMerchant

    “Many persons do not reveal their personal masochism (self-punishment to expiate guilt), but they do participate in mass masochism through political and economic views and activities calculated to fulfill the urge to mass destruction.” RJRushdooney

  • http://www.circleofheaven.com Wolfy Ghalkhani

    The left infiltrated our media, entertainment, education, and government and has been dictating culture to us for decades. Shame on us for feeling so entitled and spoiled, we didn’t take time to know the enemy or care. Stalin said, “They (the kulaks- Russian middle class, small business owners) are doomed to great suffering.” Thats what the left has in store for us.

  • GBurgis

    Keep playing your part, Dinesh. You are uniquely qualified to fight the good fight!

  • Anonymous

    “I call it the ‘Che Guevara phenomenon’.” ~D’Souza.
    Explains it all.

  • Anonymous

    Read up on Che Guevara, if you can stand it. Humberto Fontova has written about his horrible exploits. The details are not for those with a weak stomach.

    • Anonymous

      It’s maddening when the left, and many “celebrities” canonize the murderous che. There were even fashionable accessory lines sporting his evil image. I know all about his reign of terror as my in-laws were in Cuba at the time. If he had not repented and asked Jesus for forgiveness I am 100% certain where he is today, and it’s not good.

  • Karen

    Being upset or outraged by what you view is injustice is one thing. But to engage in the same tactics that you decry — killing innocents, murder, bombings, makes you (Bill Ayers et al) the same as those people who kill. You have become the killers. And killing the innocent does nothing to show your “outrage.” You have become the very thing that you despise. And when he was caught in this he just denied it all. He just made excuses when the Weather Underground crossed the line.

  • Patrick Donald’son

    If by a “Liberal” they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a “Liberal”, then I’m proud to say I’m a “Liberal.

    John F. Kennedy, Profiles in Courage

    • Robert

      Unfortunately, you believe that only liberals care about those things. You couldn’t be more wrong. However, the left does a very good job of spinning it so that a good portion of the populace believes it. You tell me one person on the right, with facts to back it up, that has said ‘we don’t care about x…’ We differ on how those things should be achieved. Is it a right, a priveledge, or a necessity? Should xx be provided or earned? How do we provide it if we choose to do so? Those are the questions we differ on, not whether schools, housing… are to be cared about.

    • Anonymous

      Liberals of the past are not the liberals of today. Either you are a blue dog liberal and you are using this description as a deceitful chance to malign others, or you are not politically active enough in your party to see the pure evil that has taken over your party. Everything is a half truth to entice and deceive others to trap them into a loss of liberties.

  • thedogwalker

    Mr. D’Sousa talks about the left and their moral disgrace, but what about his own? He recently plead guilty to a Federal crime and is awaiting sentencing.

    • Anonymous

      Stay focused. Watch the movie. He brings up the offense in his movie, takes responsibility and apologizes. The left NEVER does that. As for the offense. It was a $2,000 political donation. Not something you should lose any sleep over in today’s political corruptions. Not to be excused, but not up there with billions in campaign fraud going on daily.

  • Dime

    The hard left aren’t immoral, they are amoral. HUGE distinction.

  • jim

    D souza is an apologist for colonialism, and and indian “uncle tom” but most of all his films are crap !!!

    • Anonymous

      question, how could you be so delusional on all counts? seriously.

    • Anonymous

      Typical Democrat mental illness. You make names and labels to kill the messenger, but never put facts on the table to talk about the message.

      • jim

        What message its the same old BS heard on FOX and other outlets of its ilk
        BTW Both partys Repub and dems are just two sides of the same coin and get their marching orders from the powers that be

  • Anonymous

    The Che shirts are the best. at least the che wearing drones wear it proudly.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think of this as right vs left but right vs wrong or good vs evil.

  • Bonnie Somer

    that is y luckily there is us so that they just cannot impose their horrors on everyone w/o us the world well i don’t have to tell u

  • Adam Jenson

    Get’em DD.

  • fire lion

    Talking about CHE? hahaha pretty much every serious leftist is laughing at how behind the times Souza is.

    Let’s talk about the “gods” of the conservatives

    Reagan: sold guns to the iranians helped train Osama Bin Ladin

    Fore fathers: had slaves, never let women vote

    The bible: genocide, misogyny, slavery

    Mormon church leaders who said that blacks are the race of cain and should not be considered human.

    LOL che.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm, Reagan vs. Che. I can see how you would compare them…. NOT!! You libs really do have a mental disorder, don’t you?

  • Jay Effkay

    Love Dinesh,,, SO smart and he is able to characterize his points in such a concise way that anybody can understand

    He is ABSOLUTELY right

    You cant win a culture war, when the Left has hijacked Hollywood and Mtv to warp young peoples minds whilst theyre naive

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