Huh? Bob Beckel admits he has ‘done dope in the White House’ during Fox News segment

Rapper Snoop Dogg made headlines earlier this week when he told Jimmy Kimmel he smoked marijuana in a White House restroom in December 2013. Not to be out done, liberal Fox News commentator Bob Beckel claimed he too has lit up in the White House.

“I can’t criticize [Snoop Dogg] because I’ve done dope in the White House myself,” Beckel said in front of his gob smacked cohosts on The Five. He then added he had already discussed the topic in his book.

Watch the segment below:

On radio this morning, Stu downloaded a copy of Beckel’s book, Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That Is Destroying America, which was co-written with Cal Thomas. While Stu was unable to corroborate Beckel’s claims, the guys did prove their drug knowledge is limited.

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  • Ward Clinton

    Well, that certainly explains a lot regarding Beckel.

    • libertarian1234

      Yes, it does. He needs something to help him limp along every day.

      He always seemed a bit out of step and lagging behind to me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I guess I assumed he was just the usual mentally disturbed extreme leftist.

      But it’s clear now why he has a skewed view of things. It’s because his mental equipment has been tweaked by a substance that causes a distortion in the process of logic.

      It also makes the average person paranoid, which is worse during a smoking session, but it carries over a bit when the subject isn’t directly under the influence.

  • Anonymous

    it’s probably on his resume under high points of his life.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even know he had a book.

    • David Tower

      I didn’t even know he could read!!

    • Sergio Bungholio

      Well by the response from the rest of the panel….they didn’t know he had a book either. Too bad they didn’t probe more to find out when and with what other people

      • Ferrari fan

        it’s on the shelf behind Hillary’s “book”… jking I wasn’t aware he could master a pen either.

  • You’reNoGandhi

    Only the dull-witted among us don’t know about prescription and non-prescription drug usage by the Washington elite and their presstitute friends, like Bob.

    Furthermore, the CIA runs drugs. Big banks launder CIA drug money. And places like Afghanistan are converted into one big drug garden by Washington.

    What’s so tragically funny is how Glenn’s listeners seem to be absolutely clueless.

    Be honest with us, Glenn, Pat and Stu, and tells us what drugs you’re on?

  • Crassus

    Bob Beckel played football when he was in college.

    • Anonymous

      and that has WHAT to do with this???

      • Anonymous

        He hurt his brain!!!

  • CHANGEIN2014

    Why isn’t Bob ashamed? Is he he more concerned in selling his book so he can date girls young enough to be his granddaughters?!

  • William Russ

    What did Obama do with the smoke the White House requested a few months back. He is giving it to his friends and smoking it.You have some kind of President because he is not my President. Impeach him now .

  • Jenny Rodriguez

    The smell of smoking dope is really strong, and the WH is full of security, therefore it must be common place and acceptable behavior otherwise he would have been caught. Also, for all those that work in the WH and watch illegal actives occur and do nothing, should also be held responsible.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s face it, Beckel is a self-admitted alcoholic and druggie. I think the guy is a pig, and he makes it impossible for me to watch “The Five.”

      As for drugs in the White House, it goes back at least to the days of JFK, for heaven’s sake. And you don’t think Billy Bob Clinton and his crew toked and snorted their way through the 90’s there?

      • Dena

        That current? I am willing to bet that FDR was using alcohol while it was still illegal to do so. Because “Medical Alcohol” was still available, I suspect the white house had a large stock of it on hand.

        • Phillip Blair

          No betting required. The man lead this country to victory in WWII with a snootful, it’s a matter of history. Him and Churchill both!

      • Gdrake

        What are you talking about Billy Bob was only a cigar connoisseur!!!!

  • amy

    One reason they hated W. so much. He didn’t “party”

    • David Wheeler

      You obviously haven’t seen Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

      • Ferrari fan

        right because that movie was an honest documentary written/filmed by people with zero agenda.

  • Mike Oconnell

    they need to smoke a lil more

  • Guest

    This is the same guy who dropped a f-bomb on live tv- then refused to admit he’d done something wrong.

    This man is a performer who does things simply for shock effect. I don’t believe Beckel has any credibility… So isn’t this a no story? Isn’t he the man who intentionally gets set up as a straw man to make conservatives feel better about themselves?

    My question is why this man is still on the air. He feeds the left and conservatives who don’t think for themselves the hateful and downright stupid things he says. If you’d like to find where the illiterate, rich, racist conservative stereotype comes from, I say you start looking with him.

    • Dan

      Maybe it’s just my stupid infantrymans brain… but how would a fat, stupid, and hateful liberal contribute to a negative stereotype of conservatives?

  • Aaron

    that’s badass…the beatles smoked in the bathroom at buckingham before their knighting, just an FYI for the older generation that dislikes snoop. BUT this does illustrate how celebrities/famous people are clearly treated differently than the rest of us. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get away with smoking out the bathroom at the white house lol.

    • Anonymous

      if you’re a leftist it’s about as badass as stealing an extra packet of hot sauce at Taco Bell.

      • Phillip Blair

        First off, you can’t “steal” an extra packet of hot sauce from Taco Bell. If you’ve made a purchase, you can technically have as many as you want. Second, smoking pot is not a “leftist” thing as so many seem to believe. Some of my biggest pot head friends are republicans, and would rather cut their own throats than vote for a democrat. Doesn’t stop them from toking up after a long day.

        • Anonymous

          what I meant was it’s nothing,… now if he smoked a cigarette,…. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing by the look of his enormous belly he did a lot of eating on the taxpayer dime while at the WH as well. Probably had to fight Mooch for the last french fry.

  • landofaahs

    You almost have to be screwed up and on drugs to be a democrat. If you were sober, you’d know how screwed up everything you say sounds otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    In my book is a detailed account describing an incident where I caught Obama masturbating to a picture of a semi-nude, yet tasteful, photograph of Ruth Based Ginsberg in the oval office! I said, “Have you no shame Barry?” He just asked me to be quiet for 2-3 minutes.

  • Anonymous

    In my book is a detailed account describing an incident where I caught Obama masturbating to a photograph of a semi-nude, yet tasteful, Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the oval office! I said, “Have you no shame Barry?” He just asked me to be quiet for 2-3 minutes. I just gathered up my fifth grade students and abruptly ended our field trip.

    • Shawn Cameron

      LMAO “Semi nude, yet tasteful”

      A picture of her fully clothed is far from tasteful she looks like the b@$tard child of Gollum and the Crypt Keeper.

      LMAO though!

    • Anonymous

      Oh the imagery. Got to worry about you, Craig.

  • Guest

    What’s the difference – bear, dope, whatever.. Snoop is cool but beckel is an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    With obummer’s sexual predilections coming out recently, did Beckel do dope or did he do a dope?

    • Loangirl

      Probably both! He is a fat ugly pig!

      • Dominic Milan

        but fit to be employed by FOX

  • Robert Bilbrey

    …WHO F’N CARES LOL!!! I Love Bob!!! 😉

    • Anonymous

      You know … these days the cool people don’t care about much. I am out of step – I do care. I think I would be more RESPECTFUL of what I do in the people’s house… but, that’s just me. LOL!!!

    • Carl Collins Jr.

      Normal people care, robert.

      • Robert Bilbrey

        …Really??? Define Normal then??? As long as the guy is doing his job well…Why cant he smoke MJ??? …Folks sure do induldge in alcohiol in the White House…which is a million times more dangerous than Ganja! …Score one for the “GOOD” people…FUKK NORMAL…

  • like a boss

    not suprise, obamas prob. railing lines with j z

  • Connor Kenway

    He was apart of the Carter white house. Which explains alot.

    • ken.

      that billy beer sure was fattening!

  • Carl Collins Jr.

    I suspect there is a lot of recreational drug use in this White House. After all, it is full of dopes…

    • Phillip Blair

      Right, “this” White House, lol! Cause Dubya NEVER had any incling of a substance abuse problem! Never mind the well known fact that he’s an alcoholic and cokehead! Never let the facts tarnish your memories of the great divider!

  • In_the_OC

    There is a great deal of wisdom in the admonition of avoiding even the appearance of evil. Having Bobby Bechel announce he did drugs at the White House may not be new to Obama or the administration OR its “guests”, as Bechel evidently was (“Mr. Syncophant”), but shooting one’s mouth off about it (why would you do that?) shows a lack of propriety where propriety is clearly lacking all across the board, and therefore in great need of same. Seems almost wherever we go today, something is “off”, or cheapened in order to be “cool.” That extends to Bob Bechel and his inappreciation for discretion.

  • Anonymous

    Beckel is a typical democrat drug smoking , alcoholic, and agitator that does nothing but live off the tax payers .

    • Loangirl


    • Lee in Phoenix

      I agree with the first 3, but don’t think he lives off the taxpayers. He makes a lot more money than most of us. Why I can’t say, because if you watch the show much it is apparent that he cannot remember simple facts from day to day and doesn’t seem very intelligent at all. If he’s like this now, I can only imagine what he was like when he worked for the government and, by his own admission, was drunk and stoned most of the time.

  • Sean Sellars

    At least he’s honest….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always assumed that drugs are heavily flowing in EVERY Democrat administration. Clinton–of course. Obama–of course. I can’t imagine dope NOT happening in there. It’s a bunch of spoiled, arrogant, narcissistic brats who “work” there and this is normal to them. But I honestly can not imagine this happening in a George Bush or Mitt Romney or Ronald Reagan White House—no way. Call me crazy, I don’t care—but I think I am spot-on correct.

    • Phillip Blair

      Never mind the well known fact that Dubya’s an alcoholic and cokehead! Never let the facts tarnish your memories of the great divider! How about all those Hollywood parties Regan hosted? The man was an actor for God’s sake! Your really telling us you won’t believe he did coke, or drank alcohol? Cocaine was EVERYWHERE in the 80’s! It was the rich man’s drug of choice! OF COURSE Regan did it! How’s the world look through those rose colored glasses?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he’s part of Obama’s “Choom Gang.”

  • Anonymous

    explains how the gov is everybody smoking pot and nobody working sitting on their backside and drawing money they didn’t work for and lating the government run itself –finally the truth comes out and Obummer is in on it to

  • CABorn71

    Smoked dope, while hanging out with a bunch of dopes. Our tax dollars at work.

  • Glen May

    Must have been right before that. Dozen donuts and sack of cheese burgers…. washed down with grape soda of course. …… ?????

  • John Kissel

    Bob said he did dope , not smoked dope . more likely he did Coke, not weed.

  • dennis reilly

    did anyone buy the book?

  • iconicles

    I’m not even entirely sure why, but it drives me a little nuts when people refer to marijuana as “dope.” No one who knows much calls it that. It’s commonly known as weed, pot, grass, smoke, ganja, herb, bud, and/or a few other things. Crystal meth is called dope. Get it right.

  • Anonymous

    Hated Bob at first, now he is the best part of the show.

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins

    How many coked up their nose with Clinton and his mafia buddies while he was in the White House, it gave new meaning to the term “White” House.

  • Ron Swaim

    Why doesn’t fox get rid of beckel!?!?! He’s nothing more than a fat slob left wing extremist!!!

  • Charles Finley

    I believe that Beckel misspoke. He meant he was “a” Smoking Dope in the WH. At least its more believable said this way…

  • Ellie

    Bob and Snoop are like the weird Uncles (or guests you feel sorry about, hence you invited them) around the Christmas or Thanksgiving table (include Uncle Joe B.) that everyone, no matter how polite they are, secretly want to spit on the spoon and pass the last servings of nasty green bean casserole. Basically, they are as gross, all of them, as the casserole you have to pretend to like and eat. Nasty!

  • Ricky vee

    Soooo Efen What!! You act if you’re sooo hip. why don’t you drop those suspenders and cut a big FART instead.. maybe that will get you more RATINGS!!

  • David Miller

    When I hear dope I don’t think weed… Thats why when I first herd the broadcast I was like “You cant say that on TV” for the next hour. Though I do hope he was just talking about weed.

  • Keith Hoffman

    Once again….only serfs get arrested…..but politicians are lawless

  • Anonymous

    this is out problem…our elite are dopers they think they are smart and all but their thinking is fueled by dope…mind altering substance…

  • thedogwalker

    This is nothing new. Both JFK and Jackie did speed in the WH, at least Beckel was honest and admitted what he had done. People to this day refuse to admit what went on during “Camelot”.

  • ken.

    beckel should go get a job with the lazy doper leaches over at tmz! they just sit around stoned asking celebrities stupid questions getting rich for doing nothing.


    That’s no different than drinking a beer in the White House. SMH.

  • Mike Bolender

    How many times do I have to hear Beckel glorify drug use? That comment, along with many others he’s made and continues to make, is self serving and isn’t poignant to sobriety.

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  • Anonymous

    Bob Beckel will say anything if it means he gets another minute in front of a tv camera.

  • Evo

    Big Head Beckel must get the munchies all the time.

    • ken.


  • Sachi

    FIRE That POS already. I’m GLAD I don’t watch FoxNews anymore

  • Phillip Blair

    Anyone who describes smoking pot as “doing dope” probably hasnt done either. His choice of words leads me to believe he has no experience whatsoever in this area. Just another talking head talking out of his ass.

    • Anonymous

      agree, he’s just a foolish fat guy with an eating problem.

  • Anonymous

    Democratic processes enable views held by a minority to become those of a majority if their wisdom is proven and their utility demonstrated.

  • Anonymous

    who cares. he smoked dope in the white house, so what

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