Mother says son’s ice cream sandwich didn’t melt after 12 hours in the heat – Glenn puts the claim to the test

On Thursday, TheBlaze published an interesting report about an ice cream sandwich that seemingly could not melt. A Cincinnati mother claimed she left a Walmart-brand ice cream sandwich in her backyard over night, and she awoke the next morning to discover it had not melted. On radio this morning – in the name of science – Glenn, Pat, and Stu decided it was time for a little science experiment.

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“We also have a science experiment today that we’d like to do because a mother was ‘shocked’… that her ice cream sandwich didn’t melt 12 hours in the hot sun,” Glenn explained. “She said these are Walmart ice cream sandwiches, and they don’t actually melt in the sun.”

The story got picked up by the local ABC affiliate WCPO-TV, who spoke to Christie Watson about what she experienced with the ice cream sandwiches.

“I thought that’s quite weird,” Watson told WCPO. “So I looked at the box, and it doesn’t say artificial ice cream. It says ice cream.”

Watson said she decided to try the experiment again – setting out another sandwich from the same box over night. She claims to have gotten the same result: The ice cream barely melted.

As TheBlaze reported, WCPO did its own experiment with different brands of ice cream. They discovered:

– The Haagen-Dazs melted quickly into a puddle.
– The Klondike sandwich melted to a fair extent.
– The Walmart sandwich, though it melted a bit, remained the most solid in appearance, and still looked like a sandwich.

Furthermore, the station took a look at what ingredients make up the ice cream sandwiches:

– Walmart’s ingredient list includes corn syrup, guar gum, and cellulose gum.
– Unilever’s Klondike Bars’s ingredient list is very similar to Walmart’s, with similar gums added.
– Haagen-Dazs contains just cream, milk, sugar, and eggs, and vanilla, but no corn syrup or gums of any type.

Needless to say, there are a lot of variables at play in this situation. But Glenn, Pat, and Stu decided there is no better test than the blazing Texas sun. They tried the experiment this morning with three different types of ice cream sandwiches – two from Walmart and one from Blue Bunny. It took just minutes for all three to turn into soup.

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According to the Siri on Stu’s iPhone, the temperature in Dallas was 77 degrees. In direct sunlight, those sandwiches melted almost instantly.

“If you look at that, that’s a fake story,” Glenn said. “I don’t know how the TV station in Cincinnati [did it].”

“It didn’t last one hour outside,” Pat added.

If you feel inclined to give this experiment a try, let us know what you find in the comments below.

  • David Wheeler

    Somebody get them an IT guy to run their search engines. xD

    • Nicholas Pratt

      One was reading the fat free ingredients while the other (Stu) was reading the regular (full fat) ingredients. Notice how Stu’s list read “Milk, Cream, etc” while the other (Jeff’s?) list started out with “fat free milk”?

  • landofaahs

    Agar, gums and starches.

  • Mike

    Sure am happy to see that Beck is taking on such tough important issues these days…..

    • Larissa Chmielewski-Ellis

      The issue is dishonesty in the media. If they’ll lie about a stupid ice cream sandwich, what WON’T they lie about?

      • Anonymous

        Ice Cream sandwiches will completely melt within 30 min.
        No disputing that. Definitely do not believe the story.

      • Mike

        And there are no other “dishonest” things in the media outside of melting ice cream? Yeah….. Beck is HARD HITTING these days….
        Maybe he should stick to exposing his own lies of perpetuating child endangerment, Child Rape, and Child slavery in the guise of “mercy”…..
        What did this story REALLY ACCOMPLISH?? About as much as feeding the children without doing something to stop the problem of children coming across the border openly….

        • Anonymous

          Either way Mike I have a feeling you’d be against Glenn Beck. He quickly & easily disproved the Unions-backed hoax story; So you whine about something else. Surprise.

          The Anti-GMO crowd is now f***ing with our food supply. They attack GMO crops (pest resistant, providing more food, ect;) in a bizarre attempt to send us back to the 19th century food-wise. We’re not going back — at least not those of us with an IQ over 80. You go ahead and starve to death trying to grown your own food during the next drought/unseasonably cool temperatures. Rest of us will be over at the grocery store buying food.

  • nancy l. cuskaden

    Greeting from Tijuana, Mexico, my home for the past 30 years. I am a Holistic Healer, Court Certified Holistic Chiropodist, Certified Carpinter, AUTHOR, Poet, Mother, Grandmother… I am 73 yrs and I would like to share with your listeners information on how to deal with 21st century living, i.e. health.
    My dear Dutch Grandmother was the Community Health Care Provider, in the Dary Farming Community, in Central Michigan, where I was raised, AND my Mentor!
    I find my experience of preserving Holistic Healing “ART” very interesting. I have been jailed for massaging feet in Los Angeles County, Califoria, prosecuted for “Practicing medicne without a license…”, told by the Los Angeles District Attorney, Ira Riener, “If you use the word Chiropody, you are using the word podiatry:::”
    Because, in 1969, at the peak of the vietnam confrontation, the state California Legislatures changed the “word” Chiropody to podiatry; tHE humanistic Science of DRUGS, NEEDLES, KNIVES, AMPUTATIONS, RADIATION, LASER,,,,,,,,

    • Anonymous

      and WHAT Nancy may I ask does your resume have to do with melting ice-cream?…..focus!!!

    • Anonymous

      What does that have to do with ice cream sandwiches?

    • Anonymous

      Nancy, What the hell are you talking about? Stay in Mexico!

      • wlois

        I believe that Nancy is directing her post at Glenn! As she clearly stated that she is in her 70’s, she probably doesn’t realize that this conversation is about ice cream!!!! Have a little heart people….. good grief! And as for tracysaconservative, “WHAT A SMALL MINDED REMARK!!!”

  • Connor Kenway

    I see the Wal Mart haters are attacking their food now.

    • Shane

      Try the experiment yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t have to – Glenn debunked it. See above, read for comprehension.

      • Connor Kenway

        I did and it only lasted 10 minutes. I do not know what radioactive Wal Mart you go to.

    • AsSeenOnTv

      Guess you must be the paid shill?

      • Thunder Lizard

        Sarcasm, right?

      • Connor Kenway

        Guess you are a moron that believes anything.

        • AsSeenOnTv

          Guess I noticed what this article was about long before this mother made her claim.. hmmm.. Paid shill status verified.

          • Connor Kenway

            I guess that tin foil hat is on to tight and is cutting blood flow from your brain. You having even one brain cell status unverified.

          • AsSeenOnTv

            lololololol oh stahp.. You’re making my sides hurt. When you can’t refute the claim use tactic #1 – say they wear a tinfoil hat.. The real question is are you management, or one of the lucky ones that lives partially on welfare?

          • Connor Kenway

            I am just giving you the same treatment you are giving me. Besides when did you refute Glenn’s claim. You just started name calling like a good liberal troll or you are really this crazy. And if that is the case this must be your theme song.


  • Marjorie Elaine Peirce

    Does no one see the error in the story? Headlines: Ice Cream Sandwich Didn’t Melt After 12 Hours In The HEAT. Then TWICE in the story, it says the Mother left the sandwich Outside AT NIGHT!!! Ok, so what were the night time temps? What type of container was the ‘sandwich’ put into? Was there any wind, and was it a hot/warm wind or a cool wind? All of these play a huge factor into how fast any ice cream sandwich will melt. Glenn put his out directly in the sun. Huge difference over ‘NIGHT’. The other question is: What was the “Sandwich” made from? You shared what was in the Ice Cream, but not the Sandwich portion. So, this is like comparing apples to oranges. They are not the same. And do I believe the original story was a fake…. yes.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, I have no idea if this was real or fake, I will say however, just because it may have been left ‘overnight’ does NOT mean it wasn’t hot as hell. I live in the upper Midwest, and during the summer, some of the nights are damn near as hot as the daytime, when the dew points are up in the upper 60’s and 70’s. Here, it wouldn’t matter what kind of container it was in, unless it was a freezer, on some of these nights. Hell, sometimes I feel like I’M melting…LOL

      • Chris White

        Here in Texas, night temps have been above 70 for quite a while

        • Peter Russell Elfvin

          But it’s a DRY heat :-)

          • Adam Miller

            Like my oven

      • David Miller

        I live like two hours from cincy and its been quiet warm

      • Marjorie Elaine Peirce

        Pamndev, I do hear and understand what you are saying. Although I have spent most of my life in Oregon, I was born in Maryland and made several visits to grandparents there. In July!!! ha ha I was just basically saying that there was a couple of errors in the story its self and that not all of the factors had been revealed. Actually, we are the silly ones for even wasting our time on the story… with so much going on in the world there is most certainly better things to read and talk about than ice cream melting. ha ha Oh well…. something stupid once in awhile is good for our souls. :-)

      • Dee Conner

        I live in the same area as the woman on the news and share the same weather. This past week we had near record lows in the mid 50’s, 1 or 2 degrees from being a record. The light wind also playing part in this experiment also would need to be taken into consideration. I can see it not melting right away although 12 hours would a bit far fetched. It’s been mild with cool nights, not so sure ice cream would last that long.

      • Whispers Magic

        I live in AZ and our LOWS at night are 90+.

    • SC

      Pretty sure anything above 32 would melt within 12 hours…I did learn that much in Science (it was my least favorite subject).

      • NotAScientist

        I believe that 32 is the melting point of water, not everything. Anything you add to the water will effect its melting point. For example salt water freezes at a much lower temp, i.e. the ocean…

        • Stupid

          Water doesn’t melt….

          • Shawn Ravish

            Water melts… when it is in its sold state. What we call melting is just our term for when something reaches the temp at which it changes from a solid to a liquid. The next change would be to a gas, (what we call boiling) even after water boils, it is still water…

          • John M. Ocasio-Parra

            Water in solid state change to liquid, then to vapor, at 212 * F, not at 32, You guys need to go back to school if you believed that water change state at 32 *F.

          • Chuck Thom

            You need to go back to school if you think that ice isn’t water.

          • KenC

            water does change state at 32 degrees…

          • Anonymous

            Let me guess. Public school?

          • Adam Miller

            Actually it is only changes to vapor at 212F at sea level.

          • Kile

            It does if it is frozen. Even though we cal it ice, it is still just water in its solid state.

        • Ryan Richard Pellicane

          Milk( dairy ) melts at 31 deg. Fyi

          • Matt Gerlach

            Ice cream can have a melting/freezing temperature much lower due to the sugar and fat content.

        • S.j. Lawrence

          what are you talking about 32 degrees dihydrogen monoxide changes phases at 273 degrees K 😉

    • Dueley Lucas

      I noticed the same thing! Great point!

    • Amanda Davidson

      It has been rather chilly in Ohio for a summer… that could also be a factor in this situation

    • Nana Rominger

      analyze the “melt factor”. I have had children leave ice cream in bowls sitting in the sink overnight. It often looks like warm pudding the next morning and won’t pour down the sink, there must be running water to push the gelatinous mess down the drain.

  • John Djdaddyco Cohagen

    I tried the same experiment, but I kept eating the ice cream sandwiches after just a couple of minutes. So, I have no idea if the story is real or not.

    • zemla

      Haha! You may be the smartest one here!

    • Ryan McNeilly

      Internet win

    • Manbehindthecurtain

      I bet it turned into a liquid mess in you stomach though.

    • Polly Sharp

      Haha! Reminded me of the old commercial, “how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll”, for tootsie roll pops!:)

    • iGamer

      haha same here, I really wanted to test the ones with M&M’s on them. but I ate them all….

    • Georgie

      I laughed really hard at that XD

    • Watch it

      I tried this experiment, but it was only 52* F here. It lasted for many hours, then Bigfoot showed up and ate it, spoiling the experiment.

  • Glen Donald Stevens

    it said she left it overnight not in the blazing sun

    • Ron Swanson

      It also said it was an 80 degree morning.

      • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

        Reported temperatures are taken in the shade, not in direct sunlight.

        Direct sunlight will melt frozen things faster.

  • Raven

    the ones I eat are melting as soon as I open them up. But Blue Bunny is the best!

    • Thunder Lizard

      Ditto, I found Blue Bunny holds up quite well whereas the Wal Mart brand tends to soft quicker once its out of the freezer.

      • Anonymous

        Depends on the amt. of butter fat ingredient — i.e. the calorie count.
        A lower calorie count will melt faster.

  • Gankin

    I had the same thing happen with the cups of sherbet, all of it had not been eaten and I placed the cup in the sink… Next morning it was still in solid form, it did not melt… Didn’t buy anymore of that.

  • Felicity Ann Charles

    I’m in Florida and none of the sandwiches will make it home if I do not bring a cooler with ice! I usually just go to the dollar tree and give them to the kids right after paying for them. It is not a great idea to have allot of sugary treats or treats full of aspartame in a house full of hyper kids anyway!

    • SandyJ

      NO aspartame in MY house.

  • Judah Of Israel

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    • Garry Upton

      Don’t worry justlooking – the mothership will be back for you one day.

      • Judah Of Israel

        I will be so happy when we leave for a moment so that God can do away with Esau… and build the Kingdom back up. Just like it says in the Bible!

        • Anonymous

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    • Ron Swanson

      Ok. So explain the black & white ice cream sandwich.

      • Judah Of Israel

        It’s a GMO that is KILLING you! But when God comes back God will do away with Esau wicked ways! Just as it states in the Bible.

        • Ron Swanson

          Was it First or Second Corinthians that warned against Walmart ice cream sandwiches?

          • Anonymous

            Your avatar makes your question twice as funny.

          • Judah Of Israel

            You don’t understand that “black” are more then JUST one shades of color. But what do you care of the truth! It’s just the truth! lol

          • Ron Swanson

            What about 50 Shades of Grey?

          • Mike


          • Anonymous

            I wasn’t talking to you. If you look to the right of my comment you’ll see I was replying to Ron Swanson. His comment was funny. Yours, not so much.

          • Judah Of Israel

            Ill let you look that up for everyone. Keep plaingy with God and you going to regret your behavior.

          • Ron Swanson

            I’m not the one putting words in his mouth.

        • H. Vandelay

          Do you mean to say that someday, God will remove all the ice cream from ice cream sandwiches? Will this hold true with Oreos as well? How about pianos? Will we be subjected to flats and sharps from now on? … and what about Michael Jackson?!?!?!

          • Ron Swanson

            What if it’s chocolate ice cream sandwiches? Or those strawberry/vanilla cookie sandwiches?

          • Judah Of Israel

            It’s not really funny at all. But I hope you understand the statements had nothing to do with the Glen report. But Just a statement to make the truth known. Keep playing with God, you going to be sorry!

          • Ron Swanson

            Keep misrepresenting, tube.

          • Mike

            STOP ALREADY!!! MY SIDE HURTS!!!!

          • Judah Of Israel

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          • Judah Of Israel

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    • Theron McGrew

      Attention Justlookingutube! Report to the Infirmary immediately. There has been a mixup in your medications. You are hallucinating and need Thorazine STAT!

      • Judah Of Israel

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        • Ron Swanson

          You lol’d at two of your statements above. Does that mean you’re a fool?

          • Judah Of Israel

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          • Ron Swanson

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          • Mike

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          • Anonymous

            If Sammy Davis Jr. wasn’t mentioned in the bible — how prophetic was it really?

        • Mike

          @Just – Where in the bible does it talk about GMO’s or Melting Ice Cream praytel? <– you know what that means…right? :)

    • Margaret Hess Monaco

      and i’m like, huh?

      • Judah Of Israel

        It’s not that hard to understand. I was just making outside points about the Bible. Had nothing to do with the post.

        • Ron Swanson

          Had nothing to do with the Bible either.

          • Judah Of Israel

            you are out there! you don’t understand the Bible. What color is Jesus?

          • Mike

            Does it matter?

          • Judah Of Israel

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          • Anonymous

            White. My mom has a picture of him above her bed. (roflmao)

  • Garry Upton

    Here’s my theory – if you put ice cream in a frostless freezer for a few weeks, the outer edges get gummy and stiff as they repeatedly melt and refreeze, releasing the interior mositure. I’ll bet those ice cream sandwiches in the original story had been through that process and didn’t melt into a goopy mess because of it.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. And if it were left in the wrapper, it may have not collapsed and this is what she is describing. It’s still a long way from being frozen.

  • Nick Chewning

    They’re in Texas and left it out in the sun in July…everything melts in Texas in July if left in direct sun light.

    • MidnightBlue

      It was only 77 degrees. That’s a fairly reasonable setting to conduct this kind of experiment

    • Anonymous

      Nick C @ Even Texas people melt in the July sun : D

  • Cathy Davis-Jaeger

    Just shows that NOTHING survives Texas heat! But please, if you’re going to test ice cream in Texas, WHY didn’t you include Blue Bell? DOH!

    • Sarah Bingham

      Because Blue Bell is too good to leave out without eating!

    • Manbehindthecurtain

      Hush, don’t tell the rest of the country about a good ice cream.

      • iGamer

        haha exactly!

  • Mike B

    119 in Yuma yesterday… I have yet to see any ice cream not melt right away…

  • beckster

    Here’s my thought. I believe that it is more than likely it is a stir up against WalMart. I try almost anything in the store brands. Most are really good. Why? Most store brands of anything are made by large corporations. If the ingredient list was close to the other two they tested (the news anchors testings) then they all should have melted about the same. I am sure all brands try to stop quick melting to some degree, just so you can get it home in 90+ degree weather without it melting. I, on the other hand, have pulled ice cream out of my home freezer that is about 8 degrees below freezing and have found it to be soft. How can that be? Most be manufactured to be soft enough for quick serving. I am just saying. Just my observation from being a consumer for many years and a mom to 5 ice cream loving kids or maybe 6 if you count my husband. :)

  • Jarrod A Smith

    The better test would have been here in Phoenix where it’s 109 degrees today.

    • Kerry Schultz

      I live in Phoenix and you couldn’t eat it fast enough to keep it from Melting.

  • Michael Sands

    Never tried it with an ice cream sandwich, but I had the same thing to happen with a nutty butty. It had ice crystal on it when I took it out of the freezer so I put it on the kitchen table in a bowl of scraps. 12 hours later, it was still in the same shape / consistency. No melting at all (except for the ice crystals). It was a name brand nutty butty – not a store brand.

    • Michael Sands

      And it was 72 – 78 degrees in the house. The next morning I took it outside and do not know if it melted at that point.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm. Not in direct sunlight if they are out overnight. Key being NO SUN AT NIGHT! Will not try this experiment at home as I do not want the local skunk in my backyard eating Ice Cream.

  • Shirley Ujest

    Just finished reading current posts; my stomach hurts from laughing. How do we get off the subject so quickly?!! Focus! My take: it’s the additives, stupid. Almost everything we Americans consume from the standard supermarkets – are GMO foods, have lots of yucky additives, unnecessary sugar or salt, bleached out or removed goodness – all for the sake of SALE$. Food and Drug Administration, Monsanto, Pharmaceutical companies, the AMA – golly, everybody’s making money and Americans (who should be the healthiest people on earth) are fat and dying. I’m an addicted fatty, so the point is for myself as well – we all need to wake up. If it’s got ingredients you can’t pronounce or which seem like they don’t need to be there (e.g. guar gum…) Don’t buy it. Don’t eat it. If my be cheaper now – but kill you faster, or at least make you not as healthy as you could be. Read your labels – get rid of the junk. Try to eat fresh, organic, maybe even gluten free (that wheat is not the same stuff we grew 50 years ago). Ice cream sandwiches that don’t melt (and I don’t care where you are) – are scary. Butter may have natural fat, but ants won’t touch a stick of margarine left on a picnic table…what’s wrong with this picture? We’ve added, whipped, infused, enhanced, and CHANGED good food into junk – and it could be the reason we have cancers and so many other diseases (that aren’t being cured, just treated.) We’ve depleted soils; could be we need natural vitamin and mineral supplements that aren’t in the foods we eat. Just sayin’! GBY.

    • Anonymous

      Gar Gum will enable the whipped cream (or fat free milk) to hold its volume. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Calanial

      grain free, not gluten free. Those gluten free products have more sugar then their wheat containing counterparts.

    • Adam Miller

      I would just love for anyone to explain to me the reason we are all alive and live longer than any other time in history with all the supposed poisons we ingest on a daily basis. Interesting side note, when BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)) went into common use stomach cancer rates plummeted.

    • Deeznuts

      Shirley your dumb. He just showed the story is made up and you continue defend a made up science fair story by a soccer mom. What’s worse than ignorant morons who make up a story? Ignorant morons who continue to spread it.

  • Marti

    Once our family and good friends of ours rented a cabin in Big Bear, the other wife/mom and I went out to the store to buy food for the week and she picked up cheese slices from the dollar store for cheeseburgers. Those things did not melt…the oil kind of separated from ‘product’ but that cheese did not melt. It grossed me out so bad and made me thankful I don’t like cheeseburgers.

  • Tomasina Norman
  • Lee Wilson

    Well, after diverticulitus, and colon resection, I am with the guy that is vegitarian lol..but the abillity to have fully faked foods, I am with glen. Our son has PKU, you aught to see the ingrediants in that stuff lol.

  • Anthony Robisch

    I have a better one than this, my daughter has an ice cream sandwich that has not melted in 2 years and was subject to min. 68 degrees all year in her play kitchen!

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    The tests that were done show how easy it is to not replicate an experiment.

    Putting the icecream in the sun is not the same as leaving it overnight.

  • MOM

    I had a watermelon from there that was like keeping its shape when I was eating it like maybe a foam rubber type texture and it lasted for a month sitting there out of the refer and finally I threw it out and it is in the back yard still not rotting .it is a gmo for sure .

    • Anonymous

      Yes. I prefer watermelons that rot within hours of buying them at the store. None of these “lasting-longer-than-several-days” watermelons for me. I also prefer my food to rot before I get it home — that’s how I know it’s fresh.

  • Tantalus XVI

    Its called stabilizer people. Heavily stabilized (gelatinized) and whipped milk. Know what it is you are eating BEFORE you look like an idiot to the professionals (i.e. boiling Coca Cola and freaking out at the consistency) when you get up on t.v. “GAHHHH its not real food!” You Paid $2 for a box of 20 of those effers, what the eff do you think they were!?!?

  • Ryan Richard Pellicane

    Next huge story about to hit the news;

    Eggs didn’t fry after being outside in Wisconsin winter for 12 hours!

  • ken.

    my brain is melting! wedsday was morning low temp 95, high 114, thursday low 94 ( sprinkling ) high 116, friday low 92, high 109. hot, sticky and muggy. phoenix, arizona.

  • prisoner223

    God have mercy on southern Arizona. I’m dying of heat. It’ll be nice in the winter when I’m soaking up the rays in shorts sandals and a tee, but for now… HAVE MERCY

  • Anonymous

    Reading ALL the comments below, one realizes why most Americans today lie between apes and dolphins in mathematical and scientific competence

  • Marie Vincent

    While you can see some melting in the Walmart brand, it still looks like a slab of ice cream. It also looks less than white.

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  • Victoria L Gonzalez DeHaan

    did you happen to notice which one – if any – had any insect on it ? if the insects and animals won’t eat it – we shouldn’t either – it’s not REAL food – it’s all processed drap

    • Anonymous

      Great. This one prefers insects on her food — lecturing me on what I should eat. I prefer the insect-free yogurt, thanks.

      • Pamela Brock

        another fool

  • Anonymous

    Finally, a topic Beck’s qualified to report on. Higher concentrations of cellulose and guar gum makes for a firmer “icecream” sandwich in higher temperatures. Excellent work.

    • Pamela Brock


  • Paula

    Wasnt It Left Out Overnight, Not During The Day?

  • Callie

    Me and my husband had an ice cream sandwich fall out in our trunk when we found it it was still in the same shape and had not melted and we live in Arizona. We were disgusted and I don’t buy that crap anymore. Her findings were legit!!

  • crags

    Now I want one

  • Stephanie Weaver

    This is why America has so much food. It’s because most of it is processed crap. Even the foods that are supposed to be healthy were probably originally created in some lab, then mass produced. Oh you wanna eat yogurt as part of your healthy diet? Sure! (mixes some powders and some liquid stuffs together along with some food paint (food coloring)) Here you go, fresh and healthy strawberry yogurt! Just read another article about the 12 year old mcdonalds hamburger myth. They tested it with other hamburgers including a home ground one. They all had the same result of no decomposing. MAYBE Cause all the BEEF is mostly NOT BEEF or the Cows are genetically altered. We’re not even eating real food most of the time anymore. After reading all this, I think I’m going to be kucfing sick.

    • Anonymous

      You prefer your beef to go rancid quickly? Yogurt lasting more than a week is making you throw up? And since when is a sterile environment (lab) a bad thing? You want your food processed in a compost heap?

      I’m not sure what your problem is.

      • Pamela Brock

        Her problem is that the food industry is so greedy that it ……….what’s the point? If you don’t KNOW how beef is produced in this country, what hope is there that other head-in-the-sand types will EVER ACT when our country is being dismantled piece by piece? Our desire to ignore what we are being fed is PROOF that we can be easily overcome by our enemies…….. we don’t want anything to change if it means we might have to work harder or be smarter………or THINK! btw, beef IS processed in a composed heap

      • ken.

        do you prefer to have your food poisoned with dangerous chemicals?

      • Stephanie Weaver

        Pretty sure I didn’t say I want to eat food processed in a compost heap but okey-dokey then.

    • Anonymous

      Where are they getting their beef?! Based on the amount of
      food that I have to throw out (mostly uneaten left-overs) because of
      decomposition, we apparently shop at very different places.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh! Earthshattering! Glenn is using his talents and public position to address such important matters!

    • Anonymous

      …and here you are commenting on it

  • Billy Squibb

    Don’t eat dry ice. I drank some beers that I put outside this last winter. I had a few sips and they froze up. We can’t sense cold as well as we do heat.

  • preciousbwallace

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  • Zachary Haskell

    Meanwhile Christians are in a mass evaquation of the middle east.

  • Pamela Brock

    Are you kidding? You want to criticize GLENN BECK for talking about something other than what is going on in the real world? NOBODY does a better job than this man………hello!

  • Bill Bowe

    Reject the superstitions and illusions of today’s liberals and progressives:

    • CaptainCommonsense

      No thanks, spammer.

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