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Some people may find George Will’s latest comments on amnesty for illegal immigrant children shocking, others not so much. Stu claimed that Will has been on the amnesty bandwagon for some time while Glenn ripped the statement as ‘such a straw man’ argument. Glenn explains how the last step in the fall of the Roman Empire is when they opened up the gates and everyone flooded in.

“We ought to say to these children, ‘Welcome to America, you’re going to go to school and get a job and become Americans,’” George Will said on “Fox News Sunday”. “We have 3,141 counties in this country. That would be 20 per county. The idea that we can’t assimilate these 8-year-old ‘criminals’ with their teddy bears is preposterous.”

“What a straw-man argument that is, but he’s making the case for naturalization. You want to talk about naturalization, let’s talk all day about naturalization,” Glenn said. “Did anyone have a problem with Cubans coming in? Anyone really have a problem? If they built a car to float, I mean, I’m willing to bring them in, because they want it so desperately. Did we have a problem with the boat people coming in? Most people did not. If you are trying to get here because you want freedom and you want a part of the American dream – great.”

Glenn and Pat explained that the issue is really about naturalization versus assimilation, where people come into the country legally to be Americans, not sneak across the border in the middle of the night with no interest in becoming a part of the fabric of American society.

“It is naturalization. Immigration and naturalization,” Glenn said. “Calling for people what want to be Americans to come here and make us better.  Let us melt into one another.”

“And you have to do it legally. That is an important part of the equation.” Pat said. ” The other thing, when he’s saying that we can assimilate these kids, what does that say to the other kids and their adults?  We are assimilating not just kids with teddy bears, as he described. We’re assimilating with criminals, MS-13 members and sometimes, in some cases, terrorists from Syria.  So we are assimilating all these, sometimes sending them back and they’re signaling back to Mexico, Central and South America and send us everybody else.”

While Stu did not agree with Will’s argument, he appreciated that he was making it openly and honestly.

“I appreciate the fact he’s making the argument and not hiding behind, well, ‘we will be tough on the border;, but — he’s saying look, just let them all in. He’s making the argument — I like that he’s making it plainly,” Stu explained.

Stu argued that the argument of spreading the immigrant children out among all the different counties in America  is a very progressive idea. When Obamacare was presented to the American people, the logic behind the policy was always about everyone paying just a little bit more to cover the costs.

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