It’s time someone calls evil by its name and Glenn will do that on TV tonight. Anti-Semitism is on the rise and yet everyone is ganging up on Israel, not the billions who surround them and want them wiped off the face of the earth. Glenn shows the horrific images of the radical terrorists among those who’d like to destroy Israel.

WARNING – extremely graphic images will be broadcast.

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Earlier today, Glenn explained exactly what was planned for the show.

Tonight, 5:00pm ET, only on The Blaze TV, some things that you have not seen before and no other network will show this to you. And for good reason. I warn you not to watch the episode tonight with your children or your family. Do not watch tonight’s episode — I will show you what’s really happening in Iraq and in the Middle East. I will show you the face of the enemy. And there’s no way to justify it, no way to coexist with it. None, zero. Zero. And I think it is important that we start naming evil and we protected our children from September 11th and look where that got us.

We cannot protect our children. Our children are going to be the ones that ever to fight it. And they have to know right now. There is good and evil. Now, I do not recommend that you watch this with your children. You need to see it first, but we will show you some things that nobody else will show you. It’s because I own the network. When I worked on neck television, every single network has this policy. Every network, every network, except this one. You cannot show the World Trade Centers being — the planes flying in or the buildings coming down without special written permission. You have to have permission. You have to have a reason to pull that out of the vault.

And I think it’s done with the best intentions, but I think it’s wrong. And you know, there were times I couldn’t get permission to show it. Think that was wrong. I don’t need permission to show it on my own network.

We have the bishop of the Christian church in Iraq, who will tell you exactly what has happened last month to the Christians there, because you need to know who these people are, and the people that are doing this in Iraq are the same people doing this with Hamas, and you need to know what you’re up against. And God’s not going to hold us blameless. You can’t look away from it. I mean, you can, but then you are part of the problem. You got to look it in the eye. You have to say I don’t — I’m not afraid of you. I am not afraid of you. And I would rather die trying to do something right than live in fear. I would rather die trying to right injustice than to kneel down at the foot of a tyrant.”