It’s the first rule of dealing with terrorists: never negotiate with them. Especially not when they have a hostage. Europeans apparently think differently because they are willing to pay Al Qaeda millions of dollars to free hostages. The result? Al Qaeda keeps kidnapping Europeans. And they are getting rich. Really rich. Glenn reacted to the news on radio today.

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In their “Underwriting Jihad” story, The New York Times reported, “Officially, Germany had budgeted the money as humanitarian aid for the poor, landlocked nation of Mali. In truth, all sides understood that the cash was bound for an obscure group of Islamic extremists who were holding 32 European hostages, according to six senior diplomats directly involved in the exchange.”

The New York Times investigation has found that since 2008, there have been $125 million in ransom from European government, with $66 million coming in the past year.

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Is this just a case of history repeating itself?

So what we have here is (the European) government actually funding al-Qaeda,” Glenn said. “Are you telling me they are any different than we would be?  Because it is in their national interest to solve this.  There’s all kind of tension, all kind of problems.  Just make this go away.  If we just pay them, it will go away we have done it before.  We did it as a United States of America, our first foreign war was the Barbary pirates war, the war against the Barbary pirates. 25% of our GDP was spent buying hostages back from the Islamic extremists on the Barbary coast.”

“From the walls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.  Shores of Tripoli.  That’s what it was.  We were paying ransom, through George Washington, John Adams — and Thomas Jefferson was the first one that said ‘This is insane.  What are we doing’.”