Watch: The power of ‘No’

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘the power of now’, a self-help phrase that tells people they need to live in the present. But Glenn’s guest on the radio show today, Rabbi Irwin Kula, said people need to stop thinking about “now” and focus on the important word in the English language: “No”.

“We have impulses, we have desires, and they flow up very quickly, our anger, our lust, our greed, our – I want that. I want to eat that piece of pizza. Those wants and desires flow up, those impulses flow up, and the key to being a healthy, moral, flourishing, happy person is actually being able to say the very simple word ‘no’,” Kula explained.

Watch the discussion below:

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  • Richly Blessed

    I think that is just a male ego thing…let’s see how badly it hurts!!!

  • DungeonMaster68

    I am curious why no part of this article, or discussion, mentions the new book just released by James Altucher with the exact same title; “The Power of No”?

  • soybomb315

    That’s really interesting….You know, Glenn, there was a long-time congressman who ran for president in 2008 and 2012….His nickname was “Doctor No”….How come you werent in awe then?

  • Anonymous

    NO! – We do not want to give Israel any more money! NO!

    • Anonymous

      Or Palestine. OR North Korea. OR ……………

      • Anonymous

        Yes, or Egypt, or Pakistan, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, etc.

        • Guest

          Or Russia or China or Mexico or the UN etc etc

    • Reliquary

      Glad Israel didn’t say that when we needed the money to fund the revolutionary war.

      • Anonymous

        Israel did not exist before 1948. If they ever do give us money (which I doubt), it’s our own aid money anyway…

        • Reliquary

          Ok I can see you are one of those individuals who cannot understand anything unless it is LITERAL. YES Israel did most certainly exist well before 1948. In 1948 its existence was simply recognized by the rest of the world. This right was acknowledged because Israel had a historical and provable right to the land they occupied. Now, Look at the Eagle seal on the back of a One dollar bill. Notice that those stars form a Star of David. This deliberate as a tribute to the Jews who supported our fight for freedom. They did in fact provide funding for our struggle for freedom.. Don’t buy into your own press or that of other revisionists…. READ SOMETHING and learn.

  • Anonymous

    No. Stop sending tax payer money overseas.

  • Anonymous

    Another oversimplified view of government and people.

  • 2 IT too

    IF this item isn’t actually scripted TAVISTOCK
    mind control ‘Rule by Experts’ programming
    —it might as WELL be!





  • Anonymous

    I if I heard it right on Megan Kelly program last night , That our U.S House of Representative should say NO to funding this obama BS retributions of our country and citizens wealths to illegals !!!! What I heard if right our government is paying out the amount of 7400.00 a month for people to a houses illegal child or adult !! That more than double than my total Social Security and pension a month !!! Most likely that more than U.S citizens receiving totally for assistance from local,state,federal government , !!! The House of Representatives should pass law no funding of housing for illegals more than what U.S citizens receives !! No more than least income not to be eligible for government assistance !! Hey obama U.S citizens come first !! Plus stop picking our pockets of our citizens by raising taxes for redistribution process of our country wealth to illegals to bring down our great country !! Plus for obama freebie lovers or his don’t care to work crowd leeches how does it feel to be second class U.S citizens to the prefer class of illegals when the government spending more money on illegals than you (obama playing you to be his suckers) That if I heard right about this amount and how it being spent on illegals !!??? Yes care for the children while they’re here under our guardianship , but send them back they belong with their parents !

    • mattyInNc

      I think I saw this covered on O’Reilly. What was actually said was this:

      A PRIVATE, Catholic charity is REIMBURSING people who will house these children. The max payout would be $7,400 for a month, but it is not PAYMENT, but REIMBURSEMENT (and you have to house 6 children and substantiate the expenses).

      My mom had heard what you heard, so maybe Megan Kelly got it wrong or something. I’m not sure. From what I heard, the government has no hand in this (yet). Of course, just give it time, and I’m sure they’ll find a way to get involved and screw it up! 😉

      • Anonymous

        Maybe your more right than me !!!! But your 100% right that obama and his progressive administration will find a way to screw it up more to redistribute our country & citizens wealth at our citizens expense to bring down our great country !!

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