Congressman: “There will be anger, frustration, and embarrassment” when classified pages are revealed

Wednesday morning, Glenn played audio of Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) calling for the government to declassify twenty-eight pages of the 9/11 report that have been hidden away from the American people. He claimed those pages do not present a threat to national security, and that they would fundamentally change people’s understanding of what happened that day. Wednesday night, Rep. Massie joined The Glenn Beck Program to discuss in more detail why those pages should be released and how the American people will react.

“Tonight, we’re going to shine the light on something that has been kept in the dark for nearly 13 years going back to the Bush administration and even before,” Glenn said. “It’s going to lead to some ugly truths, but no matter how embarrassing it might be for the Bush administration, for the Clintons, or whoever else is involved, if it’s embarrassing for our allies, a nation that claims to stand for truth and justice must adhere to that principle every time, not when it’s easy, not when it’s in our best interest or our political interest, but when it is a value every time.”

“Citizens, especially the families of the 9/11 victims, deserve to know the truth. Now, some congressmen were recently given access to 28 classified pages from a 9/11 intelligence report. TheBlaze has shown this before, but we’ve just shown you the blacked-out pages. Now, after reading it, the whole page, one congressman who we’re about to talk to here, said he couldn’t go more than a few sentences each paragraph without having to pause and ‘rearrange his understanding of history.’ That’s remarkable.”

“Here’s the story, back in 2002, a congressional report was released called Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. We have gone through this, we have talked about it. People back in 2002 or 2003 were asking for more of it. It’s why we have these conspiracy theories in the first place.

“But 28 pages of the report, about 7,200 words, were redacted and deemed classified by President George W. Bush. Now, his reasoning was a vague reference to it being national security risk. Normally, and the reason why this didn’t work, is normally only sensitive names and contracts and covert agents, etc., are redacted, but this had 28 pages that were entirely blacked out.”

“And at the time, 46 senators, that’s half of the Senate, led by Chuck Schumer, wrote a letter to the president asking to declassify the pages. Schumer claimed that the redacted information was related to, and I want to quote, ‘specific sources of foreign support for some of the September 11th hijackers while they were in the United States’ – probably screams Saudi Arabia, and that’s what it did. He went directly to claiming Saudi Arabia was the primary source of this foreign funding.”

Glenn explained that other people have come out and drawn connections between the 9/11 hijackers and Saudi Arabia, including former Senator Bob Graham.

While Congressman Massie can’t reveal exactly what he read in those redacted pages, he can speak out about why it’s important they be released. He talked to Glenn about those issues Wednesday night:

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A transcript of the interview is below:

Glenn: Congressman Massie joins me now from Washington, D.C. Congressman, how are you?

Congressman Massie: Doing well, Glenn. Thanks for having me on.

Glenn: I’m concerned because I know you can’t say anything because anything that you say can and will be held against you, so, you know, you’re going to have to talk as cryptically here, but I was gravely disturbed by your description where you said you had to stop and refigure history every couple of sentences. Can you give us any other description other than that?

Congressman Massie: Well, absolutely. You know, when 9/11 happened and shortly thereafter, we were all like sponges, we’re trying to absorb as much information to understand the who, the what, the why, the where, but at some point you quit collecting information because there’s no more information to be had or you think there’s no more information. And it all sort of sets up like concrete in your brain.

Well, as I was reading these 28 pages, I had to try and take apart that concrete that had set up, my own understanding of what had led up to 9/11 and what had enabled it. And then also what really hurt me was to wonder why did my government keep this from me for 13 years? What were their motives?

You know, there will be anger, frustration, and embarrassment when these 28 pages finally come out. Those are all emotions that you describe that I had while I was reading these pages. These are emotions that I think the public will have when they find out.

Glenn: Here’s what worries me, and I want to make sure that we’re not talking about this. We went to war, we’ve killed a lot of people, and we used our own righteous indignation or righteous anger to stop this. Have we done something morally reprehensible here? Is it going to change our understanding of war?

Congressman Massie: Well, you’re right. We fought two wars ostensibly to keep another 9/11 from happening, and I’m not ready to relitigate those wars and the causes for going to war. But here’s why I’m coming out right now and making this one of my priorities to get this out there is we’re talking about getting involved in two other wars, the war in Syria and a war in Iraq. And I don’t want to relitigate the other wars, but look, before we jump into these wars, we need to understand what really caused 9/11.

And if we’re going to use 9/11 as a motivation to get involved in these civil wars in the Middle East, then I think the American public and surely to goodness all of the congressmen up here who are going to be voting on these wars need to read these pages and understand what truly caused 9/11 and who our friends are and who our enemies are.

Glenn: Okay, I mean, I know you’re not going to tell me, but this sounds like we’re talking about Saudi Arabia, but I want, and that just could be my bias from the things that we know from the intelligence community that have been told to us, we know there is a bias on that. I don’t think anybody would be surprised, and let’s use both Clinton and Bush, I mean Sandy Berger went in to smuggle papers out of the National Archives in his underpants. You don’t do that and then get pardoned by the guy from the other side if they’re not trying to kick dirt over the trail.

And I don’t think personally that it was anybody in our administration was doing anything nefarious or, you know, anything like that. It just looked bad. It was just embarrassing because they might’ve been, you know, taking too many walks with too many princes or whatever. Is this stuff that will deeply tear us apart, or will this be just, has our government been worse than just sloppy and greedy at times? I’m trying to figure out a way to ask you these questions.

Congressman Massie: No, this will not tear our country apart. It will be embarrassing. It will not endanger us to release this information, but the American public needs to have it. I would tell you to look to maybe Bob Graham, Senator Bob Graham, who was privy to even more information than I have in those 28 pages since he was on the intelligence committee. You know, he’s leading this charge.

I will say, you know, there are things I can’t even tell my wife that I learned about in these soundproof SCIFs, and those 28 pages are included in that category. Congressman Walter Jones from North Carolina, he’s the one who sponsored this resolution. It’s called House Resolution 428, and you know, they thanked him for sponsoring that by the establishment primaried him and spent ten times as much money as him back in his district this spring, and he still won because he represents the people and truth and transparency.

But those are the kind of risks that, you know, we bring upon ourselves by speaking out. But now is the time, and I’ll tell you, you mentioned the families. You played a clip from the families of the victims. This needs to come out because there are things being litigated in court right now that pertain to these 28 pages, and the families of the victims deserve this information and this evidence because there is culpability here, and there is liability. And you know, if our judicial system is going to work its way, the evidence and the truth needs to be there.

Glenn Congressman, thank you very much, and you keep up the fight. Let us know, I’ve directed TheBlaze to cover any and all, so you can count on us. Just let us know how we can help. Appreciate it.

Congressman Massie: Thank you, Glenn. People need to contact the White House. They need to contact their congressmen and their senators.

Glenn: Thank you. God bless. Listen, TheBlaze is going to stay on this as much as we can until the information just dries up, but this is not a partisan thing. This is a bipartisan thing. This is about the truth. This is about who are we really, and as the congressman said, before we go any further, we have to know who the bad guys are, we have to know what we’ve done.

Let the chips fall where they may. I mean, if George Bush was involved in doing some things, and he was buddies with somebody and whatever, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. That’s in the past. Let’s chart the course on the future, and the only way we can do that is if we build it on a foundation of truth.

  • bucketnutz

    This guy will be waking up with a Horse’s head in his bed.

  • soybomb315

    This is amazing….Now Beck is open to the idea that the government hid information from us that may be critical to our understanding of 9/11….This means Glenn Beck may be a 9/11 Truther.

    So is Glenn Beck going to apologize for running over all the other patriots who have called for more investigation into the 9/11 event??? Remember how Glenn Beck dismissed Ron Paul for not fully believing the government’s 9/11 story (….Remember how Glenn Beck destroyed Debra Medina, the Constitutional candidate who tried to be the governor of Texas because she refused to say 9/11 happened just as the government says (

    I think it is time Glenn Beck cleared the air and apologize to the people he has trampled on this issue. Glenn, you were in the wrong even if this alleged information is bogus. People ‘questioning with boldness’ is exactly what you have supposedly preached over the last 7 years and if the story above turns out to be correct – may God have mercy on you.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone dismisses Ron Paul. It’s justified.

      • Sunset Rider

        Those of us who understand what it will take to put us back on the same plain our founders established, understand and support Ron Paul. I wish all our political leaders were like him. Covering yourself in Bandaids will not cure the disease. To fix the problem we must return to the foundation upon which our nation was built and fix the destructive changes made to the Constitution. Anything short of that will never cure the disease.
        People who dismiss Ron Paul would have dismissed James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, ect.

        Those that criticize Ron Paul’s foreign policy have never read the Federalist Papers or else disagree with our founders who were looking at 5000 years of history to shape their ideas on foreign policy.

    • Anonymous

      There is nothing in this story that indicates that the government was in on the destruction of the WTC or the Pentagon, as truthers would have you believe. The implication is that Saudi Arabia financed the operation and the US government knew that when we went to war against the Iraqi regime. Obama also knew it when he bowed to the Saudi King.

      • soybomb315

        “There is nothing in this story that indicates that the government was in on the destruction of the WTC or the Pentagon, as truthers would have you believe.”

        That is a gross mischaracterization of the 9/11 truther movement….That is just like when Jay Carney says that Tea Party people are racist….In both cases, there are some that do but the overwhelming majority just want truths to come out.

    • Bob Anderson

      If we were smart, we would demand to know what happened. Also, we need to cut off relations with that dictatorial regime with human rights issues as bad as ISIS. Oh, and that is Saudi Arabia. I want the truth, I don’t care about who gets their backsides handed to them.

  • Jay

    If it’s frustrating and embarrassing for us but not a threat, then I doubt this is about pointing a finger at another country. It doesn’t matter what Middle Eastern country was a part of it, the whole point of the Iraq war was to establish a foothold in the Middle East as a staging ground for our defense. Iraq was headed by a terror-supporting warlord directly in the middle – what better place to start?

    Likely the pages detail how we knew 9/11 was going to happen at some point yet we didn’t take appropriate precautions. That would be embarrassing and frustrating.

    • soybomb315

      I agree that it is likely that our government knew all about the 9/11 threat and did nothing to stop it (maybe it was even a sting operation gone wrong)….Two things you said,

      “It doesn’t matter what Middle Eastern country was a part of it, the whole point of the Iraq war was to establish a foothold in the Middle East as a staging ground for our defense.”
      – You mean, ‘offense’? It was indeed a foothold. The strategic imporance of Iraq is that from there you can invade any of the middle eastern countries.

      “Iraq was headed by a terror-supporting warlord directly in the middle – what better place to start?”

      – The better place to start would be the #1 terror-supporting country in the world and the one that the 9/11 hijackers came from (SAUDI ARABIA).

      • Jay

        Maybe they’re a bigger target, but not better. Going right for the throat is not how you conduct a war – you think we should just bomb the Kremlin?

        Wars have stages. Iraq was the first stage.

        • soybomb315

          I am not a fan of war against Russia but if we were to do it, yes, we should go for the throat and take out their military installations first

          • Jay

            Well at least I now know that you don’t know how war works. That saves me a lot of time arguing with you.

    • Adam Jenson

      Ask the average politician what the “Art of War” is and they will say “you mean those paintings from WW2?”

    • Guest

      If the point was to establish a foothold, our scheduled withdrawal left us without the foothold, so that can’t be it..

  • You’reNoGandhi

    “Tonight, we’re going to shine the light on something that has been kept in the dark for nearly 13 years”…………

    Alex Jones is way, way ahead of you Glenn— ahead by 13 years.

    Welcome to the movement for truth……. whatever it is, good, bad or ugly, give us the truth.

    • Timothy Wenners

      People don’t want the truth.

      They want a lie.

      This is why Ron Paul wasn’t supported by the media and the public went along with it.

      Facing truth means self reflection… It means asking hard questions of yourself and the world you live in. It’s painful and tough, but its necessary if you wanna be an educated and enligthened human being….

      People would rather watch basketball, or sports, or some talking head on Fox News or CNN tell then what to think, rather than think for themselves…

      “If George Bush was involved with something and the Saudi’s, that doesn’t matter”

      Oh but it does matter Glenn.. It matters a lot. It means the Government will lie or hide truth from the public to push an Agenda of War that has nothing to do with “protecting our freedom”

      • Shane

        Ron Paul is an isolationist nutcase who had no chance of beating any Dem candidate for the PResidency, that’s why the GOP rejected him.

        • Sunset Rider

          Ron Paul is not an isolationist. He is as was our founders, a non-interventionist.

          You don’t like the government interfering in your business right? Other nations good or bad, do not like outsiders interfering in theirs. Our founders understood that no matter your intentions, intervention will only create more enemies.

          Example, Vietnam. The south did not like the communists but did not like us being there either.

          Our founders intended us to have the most powerful military possible as a deterrent against invasion and to protect our vital interests. They fully understood the ramifications of policing the world.

        • Timothy Wenners

          No chance of beating a dem? Is that why he was polling higher against Barack Obama than Romney?

  • The Man from Scene 24

    Want some truth? Go to YouTube and search for “Immigrant surge asymmetrical warfare – FEMA Preparing for 200 Million Deaths” and watch the video. Don’t disregard the video just because the title sounds tinfoil hat’ish.

  • Anonymous

    With truth lacking in the world, we cannot even be sure what is published will be truth or a set up. That’s the real problem today, does anyone even know truth?

    • James

      I do I do.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn says “if George Bush was involved in doing some things, and he was buddies with somebody and whatever, it doesn’t matter”. If Beck thought Obama ignored Saudi funding of attacks against America, he’d damn sure think it matters.

    • Crassus

      If Glenn Beck suddenly decided to become an Obama supporter you would immediately change your voter registration to Republican. You seem to live your life being against the things Glenn Beck is for and vice versa. You are a pathetic little man with a two inch tallywhacker.

      • Anonymous

        More name-calling? Now where’s that First Amendment spirit?


        Come on. That’s not very nice. Besides, who told you about his tallywhacker?
        Your mother or your sister?

  • Adam Jenson

    Somehow I think the worst thing to be revealed by these missing pages will be government incompetence due to political correctness.

    • Anonymous

      Follow the money trail, personally, it all comes down to power, money, and control of resources.

  • Carlos Hery Aloma

    Several things are facts; steel frame buildings do not collapse under any fire circumstances; WTC building 7. Not a single airplane part (engines) were ever shown at the pentagon and out of the hundreds of cameras around that building only a one sketchy video has ever been shown. &

    • Crassus

      Thank you, Jesse Ventura.

    • Sunset Rider

      I recall seeing surveillance video of the plane crashing into the Pentagon and as far as steel structures failing under extreme heat and weight, I would leave that one to a structural engineer. I do know personally that steel becomes weaker the hotter the temperature. How else could a cutting torch ever get through it.

      • Carlos Hery Aloma

        SR, I believe you never saw a video showing a plane crashing the pentagon. What I believe you saw, like me, was a flash of light on a video hit the pentagon (and who knows what was it, I would speculate a missile) but hey do not take my word since I was not there or neither I am an expert. All I would suggest to anyone, watch the video and listen from people (including two cops) who were there. Then in the other video there are over 1,000 of experts (architects, engineers & Mathematicians) expressing their knowledge about the matter.

      • OvidiuGOA

        sure, and what exactly did cut the steel from building 7 ? How the hell can you trust ANYTHING your lying cheating government tells you, poor dumb sheep

    • Anonymous

      I watched about 30 minutes of the second video, interesting that A/E is a non-profit organization. So we have all these (educated) individuals claiming that ethic laws were broken, and what do they do, start a non-profit organization. So instead of taking their knowledge to file a lawsuit, or stand for truth, in 2006 they launch this NON-PROFIT organization. Their website even has a store, you can buy coffee. Are there any real human beings with a conscience left in this world?

    • Anonymous

      Then where are all the dead people from the made-up AA Flight 77 airplane? Fabricated? Mystery people? All of them? 184 families in cahoots to make up a common story of why their husbands, wives, sons, daughters don’t live in the house anymore?

  • Sunset Rider

    This is an example of why I am always sceptical of any information coming from the government at any level. It is extremely difficult to find people of integrity running for public office of any sort and becoming nearly impossible.

    I now present a simple test to candidates running for public office. I ask them this question: “where does your loyalty lie?”
    If their answer is not to God and the United States Constitution they will not get my vote no matter how conservative they appear to be.
    To tell you the truth, it’s been difficult to get a straight answer. They usually attempt to discern who I may be affiliated with and do not answer until I remind them of the upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution part in the oath of office they will swear to. Then it’s like “oh yeah, I’m all for that”. Really???
    It’s obvious their answer of loyalty was going to be to whomever they thought I wanted it to be with.

    I am sickened by the total disregard by our public officials for the oath they swore to. It becomes too obvious that even the most conservative appearing candidates loyalties lie with where the money comes from or who will provide the best security to keep them on the road to wealth and power.

  • Bob Anderson

    I am finding that the more I listen to Glenn, the more I find out. Stuff that is not being told to us by pretty much anyone else, even Limbaugh and Hannity and Levin.

    • Anonymous

      That’s the problem, you don’t know what truth actually is anymore. Today, it’s lies mixed with pieces of truth, how does somebody actually know what truth is?

      • Anonymous

        Caesar asked Jesus the same thing.

  • Connor Kenway

    Why don’t the government just tell the truth?

    • Timothy Wenners

      Because its in the governments nature to lie… About everything. Including Israel, The Military, Foreign Policy, Obamacare… Pick an issue and you’ll find a lie.

  • Anonymous

    This is “almost” no story. Anyone alive in 2001 knew that George Bush allowed some Saudi Arabian princes to fly out of the country in spite of a “no fly” order by the government. He also allowed Osama bin Laden’s brother to fly out of the country. What is all the secrecy of this? I’m sorry, no story here. By the way Beck has presented this information, it adds to the conspiracy theory that Jesse Ventura has subscribed.

  • Anonymous

    TRUTH? – You can’t handle the truth!

    • Timothy Wenners

      More True words about the American public have never been spoken…

      • Anonymous

        by politicians trying to hide it from the people

  • Candy

    If this turns out to be Saudi Arabia and we have kept kissing their behinds to get oil for this country, I am going to put a big sign on those that keep us from getting our own sources of oil from our own land.

  • 3quarts

    Boy, you have to give them an A for afford. This is just another failed attempt , like Syria, Ukraine, etc., to get involved in the conflict, to what end i’m not sure, possibly hide the economic downfall of the US (Who really knows the why) whatever the reason they need another excuse hence this “Damaging 9-11 information” coming out of thin air and the fact Graham is involved really puts the nail in the coffin for me anyway. To Glen your true colors are starting to show, better rein it in before everyone sees just whose side you are really on. Done with you Glen, it’s sad, trusted you. Looks like we the people will have to trust each other, our gut feelings and to read between the lines with anyone reporting the news.

  • Shane

    It really would not surprise me if some of the Saudi royals provided funding and other aid to the 9/11 hijackers. It has been proven that Saudi royals donate billions of dollars to the cause of Islamic jihad.

    • Anonymous

      Much going to build mosques and Islamic schools in the US. Wahhabism is not our friend.

  • Anonymous

    Just more Demo b/s ,the’re running scared bringing up the past, tell us about the future, what do we do with all he illegals ?

    • Anonymous

      That’s an easy one. Send them back! What part of illegal do our so-called representatives and this scumbag president not understand?

      • Feet2Fire

        Above URL link is a slide show of a newly “softened” WELCOME CENTER for ILLEGAL women and children in Texas. Should pi$$ off various Americans to see how nicely these people are being outfitted, in every possible sense of that word. Notice the price tags are still on the new clothes and shoes provided for them! These people crashing our gate have HIT THE BIG TIME! Plenty of Americans would like a new pair of shoes and lunch and dinner like what’s being provided in these centers.

        Where is the outrage, America?

  • A casual observer

    The fact of the matter is that there is a high probability that going into Iraq was one of the biggest blunders in American history. Was the government involved with 9/11? Probably not, but we’ll one day learn that there was enough clues to recognize what was going to happen and stop it.
    And it’s possible the reason it wasn’t stopped was to use it as an excuse to go into Iraq. We were going into Iraq no matter what, and that’s a fact.
    How can I say it’s a fact?
    It was early 2001, February or March, that my pastor (and you’ll might roll your eyes, but this guy is connected to all the bigwigs in DC) said that we need to pray, because, in talking with the bigwigs, he said “we will be in Iraq by the end of the year.”
    The wheels were already in motion, and it’s very possible 9/11 was used as an excuse to go in.

  • Tim F

    I think there’s always some form of anger, frustration, and embarrassment when most classified papers come out.
    Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    Will we ever know how the dots of unwittingly helpers are connected mention by Condi Rice ??? Will we ever know how F.B.I leap to investigate Boston Cab drivers ???? How Clinton by not alerting our nation was at war ,that a radical Muslim fraction declare war on U.S !! Cllinton hid from U.S citizens the first bombing 1993 was label as the work of some nut case ,not a jihad movement our citizens were asleep many dots could of been connected and especially with the able danger data mining group & the dots of the unwittingly helpers that 911 could of been prevented ???

  • Ram Zhee

    The Saint-Simonians coined the word “individualism” to describe the free and competitive culture that their centralized control opposed.

  • Dave Eboch

    Did the Israelis do it? I mean its not shocking or anything new about Saudi Arabia. We already knew 15 of the hijackers were supposed to be Saudi… I understand some are still alive? So many know already. We need the truth. Personally I doubt the average Israeli had anything to do with it but possibly Mossad or AIPAC? They are linked but how?

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