Ed Schultz is obsessed with Obama’s “loins”, and it only gets worse from there

Ed Schultz is one weird human being. One minute he’s private messaging BlazeTV writers at 1:33am and then deleting it, the next he’s begging Obama to unleash his loins on America. Sounds like it’s time for Ed’s family to stage an intervention of some sort.

Check out Ed’s latest disturbing comments via Mediaite:

In an attempt to give the President some advice (editor’s tangent: President Obama, we don’t always write the most flattering things about your job performance here at GlennBeck.com, but we say this with the utmost sincerity. The LAST person on Earth you want to take career advice from is Ed Schultz, Ed Schultz said, “Mr. President, go on the road. Bring it from your loins the way you did to get re-elected, the way it was described by Axelrod. Just go out there and let them have it for the next hundred days.”

What is wrong with him?

Well, if the obsession with “loins” wasn’t enough, it was the divisive nature of his comments that really bothered Glenn.

“This is the kind of talk that both of us, both sides have got to stop. The bring it from your loins just because it’s embarrassing, but let him have it for the next hundred days. We got to stop,” Glenn said. “What good will that do and it will only divide us more.”

Watch Glenn’s full reaction below:

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  • Anonymous

    That’s disturbing talk, all right. Even more disturbing than that comment about speaking from loins(is that even possible?)was Glenn losing his wedding ring in the makeup room. Which sounds like he does his own hair and makeup. The Blaze studio is a professional network sort of place so why is he doing his own makeup?

    • Sam Boatman

      WOW, now that is really reaching………

      • Anonymous

        I’assuming you’re talking about Glenn losing his ring. Why else would he need to take it off other than to put makeup on and blend it just right. Or else to cold-cream everything off. I take it you’ve never done theatre. There are always chances to get your hands messy when you’re working with theatrical makeup.

  • Todd Carpenter

    Schultz is a nutter, but here’s the reference.

    “You can see in the speech that he’s delivering — that he, that this is coming from his loins,” Axelrod declared, adding, “I just wanted to say loins. I wanted to see if I could get loins in the story.”


  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Axelrod tweet,, “Bring it from your loins” in 2012… but that still doesn’t make it right…

      • Anonymous

        Man, Axelrod is even more strange than Sgt Schultz.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I hate to bring this news to Eddy but Obama has been bringing it from his loins for the past 6 years and has been screwing all of us. That is why we the people do not want him.

  • http://crazyladyadvicecolumn.weebly.com TheCrazyLady3

    What? What? What? . . . Ed is looking at the moon and thinks it’s the sun.

  • http://www.FireKarlRove.com/ C. Edmund Wright

    We ARE divided…for good reason. There IS NO coming together….there is only victory or defeat. Liberals never come together with others…..they are not interested in it….

    • Jon Galt

      Not so sure about that… they want to appease Muslims…

      • Yomomma

        means to an end

    • Anonymous

      That’s true.The Dems feel that bipartasinship is always agreeing with them.They are almost like the Russians,never to be trusted.

      • Shawn Cameron

        You are correct their idea of compromise is them totally getting their way, and not only are they not to be trusted but if they are given an inch they take a mile.

    • Shawn Cameron

      People seem to forget the first two years of his administration Obama, along with his minions Pelosi and Reid ran roughshod over this country shoving one of the most horrible pieces of legislation down our throats that has ever been (next to the Patriot Act). In 2010 the people voted the GOP back into power in the House with a single purpose STOP OBAMA.

  • Flanagan

    Ed Schultz is a lunatic mad man. So what else is new!

  • Detlev Willoughby

    If the political Libs told the truth they would never be elected.

  • Anonymous

    ED = Psychopath

  • Anonymous

    I truly feel kinda sorry for Ed.Think about it,he feels that he has the insight on a way to make this country great and that Pres Obama is the greatest and all should follow him.
    In reality the majority of Americans think Ed is a didtz.

  • JohnB

    Anyone could have made that speech. I’m sure no one in schools with majority “minority” students missed it. The problem is the President is campaigning all the time on Air Force one at tax-payers expense and even the kids and their parents know it. This is not your normal President of the people, this is the President of the Left who says, Damn the torpedoes (Congress), full speed ahead with my agenda. If only the youth of Germany had not been forced to listen to the same type of speech from Adolph Hitler!. If you listen to those speeches from 1935 to1939, they were very positive speeches too. The The speech deliverer makes all the difference in the world, to the world.

    • Shawn Cameron

      That’s what I tell people who talk about what a great orator he is (which is actually a joke because without a teleprompter he’d stammer like a drunken idiot). I tell them “Oh yeah, so was Hitler.”

  • Anonymous

    Stand back everyone, I’m unleashing my loins! OMG, I just wiped out my neighborhood!!!!

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Glenn, you must start bringing it from the loins!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who the f*** is Ed Schultz?

    • Shemp

      if you weren’t around in the days when the Hogan’s Heroes TV show was popular, you wouldn’t know about Schultz…

      • Anonymous

        That borders on an insult to Sgt. Schultz, but just borders.

  • Shawn Cameron

    How come when Congress doesn’t give into to every whim of the President Dems call it “obstruction”? The three branches have checks and balances and no matter how much they want him to be he’s not a dictator….. Gee that reminds me of something, I could swear I have seen some liberal pundit call for Obama to “act like a dictator” before. Who was it? OH YEAH ED SCHLUTZ (yes the spelling is purposeful)

  • zemla

    So the guy says that republicans only want to see this country succeed in “their view”….of course he says that after saying dems need to win the house and keep the senate to help the country succeed, so I guess he only wants it in the “dem view”. These people are all garbage.

  • BlueMN

    Schultz mentioned “loins” once and Beck & co said it about a dozen times in that clip. Who exactly is it that’s “obsessing” now?

  • Pocahontas

    What an idiot. Mr. Ed, I hate to think of what type of Loins you could possibly relate to.

  • Shemp

    Between Shultz with the loins and Chris Matthews getting 0bama tingles down his leg…msnbc needs to get a handle on these disturbing fetishists!

  • landofaahs

    Who is Ed Shitz?

  • landofaahs

    Brain dead Ed. Dat wat I said.

  • Anonymous

    He may have sounded strange by his choice of words..but it’s pretty clear what he meant. This is a petty , childish story. Matter of fact, this whole newsletter was kind of lame

  • Anonymous

    In between all his campaigning, Obama is sexting Denmark. We all know where his heart is and where he wishes his loins were. We saw it on live t.v. Get over it ED. You’re jealous!

  • Duane Bernard

    That is, Ed, if he can be found…o, that’s right, vacationing with rich WHITE people

  • Drew Ondike

    That is one true moron…..

  • Robert Ray

    ED – Education Deficient …………….. This morons insipid prattling is hilarious.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    Is this idiot suppose to be someone?
    I have never heard of this pantie waist jackass but he sounds like a closet homosexual with a taste for black men in powerful positions.

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