Glenn: This is the beginning of a very long war in the Middle East that we have no way to solve

With each passing day, the conflict between Israel and Hamas is resulting in more and more bloodshed and destruction. And the mainstream media continues to paint Israel as the enemy, with many stories focusing on the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire rather than the terrorists who are hiding out next to schools and mosques. But what is really happening the Middle East? Glenn explained on radio this morning.

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“I want to talk to you a little bit about what’s going on in Israel and what I think you really need to pay attention to, what the world needs to hear. But I want to start here first with our values and our principles, not our national interests, but…let’s just say this, our human values. When you see a bully on the street, when you see some guy picking on a little guy, it’s the story of Captain America. You immediately go for the little guy. It’s in our nature when we see a bully,” Glenn said.

“There’s a difference between World War II and Germany and now and people are saying, you know, the Gazans are causing all these problems. Yep. They voted. They voted for Hamas. Yep. Many of them have been raised. Yeah, however, you can’t make go to blanket statement just like we couldn’t make the blanket statement about Germany. You remember what happened? After World War II, once we stopped, we embraced the German people we helped feed them. Because it wasn’t the German people, it was the Nazi ideology,” he continued.

Back in World War 2, it was easy to recognize the Nazi’s as the bullies, not the German people as a whole. But things aren’t so clear today, and Israel’s enemies are working hard to make them look like bullies.

“Why is the Middle East, why is Turkey and everybody else supporting the Gazans…If it’s so wrong, why doesn’t everybody attack Israel? Because once the world gangs up on Israel, Israel wins. As long as Israel looks like the bully on these poor little people, the cause is advanced,” Glenn said.

“And believe me, you do have a reason to feel bad for the Gazans because the Gazans are being used. They are pawns,” he added. “Nobody is really listening to them. Hamas, they’re not listening to them. They’re indoctrinating them.”

“This is why we have to love the Palestinians and the Gazans. We have to see their plight, we have to hear it. And it has nothing to do with Israel. It has everything to do with their entire plight in the Middle East. Nobody is listening to them. Nobody,” he continued.

Glenn concluded:

So here’s what I want you to know about Israel and the Middle East, we are going to be sucked into this thing and there is no winner here. There is no winner here. Israel is strong enough if we do not condemn them. If we are very, very clear. My wife and I have helped build an underground hospital wing, Mercury One I think also helped build this hospital wing that takes in the Gazan children. Takes in the terrorists. You’re blown up in the street. Takes you there. They’re not torturing you. They don’t drag your body through the streets. They heal you.

So we have to continue to do that, Israel should be focusing on those things. We can’t lose our way. But this is why Massie I believe is now talking about this 9/11 report and saying these documents have got to be shown to the American people, because the case is going to be made that we need to get involved. Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, they’re all involved.

This is the beginning of the caliphate and the reason why Israel is now under attack has nothing really to do with Israel. Even Israel is a pawn. This is a game for the caliphate. This is a game for who is going to control the Middle East. And so that’s why everybody is attacking Israel. That’s why — everybody’s eyes are on Israel. And both sides are ratcheting it up.

Because once you start this movement and you gather all this rage, it will morph. Mark my words: This is the beginning of a very long war in the Middle East that we have no way to solve. This is all about the caliphate. This is a — this is the beginning of a civil war in the Middle East that has very little to do with Israel, other than they’re the easiest red meat to hold up in the window.

  • soybomb315

    Glenn said,
    “This is the beginning of a very long war in the Middle East that we have no way to solve.”

    OK. It is not our job to solve it. This whole thinking that it is our job to solve the problems of the world not only undermine’s God’s sovereignty; but it flies in the face of common sense and the founders.

    What should be our policy…..
    “Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all.”

    And as this guy once said:

  • Jeff Lambeau

    Here comes Landofaahs or whatever the heck his name is saying “Kill the children, kill the women, burn and kill all Palestinians for the Lord was in my anus last night dictating to me the TRUTH and the GOSPEL”

  • Crassus

    Ah, the Gospel According to Rube Paul.

  • soybomb315

    and the founders

  • ken.

    #1- our founding fathers were non-intervetionists who stated that the only time we should attack anyone is if they attack us, the gadsden flag says exactly that, and it almost became our nations flag. it is none of our business until they make it our business. #2- nobody can solve the problem of the middle east, it cannot be fixed!

  • Soybomb315IV

    Cognitive dissonance.

  • Connor Kenway

    So I see Obama funding this very thing somehow.

  • ARIE

    there plan is :
    איסלם- אירן ירדן סוריה לבנון מיצרים

  • Elena

    The Marshall Plan was abt keeping the Soviets OUT of the western half of Europe far more than it was abt humanitarian assistance for the typical German.

    THe muslims will stick together against the Jewish state on religious grounds. They may despise Hamas personally, but they will stick w/Hamas over Israel any and every day of the week.

  • Elena

    Nobody fights like family!

    Pray for Ishmael to love his younger brother.

  • Elena

    I caught only Egypt (Mitzraim). Pls translate the phrase. Thanks :-)

  • Seth Grossman

    In 1801, President Thomas Jefferson asked Congress for money and permission to send our fleet to North Africa to fight Muslims who were attacking American ships and enslaving passengers and crew for no reason other than we were not Muslims. We know about this here in Somers Point, New Jersey, because one of our local citizens, Richard Somers was a hero in that war, and died in Tripoli in 1804. Liberty and Prosperity

  • ARIE

    its part of there prophecy the first letters of each country that assemble the word איסלם

    to complete there plan of the איסלם army they need ירד’ן Jordan

    its like that :

    Iran = אירן first later א

    Jordan=ירדן first later י

    Syria=סוריה first later ס

    Lebanon=לבנון first later ל

    Egypt=מצריים first later מ

    pot all the first letters together it will create the word איסלם

  • Anonymous