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Glenn hasn’t watched a ton of Sharknado or the sequel Sharknado Two: The Second One, but he knows with absolute certainty that there is a powerful, important message behind the film. One that has a powerful message about the dangers of climate change, and how the perils of global warming could result in a true natural disaster of shark-meets-tornado proportions.

Ok, maybe not.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Tamron Hall, the film’s writer Thunder Levin said, “You know we just felt it was time that the world was alerted to the perils of global warming and bio-meteorology, so it was just a matter of doing our research and getting the facts out to everybody.”

While he said it with a straight face, it’s hard to believe that anyone would take his comments seriously. The radio guys thought it was pretty clear he was mocking the climate change alarmists, but just in case they offered him a platform to explain his concerns. Or continue to rip on people who think a Sharknado could really happen. Either way, it should make for good radio.

“Here’s what we can do, see if you can get him on the air and see if we can I have a serious discussion about how Sharknados can actually happen. See if he can present some of the science with us, some of the concerns he has,” Glenn said. “I would like to further this with him. I would like him to come on and tell us. He’s coming into a very, very friendly room that can’t wait to hear the serious message he’s trying to get across.”

Watch the interview below, via TheBlaze: