There’s been a lot of impeachment talk swirling in the press lately, and according to the media it’s the racist Republicans and tea partiers who just want to take down Obama. But is it? Is it really? Nope. The data journalists over at decided to take a look at the numbers and came up with a surprising conclusion: “Democrats Are Way More Obsessed With Impeachment Than Republicans”.

Earlier today, Nate Silver tweeted out the story below, noting that MSNBC has brought up impeachment 448 times, while FOX News has only mentioned it 95 times.


So what does this mean? Glenn addressed the issue on radio this morning:

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“This time period is going to be remembered as the biggest heist ever,” Glenn said. “This is the biggest robbery of the treasuries of the world of all time. It really is. We’re not being told the truth. We’re being split apart so we don’t feel like we belong anywhere and we feel like we’re out of control and our governments, are aiding this. They are the ones pushing this. And whether they’re doing it intentionally or not, I think this is clear when NBC is 448 times talking about impeachment Fox is 95, 14 times in congress and 11 of those come from Democrats. You know where this agenda is coming from.”

“This agenda is a fundraiser. So they are playing on the lowest common denominator: the people who are not paying attention,” he added.

Glenn warned the American people that they must now play the role of Solomon in the ongoing battle between the extreme left and extreme right over the future of America.

You’re a judge. Two women come in. And you have to decide which one is telling the truth. Both of them is saying, this is my child. This is my baby. One is saying, she stole my baby. She stole my baby. The other one is saying, No, I didn’t. That’s my baby. She stole my baby. Please your honor, return my baby. He doesn’t know. There’s no way to do blood tests or anything else. He has no idea whose baby this is. So he listens to them. Both rant and rave. And I got to believe it was really emotional approximately one of them was clearly lying which had to set the other one off even more. I can’t believe you would actually say this, this is my child. Your Honor, please she’s a monster and the other woman if she was a good actress would be doing the same thing. Oh, my God, Your Honor please listen to me. She’s taken my baby. So Solomon doesn’t know what to do. That’s where the American people are, we don’t know what to do. I’ll give half the baby to each of you. Cut the baby in half. What happens? Solomon can make his decision because the real mother says stop, stop, stop, it’s her baby. That’s when he knew. Because only a mother, the only one that was not in for vengeance or destruction, but was in in for the best interest of the child said fine it’s blame it on me. It’s me. It’s me. I was the one lying.

“You must be Solomon,” Glenn said, ” Because Americans don’t know who to turn to anymore. And you’re not going to out evil. You’re not going to out gutter people who are in the gutter. You’re not going to call people worse names because they’ll call you worst name too. I mean, it just keeps going. You’re not going to do it. Light conquers darkness. Light conquers darkness. So we have to be light.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP