Ever walk into a lamp? Get hit by a spacecraft? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a code for that! Thanks to Obamacare, pretty much anything possibly harmful to your health has a special code. Why would they go through the trouble to mark each and every incident?

According to a 2011 Wall Street Journal article, the number of codes used by hospitals to classify patient illnesses and injuries 18,000 to 140,000. It includes several bizarre new codes for things like injuries sustained in a chicken coop, poor personal hygiene, and walking into a lamppost.

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“This is the data mining. Because then they will have all the details. It’s not just walking into an object. This is their thinking. We need to know how many people walk into a lamppost, because we can design the cities better, so we don’t have lamp posts that are positioned there, so we can see what towns are people starting to walk into the lampposts. That’s their thinking. Take away incompetence and take away some sort of crazy bureaucracy — they are looking for information,” Glenn said.

“When they have enough data on the lamp pasts, they will then say you have to have warning signs on the lamp posts, or you have to remove the lampposts and replace them with this kind. that’s all this is. This is all about bureaucracy. For all of this information, how many people will it take to sift through this information, how many special interest groups, how many special businesses will take this government information and then say I’m in the lamppost business and I’m reading all this stuff. I can make a case that the government needs to mandate a new lamppost thing that will actually help our company. Let’s get that done. That’s what will happen.”

“This isn’t just putting numbers out for no reason. They are data gathering on us.”