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Brian Stelter from CNN’s Reliable Sources recently went down to Texas to do a profile on Glenn, TheBlaze, and everything happening at Mercury Studios. You can check out a preview of the conversation below, and be sure to tune into CNN Sunday morning at 11 a.m. to watch.

  • soybomb315

    This was the true motive behind the illegal alien outreach….Now the MSM media flocking to Beck as he tries to regain the attention he lost when he left fox.

    • Soybomb315IV

      Cognitive dissonance and clairvoyance all at once? What pressure your melon must be under. If one detested a man, but couldn’t stay away from that man, one could assert obsession is at play. Boxers or briefs huh?

      • FOOpoosiekeyboardwarrior

        You are too stupid to understand the irony on your comment. But one has to lower expectations to a full time putz cowardly troll like you.

  • Bob Kelley

    “And so it begins”……Oh …sorry…Becks minions didn’t donate the plane or enough money to pay the freight for his blessed Israel trip…..and the long con continues.

    The MAN is not so bad as long as Beck can try to sell something…or make Beck look “good”….”And so it begins”………….

  • Chris

    Jesus also taught peace and principle when it was unpopular. It made people mad then too, because they wanted a war general, like some want you to be. Your “new direction” since Fox News does much more to protect our constitution and you have my support. If most of the far right cared as much as you do about their fellow humans, there would be no left.

    • Rhonda William


      ❤❤❤ ❤�❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤�❤ ❤❤❤

    • ken.

      do we stand up and fight for freedom and the innocent or do we bow down and become slaves to evil?

  • Yo Mamma

    So Glenn, you admit you are a huge part of the problem in America. That being so polarizing and divisive may have been good for your own personal bank account, but good for America? No Glenn, you have torn it apart to the point that its now in a weakened state, which you admit. How does that help America defend itself from REAL threats now? Tough no doubt. But you’re a rich man now so I guess thats all that matters.

    Redeem your wicked, narcissistic past and give to charity your earnings like a good Christian, and humbleize your actions and your words. Ah, those Beck words, sure made a mess of things

    • G….h.i

      Obama plays the race card and the left white liberals are mostly the ones calling half of the country racist.

      Glenn apologizes for pointing out you liberals judge by skin color and yet you sub human mongrels and I’m referring to the white liberals who use the race card more than blacks in this country.

      You senseless elitist who are too afraid to look in the mirror to see if your still human can’t see your own hypocrisy. Well take off the blinders and clean out your ears. Try recording your idiocy and play it back becuase your base has done much worse than Glenn Beck or any conservative out there.

      You sub human mongrels never use facts and you all never tell the truth.
      At least Glenn got it right when he reported at Fox.

      Why he’s apologizing for his actions at Fox I do t know but you liberals should be the ones apologizing for tearing this nation apart.

      • Yo Mamma

        Why thank you for that. I am now a liberal.

        But no, I am a LITERAL. You were close, just one letter off.

        Now compare a liberal to a LITERAL.

        I believe in literal interpretation of Torah. That means an ‘eye of an eye’. Liberal, I think not.

        I believe in the keeping of maid servants and mens servants. Liberal, I think not.

        I believe that if a man lies with another man as does a woman, they should be stoned to death in a public place. Liberal, I think not.

        I believe that on the Sabbath Day that you should do no manner of work. If one should one be stoned to death in a public place. Liberal, I think not.

        You must possess psychic powers to have come so close.

    • Ted

      I so totally agree. But Beck is not the only shock jock that has torn this country apart with their anti Obama, anti Government rhetoric. And, the sad part about all this, there are so many good hearted, fair minded, g-d loving Americans that have been duped into believing this propaganda.

  • ken.

    glenn keeps saying he was divisive and tearing apart our country, WRONG!!! telling the truth about evil doers is what keeps our country from falling apart and into the hands of freedom hating leftists. it’s not the patriots trying to protect freedom that are being divisive, it’s the leftists trying to destroy freedom that are divisive. glenn is so afraid that fighting will break out here in america he is willing to lay down and give our freedom away, instead of fight for it. glenn is so afraid of violent uprising he is blind to the fact that the left is going to bring violence against us no matter what we do or don’t do. they have to in order to finish their destruction of america and freedom. they cannot enslave us until the only ones left alive are cowardly enough to allow themselves to become slaves. glenn always used to talk about how the truth should be told whether we liked what it was or not. the leftists have been militarizing almost every government agency there is, this is the domestic military that obama was talking about. obama is also firing all the military officers replacing some of them with his leftist supporters and downsizing the rest of our military. the false reverend al sharpton after his counter rally to glens rally at the national mall said during a media interview that he was ” going to have to talk to the leaders of the minority gangs to counter the right wing movement ” glenn and fox news showed the video clip. at the time the minority gangs were not big enough to do the job, neither is the militarized government agencies. now that our military is just about taken over and weakened and the illegal alien invasion has increased the size of the minority gangs, the war to destroy america and freedom is about to come our way. are we going to defend ourselves and our country or are we going to lay down and become slaves or executed?

    • Yo Mamma

      The big question is how people like you, he who hath no use of paragraphs lol, will recover from this brain washing the likes of Beck have shoved down your throats? Will you see the light? Will you come to your senses all by yourselves or do you need and equally compelling but opposed ‘leader’ to convince you?

      The only MAJOR threat America presently has is the millions of Catholics entering illegally from the south. Yes, Beck was born Catholic and by golly, he sure has the energy and competitive nature of one, but common sense?

      Why hasn’t America stopped the influx of illegal Catholics? You can’t answer it because you know the problem. You like it. You want America to become another Ireland with high alcoholism and abortion rates.

      Let me say this: If those southerners crossing illegal into America were Muslims or any other religious group, it would have been over in a day.

      Keep it up America. Keep fighting with the left fist then the right fist while you get kicked in the nuts – lol

      • ken.

        i happen to be against illegal immigration! glenn used to be good about protecting our country, now he’s afraid of war breaking out so he would rather bow to the government slave masters then fight for freedom.


    For all their differences, BOTH the “left” (CNN, MSNBC) and the “right” (FAUX) agree on everything that’s good for the jews. That’s because all the major media is jew-owned and their reporters are obviously jewish employees.  Both swarm Decent Americans who say the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE banking cartel and should be abolished. Or who say jews engineered 9/11 to manipulate the U.S. military into taking over the Middle East for the jews. Or who say AIPAC should register as a foreign lobby and that jews/communists with dual citizenship give up their allegiance to israel and sign a loyalty oath to America. Or who say the jew-owned ADL and ACLU are behind the removal of anything Christian from America and The West. Or who spread the truth about jews founding communism.
    You remember communism, right? Here’s what that “socialist utopia” was really like: Actually, jews/communists could have considered it utopian, but not Christians. The jews who ran the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe – 80% of officials were jewish – murdered 100,000,000 people. Many were Christians. Truthmonger dot info

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