During a “huge” anti-Israel, pro-Palestine rally in Washington, DC over the weekend that turned “ugly,” police were reportedly forced to escort pro-Israel protestors away from the White House “for safety” reasons. Meanwhile, leftist professor Cornel West rallied the pro-Palestine crowd with an “impassioned speech” about the “annihilation” of Palestine at the hands of Israel.

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“Cornel West was out in front of the White House this weekend where… pro-Israel people had to be carted away… with police protection because their lives were in danger,” Glenn said on radio this morning, “because we had a pro-Gaza rally there in front of the White House.”

Watch West’s fiery speech below:

As TheBlaze reported, Politico’s director of photography M. Scott Mahaskey was at the #DC4Gaza rally capturing images of the event. In one of his tweets from the day, Mahaskey shows marchers burning the Israeli flag.

All the while, CNN producer Dan Mercia attended the small, pro-Israel counter protest. As Mercia described on Instagram, police had to widen a fenced-off area for the pro-Israel faction before ultimately deciding to – “for safety” reasons – escort the group away from the White House in police vans.

Aside from the occasional tweets and some coverage by conservative news outlets, the “ugly” undertones of the event were largely ignored.

Glenn couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy.

“I’m so sick of hearing the mainstream media talk about these pro-Gaza rallies and talking about how dangerous they are and how racist they are and how dangerous and how out of control these people are,” Glenn said sarcastically. “I hear about it all the time. I hear about all the protestors – the people who are pro-Gaza are so violent and their rhetoric and the signs that they carry.”

“I think you’re thinking of the Tea Party,” Pat concluded. “Those are the racist, hateful, awful ugly [people]… not the pro-Gaza people. No.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP