Big pro-Palestine rally in D.C. leaves Israel supporters fleeing for their safety

During a “huge” anti-Israel, pro-Palestine rally in Washington, DC over the weekend that turned “ugly,” police were reportedly forced to escort pro-Israel protestors away from the White House “for safety” reasons. Meanwhile, leftist professor Cornel West rallied the pro-Palestine crowd with an “impassioned speech” about the “annihilation” of Palestine at the hands of Israel.

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“Cornel West was out in front of the White House this weekend where… pro-Israel people had to be carted away… with police protection because their lives were in danger,” Glenn said on radio this morning, “because we had a pro-Gaza rally there in front of the White House.”

Watch West’s fiery speech below:

As TheBlaze reported, Politico’s director of photography M. Scott Mahaskey was at the #DC4Gaza rally capturing images of the event. In one of his tweets from the day, Mahaskey shows marchers burning the Israeli flag.

All the while, CNN producer Dan Mercia attended the small, pro-Israel counter protest. As Mercia described on Instagram, police had to widen a fenced-off area for the pro-Israel faction before ultimately deciding to – “for safety” reasons – escort the group away from the White House in police vans.

Aside from the occasional tweets and some coverage by conservative news outlets, the “ugly” undertones of the event were largely ignored.

Glenn couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy.

“I’m so sick of hearing the mainstream media talk about these pro-Gaza rallies and talking about how dangerous they are and how racist they are and how dangerous and how out of control these people are,” Glenn said sarcastically. “I hear about it all the time. I hear about all the protestors – the people who are pro-Gaza are so violent and their rhetoric and the signs that they carry.”

“I think you’re thinking of the Tea Party,” Pat concluded. “Those are the racist, hateful, awful ugly [people]… not the pro-Gaza people. No.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • JameandLiz Primeaux

    Let them sort it out over there. Why do we all think we need to get involved?

    • Joshua Tienda

      Because like it or not the international media including ours is waking a pr campaign againts Israel

      • Anonymous

        Sad, but true! Before we can no longer count on a free press who should be the watch dog of a free society, we all shall fall prey to
        those who want to destroy freedom and Christianity.

    • Sherrijean Husser

      You are involved whether you think you are or not! Please get educated. If you think it isn’t coming to America, think again.

      • Anonymous

        It did already when the Muslims flew the planes into the Twin Towers,
        or have your forgotten?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, good idea. Things would be so much more peaceful if we just let the surrounding Arab nations destroy Israel. Who needs a democratic state in the heart of the middle east anyway? Without those pesky Jews around it will be so much easier. /sarc=true

      • Charles Meador

        Ignorance at its best!

    • Hy Alldredge

      I agree. The Western world needs to let Israel do what it needs to take care of the problem, which is wipe Palestine and Hamas off the map.

      • Anonymous

        Israel’s saving grace is that they don’t share in the bloodlust that the Palestinians have for them. They only push back “just enough” to stay alive. It’s the Edomites’ bloodlust that will bring God’s condemnation down on their heads. Ezekiel 35 & abt 1-12 of ch 36. Esau = Edom; his descendants (incl those descended from he & Ishmael’s daughter) are the Edomites, later called Idumeans, one of whom (King Herod) tried to have the baby Jesus killed. The bloodlust continues. Gen 27:40 Edomites still live by the sword (literally). Ishmael’s descendants still live as a wild man (Gen 16:12). They’re mad at their distant cousins because they only desired the lands which were just one part of the birthright, w/out realizing the spiritual aspects contained w/in the birthright. Their misunderstanding (not realizing/later denying Rebekah had been told while still pregnant that the younger would rule the elder, meaning he was the rightful holder of the birthright) led to jealousy & anger, which in turn lead to Satan ruling their hearts. They just don’t see that. Allah =s Satan. Allahu akbar is said to more accurately translate into “god is greater” Greater than whom, what? It makes sense when you realize Satan’s claiming he is greater than God. The true God. Satan seeks never ending hatred, anger, revenge, jealousy, lust, covetousness, murder, no sanctity of life, no mercy or compassion… It’s incredibly clear who’s following whom. Fighting just for your survival is way different than killing out of pure hatred & covetousness for the land & “lost” inheritance.

        • Hy Alldredge

          It’s not about bloodlust, it is about survival. Hamas is like cancerous cells or an infection. You have to completely eliminate all traces because if you leave any remnant they will come back. They are relentless, and want nothing short of complete annihilation of Israel. They don’t fear death because they think dying in a jihad assures their place in heaven. Compromise is completely ineffective.

          • Anonymous

            Right. It’s the Palestinians who have the bloodlust–they’re the ones who want to exterminate the Israelis…& Christians, Buddhists, atheists, etc., etc. Their bloodlust is Satanic (as is their skewed version of what will get them to Heaven), & as such will continue until divine intervention…intervenes. They (the Edomites/Palestinians) will be condemned by God for this murderous annihilation plan. Israel will suffer heavy losses (meaning their enemies won’t be wiped out for some time), but Israel will triumph in the end.

    • Ron

      Keep thinking in terms of them over there and us over here. And tomorrow us over here will be facing what they over there are facing today.
      Israel is the last post that keeps democracy and human rights in that region from becoming obsolete.

    • Duddioman

      You DID read that the violence was in front of the White House, right? In Washington, DC? USA?

      It’s not staying “over there.” Keep your head in the sand and you’ll wake up to sharia.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure they are having a grand time in Dearborn. Probably having bake sales to help fund Hamas.

  • Crassus

    Cue Landree and Thorstein Veblen in three, two, one……………

  • Mango

    Hypocrisy will destroy us before Islamic terrorism does. Attacking Christians and Jews/Israel is safe because they know we won’t retaliate, but blink the wrong way at Muslims and this grotesque “pro-Palestine” crew, whatever that means, and that’s it, there’s a jihad out for your head on a silver platter. We ignore this long enough, let them keep attacking us, burning our flags, and our values right here on our soil and we’re done for.

    • Anonymous

      We have put up with this for too long.
      It is time for a change.

  • Danny

    Every place where there are pro palestinians, there will be violence and destruction. That’s just how arabs work.

    • Josh

      So what about us Arab Danny? Or the Palestinian Christians for that matter? Or do we not matter because we don’t fit in your paradigm of Pro-Israel anti-arab rhetoric?

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      So why would you go to a pro-Palestinian rally if you thought there was going to be violence?


      There have been pro-Palestinian rallies throughout the country. Where was all the violence?

      Some counter demonstrator said they had water thrown on them, the police warned them and it seems Glenn Beck thinks they should have been cracking heads and making arrests.

      Then Beck plays Cornel West who has never advocated violence and didn’t in the clip presented. Is this the best Beck could do to make his point?

      • Bill Tilghman

        I don’t believe anyone is bound to dignify your comment with an answer. If anyone does, I am sure you will be there denying it because you are a contrarian and would debate if it was daylight at noon.

        • BlueMN

          Attaboy Billy, don’t let your lack of knowledge on every topic stop you from trolling.

    • Robert Timsah

      Considering it’s Israel who initiated their aggressive war against Palestine and steals their land, your comment seems oddly inappropriate.

      I believe aggressive wars are wrong.

      • Typical DC BS

        Are you that dumb in real life? I guess the Israelis started lobbing rockets from Gaza to justify going after Hamas scum? Please, you need to go back to whatever Arab dunghole you crawled out of.

      • Anonymous

        Your knowledge of Middle East history is pathetic from the moment Israel came into being it has been attacked by the Arab nations around it. I has fought to survive against over whelming odds and it has only retaliated when attacked, read up on the history of the Middle East and not just the last 61 years since the League of Nations agreed to setting up the State of Israel.

        • Anonymous

          I would like to add to your comment and point out that, the Jews were in Israel 2000 years ago at the time of Christ. Approximately 500 years before Islam was even dreamed existence ! The Gaza Strip once belonged to Egypt as well and, there are areas of land that surround Israel that once was a part of it that no longer exist.
          All of that said, people like this ill or uniformed idiot probably thinks America was stolen from the Indians and as well, we should give back the south west to the Mexicans.
          All we can do is hope to educate some of these people. Only then can we correct what’s really wrong with this country. We need to eliminate the ignorance around us.

      • H. Zayre

        Bobby looks like this GRAPHIC video was titled for you. Warning. You may be too squeamish to watch.

      • Anonymous

        And the day will come when you open your eyes to reality.

  • Josh Hernandez

    nothing says peace and freedom for palestine like burning an Israeli flag or shouting anti-semitic slurs

  • Carl David Ford Sr.

    too bad nobody had the balls to start shooting the HAMAS bunch, THAT is what they deserve…..get them out of this country, Muslims have NO PLACE in a free society…..

    • Jeff Lambeau

      Well, whoever did would probably be given death by lethal injection because they’d be considered a mass-murderer. Maybe you should do it for the rest of your Christian brethren who feel threatened. Anyway, when they execute you, you’ll be closer to God, I guess… or something like that.

      • Carl David Ford Sr.

        sorry it came across the way it did, but if someone threatens to kill me, and has the means, then killing in self defense is justified, and they have proven time and again that they ARE willing to kill, and an oppressive religion that believes in convert or die, has no place in our free society

      • H. Zayre

        Ah, wonderfully pitiful, even for a Frenchman. Your people raped and pillaged our north African villages under French Colonial Rule. You people instigated the bloody wars and rebels that have spawned the terrorists of Al-Shabab and Boko Haram. WARNING: GRAPHIC SLAUGHTER OF CHRISTIANS SHOWN:

    • eagle keeper

      eagle keeper, Mr. Ford, are you old enough to remember what Senator Bob Dole said about Muslims? His remarks stated that the definition of a moderate Muslim is one that ran out of bullets. I agree with you these heathens have no place in “polite society”. Back in the day they would be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. The exact reason our country hasn’t been taken over by these evil radicles is because free men can still own firearms. We cant let what happened in New Orleans happen again, that is letting the police go house to house confiscating legally owned fire arms. If they want to play it that way-“shoot to kill”! I don’t like the feeling of a government boot on my neck. What say you? If freemen aren’t willing to stand up and defend our freedoms, well we don’t deserve them. In Viet Nam we had a saying “kill them all God will sort them out”. It is exactly what the Hamas charter says about all infidels. Of which I am proud to be one!

    • H. Zayre

      Carl, trust and believe, there were many present with balls aplenty, alas, the first order of business for Hamas after their violent coup against Fatah, was the immediate and total disarmament of the civilian population. Do you not understand this is why the enemy works so hard to try an disarm us in this nation?

  • Hy Alldredge

    In the middle ages, Europe was facing annihilation at the hands of Muslims and they fought back. The much-maligned Crusades saved Western civilization. Now who is fighting against them? Israel and secular Egypt are the only countries I can think of, and Israel is just struggling to survive. They are exercising far too much restraint, in my opinion. They need to fight to win. Give Hamas an ultimatum, and if they don’t capitulate destroy them and run them out of Gaza.

    • Anonymous

      Interestingly, in 1776 Jefferson asked a Tunisian leader why the Muslims were attacking our merchant ships along the African coast, and got this reply; “The ambassador answered us that it was founded on the laws of their prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure to go to paradise”

      Our Marines fought the Muslims during the Barbary wars in the early 1800’s where they received the moniker “leathernecks” due to the heavy leather collars they had to wear to avoid being beheaded in battle. This is also the reason our Marine Corps Hymn begins, “From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli…” We have been dealing with this problem and this type of thinking for over 200 years now, it’s just that today people are seeing it in the open.

      • Anonymous

        From the hall of Montezuma
        to the shores of Tripoli….

  • jackpenn

    Muslims are the Nazi’s of the 21st century. Period.

    • Yo Mamma

      There we go again. Someone has to badmouth those Nazi’s.

      • Mario Rodriguez

        It’s Godwin’s law in effect here on the internet; though many are sane human beings, there are some really radical Muslims that you can be certain fit that description. They’re walking a dangerous road as far as their attitude toward the rest of of humanity… give it anywhere from a couple of decades to a couple of centuries but that retrograde manner of thinking rarely ends well… that and it’s so 12th century.

        • Yo Mamma

          Yes Godwins law. But there are radicals in every corner of the globe

          Fix the terrible situation for the mentally ill in AMERICA, which now include thousands of veterans, before they turn their rage on society.

  • Anonymous

    I’d get out too. They’re a bunch of terrorists. What a bunch of animals.

    • Rick

      A cult is what they are! Modern man only kills in self defence, so lets defend America and let God be the judge! Pray for the enemy that there souls burn in hell in Jesus name I pray!

  • Wax

    What a bunch of manipulated dopes…Cornell, can you speak rational with yelling and screaming, you lose your argument out of the gate.

    As for these Arab Musims, they are bringing their terrorism to our country and we better put a stop to it pronto.

  • Wax

    The Islamo fascists want to bring their carnage to the streets of America. Now is the time to stand up to them.

  • Doug Shippey

    What’s a American doing up there speaking for Hamas and their murdering Muslim agenda? What has this country become? We fought the Nazi’s to prevent world occupation of the same sort of hatred and Dictatorship just to find it seeded in our country today? Does the Minorities that are crossing our borders illegally today have the same hatred for Jews and Americans alike? What does our future as Americans, that have fought to preserve our integrity and freedom look like? Are we so mindless that we set back and watch it be destroyed? America, please wake up and take control before the ability to control is gone forever!

    • Anonymous

      We need to learn the difference between tolerance and complaceancy towards wrong behavior.

    • Typical DC BS

      It’s Cornell West. He’s another Obumbler supporter i.e. brain-dead liberal.

      • eagle keeper

        eagle keeper, Cornell West has every right to voice his opinion even though we may disagree with it. That’s what the libs don’t understand, this nation was founded on freedoms, among them the right to voice your opinion. The first amendment was a great invention. Politically correct speech? Not so much.

  • Anonymous

    What are these people doing here if they love Palestine so much?

  • DanTriplett

    Islam is a Conspiracy to Murder. It’s a crime, and it must end.

    FDR wouldn’t be screwing around here. He’d have all American Muslims in Internment Camps by now, making Apostasy a condition of release.

    Then he’d use stand-off nuke weapons to bring the World’s Muslims to their knees by the end of the week. There’s no reason we must “tolerate” the crime of Islam. God gave us the intelligence and resources to build nuclear weapons to confront evil. Let’s use incremental random Strategic Area Bombing to force every Muslim sovereignty on the planet to criminalize Islam.

    Six Year War Vet Afghanistan/Iraq

    • bjeanthejellybean

      Great…. then when the next guy in office decides that Christians or {insert religion here} are a crime then off to camps they go. That’s just dumb

      • Candy

        When Christians act like thee muslims do by inciting riots and killing people by beheadings, then they should go to jail.

      • DanTriplett

        Except that Christianity is not a crime. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism espouse principles harmless to others. No reasonable person could ever claim otherwise.

        Islam IS a crime, and the rest of us are fully within our rights to protect our society from it. Have you ever read the Quran, or at least a summary of it? At least half of it is devoted entirely to subjugating and killing non-Muslims.

        Are you saying FDR was dumb in his approach to defending America, or are you just calling my ideas dumb?

        How about you articulate to us your “smart” plan to defeat Islam?

        I’d address you by your name, man-to-man, but you prefer to hide behind a pseudonym.


        • Anonymous

          It is important to get a non “whitewashed” Koran. The one I read was an older translation, which was a lot less warm and fuzzy than the newer English translation I saw.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your service.

      • DanTriplett

        Thank you. Serving America has been the greatest privilege of my life.

    • Anonymous

      The world is burning and this administration is reducing our military. The Muslims are close to building a nuke and the West is snoozing. After 9/11 we should have received a wake-up call but this administration is failing miserably to see the danger radical Islam is posing to the free world. All free nations should fight the flames of Islam before freedom will perish forever.
      Wake up America

    • BlueMN

      I guess they stopped doing psychological screening before they let people in the Air Force back then, or did you go nuts later on?

      • DanTriplett

        You’re a funny guy. Or are you a gal? Impossible to know since you don’t have the guts to use your real name.

        How much combat experience do you have? Are you a veteran, or are you simply an arrogant jerk who enjoys publicly disparaging those who are?

        Give yourself an education before you make a fool out of yourself again. Here’s a start:

  • 1JusticeCracka_


  • Anonymous

    Actually, it is not the Palestinians, but Hamas that Israel is aiming for. The Israel army sent warning to the Palestinians to get out, and the smart ones did leave. There are Palestinians and Israelis who get along fine; it is the extremists that get the fires going.

  • Elisabeth Viera

    Martin Luther King Jr. would not support such violence. He wasn’t just speaking for black- African Americans!!!

  • Jack M

    I am not a Tea-Partyist, nor a Republican. I AM a somewhat liberal Democrat but also a Jew that is VERY passionate about Israel and its right to defend itself. My biggest issue with the Obama administration is their soft stance on Israel’s defense and the lack of peace efforts from Palestinians. We are supposed to have a firm stance of “NO NEGOTIATING” with known terrorists. Palestinians have long been supported, funded, and defended by Hamas.

    The solution is simple: Palestinians MUST denounce terrorism, cut all ties to Hamas and all terror groups. THEN and only then should there be peace talks and plans for a “potential” Palestinian state. If not, we should publicly announce the backing of Israel to completely destroy the entire Palestinian infrastructure and force the evacuation of everyone to neighboring Arab countries… Funny thing is that none of their neighbors want them!

    • SocialistsCommunistsLoveSharia

      Jack, It is surprising why so many Jews support the Democrats when the Democrats do not support the Jews. I am a Jew and I never supported Democrats because they are socialist fanatics especially now. I argue with many family members who are liberal Democrats and they think I’m crazy but no, Liberalism is a mental disorder for self destruction of themselves. But all of you Liberal Jews need to wake up because obama is Muslim and he will kill us all. Islam means submission. This infidel will never submit to a false prophet mohamed. Muhamed was a child molester, pedofile and thief. A false prophet of the devil. Islam is a false religion of the devil. Socialists & Communists Love Sharia!!!

      • bjeanthejellybean

        Alex…. I was about to give you a thumbs up for this but you lost me at “”because obama is Muslim” we all know Obama is not exactly “faith friendly” but making comments like that when there is NO proof, just makes all of us look really stupid.

        • Anonymous

          What proof did the Jews have prior to Hitler’s rise in Germany that they were to be killed. Common sense coupled with knowledge gives you answers that most people cannot see. Never feel stupid for saying what you feel if it’s based on over-whelming evidence, even if it’s circumstantial . How many people are in jail in the U.S. who were convicted on circumstantial evidence not hard proof?

          • Glenda Price

            If they had a brain the size of a pea, they would have known obama was muslim communist, but they voted for him anyway. “I am a jew and I think I will vote for someone named Hussein Obama who comes from a long line of muslim freedom haters.” DUH

        • DanTriplett

          How much proof do you need? His father was Muslim, the one who abandoned him as a young boy, yet he was so proud of him he wrote a book about him (no books about his white mother). His step-father was Muslim. Barry Soetoro attended madrases as a boy.

          If you could even consider Jeremiah Wright’s church as Christian (I don’t), that was just a front so he could get elected, rightly believing America would never elect a full-blown mosque attending Muslim as POTUS.

          How many US Presidents can quote passages from the Quran verbatim?

          Start here to read Barrack Hussein’s quotes about Islam, then tell us why you don’t believe he’s a Muslim at heart:

        • eagle keeper

          eagle keeper- (to bjeanthejellybean) Wake up sunshine! When is the last time a sitting United States President bowed to a foreign leader? He was been heard quoting the Muslim holy book etc. This pattern of behavior has been going on for quite some time. Where have you been living under a rock? Or are you like most liberals-from star wars “These are not the droids you are looking for” . Quit drinking the Cool-Aid.

    • Glenda Price

      What i do not understand is that the Jews prefer to vote for a muslim who wants to kill them, rather than a Christian who will support Israel. Was it stupidity which made Jews God’s chosen people?

  • Anonymous

    The “peace supporters” are the most dangerous. I once asked a question of a defrocked anti war Irish priest at a peace meeting. I barely escaped with my life as the peaceful attendees protested my question.


    Pro Palestinian? LOL. What SCUM.


    I hope Israel continues to BLAST the Strip UP the the 15th century.

  • Connor Kenway

    Instead of “freeing” Palestine why don’t they just free themselves of racism?

  • SocialistsCommunistsLoveSharia

    Islam means submission. This infidel will never submit to a false prophet mohamed. Muhamed was a child molester, pedofile and thief. A false prophet of the devil. Islam is a false religion of the devil. Socialists & Communists Love Sharia

  • Mike Tucker

    and muslim claims they are a peaceful religion

    • Anonymous

      And Obama and Kerry do as well, I believe, otherwise they would send a stronger message that Hamas is lying through their teeth when they tell
      Kerry they want peace. They agree to a peace deal and then fire more
      rockets. When will the West see the evil which is right in front of their eyes
      instead of white-washing what Hamas is doing.

  • RockyMountainBeerMan

    Push ’em all onto the Sinai and then turn gaza into a nice seaside resort like it was meant to be.

  • bjeanthejellybean

    Glen Beck spoken about the Caliphate LONG before he ever left the Fox News outlet……everyone laughed at him. Now to save face their still laughing… but I know they are scared.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all part of the grand Communist plot! “A house
    divided cannot stand” Abe Lincoln and Matthew 12:25

  • pawley

    Muslims are criminal psychopaths.

  • Anonymous

    If you let a small wound fester, it will turn into Septicemia. Not treated it will kill you. Likewise, if you do not smother a small flame it will turn into a blaze, destroying everything around it. If you do not channel floodwaters, you will drown. So for the life of me I can not understand that we do not see the danger which is coming at us.
    Wake up, America!

    • Yo Mamma

      Yep, that small wound are those Catholic majority of illegals crossing illegally with the help of the Catholic church. Better stop it from festering

  • Davaughn Wistrom

    feel bad for the Muslims that have been brainwashed from the time
    they were little kids, which are the majority. Islam is all they
    know. When you’ve been told over and over again throughout your
    childhood that Jews and Christians are evil people, and need to be
    destroyed, you will eventually believe it as much as you believe the
    sky is blue. Most Muslims have been lied to by there extremist
    leaders all of their lives. Their God is a false god. He isn’t

    know a little bit about being brainwashed being raised by an abusive
    alcoholic father who continually told me throughout my childhood I
    was worthless, until eventually I truly believed I was worthless. It
    wasn’t till I learned that the one and only true God, created me for
    a purpose and that He loved me no matter what, and then turning to
    Him for guidance that my life turned around 180 degrees.

    same can happen for any Muslim as hard as that is for many to
    believe. And the way to reach them is with lots of prayer, love,
    patience, understanding, and without personal judgement. Everyone
    here who’s made a comment would believe as the Muslims do, were you
    to be raised in that environment as they were.

    that’s not to say, that we do not have to right to protect ourselves,
    mentally, emotionally and physically from such extremism if
    necessary. If someone is shooting at me trying to kill me, of course
    I’m gonna shoot back.

    try to understand that in the Muslim culture, it is a small minority,
    leading and misleading the majority, doing whatever it takes to hide
    the truth from their people. Why do you think they’re going out of
    their way to destroy Christians? It’s because we know the real truth
    which makes us dangerous to their culture.

    are all created equal no mater what our beliefs. God loves us all the
    same. We are all His children. The only difference between Christians
    and everyone else, is we believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,
    and try our best to live according to God’s will, while the rest live
    according to their own will, which is why this world is so messed up
    and getting worse by the day. What kind of world do you think this
    would be were we all to live according to Jesus top two commands,
    shall love the Lord
    God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and
    with all your strength. And the
    second is
    like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

    Sorry for the long rant!

    • Elena

      No prob… You forgot “fasting” that goes w/prayer. The demons are strong in islam and will require consistent, fervent prayer AND fasting to drive them away.

      Daily muslims are encountering the Risen Lord Jesus in visions and are choosing to follow Him. Of course, their shelf-life is short once the word gets out.

  • not a liberal

    The muslims should be removed from this country and any civilized country. If you are truly interested in learning who they are and what they believe, other than reading their Koran, go to the UN site and pull up all of the summits held by the Muslim OIC with regard to Islamic Law. Their language and wording is not what our language and wording are. They are liars and they are full of nothing but deceit. The muslims, by their own sharia law, cannot accept anyone except other muslims. They do not even accept all muslims, only those who adhere to Islamic Law and Sharia Law; if a muslim does not follow that belief they, too, will be beheaded. The best that could be done is that these barbarians be wiped from the face of the earth. As long as they are allowed to live, they will endeavor to anyone and everyone who does not submit to their religion. These pro-palastine protesters don’t even know why they are protesting other than their almighty indoctrinators tell them to follow and believe what they tell them to believe. WE WILL NOT DEFEAT ISLAM UNTIL YOU EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT THEIR WAYS AND THEIR BELIEFS. THEY ARE EVIL AND THEIR BELIEFS ARE EVIL. THEY MUST BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AS THERE IS AND NEVER WILL BE THE POSSIBILITY OF PEACE. THEIR ISLAMIC AND SHARIA LAW WILL NEVER ALLOW IT.

    • Bill

      Don’t we have to change the Constitution first? We can’t just kick people out of the country because of their religion. If that were the case, we should be kicking out everyone that doesn’t practice the way I worship God, since, we all know its the real, true way.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s just stay out of it, if you want to protest…hop on a plane & go to Palestine or Israel.

  • Debby Polen Guzinski

    Muslims keep insisting that most are peaceful people and shouldn’t be lumped in with the extremists. But they cannot even protest peacefully. Nor do they seem capable of allowing others the opportunity of peaceful protest.

  • Thinker

    Amazing, they make the pro-Israel people leave but not the ones who a doing the threatening and attacking? Our country is in free fall.

    • Yo Mamma

      What are you suggesting? Buy a gun? Maybe two? Maybe a tank? Oh ok, you done that already now no where to show it off.

    • Elena

      Just another aspect of “blame the victim” syndrome!

  • Glenn Coughlin

    I love it when glenn infuriates his lemmings with b.s. stories like this.
    1. I read multiple accounts of this incident from lib and cons sources don’t come close to over exaggerating the story like glenn.
    2. I have to admire Glenn for not jumping off the cliff like 75% of followers and jump straight to bigoted Muslim bashing.
    3. I can not believe how racist, ignorant and bigoted some of be beck cult are.

  • Daniel Fagan

    The next big war will be Islam vs. everyone else.

  • Yo Mamma

    “Fleeing for their safety” – Typical inflammatory words. When you say fleeing I want to see people sprinting chaotically, falling over themselves. Pictures?

    Safety? I want to see pending violence, blood and batons. Pictures?

    No pictures

    Typical inflammatory words from a con man

  • Anonymous

    The Palestinians have gotten what they asked for – they voted for Hamas leadership! Stupid people.

  • bluidevil

    Yet the Jewish elite, controlling film,news,gems, continue to support the democrat
    party which is becoming anti-semitic towards them. Better to side with Christians,
    conservatives , our guidance was a jewish carpenter.

  • Cynthia

    This makes me want throw up. And I keep saying if you don’t like it go home, but I don’t think they have a home and that’s what its all about. Palestinians are like those birds who steal other birds nests. Watch out America we are next.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing Marxism and Islam have in common is that they are both totalitarian.

  • Sydney

    Unfortunately everyone at these rallies seem to be confused at who the enemy is– Its not the Israelis or the Palestinians, its Hamas. Plain and simple. Hamas is using terrorist strategies to cause the IDF’s responses and Palestinian civilians to be killed

  • Bill

    It seems like, when you do the math, Palestinian kids are not worth as much as Israeli kids.

  • Bill

    At the end of the day, the little boy condemned to live in Gaza, really doesn’t have a say in his future.

  • Bill

    I like Beck, he’s shown what a great country this is. He was a washed-up drunken trouble maker, doing a bad job raising his kids, and he cleaned up, got religion (even if he chose the wrong one) and now makes a decent living telling people what they want to hear, and dividing the nation for personal gain. He also has a side job hawking food storage and tangible gold!

    This truly is a great nation.

    • Katherine_B

      You cut down a good man who turned his life around and made good for himself and family, good little liberal that you appear to be, I’m sure you never made mistakes in your own life and if you did, excuses flow easily from persons of your ilk. I’m sick of cowards who sit behind a computer screen trying to substitute personal attacks for real substance, adding not a thing to the discussion, hate, slander and lies are all you offer and it’s small-minded . But as you rightly noted,” this is a great nation” and you, Sir, have the right to be a small man.

  • Katherine_B

    Hamas are the henchmen of the Palestinians, but in the Palestinians throes of all consuming hate they miscalculated the value and trustworthiness of the Hamas, now they’re paying. Regardless, Israel has the right to defend herself, they have tried to make peace but the Palestinians want them annihilated, how can the Israelis possibly grasp the hand of the Palestinians/terrorists when within their other hand they hold a bomb? Israel is true democracy and the only true democracy in the region and still people defend those who threaten and attack her like the terrorists that they are and have been for decades. How about if the shoe was on our own foot and someone wanted our land and to wipe us off the face of the earth (sound familiar?) think we would sit idly by and be as patient as the Israelis have been? Its seems hating Israel is just the latest trend of the left and like all good little soldiers, (most of whom, quite likely, couldn’t point to where the middle east is on a map) follow their leader blindly into battle. Anything to add drama to their own lives filled with Jerry Springer and weekends of drinking and twerking contests. It scares the devil out of me to know our own future could be in the hands of these very same people!

  • H. Zayre
  • H. Zayre

    Did he deserve it? The world says NO!

  • H. Zayre
  • William Soost

    What does Cornhole West know about the current conflict or the ancient history of the land that is Israel.

    • the_independent_truth

      A lot more than you,

  • mattzweck

    i’m going to to say this period the land belongs to Israel period their is no
    Palestine. god gave them that land.

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