Glenn: The world has real problems, but we can solve them if we are honest about what really matters

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We have a lot of problems in the world, and as I’m watching them spiral out of control this weekend, I thought if we want to solve them, as an alcoholic, first step is you’ve got to admit you have a problem.

And if we’re going to work together, we have to admit that one of our problems is this partisan bickering, and we have to be willing to then say the tough thing, we have to stop this bickering and be honest with one another and acknowledge a few simple truths, that we are not that different, that our neighbors aren’t. There are those fringes, especially in Washington. There’s maybe 10% on each side that is crazy and out-of-control, but our neighbors generally are not.

And we have to be able to discern which issues are really, truly critical and which ones are not, which ones are just political games. And that’s what I want to try to do today because the globe is in a critical condition, and the country is in critical condition. We have Hamas waging war against Israel, and it’s tearing our cities apart. From London to LA, there is rising anti-Semitism in our streets.

The global economy is dismal. Civil unrest is becoming increasingly prevalent all around the country, and here in America it’s almost as though some of these problems don’t even exist. The 44 million Americans who now follow the president on Twitter must feel like things are amazing. Is there anybody that is following the president on Twitter saying, “Gosh, he seems a little out of touch”?

First of all, it was all about his birthday. This weekend’s tweets were all promoting his birthday, nine tweets. And then on the other side, in Hollywood, which prides itself on being relevant and speaking to the critical issues of the day, they’re not concerned with the anti-Semitic protests that were happening right in their backyard. Instead, they seem to be most concerned about who is the next black star? I don’t understand this.

I see some of the headlines from both sides of the aisle, from everybody, and I think really, this is what we’re working on? If we want real progress, if we want real solutions, we have to begin to identify and agree on which issues are critical and which ones are political. I would say most people feel that the border is a very important issue, all Americans across the board, and the economy, jobs. Those are the two things that everybody cares about, but that’s not what we’re hearing about.

Let’s look at the issues now that are being pushed as critical and put them to the test, what’s really important? Right now, the president is campaigning around the country fighting what he calls the defining challenge of our time, and that is battling income inequality.

Okay, I believe these things. I believe that we have to be able to not just feel like, we actually have to be able to work hard and get ahead. If you have a problem with the rich being too rich, well, that’s not a problem that we can ever solve because the government is going to do that. Is it perhaps that one of the basic problems that we have here in America on income inequality is that we don’t understand greed anymore?

If you think that greed is the answer, that the rich just keep getting richer, not because they’ve invented…nobody has a problem with Bill Gates being rich. Look what he’s done. Nobody has a problem with Steve Jobs being rich. Who are you having a problem with? The banks, right? The people on Wall Street, right? Why? Because it’s all about greed, it’s all about the money. It’s not about actually making something, it’s about the money.

And then when they fail, we have to bail them out, so the problem is greed. And is that a problem that the government can solve? Another pressing issue for this administration is workplace fairness. I love this quote, “You shouldn’t be fired because of who you love.” Is there anyone who disagrees with this? Is there anyone that thinks that you should be fired because you’re gay or straight? I don’t know anybody who thinks that way.

I don’t know a single soul that thinks that’s right, and if it’s happening, are people being fired because of who they love at such a clip that the president needs to make this one of our defining issues of the age? That’s not the pressing issue, and if it is, I want to see the stories on it because we can all unite on this one and stop that one this fast. And then there of course is the war on women, “I want my daughters paid the same as your sons for doing the same jobs.” That’s the president.

Well, Mister President, if my daughter was working in the White House, she would not be paid the same as my son for doing the same jobs at the White House. There is income inequality in the White House when it comes to gender. The White House doesn’t even uphold those standards, and there’s a reason for it. And we’re not going to get into all of it, but there’s a reason for it, and he knows. This is a political stunt, political stunt, because nobody disagrees with that.

We somehow or another, we have our daughters, and we don’t think that our daughters should be paid? Of course, every father thinks that. The political parties, both left and right, are using people to forward their political interests, not our national values. When you have people claiming that it’s a war on women because Hobby Lobby covers 16 out of 20 kinds of birth control, and the four that they don’t are related to abortion, that’s not political interest. I mean, that is political interest. That’s not our national values, and it’s certainly not a war on women by Hobby Lobby. It’s a political stunt.

And all that happens is, I mean, the reason why the president is going from place to place, and he’s not going to meet on these big issues, because he’s always busy. Where is he? He’s busy at fundraisers. This is all about money. That’s all this is about money and power. And you get more money and you get more power by driving the wedge further and deeper down.

I love the people that had come out this week because I was on CNN this weekend, and they were talking about how Glenn Beck is now, he’s only doing this for money; he’s only trying to unite people because it’s in his best interests for ratings and money. Oh my gosh, if that were true, the president would be uniting people on every stop. It is division that makes people race under the banner. It’s somebody saying, “I’m being attacked” that makes somebody, you’re being attacked, we’re all going to lose all of this.

I’m telling you we don’t have to lose all of this. I am telling you we all justice. We all want mercy. We have these problems, but we can solve them. We all want reconciliation. We want people to be respected. We want people to love who they want to love without fear of harassment or execution. We want people to have freedom of speech and to be heard so they can differ with one another but do so with respect.

We all want to know that we’re all in it together, and we’re working toward something much greater, and that we’ve been heard along the way, even though people will disagree with us, doesn’t mean we get our way, but we’ve been heard, and that we have control over our own lives. That is something that we all want, we all want. And if we can agree on that, then we can start looking at the real war on women.

Let’s compare the war on women in America where you can’t have an abortion to the war on women in China where you must have an abortion, even though you want to keep the baby, you must have an abortion, or the war on women living in the Middle East and in Africa who are forced to undergo genital mutilation. The locals call it Sunat. It means duty. You want to talk about reproductive rights, I’d say having, you know, you being forced to have yours cut up and partially or totally removed would be pretty high on the list of offenses on a war on women, and it happens to 130 million women worldwide. That is a problem.

In Egypt, harassment is practically a given. The UN reports that 99.3% of women experience sexual harassment. In Syria, thousands of women have been targeted by both the government forces and the rebel groups, and they’re being raped, they’re being used as human shields, they’re being arrested without cause, they’re tortured, they’re kidnapped, they’re murdered. In the past two years, honor killings have claimed the lives of 25 women that live under the Palestinian Authority.

How about all the women that were kidnapped? Remember, return our girls, return our daughters? That’s a war on women, and that’s one we can unite on, both left and right. Which one, Hobby Lobby or the rape and murder of women, 130 million mutilations? Which one is critical? Which one is political? Which one would actually move us forward as a people, as a species?

Gay marriage is defined as a civil rights, that’s an issue now here in America, and there are those who oppose changing the definition of America. And if you oppose, you’re immediately equated to a hatemonger, and you are immediately compared to the racists of the 1960s. Yet, coming out today here in America practically comes with a tickertape parade and a friendly round of media interviews. It’s not exactly courageous.

Look at the guy at the NFL, look what happened to him. That didn’t take a lot of courage. He had a special on Oprah. Courage is coming out in places like Iran where gays are routinely tortured. To be homosexual is against the law. You’re sent to prison or you’re executed in public for being gay.

In Nigeria, being married if you’re gay lands you in prison for 14 years. Homophobia in Russia is on the rise as well with one celebrity going as far as calling for gays to be sent to the gas chambers, and that’s not a nobody celebrity like me, that’s a somebody celebrity. This is a big guy.

Now, let me ask you, you’re talking about gays being sent to gas chambers, you’re talking about the stoning to death in Iran or in Egypt, isn’t this something that the staunchest DOMA supporter and the staunchest GLAAD supporter can link arms on? And wouldn’t it change the world if we actually did that as Americans?

This weekend, I’ve heard nothing but how Israelis are committing genocide, they’re committing genocide of the Palestinian people. They are now worse than Hitler. I love this, they’ve surpassed Hitler in barbarism. That’s saying something. If that’s true, we all can unite and say that’s got to stop. But if they’re engaging in genocide, they’re really, really bad at it.

Gaza is a tiny area of Israel, and Israel has all the firepower. This conflict has been going on forever, and yet the population of Gaza is increasing. Can you tell me how many concentration camps under Hitler had the population increase that weren’t imported in? Meanwhile, in Darfur, 480,000 people have been slaughtered in the last decade, and it continues today, Darfur, an actual ethnic cleansing that the world has turned away from.

As I said, I talked to CNN on Israel this week, and they didn’t air this part, and I wish they would have. I think it would have been a shock for people on the left to hear me talk about it, because what I said in that interview is we don’t hate the Palestinian people, we can’t hate the Palestinian people, just like we didn’t hate the Germans in World War II. Thirty percent of the Germans elected Hitler. Thirty percent of the Palestinians elected Hamas.

Both the Nazis and Hamas were calling for genocide of the same people. But what happened? We fought the Germans until we defeated the Nazi machine, and then we helped the Germans. We weren’t against the Germans. We love the German people.

We have to stand united on just a really simple principle, no genocide for any people, no genocide. But let’s stop throwing around the word genocide if it doesn’t apply because it’s not happening there. This is a war, and it’s awful, it’s awful, but by crying genocide in war stops people from actually listening to the cry of genocide when it’s real.

Why can’t we work together to end the genocide in places like Darfur? I mean, hasn’t that gone on long enough? Left and right, why can’t we stand together? Why won’t somebody like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or George Clooney stand with somebody like me and say enough is enough on Darfur, can’t we stop this, enough is enough?

And at the same time, are we not big enough to give aid and comfort, not to the terrorists, but once the terrorists stop using the poor Palestinians, and the bombing stops, aren’t we big enough to extend aid to all people that want peace and to live in harmony?

We all want to move forward. We all want to fix the country. We all want the same things, pretty much the same things, not the fringe crazy people on the edges. Can’t we start looking at our strategy? Are we really attacking the things that matter? Are we attacking critical issues or political ones?

What’s usually on the news in the routine news cycle? First Lady continues to crackdown on America’s school lunch menu. A Nebraska school just banned a bake sale. Really, is that really what’s important? Time for Congress to help the middle class – okay, how? How? Diversity day, drag queens are performing at our military bases. Is that our priority with our military?

The EPA is arresting people for illegally transporting milk, milk, across state lines. That’s your priority? Have you seen what’s happening in Chicago? And meanwhile, we have a $17 trillion debt, and the world is blaming us for it. Chicago, one of the most deadly places in the country to live. Ranchers along the border are continually finding the dead bodies on their property. Did you see that story?

And then we have Ebola on the loose. God help this poor doctor that came in, and God help us all if the CDC is putting our national interests above our national values. When we put our values before our interests, when we put our values before our political interests, we’ll be okay, and we’ll be able to come together. And I suggest that we are the people to begin that march towards real justice, real mercy, and real reconciliation.

  • Hatshepsut

    Sorry Glenn Beck but saying ‘Look over here’ is a good but old trick. One that works way too often. e.g. your Hobby Lobby defense. Compare the Handmaids to your own religion.
    Same goes for everything else you said in this clip

    • Anonymous

      I hope that posting that comment made you feel good, because it sure didn’t communicate any thoughts. Ramble on….

  • 2 IT too

    “Understand folks, this ENTIRE system is CORRUPT
    ——thru and thru, 100% to the very CORE.
    ———–When a system is completely CORRUPT
    ——————–there is NO ‘saving’ or ‘fixing’ it.
    ————————–That’s part of the PSYCHOPATH’s tool kit
    ———————————-of power grabbing and manipulation.
    —————-Understand, we are living 100% in –their– system,
    —————————-a PSYCHOPATHIC system
    —————————————with a PSYCHOPATHIC culture.
    —————————-A system designed, managed, directed and RUN
    —————————————————–by PSYCHOPATHS. . .”
    Informed Radio

    TAKE HEED! and STOP being SET UP!

    The RED CHINA handover op
    ———————and the NOW OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION
    ———————————of GUTTED Post America,
    ————and OVERTHROW of the world
    ———————————————IS the ONLY ISSUE!

    ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES or ‘DISS—tractions’.

  • ken.

    sorry glenn, but too many people are corrupt in the world and do not care about truth or justice. not saying that we shouldn’t be, because we should be. corrupt people will prey on everyone who appears weak, a show of strength is power and will usually stop violence from occurring. america used to show strength and no other country would dare try to come after us, now we show weakness and every country is coming after us. peace through strength works, peace through weakness gets you killed or thrown into slavery.

    • landofaahs

      Someone complained I posted average 2 comments on every post so I thought that was kind of low so I decided to post more that usual so that the no-life has something to keep him busy.
      I agree. that some things require absolute moral standards. Would someone allow a known thief to be responsible for a company funds dept?

    • Iceman

      If Lois Lerner, David Coleman, and Gyorgy Schwartz aren’t enough to open your eyes to the fact that the Jews are a hostile foreign tribe, you’re likely to remain blind forever.

      • ken.

        nothing in my post was about any religious or racial group or individual, take your crap somewhere else!

        • Iceman

          The Jews have have had no qualms about passing sophisticated U.S. missile and electronics technology to China in exchange for a few pieces of silver.

  • landofaahs

    Would I fire a person because they were gay? It depends. If he were a pastor at my Church then absolutely.

    • Yo Mamma

      Laws in Torah do not apply to Christians. The Sabbath laws, the stoning laws, the atonement to Priests laws, the pork laws, the health laws.

      All these laws you have an excuse for, yet one law, that of men laying with men as women do, you choose to enforce.

      Listen man, the torah, the front section of your Christian bible is a religion which predated the Christian and Jewish and Muslim religions. You disrespect it by adding texts to it and you are a hypocrite by cherry picking its laws.

      So get rid of it and then take the laws you want out of it and add just those too your bible. Remove the rest of Torah which makes you look like a hypocrite

      • Anonymous

        OK, so in the first part of your comment you seem to be saying that the old testament doesn’t matter anymore (I’ll continue to follow the 10 commandments thank you), and in the second part you are condemning making up your own laws.

        So what do you propose, no laws? In case you didn’t notice, the New Testament doesn’t really give a lot of laws. I also don’t recall Jesus saying that the laws of the Jews were now voided. Just that the Lord will forgive our transgressions via His atonement, and that we should strive to do so as well.

        • Yo Mamma

          You need to understand something. Torah is the front section. Its the original sacred books of the religion that predated the jews/christians/muslims.

          What u call the old testament = torah + prophets + writings

          Those last 2 were/are forbidden by the original religion.

          “old testament doesn’t matter anymore” – no

          TORAH doesn’t matter anymore” – yes, to jews and to christians and to muslims

          The majority of TORAH is ignored and the new laws that added to it, are in fact blasphemous.

          In summary, TORAH makes all new laws added to it, blasphemous

          get it?

          PS> per jesus, he made many statements that are now considered LAWS. In TORAH its forbiden to add to or remove laws from it.

          Christians added GOSPELS + prophets + writings + TORAH

          JEWS added TALMUD + prophets + writings + TORAH

          Its forbiden by the original religion of Moses to ADD to or REMOVE laws from TORAH

          • landofaahs

            Where in the Torah does it say that no more prophecy will happen afterward?

          • Yo Mamma

            You can have prophesy. BUT Not that it would be sacred to the religion: The religion of the Hebrews.

            Thats why you called CHRISTIANS
            Its a different religion.

            But what makes God Creator really mad, is that you took the Torah, given to the Priests, and display it with a whole bunch of other hooey. Thats not good

        • Diane Dunwell-Hoffman

          When the Pharisees were arguing over which law was the most important Jesus said this”Love GOD the Father with all your heart and soul and your neighbor as yourself.” If you follow this to the letter all 10 commandments will be kept in check and empathy will take the place of the barbaric punishments in the Old Testament. We all will be judged by HIM in the end.

          • landofaahs

            It is not showing love to my neighbor if I let him be killed by a bunch of murderous Palestinians either. But remember that Jesus said “Go and sin no more”. That means you should quit your sinning. He did not condone it or gloss over it.

      • landofaahs

        I do not cherry pick. Breaking God’s laws can all be forgiven with repentance. However, there are civilian consequences to law breaking. Murder deserves death from the state but if a person repents of his/her sin they can receive forgiveness for the next life and in that way the wages of sin is death is paid yet it is merciful enough to offer eternal life. So I hope that clears up any confusion you have.

        • Yo Mamma

          You seem quite determined with your belief being correct, so goooo with it

          Ps > I hope that clears up any confusion you have but there is NO repenting for your sins in TORAH other than you taking a sacrifice to a Priest who is bloodline Hebrew from Aaron line.

          Thats the FRONT section of your Christian boble. Don’t agree with it, then rip it out. Leave it in and you’re a blasphemer worthy of death, according to that book of laws

          • landofaahs

            Si if we kill all the Palestinians all we have to do is sacrifice a goat or a lamb and all is OKAY?

          • Yo Mamma

            Atonement is made to Hebrew Priests, not your to gods

            Read Torah, it tells you – You should have removed those sections that do not apply to you. Now God Creator promises to hold you accountable

          • landofaahs

            I agree with the Pentateuch I just don’t agree with your interpretation.

          • Yo Mamma

            Thats why its vague. Everyone has an opinion. But its the opinion of bloodline Priests that matter, not yours. Its THEM that God Creator chose for ministering Torah, not you. So you lack what it takes, and no matter how much you study, you will never achieve authority

      • landofaahs

        You are the type who cherry pick. You would condemn others for behaviors you don’t agree with but justify in your own mind your own sins. I admit my sins and God is faithful to forgive me, yet sin does have it’s consequences on Earth.

        • Diane Dunwell-Hoffman

          Please explain to me this story from the Old Testiment: Lot’s wife was turned to stone for looking back at Sodom & Gomorrah and then Lot goes into a cave with his daughters gets drunk and has sex with his daughters, then blames them. Yes,I choose to pick this story from the Bible as the “opinion of a human” not inspired by GOD. No loving or fair FATHER would allow this to happen to HIS daughters and blame them.

          • landofaahs

            After the destruction of the Sodom(ites) and Gomorrah(ites) the daughters thought that the world had been devastated and that they were the only ones left on the Earth. In order to repopulate, the only man left was their Father. They got him drunk on wine and since he was not used to strong drink….well you get the point. So you see his daughters were just as ignorant about what was going on as you are.

      • Diane Dunwell-Hoffman

        So true in Leviticus 11 it is an abomination to eat pork and shell fish. Jesus came too fulfill the law.

        • landofaahs

          Do not call what I have created unclean. God said to Peter. Rise Peter, kill and eat.

          • Yo Mamma

            Neither add to or diminish from this law. Predated your gospels by 1500 years. Why you keep Torah in front is pure blasphemy and a slap in the face of God Creator. Very insulting. You Christians should not keep Torah in front. You should remove it. Quickly

          • landofaahs

            Jesus fulfilled the law. Jesus is God. God is eternal and wrote the law. Why did God say “Let US create man in OUR own image”? 3 person in one God. Father Son and Holy Spirit. If you reject Jesus you will live in hell for eternity.

          • Yo Mamma

            Hallelooo0 YA

            You speak presumptuously

            And because you do, I am not concerned

            But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about that Torah in FRONT of your Christian Bibles

            Oh BOY

            Should you be concerned – read the sacred text above – ALL FOR YOU

          • landofaahs

            Read Isaiah chapter 53. Who is the prophet speaking of? Jesus. That’s who.

          • Yo Mamma

            Torah, Moses and God Creator speak of a Prophet, but since Moses, there has been NOBODY, that talks the words of God Creator and MOSES and those that did not obey, were forced to.


            Not even you jesus.

            Who never spoke Literal Torah but included a whole bunch of other stuff, and God Creator sure as heck didn’t party up with him to destroy those that didn’t follow Literal Torah

            If you don’t believe me read Torah or I will quote if for your dumb azzes

            18:18 I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren like unto thee; and I will put My words in his mouth and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.

            18:19 And it shall come to pass that whosoever will not hearken unto My words which he shall speak in My name I will require it of him.

            18:20 But the prophet that shall speak a word presumptuously in My name which I have not commanded him to speak or that shall speak in the name of other gods that same prophet shall die.’

            Chew on that heathens

          • landofaahs

            That would be Jesus. He is the Prophet , priest and King. He is the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us.

          • Yo Mamma

            Unfortunately God Creator never partnered with your man god. Instead, your prophet was killed, just as Torah says will happen to false prophets.

            Nothing your god demanded did God Creator go along with


            Because they are simply not in agreement.

            God Creator will partner with a prophet that speaks Literal Torah and speaks it to people like you. Like you that DO NOT HEED to the words in Torah. Wait if you see God Creator taking sides. If so, take notes, if ur not on fire in which case use sign language and warn the other Christians of pending doooooooom

          • landofaahs

            When God says “Let us make man in our own image” who was he speaking to?

          • Yo Mamma

            “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” God Creator is speaking to all creation, dust, stars, vegetation, ducks, birds, fish.

            And its true, we have all creation in us, but we sure as heck don’t resemble trees, while alive anyway.

            But when dead, your dust and tree dust is the same
            When alive you’re mostly water

            Don’t think yourself so special

          • landofaahs

            Not true. We are made in God’s image with an eternal soul. Fish, animals, stars and dust do not. How can you say the we means creation itself? The dust made us? No we were made from dust. You would think a person claiming to know the Torah would know this. Us refers to the Godhead of 3 beings but one God. We have a small imperfect example of it through marriage when the two become one flesh. They are one flesh but two beings. Now if there is no life after this one and we just turn to dust, why would we even bother with the Torah. After all if there is no eternal consequence for sin, why make a sacrifice? And yes I am special because God made me special in his own image as is everyone. You would think someone who claims to follow the Torah would know this. You tell us Christians to tear out the Torah from our Bibles and then you turn around and tell us to read the Torah.

          • Yo Mamma

            You’re a genius and I will stop bantering with you. Go with your gods and idols, you know better

          • landofaahs

            Gottcha!!! You can’t retort.

        • Yo Mamma

          Its a good story and for 2000 years you have gone with it.

          Keep going

    • Diane Dunwell-Hoffman

      In the Lutheran Church gay, straight, man or woman you can be ordained and preach as long as you are monogamous!

      • landofaahs

        Actually you’re not quite correct. I know many Lutherans and I think it is ELCA evangelical Lutheran churches that do that. I am sure LCMS Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and WLC Wisconsin Lutheran churches do not. They are even more conservative than the most conservative Baptist Churches. Just like there are several different branches of the Baptist church that do not all believe the same things, there are Lutheran Churches that are different also. You ought to research before you lump them all into one.

        • Jardinami

          Yes, I am of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

      • landofaahs

        By the way I did some research and Missouri and Wisconsin Synods do not even allow women to be Elders. Actually since I started reading about them I believe they have a very compelling theology. So thank you. I learned something new today. It just goes to show it pays to research.

  • Yo Mamma

    I think its a good start to say ‘we’ because we are in this together. They are not always the ones at fault just like ‘you’ and ‘I’ have our own problems to solve. I am proud of Glenn Beck

    “you get more money and you get more power by driving the wedge further and deeper down”

    This is why you should give ALL your money you made driving that wedge, to charity

    • landofaahs

      I give more to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

      • Yo Mamma

        Yep, it cost quite a bundle to make that golden calf.

  • Anonymous

    In my view America’s frustration really stems from one growing problem; globalization. Incomes have stagnated since the 80s and costs have continued to rise leaving the middle class to work like hell if not slip into poverty. Looking back, America’s most preposterous time is from the mid-50s to late 60s. This is a time when the country had real national priorities including producing lots of Phds that would invent a technology revolution that propelled America well beyond any other country. The government set real goals, like the space race, energy research and need for missile guidance systems and high education standards. That’s what’s missing now. Vision. The government played a key roll in spurring innovation. Today, Beck and alike are against high education standards, government programs, etc. You’re going in the wrong direction. This nation should aim higher than the rest of the world and government can lead providing a carrot for scientific innovators like it did during our country’s peak.

    • Iceman

      If Lois Lerner, David Coleman, and Gyorgy Schwartz aren’t enough to open
      your eyes to the fact that the Jews are a hostile foreign tribe, you’re
      likely to remain blind forever

      • Anonymous

        Your response is repugnant.

  • soybomb315

    What about providing your viewers with information? Making speeches only gets you so far…I thought the reason Beck has video is so that he has even more potential to spread information.

    • Type 53

      Beck makes it up as he goes.

  • Yo Mamma

    Hobby Lobby is a private company and not government so if they are not encouraging hate and violence, they’re ok imo

  • Anonymous

    The fundamental problem is that Americans let the mainstream media tell them what to think and how to feel. As long as the general tone of the entertainment/news outlets to which they pay attention is positive and up-beat, people will think the world is fine.

    Facts mean nothing. Americans could hear that the world will be destroyed tomorrow, but if it’s presented as nothing to worry about, they won’t care. If it’s presented as a great thing, they’ll look forward to it.

    I am afraid that human beings are basically failures. There are a few good people that think for themselves and really care about others, but for the most part, we are a dismal, useless lot.

    I hope the next time God creates a universe, he makes people who are better than the ones in this one.

    Anyway, since we’re stuck here with who we are, I just pray that somehow the catastrophic events that are needed to change the hearts and minds of Americans come soon, work well, and aren’t too painful.

    • Yo Mamma

      So you’re a Christian, hating mankind, calls your god a ‘he’, calls for a less painful Armageddon? Seriously

      You are so misguided, so far up the creek that you yes, need a good shaking up to get you straight.

      Unfortunately, the God I know, is not a HE, is not all loving, doesn’t care too much for mankind, and likes to do massive in your FACE projects, that are violent and irreversible. There is nothing remotely calm or serene about that.

      But let me explain why you christians have been misled.

      The religion of Moses (the Hebrews) had from them selected a few, some chosen, some special to protect the God given laws. No matter what has happened in the 3500 years, that bond between God and the CHOSEN remains. Its a blood connection. You need to wake up

  • 2 IT too

    “And —according to YOUR OWN research,
    ————–according to the levels of current microwave exposure,
    ———————in 60 years the US will be down to 1/8
    —————————of its chidrens population.
    In 60 years the US is going to completelly DISAPPEAR
    ——————from the world stage.
    —————————In 60 years, the US will NOT EXIST.”
    Veteran Brit microwave weapons specialist
    WIFI —-HOLOCAUST— whistleblower
    ‘The COOKING of HUMANITY’ interview


  • Iceman

    If Lois Lerner and Gyorgy Schwartz aren’t enough to open your eyes to the fact that the Jews are a hostile foreign tribe, you’re likely to remain blind forever

    • Yo Mamma

      “Jews are a hostile foreign tribe” hello

      “CATHOLICS are a hostile foreign tribe”

      Yes CATHOLICS are illegaly entering the southern borders in droves, not jews.

      Let me tell you that when the jews leave town, you best be packing too.

      There is nothing more hostile than trying to dominate a country

      • Iceman

        As Derzhavin noted, the Jews are nothing more than a band of clever robbers.

        • Yo Mamma

          Amen to that brother. World domination is not their thing. Look at the Indian population & density is you want to see domination.

  • Yo Mamma

    ‘Gay marriage’ is something I support IF its between a woman and woman. because there is NO prohibition in Torah for a lesbian couple. In fact, in the days of Moses and several wives, it was probably a good thing.

    That isn’t the case with man laying with man as woman does. This is a break down in society that should be stopped. But I pull this law from a slew of other laws in TORAH that are ignored and in fact perverted.

    • Bill

      Wasn’t it the Japanese who said ‘Tora, Tora, Tora!’ just before they dive bombed Pearl Harbor?

      • Yo Mamma

        Old joke William

      • landofaahs

        I guess that Torah hole in his argument.

  • Type 53

    No one loves the sound of his own voice more than Beck. He prattles on and on, changing topics nearly every sentence, and says essentially nothing.

  • Bareli

    Glenn Beck,
    You should be the next president!!!!

    What do you say guys?

    • ken.

      a few years ago when he stood for america, yes. now that he would rather bow to the government masters instead of fight the tyrants, no!

  • Iceman

    The Jews have have had no qualms about passing sophisticated U.S. missile and electronics technology to China in exchange for a few pieces of silver

  • landofaahs

    Jesus Christ is the only true lasting solution to man’s problems. Short of him, everything else is a temporary paper over.

    • Bill

      The Mormon Jesus, or the regular Jesus?

      • landofaahs

        The real Jesus.

  • Bill

    Food storage, tangible gold….dividing the nation for personal gain…

    It’s all good.

  • Anonymous

    WTF is wrong with this guy?? Did he suddenly become retarded… or was it I just didn’t notice?? Yeah.. we’ll fix it! Just be nice everybody… BE NICE! And STOP crying genocide! It’s NOT happening… (unless your a Christian in the ME).. STOP IT all you homophobes… just STOP. JUST BE NICE, OK?? BE QUIET, OK? Visit TheBlaze lately?? It’s chock full of feel good preachy stories… what a joke this man has become!

  • Anonymous

    What are some of the things you changed your mind about and apologized for when you had your show on Fox.

  • Amy P

    There are plenty of rapes and abuse by the LDS leadership. We need to start cleaning our own house first!

  • greg smith


    I have trying to reach you in regards to some very special flags that I inherited. My GREAT GREAT grandfather served 40 years in the revenue cutter service and the Navy. He was in the civil war, and Spanish American war.

    To get to the point I understand you collect flags? I have some very rare flags that will definitely interest you. My great Great Grandfather was Sea captain Between 1865 to 1909. He wrote the first book of its kind. It was approved by congress it was called: Early History of United States Revenue Marine Service or (United States Revenue Cutter Service) 1789 to 1849 by Horatio Davis Smith Captain Commandant U.S.R.C.S. He retired with 40 years of service in the Navy and the United States Revenue Cutter Service. He was called to war when he commissioned The USS Perry and he was commissioned USS Morrill were he was responsible for sinking two ships Spanish American war in the Gulf Of Mexico on the Florida side. One was a french ship and one was a Spanish war ship. The two Masthead flags that are one of kinds. One flag is 250 inches with 13 stars and very good condition. I will email you the exact dimensions and pictures on the next email. The next Mast head flag is supper rare and it measures 480 inches. One of kind. The Stars are 31/2 diameter and peak aboo style were they light up through them. It is in very good condition and intact. I also have his Personal flag they would fly when he was special dignitary on board. I also have a big can-fir sea chest. Plus I have have very unique USS Revenue cutter flag which is in beautiful condition. It is a one of kind.

    Now here is my story, I am a 48 year old widowed father of a beautiful 9 year old daughter. Well 4 months ago I suffered a five 5 bypass emergency heart surgery. I am happy to say i am still here and especially for my nine year old daughter. I hold the same views as you, this is were we can share a part history, Instead have them sit in an undesplayed chest. We can figure something out,

    I know these are valuable, But i cant risk going to an auction because they take so long. I was thinking you do my Great great grandfather the attention he deserves. I have pictures of the presidential appointments for service and commissions he was given. My Father has them. If we get to talk i can explain this to you more depth. But i believe there enough documentation already.

    There is a story that i think you might like to get into personally and for your show.

    I live in San Antonio which is not to far from you.

    So thank you for listening.

    Greg Smith


      I really doubt he has the same beliefs as you. Because he has become a totally different person in the last year. He is really struggling.

  • 2 IT too

    America is now nothing but a debt serf plantation
    ccupied by TAX slaves. Used to be black slaves,
    ————————————————but now it’s TAX slaves.”
    Informed Radio


  • Anonymous

    OMG! Glenn’s newest rant is not allowing comments! Wonder why?? Just STOP being against stuff..OK?? (BTW, I just made a lot of money getting you suckers to the theater to be AGAINST CC)… Follow ME! Just transform.. BE NICE… CONFORM!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we can solve the problems of Ebola Out breaks and other diseases spreading around the world by air travel ???? Most disease have tell tale sign of a fever symtoms on onset of a infection and the body is fighting it !! Beside scanner to detect metals like guns ,or scanner detect hidden pouches of plastic,powder explosiives ,have one more scanner !!! Here a possibe far fetch idea if it can be develop is for airliner passengers to walk though a senitive enough infra scan that can detect slight increase of body temperature above normal indicate a fever !!! These scans will be done on departure flights if above normal temperature will need a more intense exam of person & their blood before they can broad !! Plus on arrival flights incase the fever break out in flight and these people be examine more closely and isolated and other passengers be notifileld and watch !! I hope some whiz kid can make this idea possible or this is a bad idea it will lead to someone out there to a good idea , Thanks for listening !! If if don’t stop a disease ,it might slow the the spread of the disease enough so countries can manage the spread ,isolate victims to stop it completely !!!!!!!! It may also help detect explosives in a thin contouring body form fitting plastic container , that cool spots would show up with pants or shirts,vest material should be all the uniform temperature beside pockets because same thickness of materials that body heat escape from pants, shirts etc unless there is something else beside normal pants material blocking the escaping heat ??!!!

    • 7tom7

      Maybe our government or homeland security already doing a infra red scan just keeping it a secret from public and the terrorists ???? If the terrorists know of this hidden scan they will think of a way around it !!??? If they catch a terrorists bomber they won’t let on ,how they were on to him and his plot !!!!!!

  • andressbidle

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  • 2 IT too

    Been downtown, or anywhere else LATELY?

    It’s now nothing but franchie slums, wall to wall.

    ALLLLL the same. Even the walls contained
    not a single piece of original work.



    And notice! –even the prison cement minimalism
    has given way to yawning furnace gothic.

    WHAT CAN IT MEAN? —in this, the 11th HOUR of RED CHINA handover
    and now OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION.

  • Diane Dunwell-Hoffman

    He is comparing the USA with a handful of barbaric countries in an effort to show that some issues are less offensive here than there. However there are country’s like Denmark that have implemented many great policies that made Denmark rise above the USA on many levels, most especially education. I believe that whoever was President Twitter would have many tweets wishing them a Happy Birthday. I remember tweets exploding for Nelson Mandela on his birthday. That’s just social media being social. It isn’t just the banks being greedy…BIG PHARMA, BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES, Monsanto, & the Koch Bros. are the Greed that dictates to both major parties, funds them, and are killing our people and planet with their toxic products and policies that dictate what we can or can’t do in order to survive. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. We need to show the two major parties that we want a party that cannot be bought, and I don’t think that it is possible. We do need to unite…against greed. The kind of greed that is killing our people and planet. In the song by Gotye “Eyes Wide Open” they sing “We walk the plank with our eyes wide open…” How true is that!

  • MaxBangayvef

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