‘Is there anyone else in the media who will join me?’ Glenn reacts to Nancy Pelosi’s bold break of protocol

During a debate on the House floor on Friday, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was so unnerved by the commentary of fellow Congressman Tom Marino (R-PA), she got up out of her seat and ran through the aisles of the chamber toward Marino. Marino was speaking about the immigration crisis and the role the Obama Administration’s policies have played in facilitating the lawlessness at the border.

Watch the video of Marino and Pelosi below:

On radio this morning, Glenn explained the danger this moment represents. After recounting the beating of Senator Charles Sumner at the onset of the Civil War, Glenn challenged his colleagues in the media to consider the role they may have played in today’s divisiveness and what we can all do to move in a more respectful direction.

Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

I want to talk to you a little bit about the state of our society. Left and right, we all want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. At the end of our life, we want to be able to look back and say, ‘Our kids live in a better world than we lived in because we did the hard thing.’ If you’ve ever gone through anything, you’ve ever been broken, you’ve ever faced a real serious challenge, you will say, ‘Give this to me. Let me take this on so my kids don’t have to deal with it.’

But we have become a society that we no longer see our kids’ future as real. We’ve bought into the lie that you can have everything that we can afford, that you deserve everything, that your kids don’t really need you, that there’s such a thing as quality time over just time. And I don’t think any of that stuff is true, I really don’t. And as a guy who has lived my life counting on quality time, I think it’s a lie.

I watched the families that are great, and I’ve watched my kids now. My daughter is 8-years-old and my son who is 9, and I realize they are about to be 30. And where will that time have gone? I will have missed it yet again. And it matters. There are certain things that are true, and when we get to the end of our life, we will really only worry about our family and what did we do. I talked to a guy who was in a plane crash yesterday. He was in a plane crash and broke his back, couldn’t get out, jet fuel was all over in this plane and spilling out on the ground, and he could hear the ignition of the engines. He thought, ‘Oh dear God, this thing is going to go up in a ball of fire.’ And nobody else was awake at the time. He had to get out. There were only three people on this plane. And the other two were relatively uninjured. He broke his back and thought that his legs were pinned in the plane. But when he really came conscious enough to realize and look down at his legs, he realized, ‘They’re not pinned. There’s nothing wrong with you.’ He’s just sitting in his seat with nothing on his legs. He can’t feel his legs. He unstrapped himself from the plane. He falls down into the center aisle. And he drags himself to the door just thinking his legs just aren’t work for some reason. And he gets to the door and he tries to stand up and get himself up and there’s no power to his legs at all.

A farmer had seen his plane go down, and it landed in a field. The farmer was on his tractor and drives out. This farmer and one of the pilots drag his body about 50 yards away from this plane and then he’s in the hospital for almost a year. He couldn’t walk. He’s walking again. But it has been an unbelievable year of being broken. And he said, ‘Glenn, everything that they say about your life flashing in front of you, really happens.’ He said, ‘It’s an amazing thing. You see things.’ He said, ‘Not once did I think about work. Not one scene was about my boss. Not one scene was about the quarterly profits. Nothing. It was all about my children. All about the things that I had done or didn’t do in life.’

We’re all like this. In the end, whether we admit it or not, we’re all like this. We all believe that man should be free. Even the communists, even the fascists, convinced themselves that they’re freeing people. ‘You’ll be free if you live under Sharia Law because you’re free to worship God the way you should worship God.’ So they even believe in freedom in a totally mixed-up, upside down world. We all believe that. And we all want to leave the world a better place for our children. We have to find a way to unite. We have to find a way to where we can live in a world where we disagree with each other.

Now, there are some things that we disagree on so much. For instance, Hamas. The Palestinians are not Nazis. But you can compare Hamas to Nazis quite easily but not the Palestinian people any more than you can say every German was a Nazi. That’s not true. 30% of Germans voted for the Nazis. In the end, because they were all so afraid, some just bought into the propaganda. I mean their children were turning them in. In the end, I don’t know what the percentage was, but we went over to fight the German people. But once we defeated the Nazis, we were not against the German people. The same thing with Hamas and Gaza. We’re not against the people who live in Gaza. We’re not against the Palestinians. We’re against Hamas. We’re against people who say, ‘Genocide is the way to go.’

So we have to find a way where we can talk to each other, where we can listen to one another, where we can have control of our own lives, and that we belong to something bigger than ourselves, something that means something in the end. I have been really concerned over the last 10, 15 years about what’s happening in our world and in our country, and I have made some pretty bold predictions and stood alone on them. In 2007, 2006, I was talking about an economic collapse that was coming. It happened in 2008 because of TARP.

We’re in the final bubble now called the ‘money bubble,’ and I predicted that in – what, 2007 – that we would bail everybody out and there would be a money bubble. And that’s what USA Today had talked about last week in one of their op-eds: The money bubble.

We talked about the Caliphate. We talked about the rise of Nazis again in Europe and the old hatreds of the world. We talked about anti-Semitism on the rise. We talked about something that just made it in the newspapers last week, and this one came from Argentina. They’re now blaming the United States for their inflation, and they’re blaming the United States for their collapse. We talked about that four years ago. I’m really bad at timing. I don’t know when these things happen. It’s not that I can see the future. I know enough of history and I haven’t been taught and trained by a guild.

There are certain things in history that happen and cycles repeat themselves. First, I looked for revolution around the world and I looked to the French Revolution and the American Revolution. I looked at what happened in Germany in the 1850s, in France, in the 1870s, in Russia in the teens, Cuba, Germany, China, all over the world. It’s the same story, same pattern. But as we started to really fight with one another is when I first started to have this, ‘Oh-oh, wait a minute. We’re in trouble internally. We are starting to hate each other.’ I started to look at the Civil War. And I told you a few years ago, it made me feel better when I did that because there was one thing that happened that we were so far away from. We had extra time.

But a soft version of it happened last Friday. If you remember, last week we were talking about Ted Cruz. They were talking about procedure. And the Democrats were very upset because of their procedure. And we were talking on the air about the Constitution. You got to care about the Constitution. Who cares about your little procedural rules? But that’s a very big deal. And that’s what made it in the papers, that Ted Cruz was a monster because he broke procedure when it came to the immigration debate. And what he did is he went over to the House, and he talked to the House members and said, ‘What are you doing?’ That was the crime of the century and it was in all of the newspapers about how bad Ted Cruz was.

But this was another procedure that was broken last week.

That’s Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) running across the House floor ranting and raving about what Congressman Tom Marino (R-PA) is saying and he has the floor. She never asked for the floor. She just comes over and she starts wagging her finger in this face.

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I don’t believe that we are at this moment, but we took a giant leap toward this moment. I’ve been worried about an actual Civil War. And I do believe that we are a nation that is either at or near a ‘cold Civil War,’ where, thank goodness, nobody is firing shots at one another. But if you read the comment sections on the Huffington Post or TheBlaze, you hear the same stuff from left and right. Now, thank goodness it is only 5% of the population that is like that. But the vitriol is getting worse. And we can’t engage in any of that. We have to strengthen our ties to people who we disagree with so we know each other, so we know that we’re good people, that we don’t wish them harm. We disagree, but we don’t wish anybody harm. We stand shoulder to shoulder against those who would like chaos because there are those that would like the country to spiral into chaos. And whether they’re communist or white supremacist, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the 80 or 90% of this country stays together – even though we disagree.

There came a time in the 1850s, and we’ve told you about this because, as I said, we were so far away from this. There same a time in the 1850s where both sides, the Whigs and the Democrats, both side were talking about slavery. They’ve been talking about slavery from the beginning of the country, and they were talking about getting rid of it. But they weren’t going to do anything about it. And finally, this new party, this Republican Party started. They were like, ‘You guys are just playing games. Neither of you guys mean anything.’ The weaker of the two parties was the Whigs. The Republicans got out and they were the ones that were talking honestly about slavery, and they called it by name. They said, ‘You know, the people in the South, I don’t care which party you’re in, you’re in bed with the horror of slavery.’ That’s when somebody from the House broke all protocol, came across, and beat a guy within an inch of his life there in the well of the Senate.

Now, Nancy Pelosi clearly did not do that. But you saw the anger rise up in her so much that she broke protocol. Remember, just earlier this week, we heard how much protocol means. You don’t have Ted Cruz break protocol and go over and talk to people in the House. This wasn’t talking to people in the House. This is Nancy Pelosi enraged by what was said, running over and sticking her finger and then calling him inconsequential, calling him all kinds of names even after the incident. This is clearly not the beat-down of Charles Sumner.

But I warn you: This is an important event that Americans should see. And it has nothing to do with politics. If you agree with the Republican or you agree with Nancy Pelosi, it doesn’t matter. This is an important moment that people need to see. When we dehumanize on the House floor, when they start being enraged and moving in that rage, we’re in trouble. We’re in very, very big trouble.

The good news is: There’s still time. And there’s time for all of us stop concentrating on ‘Glenn Beck said he was sorry.’ Is anyone else willing to say, ‘You know what? I did some things I’m not really proud of.’ ‘You know what? I’ve got to change my ways as well.’ Is there anyone else in the media who will join me? You don’t have to agree with me. But is there anyone in the media who says, ‘Enough is enough’? We’ve got to stop worrying about the ratings. We have to stop worrying about the money. We have to start worrying about the things we’re all going to worry about when we’re on our death bed: What did we do?

Let’s start to move towards a better future, one where we can at least talk with each other with respect.

  • Yo Mamma

    Why is this a big deal? I can think of many more pressing issues than her protocol. Seriously a slow news day

    • Know Really

      First, it’s not her protocol, it is the protocol of a dignified body / house. We expect our elected officials to act with decorum — they are always going to disagree. And in this case, it’s not the first time that one side disagreed with another. But this is news because she used to be the Queen of the House, and fortunately is no longer.

      Adherence to “protocol” is how disagreements are held in check so that there are not fist fights, such as we see in Iraq, Ukraine and other places we consider not our equal.

      If her behavior doesn’t bother you, then you’re part of the problem.

      • Yo Mamma

        fist fights are fine as long as its man on man and woman on women. I think a lot would be accomplished with that and the age old technique of punishment ‘an eye for an eye’ should be reinstated as the least barbaric forms of punishment.

        “Know Really” is one of those ‘jesus says’ bible boys. Listen man, the front section of the bible you pass over, the front section you ignore, get rid of it or be called a hypocrite

        • Know Really

          Your statement of “rebuttal” just proved two points:

          First. You have no concept of civilized decorum, which leads to the second point, you — as I stated earlier — ARE part of the problem.
          Thank you for validating my comment. There is a reason your number of upvotes is far less than your number of comments.

          • Yo Mamma

            Decorum, protocol, civilized, blah blah blah

            Your American system of imprisoning EVERYONE and not putting the mentally challenged into hospitals VALIDATES MY POINT.

            You are a nation of barbarians. Enjoy the crazies that now buy guns at Walmart and rain terror on your innocents. Go ahead and Enjoy it. Its what you want.

            So please, don’t try impress me with your carnivorous jungle habits while wearing fine cloths.

          • Know Really

            Ha ha ha, keep talking, you look more ignorant with each word you post.
            I knew I’d P you off pointing out YOUR lack of upvotes. Still laughing.

          • not a liberal

            Yo Mamma – and when I go a hunting you will be in my sites!!

          • Yo Mamma

            I suggest you refrain from threatening people online. Its criminal. You libtard

          • Guest

            Threatening people online is criminal

    • Anonymous

      The whole reason for specific decorum is to prevent this type of act. Protocol in legislative procedures is there for a reason. Acting like she did cripples that decorum. If that becomes a trend, we would be the third world country our Resident is guiding us toward, where our leaders start beating each other with their shoes, ala Iraq, or Malaysia. It may sound square, or uncool, but decorum is how learned people argue their points in a civilized manner. Instead, we’re at danger of becoming a society of street thugs.

    • olf

      So can I. But, she is over flowing with a stance of folks who are keepers of destruction. Is she one of yours ?

      • Yo Mamma

        Sorry but I am laughing so much at that survival food humping itself I cannot focus on your serious question

  • Anonymous

    There are people have said sarcastic things about Pelosi and what she did and I would be one of them but we need to take this as serious as it really is. I mean really. Our leaders need to be able to handle themselves in a better manner than this. In the case of Pelosi I seriously do not think that she is mentally stable and needs and eval

    • LiveinPeace

      Whomever put her in this position should be beech slapped.

      • HowardDeanJohnson

        Whoever put her in this position? DID YOU SEE what she did?

      • Shawn Cameron

        I really like when people use Whom because they think it makes them sound more intelligent..

        Except, they use it incorrectly….
        A quick lesson
        Who is used as the subject (The one doing)
        Whom is used as the object (The one being done to)

        • Sal

          Thanks for the grammar lesson but keep on topic

          • Shawn Cameron

            Maybe the point was a bit abstract but basically.

            Pelosi feigns intelligence, so it’s no surprise people who defend her would do the same.

        • Offspring

          Word crimes are not enforceable on the internet.

      • Michelle Calhoun

        She put herself there. She made the choice to break protocol. She decided to verbally abuse a FELLOW MEMBER* of the House while he had the floor. (not an insignificant person*). She needs consequences and no one will hold her accountable.

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly why we need term limits.

      • marsh

        James bloop I totally agree with you and have been saying that for the last 10 years, term limits! You don’t have to be affiliated with a party to know what Pelosi did was not right and out of control! !!!

        • Anonymous

          And Fancy Nancy is not the only feeble minded one that needs to go. There are many on both sides of the aisle that have been kept long past their “expiration dates” and are a little off!!!! (and my name is Jane lol)

          • marsh

            Sorry I typed that and guess it auto corrected….my bad. I so agree with you JaneyBloop the other side can be just as bad. Time to clean house and start over, it is so sad to see politicians acting like babies and our media turning a blind eye to the whole mess.

          • Deborah Christopher


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          • Guest

            You’ll mind your mouth with your scams in the presence of the King, madam!

          • Michelle Calhoun

            She’s a WITCH! 😉

          • Bob

            Spam! Flagged.

          • summoner ranger

            some ppl have been in both house and senate way to long, half of them do not even know what internet really is

          • Anonymous

            The news survives on commercials and people watching them, do people really need to watch the news. Once a day should be that is all that needed.

      • Sal

        We have term limits trough the election process. I do not want them wasting our money to pass one law that is allread on our hands.

        • Anonymous

          Problem is, there are too many who vote straight ticket (D or R) based on what they’ve always done, without doing their research on the candidates. Or worse… will vote for whomever gives the best spiel or looks nicest……. Low Information Voters. When this country started, there were no ‘career politicicians.’ Back then, you had farmers, doctors, tradesmen, etc. who came to represent their constituents and at the end of their term, went back to their old professions.

          • Anonymous

            Making another law, like term limits, is just another way to dumb down the voting population. If you don’t do your research, tough! You get what you get (“…If you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin)! It shouldn’t be necessary, although with the lot we have now, I’d almost be for instant recall. We need to get the people engaged, and NOT settle for the status quo. God knows, it’s not the politicians that change the country, it’s the people.

          • Anonymous

            What do you suggest, then? It’s the entire country that suffers because of those who refuse to do their homework.

          • Sal

            Democracy exists only when people govern themselves, when government starts to intervene with rules and regulations we start to walk towards dictatorship – as we start to see now days when the minority rules over the majority with laws supposed to protect the weak. Politicians love the confusion because they rule.

          • patrick

            What they need to do is do away with a two party system. They need to make is so nobody can associate with a party. So people have to do their own research on candidates and listen to what candidates have to say and can’t just vote on parties. That alone would help change a lot for the better.

      • Crassus

        We don’t need term limits. We need jail.

    • olf

      I believe that to be true. That being said I also believe that her reid, and biben are either drunk or drugged up all the time. They don’t seem coherent in the last several years. Something is certainly not right in the brain for them to act like that.

      • Anonymous

        Reid is pretty evil scary and Biden is just plain out to lunch

        • HowardDeanJohnson

          Empty calories.

    • FortSteve

      The wheels came off Nancy’s train years ago. Too bad she didn’t fall and break her hip running.

  • karen leeman

    She has aged to the point of concern, in just the past months. Very noticeable and curious. You’re heading in the wrong direction.

    • Anonymous

      She is on meds.

      • Anonymous

        If she isn’t, she SHOULD be!

    • mudguy1

      Nothing speeds aging faster than always being negative and being dishonest at the same time

      • Yo Mamma

        Many upvotes indicates an audience that enjoys pictures instead of wordy paragraphs. Why not just make a picture and say what you want?

      • olf

        Great thought ! It is a little above some here that are below.

    • Anonymous

      Most bench warmers in Washington have aged and have become multi-millionaires on our dime. Is it any wonder that they live in that elite class of their own?

  • Take 2

    Big 3 Fix

    1) The structure of dictatorial heads in or of both sides of full House of Congress needs correction or reset. (2) Executive Order Act needs to be removed due to smart phones, if nothing else. (3) Supreme Court needs Enforce the Law Act signed eg stuck in Senate.

  • Paula Berrier Gardner

    Thank God Pelosi didn’t have that giant gavel she carried through the crowds in DC a while back. She is disgraceful. It is a sad state of affairs for sure.

  • Anonymous

    One must not speak about Queen Pelosi in such a way. To think she was next in line after VP to be president.

    • Shawn Cameron

      My God.. As if President Biden wouldn’t be enough to give us all nightmares..

      Though you have to admit he would provide more comic hijinks.

      • Anonymous

        Like watching an Asylum take over and run the institution.

  • Anonymous

    Say what you want, Glenn, but the problem is that the government, supported by the media, has been so full of lies, deception and corruption for many years now, that it’s reaching a boiling point. The people we elect to lead us are not worthy of their positions as all they care about is greed and power, instead of working for the people who elect them and pay their way. These are the worst scammers alive and it is a “culture” they live in. Until this evil is changed completely, it will only get worse.

    • soybomb315

      I love how Glenn wants to talk about divisiveness and respect….But Glenn Beck repeatedly mocks others libertarian types and smeared Ron Paul for an entire year.

      Beck wants to apologize to MSM but not the liberty movement….isnt that interesting

      • buckybone

        He’s not about to apologize to anyone who promotes divisiveness…your “liberty movement” damned near got people killed at the Bundy ranch, that’s nothing that any rational person can endorse.

        • soybomb315

          Not sure what you mean….If you look past Glenn Beck’s Bundy Ranch propaganda, you will see a bunch of patriots who used civil disobedience (protest) to raise awareness of the fed’s out-of-control tactics and fundamental lawlessness like seizure of property that was completely uneccessary.

          The fact that a couple people brought guns to protect themselves against the militarized BLM does not smear the entire movement….That is MSNBC tactics

          • Anonymous

            I live near the Bundy ranch. I can tell you it probably would have ended differently w/o the folks that showed up with the guns. There was no bad behavior there from the patriots and the government guys were doing the job they were told by a government that is out of it’s mind. Nobody there wanted to die because of the actions of Harry Reid’s greedy friends, a desert turtle or some greenies. As it was cattle did die. If the citizens with the guns had not shown up, no one would have thought twice about force. This can ,will and should be settled in court. We can only hope Harry Reid will not have the judge as a little pocket friend.

          • Shawn Cameron

            Didn’t the courts already rule against Bundy?

            I seem to remember hearing that, but I could be mistaken.

          • Anonymous

            A court did, however further action usually brings about the opinion of yet another court. I cannot be sure when but I believe you will see this happen re the Bundy debacle. No one was 100% right in this but the US government over reacted or acted improperly as far as I and many others are concerned. He is the last rancher standing in this area and this is happening all over the west thanks to government regs. He just stood up to them.

          • DeRaven

            You are quite the internet quasi intellectual/freedom-fighter who never actually did squat in real life are you not…I recognize the type…and I do mean quasi…no one with a bit of real reasoning ability would support the Bundy Ranch…the federal government was in the right on that one…tell me…do you claim to be an Oath Taker as well?

          • Soybomb315IV

            But if you took the AJ/Ventura side as is your want, would you not be in a fema camp for a decade by now? Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul.

        • target Estimating

          IF Bundy ranch if was black panter dope farm ,,i bet you lib’s and AL wound all over that ranch with guns==lawyers==NAACP

      • Anonymous

        Listen, I embrace the libertarian ideology wholeheartedly. But this near idol worship of Ron Paul has got to stop. It’s almost as embarrassing as the slobbering and phallic yanking of Obama.

        • soybomb315

          How is it ‘idol worship’ to point out a fundamental inconsistency in Beck’s message?

          • Anonymous

            Dr. Ron Paul has a spine that our colleagues on the Right need in order to restore greatness to our country. I think what Glenn was trying to point out is that this isn’t about political parties anymore. This is about the soul of a nation, not about politics.

          • Daniel Hoffman

            I agree..Our nation, for a very long time was United by it’s Ideology now it divided by it. We didn’t always agree with “the other side” but we were assured that both sides were working toward a better, stronger (Economically, Ethically and militarily) America.. The politicians knew they were the servants of the people.. This sadly is not the case nowadays because of many factors not in the least of these are the media biased reporting or brainwashing in our public schools…Until we band together again as a nation of exceptional people this will not be again…I just hope to god it doesn’t take another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 for the people of this nation to be joined as one again..

          • olf

            Daniel we must come together to take back charge of an out of control gang in DC. They hate our country and is destroying the very people they were supposed to lock arms with. How sad !

          • Anonymous

            Certainly agree that the bias of the major networks — MSN, NBC, CNN, etc — are responsible. Makes a person wonder if the IRS has a hand in it and why the stonewalling on evidence.

          • DeRaven

            Oh please…a doctorate means he took the necessary course work, did the necessary research, kissed the right asses, wrote the paper and defended it…that’s it….it does NOT mean he is a GOD…it does NOT mean that everything that spews out of his mouth is a pearl…or even correct…sheesh…when I think of all the idiots walking around with Dr. in front of their names…

          • ken.

            so if you get seriously injured you would go to a high school dropout for medical care?

          • Soybomb315IV

            Can you go a day without mentioning Ron Paul, cognitive dissonance, or Glenn Beck? 24 short hours without twitching and flopping on the floor? Try it.

        • ken.

          i agree with libertarian ideology also, until the immigration policy of open borders, that’s what is holding them back from winning elections. i really think that the concept of ron paul worship is an attack from the republicans, people follow him no differently then they do other candidates.

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        Ron Paul has abhorrent foreign policy objectives. I agree with much of what he says, but he would allow our enemies to grow strong enough to hit us at home. Is he 1000% better than Obama? Of course, he is not a direct enemy of this country, he is just a little naive regarding foreign policy. That’s just my 2 cents. Don’t get spitting mad like most Ron Paul supporters I’ve talked too.

      • DeRaven

        We do need to come together, we do need to find common ground, that said…Ron Paul is not the savior of libertarians. I’m not normally a big Glenn Beck fan either. I actually prefer to think for myself than follow any leader blindly. I forge my own path, beat my own drum, and while I avoid absolutes… I will NEVER label myself as a BOT of any type…Ron Paul allowed his follower’s to engage in wholesale fraud and corruption during the 2012 campaign. I not only watched it in the news, observed it party warn that it disciplinary action would be taken, I personally was involved in trying to stop it from happening in my county and in my capital, it was a circus, a disgrace, his followers were well aware of what they were doing and fully willing to do it because they believed the ends justified the means…I suppose Paul never bothered to have any of his students read “The Prince.” The simply believed he would be the next POTUS, Paul never made any attempt to rein in his supporters…rather he continued to be divisive to the end…he continues to split the party. Glenn Beck does not owe Ron Paul an apology. Ron Paul owes libertarians, classic liberals, neo conservatives, neo liberals, you, me, all Americans an apology.

      • Soybomb315IV

        Ron Paul. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul.

        Some would point to obsessions and the unhealthiness of them, but why when Ron Paul is still kicking and cognitive dissonance cannot be treated.

        Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul. Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck. But. But. But. Glenn Beck. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul. Cognitive dissonance. Ron Paul.

        • denisemain

          now who’s on drugs?

      • denisemain

        Ron Paul has some issues, many of which would be anarchic in nature.

    • olf

      You are correct. We must bring “us” together in unity and begin the work of throwing out the liars, thieves, and perverted souls and take back this nation.
      It makes no difference what group, party or sect we must all throw them under the buss and lock arms with the people of true integrity and honor. If you don’t seek to meet true honest goals with us then it’s time for you to leave. (minions) God can only Bless true hearts. Amen

      • Shawn Cameron

        I agree wholeheartedly but how? Liberals are wholeheartedly sold on the Democratic party and die hard conservatives are head over heels for the GOP.

        People like me who vote Republican simply because they are the lesser of two evils are sick of voting for evil, but a third party doesn’t have a snowballs chance. Any right leaning third party would merely split the vote and hand the country to the Dems.

        • olf

          Yea, I think your correct. What I’m taking will take some real guts and grit. To quit playing the games will be hard to break, but if we can get behind the person and not the party we can do it. I think it would be some one like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and a few others that could be possible. When both party start getting loud over a guy like Ted Cruz you know they must feel threatened. Amen. I’m still watching all the players but I like Him, I feel he’s the real deal / honest guy.

          • Michelle Calhoun

            Trey Gowdy

    • Anonymous

      A Qualifier: There are some exceptions to the above statement.

  • Anonymous

    In his comments, Beck claims that this vitriol is on both sides. That’s true only to an extent. The overwhelming majority of the vitriol is from the left. Name me a Republican congressman or woman who is as condescending, arrogant, and demeaning as Pelosi, Boxer, Reid, etc. Name one Republican who lies as much as these people do. The left is all about hostility and hate, and we’re getting rather tired of it.

  • Anonymous

    All I saw was Nancy walking across the bottom of the picture. Wish it could have shown her actually confronting him and been able to hear her. Nancy Pelosi. The spoiled little bratt that never grew up.

  • Daryle Dawson

    she’s got some kind of mental problem due to a withering brain.

  • Anonymous

    We live in a dictatorship. This is what happens. She has lost what little sense she had left!

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I have to agree with Tom on this one that is what the Dems are doing. They do not see those people as human beings but voter stock.

  • Anonymous

    “Stretch” Pelosi in an ingrained, died-in-the-wool, Marxist. She is the corrupt of
    the corrupt. You can easily trace her political and ideological upbringings to that of the CPUSA.

    I don’t throw that comparison around lightly, and quite frankly, I think its effectiveness has been diminished, and is a tired cliche like the Left uses racism. However, the Democratic Party has slowly and methodically been infiltrated with sub-humans just like her. The evidence is indisputable and without debate.

    I think what Mr.Marino said was spot on, however, does he or any other gutless politician have the courage to go after WHO she really is, and WHO she really represents?

    Until the rats are exposed for who they are, there will be no real progress, and the fall of this once great country is inevitable.

    • Shawn Cameron

      The difference in the cliche is while both are true ONLY one is true in the essence it is used.

      Racism exists on the right. but it also exists on the left. As a matter of fact the people who throw the word around the most are usually the biggest racists (see Al Sharpton)

      Communists exist on the left….and that’s pretty much it.

  • Philip Mcaleavey

    Nancy is violating her own rights as a “Catholic” in her parades with homo-sexuality that she participates in over the years ? So she violates her “truths” that Christianity does not approve of? She is ex-communicated in the eyes of the churchand she keeps up this façade of how religious she is, a phoney!

    • Anonymous

      Anything to reap in more millions and get re-elected.

  • Anonymous

    Adults acting like spoiled kids and trusted to the keys of the greatest country every! She is in need of a mental health evaluation!

  • Tim McCarthy

    San Franciscans who voted for the alzeimerher affected Nancy must be so proud of themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Sad thing……. they probably are = /

  • Anonymous

    Nancy Pelosi has NO respect for our Constitution or its People!!! She only cares about Nancy Pelosi, and that is a VERY bad thing for a Congress Person…..

  • Anonymous

    Glenn’s message is uplifting but misses the point. You can’t get along or compromise with someone who hates you or what you stand for. All the hugs and positive media messages in the world would not have saved the world from Hitler. I believe Pelosi’s MO is that those of us who hold views contrary to hers aren’t valid as fellow citizens; unworthy of respect. Thus it is okay to toss protocol aside and yell menacingly in your opponents ears. She is right, we are wrong, that is that. Negotiation with people like that is more properly called capitulation. I’m sure lots of moderate Republicans patted themselves on the back for their compromise abd good faith efforts towards the country’s best interest when the first amnesty deal was signed, confident thr Democrats would not renege on their public committments to prevent a recurrencr. But they didn’t, and it is increasingly clear to some of us that these people cannot be trusted, cannot be compromised with, cannot be placated because their base demand is that we dont exist. So yes, it will.come to blows eventually. Here is hoping Pelpsi and her ilk lose badly.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Exactly the far left views the world the same way the Nazis did.

      “If you don’t agree with me YOU MUST BE ELIMINATED!!”

      At times they even let that slip, then when they get called on it they back pedal.

  • Anonymous

    This is what you get when you have certifiable lunatics literally running the asylum in PsychObama’s America.

  • RightVote

    Nancy Pelosi IS a product of the Temper of This Country.
    Harry Reid Speaks ‘Horrible words / thoughts ” from the Pulpit of the Senate Floor
    Nancy’s and Harry’s et al have NEVER been reprimanded.
    They don’t know how to behave !
    These ARE the Media Darlings of the Obama Adminstration.

  • Richard

    Nancy Pelosi is nothing but a NUT CASE she should be sent o a mental Institution as she like OBAMA are TRAITORS to ALL AMEICANS She acted like a two year old

    • Yo Mamma

      I love 2 year olds. What you got against kids? Get excited maybe?

  • Glenn

    Yes, we should have a open discussion. But this will not happen. Too much Party control over OUR Representative.

  • Pete Wood

    Nancy Pelosi is what she has always been, Bat *hit crazy. This was no surprise. I mean come on……it’s Nancy Freaking Pelosi.

  • Brett

    Glenn in most cases I usually agree with you, but I see this scenario far different. Nancy Pelosi is not a typical Liberal/Demcrat in disagreement with The Right or the GOP. She is radical…communist-socialist liberal who if you remember, was in charge from Jan 2007 to Jan 2011 and pretty much the tool Obama and the FAR Left used to forever change this country! Harry Reid is her identical twin brother. You see, the “average democrat” would never, ever have presided, ruled and led as both of them do. If it were a Joe Manchin in the Senate or a more moderate democrat in the House, I doubt they would have ever pulled this stunt, but Pelosi is off her rocker and more dangerous in a way because she helped create the radical left agenda the past 15+ years. Congress is not following her lead, but the democratic leftist will so I predict the disruption will not be in The Capitol, but on the streets of America as a result of her outburst!

  • Anonymous

    Both Harry Reid and San Fran Nan are displaying some pretty bizzaro behavioral patterns, and both are about the age that dementia sets in.
    I wonder if there is a mechanism that would allow for a mental illness evaluation for each of them, other than by their family members??

    • Mike Barnes

      As one gets older, you have increasingly fewer inhibitions. Their fascist nature is harder to hide.

  • Difcan’s Avatar

    Democrats have so demonized conservatives that they cannot allow them to be right on any issue. If conservatives want to secure the border, the Democrats must try to open it. If conservatives defend the constitution, then democrats must try to destroy it. If conservatives stand against terrorism, democrats must support it. What is really sad is that their base no longer has the ability to see right from wrong, they have been taught for years that anything conservatives do is evil so they agree with the democrats on everything without even considering the ramifications of their damaging and dangerous policies.

    • olf

      The demonic forces hates to be spoken over with truth or anything of wise conversation. That’s why they immediately attack to cover it and shut you up. Demonic influence’s hate truth or any opposing speech. We experience here on this site everyday. It is the most childish reaction you have every seen, but they do almost every time. They are easy to spot because they rarely bring up anything of value, generally smears and insults. It would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly serious. God Bless our and Savior Jesus Christ

    • Mike Barnes

      That’s what happens when you attend union schools/indoctrination centers for 12 years–they are even making a hero of a cop killer in the name of “socail justice”, code language for Marxism; and years of listening only to the MSM, the arm of the DNC.

  • Michael O’Brien

    Bold break of protocol?!? Don’t you mean “acting like a classless twit”?

  • Anonymous

    If and when Jesus returns, Nancy Pelosi would be the first in line to nail Jesus back on the cross if she felt it would be advantageous to her political power or to increase her wealth. However, most likely it would both reasons because she is not willing to give her power..

  • John Klak

    I’m surprised she didn’t do a press release about her “attempt to cross the aisle” is being politicized by the right?

  • Anonymous

    Pelosi hasn’t been headlined for quite awhile. So, she did the only thing she knows how to do. She throws a hissy fit. Any questions?

  • Mike Barnes

    Pelosi was just amazed to hear a Republican use the same forthright tactics that Democrats use all the time–except theirs are lies, Marino stated the facts. And she doesn’t like people who speak the truth in her presence.

  • mlelias

    I call Nancy Pelosi Nancy Poopsie. She sounds like she has early Stage Demetia . She does not ever come Across well especially when she is put on the spot. I think its time for her to step out of the GOV. Retire and get out of the way. She and Harry Reid. They are not cut out for this and it shows Big Time!!!

  • racindavid

    I would have said “Go back and sit down beotch…” and then just ignored her.

  • Anonymous

    Instability should tactfully be relegated to a fine nursing home. For her it’s time.

  • PixelPusher777

    If you’re reading Glenn, I’d like to ask you to consider less camera motion while you speak. It’s hard to concentrate on your points when the camera is zooming-in on your hands, attempting to focus on objects or indecisively jerking the pan once in a while. You don’t need anything to enhance the real you. We don’t need to be entertained by motion. Just look at us and talk as if we’re sitting there listening to you. We can handle it, I promise…

    • Yo Mamma

      I like Glenn. He should cry more often. Tearing up too is financially beneficial

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    if they really are servants of the people pelosi could not call him inconsequential but she thinks she is soooooo much more than that

  • PixelPusher777

    Republicans have been so browbeaten for so long that Democrats are beginning to lose all respect for them. It’s no wonder Nancy called him inconsequential. She’s angry because she feels she’s earned the right of ‘Alpha politician’ and he is to quietly submit or else…

  • Max Wylde

    Nonsense, Glenn. The Left exists only thanks to the Right’s weakness. By rights, these people need to be incarcerated. All of them. Anyone who belongs to the Democratic Party abides and approves of Treason, Murder, Racism, Godlessness, Debauchery, Slavery, and Tyranny. And you strangely believe there are any good people in there? Really? Why? A good person would not be a Democrat. They’re Evil. You don’t negotiate with evil. For crying out loud, they willfully rejected God three times at their DNC. And yet, you want to talk with these cretins. They’ve shown to be evil when they didn’t think anyone could do anything about it and you want to talk to them. No. And, Glenn, I guarantee you a lot more than 5% think this way. A lot more.

    • Redninjakoopa

      Your over-generalization of democrats is disturbing… saying that everyone that is a democrat need to be incarcerated goes way too far. While I am a republican, this kind of hate against democrats is ridiculous, and certainly doesn’t help our party. Humans cannot be divided in so strict term of black and white, one pure evil while the other pure good, sheerly based on which box they check on the voting registration form, it just doesn’t work that way. It’s a grayscale spectrum. It’s possible for people to have feelings towards one party’s take on one topic, while siding with the other on another topic.

      And furthermore, they aren’t evil, They may be misguided, but not evil, that implies that they have no redeeming quality whatsoever, and no chance to change. If they were truly as evil as you claim, then why haven’t they rounded all of the republicans up, and told us to either deny our beliefs or be slaughtered? Osama Bin Laden was evil, Adolf Hitler was evil, everyone who is a member of the democratic party, who has not committed any physical crime against their fellow man, I do not see their evil. But then again, I can’t know the true quality of their hearts, and neither can you.

  • Yo Mamma

    Beck, I sure hope you are not part of contributors to your site which make life threats like this gem Yo Mamma – and when I go a hunting you will be in my sites!! by ‘not a liberal’

    You see Beck, its not your brain washed crazies you should be worried about, its the fringe majority that read this stuff and decide to do something about it

    • Anonymous

      Im more worried by the likes of you

  • Anonymous

    Nancy Pelosi is afraid of becoming inconsequential. It’s Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s way or the highway. And they together make sure life is miserable. What has this society come to. God made us better than this.

  • Anonymous

    Is mental illness a prerequisite for holding public office?

  • Shawn Cameron

    I think I can safely answer the question in the headline with a resounding NO. After all of the stupid (and I mean utterly STOOPID!) things this woman has done and never been called on it.

    I like how he invited her to do the research, we all know she doesn’t even read the bills before she passes them.

    You READ the bill to know what’s in it Nancy!!

    • Anonymous

      I thought you had to pass it to find out what was in it…lol

      • Shawn Cameron

        Yes and 30 years ago any politician who said something so utterly stupid (regardless of party) would have been crucified in the media and ran out of office the first time they were up for election.

        But now they name streets after her.

  • Scott Brown

    The peaceful majority will be irrelevant…….

  • Anonymous

    The woman acted a fool. Hardly think it’s a indication of civil war.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    It will be the fastest won civil war in the history of the world.

  • Susan Watkins

    Anyone want to respond to Glenn’s point? We Americans share far more common ground than we recognize, operating under the years of propagandist divisive labling we’ve been invited to believe! Marx’s strategy has been acted out according to plan: “Divide and conquor. Get them fighting among themselves. Tell them whatever they want to hear, regardless of the real plan. Accuse them of being what they hate.” We need to focus on the beliefs we share and work to shine light on what we know is working to take us apart. There is enough animosity from outside. Let’s agree to love our precious country together and protect the Constitution, our Law that grants us our freedom to disagree!

  • LAPhil

    This was Pelosi’s Joe Wilson moment.

  • Glenn Coughlin

    1. No, Pelosi should not have broken protocol.
    2. Glenn is completely full of s***. She didn’t run or interrupt the idiot Marino who was personally attacking her while lying about one of the most ineffective and lazy Congress in history. He was finished and had yielded.
    3. I love it when glenn twists the truth to try and rile up his lemmings,

    • Anonymous

      The House has done their job, sending down 350 bills that Reid refuses to let come to a vote. Over 40 of them are jobs bills.
      Your hatred is misplaced.

  • jeff.cox

    The hypocrisy of this article is breathtaking. When you condemn the outrageous, time-wasting, power-mad behavior of Congressional thugs like Darrel Issa, Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz in the same breath as iron maiden Pelosi, you might actually get more people on board with “can’t we all just get along”.

    • Anonymous

      How are they power crazy when they have worked so hard to get to the truth and are doing the job the left has ignored?
      It is time wasting to find out why and how border agents were killed by Holder’s gun running, or four fine young men were denied security during the WH gun exchange?
      Or the truth about the IRS attacking innocent citizens or the NSA spying on everyone.
      Or the VA letting veterans die by their insidious lack of treatment for the love of a bonus.
      Yeah, you have a real warped sense of right and wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Pelosi has mental issue

  • Anonymous

    Pelosi is one twisted sister! The House needs to bring some kind of action against her for what she has done…

  • whadayakiddinme

    Is Pelosi suffering from the early stages if dementia? Seriously, she makes no sense when she speaks, frequently forgets what she has said, and now this angry, uncontrolled behavior.

    Get her out. Her political career just hit the skids.

  • Anonymous

    If you think she is a crazy and don’t like it welcome to the club, we have been dealing with the GOP do nothing crazies for the last two years. Your among friends.

    • Anonymous

      Really, then how do you explain the 340 bills the House has sent down, over 40 of them dealing with jobs, that Harry Reid refuses to let come to a vote. Then he stands there and lies out his rear about the GOP being obstructionist.
      It is plain. If they accuse someone of doing something, they already doing it.
      And please explain this Prez lack of enforcing laws and protecting the border. Neither of which is on the heads of the GOP.

  • Mike Spennato


  • Dena E. Casey

    Pelosi is old and mentally unhinged and should be retired along with equally old & delusional Reid and MANY others in congress. However, I must disagree with you to some extent on your statement: “Left and right, we all want to belong to something bigger than ourselves.” Today’s society is SO me, me, me oriented that too many don’t care anymore about the future, they care only about the here and now and what’s in it for them. This is why we get nowhere when trying to talk sense to the left.

  • LadybugJ

    What planet does she live on?! Yes, it matters what the American people have to deal with at their kitchen table, but she has no clue what the American people are dealing with!!

  • Anonymous

    As a liberal I’m embarrassed for her , she’s lowered herself to the likes of Palin , Gohmert , Cruz , Blimpy Limbaugh and the ‘ Beckster ‘.

    • Anonymous

      When have you ever seen Sarah Palin behave that way. You are just a sheeple without facts.

  • Anonymous

    Where was the Sergeant at Arms? Paul Irving is the elected head of keeping order in the HoR. Law breakers are ignored as lawlessness goes unopposedat the DoJ, while lawful activities are “investigated”. Now in the lower half of our legislative branch, protocols are being ignored. We are in a downward spiral with anarchy at the bottom.

  • Anonymous


    Never appears to be conversing normally but always in a nervous self-editing haze. This is what living the “PC life” does: makes oneself fear the words oneself speaks,

  • mark

    This is truly ridiculous. These are the people that “we the people” have elected to serve us and protect us and here they are acting like children. I have to agree with everyone else that term limits would help get rid of people like Pelosi, but there should be some type of punishment for acting like she did. Everyone else in any type of job in the country would have been punished in some way. Why not Pelosi, is she better than the rest of us or because she is one of Washingtons Elite this is all ok.

  • Anonymous

    This is a woman that has clearly had her way for years, does not like to be challenged or hearing the truth. She has lied out her rear for years. She is acting like a petulant child. The dems have lied, covered, manipulated, and distorted the facts.
    She clearly showed her unprofessional side doing this. Mr. Marino was telling the truth.
    The House has sent down over 300 bills including over 40 that could put Americans to work and have tossed them all into the drawer.
    They are not doing the job they were sent to do and in fact are dang set on destroying this country and those of our allies.
    She is not American and should be treated as such.

  • Johnny Ringo

    Nancy Pelosi thinks that Hamas is a charitable organization, Clueless and nuts. Term limits is a must!

  • http://drudgereport.com/ Myles Standish

    Democrats are ruled by their emotions and an unquenchable thirst for power and control. Not logic, nor common sense, reason, conscience, or morality. They seem to no longer believe in right and wrong, but rather the achieving of their goals and aspirations by any means necessary. The feelings of others no longer appear to concern them. They show a heartless willingness to step on anyone who dares to get in their way. They seem devoid of any desire to debate or discuss important matters. They instead allow their emotions to take over, which more often than not results in counter-productive finger wagging, name-calling, use of buzzwords, rhymes, labeling and ultimately, hysterics. They no longer appear to believe in God. Their actions suggest that they actually believe themselves to be gods, and subsequently above the law — with their ways the right way, and typically the only way — end of discussion. Once again, all of these types of behavior are highly indicative of those whose lives are ruled by their emotions instead of reason and logic. They also tend to be unable, or perhaps it’s an unwillingness, to envision the long-term outcome and/or consequences of their actions. There is a strong tendency to consider themselves and their feelings superior to others, and as a result, not bound by rules and laws that were obviously written with the intention that they apply equally to all. They are allowing themselves to be guided entirely by their emotions and ego. As a result, they seem very self-centered, with their concern for the common good running a distant second.

  • Anonymous

    Glen has a very good point- emotion is not rational- there is nothing rational about the way both parties are treating the Tea party- or each other. More than leadership -the American political system is nearly void of negotiators – all we have left is brute coercion which means lose lose – vs win win. Obama’s childish my way or the highway – and all or nothing demands have poisoned our political well. Adults know that you cannot always have everything. But idealists – childlike extremists only have one solution- all or nothing. You can almost hear them think ” I’ll break our country before I will allow it to be run the way you want to run it!”

    Sad there are few if any adults in elected office, and only political appointed zealots running the government – look at the IRS, look at the Justice Dept. or EPA. The only thing any of them care about is their own personal agendas. Forget the people. Like the man said, we won, you lost get over it. Where is the next Regean? We may have hated the old fashioned politicians that argued and fought it out on the floor, then ate lunch together, and hammered out a deal that gave a little and took a little and was imperfect, but moved the ball down the field – the current style of politics is simply not working. Like the castle under siege. The people are starving and the only thing left for the victor is going to be a pile of ruble.

  • KenfromGa

    You people in California need to wake up and look at who you are electing. Surely some of you out there have common sense. If you keep electing her just for a joke you need to think again because this crazy lady is a reflection on you.

  • Vickie

    Clearly Nancy Pelosi needs some kind of therapy. What she did on the house floor reminds me of the politics in Japan and a few other places where we have seen on the news the political people get in fights while they are governing their country….people hitting each other, throwing chairs and such.That is where we are heading unless our lawmakers start trying to respect each other and the people who disagree with them. Ms Pelosi was definately out of order. She needs to read, or re-read Robert’s Rules, and the rules of how business should be conducted in congress. I just have to say one more thing…..here in the south, when we see that kind of behavior we have one thing to say…..She is a NUT!

  • Anonymous

    She would make a great Halloween costume. No makeup needed. Great model for the young and the ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    I think the scum Liberal Democrats should make her President and then I can apply my ability to speak Russian. Was she a High School dropout?

  • Lee Wilson

    All I can say is out of 43 years..it seems that I can honestly say, I have to agree with Glen, we are on the way to Civil War if we do not change..Perhaps history does repeat.

  • WASP

    Peeloosely is one wretch of a human being. I have always hated that women since she became a member of congress and all that she stands for and the radicals who put in her in office. A darling of AIPAC.

  • Moozmom

    Words are so important as is respect. Flew out of Detroit 20 years ago and plane lost hydraulics, returned to airport, very low and very fast, with heads between knees. Panic at first, then a gentle calm, with the faces of my sons in front of me. Grace entered that plane cabin. Thank God! And that’s what I believe occurs when a person realizes they are about to die. Grace and calm and peace.

  • John

    Whatever happened to the time after 9/11 when we were all together and standing beside each other. Ready to protect each others backs. I miss that time. Like it or not, that horrific tragedy brought us all together.

  • denisemain

    can’t hear what she said in the video, but you can hear Congressman Tom Marino respond. you have to wonder why the guy directing the meeting calls him out but not Pelosi for getting up and sticking her nose into things.

  • Shari Jaster

    This is a travesty. If Nancy Pelosi has mental problems, she needs to resign. It’s ridiculous that she was not held accountable for this disgusting action on her part. What on earth is going on In DC?

  • Fred Beggs

    I just realized that Nancy Pelosi is a drunk. Yep.

  • Anonymous

    At least there is some change beginning within the Republican Party, only brought about BY the Tea Party – yet another movement demonized by those who want to crush a return to self government.

    The only way to combat this hostage-taking by haters of the US, is to spend huge sums of money ( as Glenn Beck has) to conquer the media, and change the message. I would so love to take out a full page ad in the Times with an open letter to San Franciscan’s to ask if they are as disturbed as Ms. Pelosi is and…if not, vote next time for someone who respects them, rather than embarrassing them.

  • American

    He addressed her directly, accusing Democrats of making the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border a political issue while not doing anything to address the problem when they controlled the House from 2007-10.
    House of Representative’s rule on decorum and debate. During debate on the floor and when making statements about a piece of legislation for the record, the members are supposed to refrain from referring to each other by “personality.” In other words, no personal attacks.

    “You know something that I find quite interesting about the other side?” Marino said. “Under the leadership of the former Speaker [Pelosi], and under the leadership of their former leader [Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland)] — when in 2009 and 2010, they had the House, the Senate and the White House, and they knew this problem existed.
    “They didn’t have the strength to go after it back then. But now are trying to make a political issue out of it now.”

    She passed the DREAM Act which was filibustered by the Republicans in the Senate.
    DOJ caught Marino lying and forced him to resign as a US Attorney in 2007. So he has the credentials to be a Republican in the House.

  • Anonymous

    They obviously believe they are in control, and he was showing disrespect. I will always remember when someone didn’t acknowledge her the way she wanted to be acknowledge, and reminded the man, she had worked hard to get where she is at.

  • Anonymous

    I see where she said that she accepted HIS apology. . .she really is going senile as I saw him on TV and he said he didn’t apologize and wouldn’t apologize for telling the truth.

    It really is time for Pelosi and Reid to go. . .

    • American

      DOJ caught Marino lying and forced him to resign as a US Attorney in 2007. It couldn’t possibly him!

  • Lee Lee

    She’s probably in mid stages of dementia…time for retirement.

  • Anonymous

    The drugs this woman did in the 60’s are surfacing – she is a lunatic! It shows the state of our country when this idiot is in politics. Add this to the fact of the so-called “dinner” Obama had at the WH with 400 guests from African countries at taxpayer expense, most of whom are dictators and murderers, with a sprinkling of sports and Hollywood celebrities (of course), and Biden flying back home for haircuts (at taxpayer expense), and there you have it! Yet Vets die due to lack of care, 90 million are out of work, and what used to be the greatest healthcare in the world is going down the toilet. And yet this administration professes to be for the middle class or ‘working man?’ Don’t make me laugh! Not one of these idiots gives a flying flip about any regular American or military man/woman. Wake up America before we’re doomed to living like his friends on the African continent – dictators – meaning those at the top are rich and live like kings – and everyone else is dirt poor and struggling! Just see the movie ‘2016’ and the interview with Obama’s own half brother who lives in a cardboard house!

  • Anonymous

    A president can only be re-elected once. We need to impose the same rule for every representative in office. That will force term limits and ensure we are always cleaning house. We also need to impose stricter guidelines for their behavior so that if they are caught acting like this they will lose their seat and the next candidate in line will replace them. At the same time we need to impose very strict compensation rules so that they are not entitled to further compensation past their term in office; they do not get to continue to receive funds from the government coffers. They will only be entitled to the same health and dental benefits that the American people are entitled to. Imposing these rules for our representatives will ensure they are voting for the best possible outcome for the average American because they will be forced to be one of us.

  • Roberta Joyce Rodgers

    it’s a whole lot more than 5% that have had enough and fel civil war is cmine

  • hausman69

    This proves that the Botox that this woman has taken as filtered into her brain. She is senile and really needs to be booted out of office.

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