Taylor Swift just did something amazing for this kid

We love to share the stories of love and courage where good guys win, and this is definitely the most uplifting videos we could find today. It’s always amazing when a celebrity uses their talent and profile to do something good and selfless. Country star Taylor Swift did just that when she visited Boston Children’s Hospital to give a one-on-one concert to Jordan Brave, a 6-year-old fighting against cancer.

H/T Buzzfeed

  • Brian Siefring

    That’s incredible….

  • Jim

    One classy lady!!

  • rosalinddunlap

    SO NICE OF HER TO TAKE TIME FROM HER BUSY SCHEDULE, TO MAKE A CHILD FEEL GOOD. And put a smile on his face. One day maybe our children will not have to face cancer

    • http://talula.com/ mila

      amen to that!

  • Ricky Green

    Great Positive story.

  • drew

    there is nothing she can do to undo the crap she has done in the past. Glad she did one good act, still doesn’t make up who she is.

    • Guy Fleegman1

      drew…just because you are all butthurt because she would not consider dating you, makes your comment worthless..have a nice day..you can bet she will.

    • skye edwards

      Crap she’s done??? What an UNMARRIED women dating guys and moving on to the next??? That’s called responsible dating. Instead of getting married and divorced a thousand times this young woman is doing the smart thing and dating around and figuring out what she wants. 100% respectable Hollywood lady unlike SOOOO many others.

      • Alex Kincaid

        She dated several guys for less then a month and then made songs criticizing them. She’s not that great of a lady.

        • kc shaw

          men do that all the time. never heard of one she has slept with. get hurt, you are talented to write song, song can be about hurt

        • Toi Davinci-Jones

          HAHAHAHAHA! yea ok, stop hating Hater!
          You must of been one of them!!!!

    • Dianne

      How would you measure up if your life was under constant scrutiny of the public. I would not want my worst moments to be made public. No one is all good or all bad. We are all sinners and entitled to forgiveness through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

      • diane haas

        Your last sentence Dianne, I say, AMEN and God is Good. ~~

    • Nat Mirotta

      I see no crap at all, except in your words! or the crap you must believe in from certain tabloids. Taylor Swift is, and has always been a good voice for our generation. The bad press that she has received are from people trying to disarm her greatness. But you know what, there are plenty of fans and good folks that will not allow that. I included.

  • LH Smith

    Kudos to Taylor Swift for doing something so sweet! It makes me happy to see celebs using their fame to do something uplifting and good for someone else. That is beautiful.

    • Steven Hardbarger

      Yes it is….But let’s talk about your “Fight terror, support Israel” thumbnail….Really? Ever heard of the USS Liberty or Lavon affairs? SMH.

      • LH Smith

        Or how about not. That’s off topic and not up for discussion. Good evening.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong place D Bag.

      • elizabeth

        wrong site neonazi get lost.

      • KCKitsune

        Why do you have a picture of the American Flag upside down? Is that a political statement or you just… on the bottom quarter of the intelligence curve?

    • Chris Todd

      i totally agree….oh, NICE thumbnail! Stand with Israel! after all: Zachariah 12 says it all…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah but Miley Cyrus would have twerked him

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stop laughing.

    • Deborah Christopher


      ❤❤❤ ❤�❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤�❤ ❤❤❤

  • Anonymous

    I used to like her a whole lot, now I love her :)

  • Mruss

    Nicely done! A whole lot of negative karma just got burned off.

  • Samantha Costello

    i hate when i play videos and the volume doesnt work? wth. is this happening to others or am i just the unlucky one? anyone have any ideas :)

    • http://new.pamperedchef.com/pws/brandiholady Brandi

      no problem here!

  • iafr80

    Donations for Jordan can be made at

  • Gary Plastek

    Now that’s a role model. Miley should and could take a lesson from this young lady.

  • Anonymous

    Class act, she made that all about that little boy

  • shaked

    shes perfect just perfect

  • Calie girl

    Kudos to her — but, after what happened to the Conn. girl at Boston Children’s,
    I would not want to darken their doors.

  • Anonymous

    Well done young lady.

  • BrianVincent1

    Classiest performer since Garth.

  • Anonymous

    touching moment

  • JD

    and they never ever ever got back together.. :) super sweet haha

  • Donna Murphy

    Love Taylor Swift!! This is just one of the reasons!

  • Yo Mamma

    If there is Armageddon I will move into Glenn’s bunker. Thanks Glenny for buying our supplies

  • iafr80

    Donations for Jordan can be made at.

  • Lane Nichols

    Whadya know? Another story about Taylor Swift being a nice person who loves her fans. I’m starting to see a pattern with her.

    • Anonymous

      Entertainment celebs should understand that they would be nothing without their fans. Unfortunately, not many do understand. Ms. Swift seems to.
      Watching this video, I kept thinking that Ms. Swift is possibly even more beautiful inside than she is so obviously outside.

  • Jim

    God bless that little boy. And thank you Taylor.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if that boy was kidnapped by Boston Children’s like Justine was…… Good on Taylor. BTW- She is THE biggest celebrity donor to Charity. Good girl.

  • Anonymous

    OMG she is the greatest….God Bless Her forever….

  • Anonymous

    She is awesome. A class act

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good deed but someone needs to tell the parents to get their child away from Boston Children’s Hospital before he gets kidnapped by the state like they did to Justina.

  • Toi Davinci-Jones

    Awesomeness! WOW she is beautiful truly inside and out!

  • grunge_byte

    Hey young man howzabout The Star Spangled Banner – the version BEFORE Whitney Houston ruined it? But I digress…

    I’ve never thought of Miss Swift as much more talented than Britney Spears however I do think she is a cut above them ALL.

    Bravo Miss Swift!

  • Tonya Lockamy

    It so awesome to see a celebrity stay in the news for GOOD things they do!

  • andressbidle

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  • elizabeth

    love it!!!

    there is nothing better then to make people happy.

  • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

    Why is this article from Aug. 4th?

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