Glenn: Stop being against stuff. Let’s start being for things

It is easy to be against something. It is easy to complain. It is harder to stand with conviction. It is harder to stand for something. On radio this morning, Glenn explained the importance of looking at the other side of conflict and turmoil to find what we stand for instead of what we stand against. That simple change of rhetoric can make all the difference.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

Stop looking at this as a win or lose because it’s not a win or lose. It’s reconciliation – win or lose. If we are trying to win, someone is a loser. We’re trying to reconcile the country and bring the country back to common sense. The founders may have won the war, but that wasn’t the end of the revolution. The revolution is still going on today. It is constantly being renewed. It is constantly having to be taught and grown. There is never an end to this. There’s never an end to this, you know, and that’s the problem.

Look at Common Core or anything else. So many times people say, ‘Oh, good we won.’ No, you didn’t. You might have stopped something, but what are you for? And to be for something, it requires us to continually teach it and grow it and strive to be better so there’s no real win or lose. And when we have that win or lose mentality that’s when we give up.’ I’m just tired of losing.’ I’m telling you, the seeds we are planting right now will start to sprout in 10 to 20 years.

My grandfather, his seeds are really just truly taking root in me now. I’m beginning to understand what my grandfather taught me and beginning to understand the value of those things that he taught me. Well, jeez, he’s been dead since 1982. He stopped teaching me a long time ago, but not really.

Is it really a coincidence that my family tried to save our little town of Mount Vernon, Washington which was being destroyed by the big mall and everything else? Everybody said, ‘We got to stop the mall. We got to stop the mall. Stop the mall.’ My folks said, ‘You’ll never stop the mall. The mall is coming.’ They tried to pass ordinances of save our farmland and everything else, but it’s coming. Instead why don’t we take our little town of Mount Vernon and redesign it and make it something entirely different and new and cool? It was right around the bicentennial, they tried to make it into Mount Vernon, as in Mount Vernon, Virginia and make it this cool little brick streets kind of gas lamp kind of area. That’s what they were for. Everyone else was against the mall.

In the end, because nobody would see the vision of being for something and they were so beaten down on being against the mall, and the mall was coming in. And then the mall came in, and everybody said, ‘The mall is great.’ And what happened? Mount Vernon still struggles today. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I was raised by a family that was for something magical, something great, something different. And here I am fighting the same battle, except on a national scale.

Stop being against stuff. Let’s start being for things.

That is where we need to be. We need to start talking about it. You know, we have to talk about Israel and Hamas. We have to point out with Hamas: What is in their charter is evil? What they stand for is evil. They are standing for genocide. It is in their charter. That’s the argument. Somebody on television should be ringing on the hour everybody hour.

Let’s think about what we think could be: A strong Jewish state that is secure and allows people to live their religion and live their race for the love of Pete. Live who they are. Living side by side with another state that gets to celebrate who they are. Instead of getting down and arguing about how many missiles and who bombed the hospital and everything else – you’ll never settle any of that because that’s a distraction.

We have to be rooted in the facts. And we have to stand for those facts. We have to stand hard on those facts. It doesn’t mean we’re not going to fight for the things we believe in. It just means we got to change the way we’re fighting because what we’re doing is not working. It’s not working. You’re going to lose.

If we’re not kind and generous and decent and God-fearing and know the best way to serve God is to serve our fellow man, it doesn’t work. It all falls apart. Anybody who is calling for an uprising or an end, you’re part of the problem, man. You’re just giving up. ‘You’re just trying to spread love and everything else.’ Yeah, you are darn right. And if in the end I’m judged as a bad man because I believe in decency, love, honor, charity, then, you know what, I’ll live in hell If those things are the things that get you sent to hell, then I welcome the days I spend in hell because I’m not going to change who I am.

I have already made too many mistakes in my life. I had promised when I turn my life around, I would do my best. It is not your best. It’s not the pope’s best. It’s not Mother Teresa’s best. It’s my best. And, unfortunately, my best is not as good as everybody else’s, but I’ve done my best, and in doing my best. I’ve still made huge mistakes.

Do you want to make a difference? Do you see the road we’re on is unsustainable? If you see that this road that we’re on is unsustainable, then what are you going to do to change it?

I say let’s start looking for a bigger vision. Let’s start looking for a vision where we all belong, where we all feel heard. We don’t agree with each other. There’s no blacklist. There’s no list that says you can’t be my friend because you agree with me. If someone says you shouldn’t be friends with somebody because they don’t agree with you, you should question your friendship. If your business is being hurt because you do business with me or I do business with them, you should question, ‘Do you want to do business with those people?’

I learned this as an alcoholic. I lost a lot of ‘friends’ when I sobered up. I didn’t lose in the end one friend when I sobered up. Anybody who thought, ‘Oh, Glenn, he’s going all goody two shoes’ was no friend of mine. Because right is right.

We don’t have to agree on things. We do to have look and say, ‘These things are worth standing for. These things are worth living for.’ I’m not going to say ever again, some things are worth dying for. All the things should be worth living for. Worth dying for is the mentality of Hamas. Worth living for, that’s the American principles. Those are the Judean Christian principles. You’re going to kill me for it, so be it. But I’m going to live every second. Dietrich Bonheoffer lived as they put the rope around his neck. He said thank you to that man. He lived every second of his life. He didn’t die for anything he lived for it all. That’s the difference. That’s where we need to be.

  • landofaahs

    God always speaking through the prophets about being against stuff Glenn. Sin is sin and we must not just paper over it.

    • Chris Layton

      That’s right. I don’t see anywhere in the bible where the prophets told us that we had to stand with with the priests of Baal or find some sort of common ground with them. I’m pretty sure the prophets were ‘against’ the children of Israel going into the groves to celebrate pagan fertility rites with the natives and I’m pretty sure their sermons across the pulpit were ‘against’ that sort of thing though there probably were those who didn’t want to hear that sort of ‘negative rhetoric’ as they would call it.

      When we compare that with what the progressives think about the Constitution, they don’t like that either and say that it’s a document of negative liberties. More like restrictions for leaders who would, if given free reign, rule as tyrants.

  • Type 53

    The daily dose of psychobabble from Life Coach Glenn™. What.A.Friggin.Gasbag.

    • soybomb315

      Seriously…I used to look forward to his radio show but cannot stand it for more than 2 minutes at a time anymore. Judging by the ‘best of Glenn’ articles at this website – it is clear that i am not missing much.

      • Type 53

        I can barely last two minutes as well. Whether it is the totally unfunny sarcasm of Beck and his homies, or Beck assuming he is schooling his audience with theological, historical, or political points, it is a tissue-thin con game.
        The LDS made a bad bet on that guy. He is a liability.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, why don’t we give him a baseball bat, so he can beat the living crap out of stuff

  • Yo Mamma

    Great idea Glenn. Lets get the people that will live by the laws of the land, In the Land of Israel

    Thats being ‘for stuff’

    It was tough getting the Romans out

    It was tough getting the Christians out

    It was tough getting the Muslims out

    It will be tough getting the Jews out

    But lo and behold, if you’re a God fearing man or woman, your place in the Land is for the taking

    You too can be ‘chosen’

    Step right up and follow the Law books of Moses (Just 5 little ones available in hard copy, paperback or pdf)

    Limited time and space folks, so don’t procrastinate, don’t dilly dally, make your decision now or forever be wiped out – Woo hooo

  • Tom Musso

    Very well said Glenn. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. You always make me think when you put these ideas out.

    • riverstun .

      It takes more than saying you are nice. Glenn is for the greedy rich and against looking after everyone; in a nation that is the richest in history, the idea of caring for the sick at no charge is heresy.
      You can be “for” being nice, but it helps if you actually believe in what you say.

  • Chris Layton

    This is really lame. I don’t know why anyone listens to Glenn anymore. We all know what Glenn stands for now. He wants everyone to hold hands and sing kumbaya.
    To be honest I don’t think Glenn ever recovered from his alcoholism which is simply an expression of narcissism. All he did was modify his addictive behavior. Now it’s not about what goes into his mouth but what comes out. Now instead of mixing drinks, he mixes people.

    • Anonymous

      I believe he’s really struggling with his addiction. Not saying he’s drinking. And he has been changing with the wind for the last year. He has a different epiphany every week. Sad really. Trying to be all things to all people.

      • soybomb315

        combination of ADD and egotism, IMO…

        And i think he has surrounded himself with ‘yes-men’…which is the opposite of what is needed with someone having wonderful talents and faults like Glenn.

  • philmon cluebattingcage

    Nope, Glenn is right. Sure, you can be against stuff. But my brother asked me this 25 years ago. What are you FOR?

    It’s actually more important. It’ll inform what you’re against, for sure. But if you don’t know what you’re FOR and why, you’re just angry, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    And if you think he’s a gasbag or you don’t like what he has to say, for God’s sake and your own, go somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    It’s true, being positively against something is a whole ton harder and more creative than being negatively against something. You know what? Maybe that’s why the country is the way it is these days. Once everyone gets really tired of hating and being against things that don’t work they’ll find the power inside themselves to be creative enough to make a true difference and be for things in their own lives. They will stop telling other people how to live lives based on what THEY think is wrong from an ego standpoint and begin really making changes that mean something. I’m with you on the wardrobe choices you made today as well. The bow tie and the striped shirt go together since the colors are right even they are different kinds. Why people are against what looks like clashing colors and patterns not being able to go together is anyone’s guess.

  • Jonny Summers

    I agree with pretty much everything Glenn says, but his assertion that “some things are worth dying for” is the mentality of Hamas doesn’t make any sense. If our forefathers had that mentality, there would be no America. If our men and women in uniform had that mentality, the US Military would be ineffective. There are definitely some things worth dying for.

    I know Glenn idolizes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, so I hope he knows that King once said “A man who has not found something he is willing to die for is not fit to live.”

  • Feet2Fire

    OK, America, let’s be FOR something.
    Let’s be FOR “NO AMNESTY!”
    After all, as Glenn says,

  • landofaahs

    Okay. I’m for freedom from excessive taxation. I’m for maximum freedom to not do business with those you don’t want to. I’m for eating what ever you want without government telling you can’t. I’m for leaving others alone with their behavior but when they contract diseases, they suffer the consequences themselves and don’t ask other to pay for it. Do what you want but take ownership of your choices. There. How about that for a start?

    • riverstun .

      Are you for freedom from roads, educated workforce, social security, support when your employer fires you and asset strips your company?
      And what do you think health insurance is but socialism? Nobody these days actually pays their own healthcare costs, except the very poor (before Obamacare). Everyone else expects the socialist pool of insurance members to pay for them.

      • landofaahs

        I’m for roads built by local decision paid for by the locals. of course interstates can be done on a collective as long as each local area pays for their own roads. Education? Yes Done locally by local standards paid for by the local areas for maximum public accountability. Social Security? Done by private charity encouraging prudent saving and personal responsibility rather than the irresponsible idea that one can do whatever they will without regards to who might be forced to pay for other people’s incompetence or sloth. Asset strips “YOUR” company? If you just work there, you don’t own it and you have no say. Whoever borrows the money and takes the risks or borrowing needs total control of all the decisions for the company, If you don’t like the way it is run then quit and if you had been taking care of your own saving and investments instead of depending on a company pension, then you would be protected from corrupt CEO’s. Healthcare cost? Take care of your own. Or are the workers too stupid to know how? If so then they are certainly too stupid to make company decisions. People do pay their own insurance if you own your own small business. You can save money with catastrophic care and pocket the difference and invest it for future health needs. Of course preventive care assists in giving incentive to make better health choices without the government interference forcing people to do what any corrupt officials being paid off by campaign donations benefitting corporations who want government to prop up their company. Individual responsibility and individual freedom; What is wrong with that? Oh, I know. You and your ilk can’t get free stuff at other people’s expense.

  • riverstun .

    I remember, abotu ten years back, Becky mocking liberals for suggesting that people eat more cruciferous vegetables. First he mocked it by saying he hadnt even a clue of what these were (I did), second, he mocked the idea of eating healthily. Well, guess what;

    “In addition to helping your body protect itself from cancer,
    cruciferous vegetables are also believed to help prevent cataracts and
    age-related macular degeneration, two debilitating diseases that can
    lead to vision impairment and blindness.”

    Last laugh is on Beck.

    • soybomb315

      yea….But who knows if he was saying those things cuz he really believed it at the time or he said it because he knew it was what the audience wanted to hear.

  • riverstun .

    ” The founders may have won the war, but that wasn’t the end of the
    revolution. The revolution is still going on today. It is constantly
    being renewed. It is constantly having to be taught and grown. There is
    never an end to this. There’s never an end to this”

    Or, as Umberto Eco writes,

    “9. For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle.

    Thus pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. It is bad because life is permanent warfare.
    This, however, brings about an Armageddon complex. Since enemies have
    to be defeated, there must be a final battle, after which the movement
    will have control of the world. But such “final solutions” implies a
    further era of peace, a Golden Age, which contradicts the principle of
    permanent war. No fascist leader has ever succeeded in solving this

  • riverstun .

    ” We have to point out with Hamas: What is in their charter is evil? What
    they stand for is evil. They are standing for genocide. It is in their

    And the Jews are for an ethincally pure theological state in which they have driven all the Palestinians from Palestine to create a theologically pure state, in which the chosen race stand alone. To this end, fanatics build houses deliberately in the heart of what is left of Palestinian land, JUST to extend the reach of the Jewish state and for no other reason. And then if a child of one of the houses that was bulldozed to make way for the settlement (eminent domain) throws a stone, why he is a terrorist!
    And so the school is bulldozed too.

    And then we wonder why people turn to extremism?

  • riverstun .

    Let’s think about what we think could be: A strong Jewish state that
    is secure and allows people to live their religion and live their race”

    How about a secular state where Jews and Muslims and Christians and Atheists can all live and work together in peace? A country where people arent divided by walls based on their religion or race? Is that one brick too much for your wall Glenn?

    Just what about a religious state for pure chosen races excites you so much?

  • riverstun .

    If we’re not kind and generous and decent and God-fearing and know
    the best way to serve God is to serve our fellow man, it doesn’t work.
    It all falls apart.”

    How about you take out the fictitious middleman and say that the important thing is to be kind and GENEROUS (yes, looking after the poor IS important, contrary to republican ideals) and to serve your fellow man.

    WHY you act that way is immaterial. I do it because its right. If you need a God to force you to do it, whatever.

  • riverstun .

    ” And if in the end I’m judged as a bad man because I believe in decency,
    love, honor, charity, then, you know what, I’ll live in hell”

    No. You’re judged as a bad man because you stand against looking after the poor, the sick, and believe in the Gospel of the Atheist, Ayn Rand; because you foment anger at gun control laws that prevent children from being killed quite so quickly, because you inspire hatred of gays, because you are greedy, preach selfishness, and foment religious and nationalist fervor that spills ultimately into war.

  • riverstun .

    ” Worth dying for is the mentality of Hamas. Worth living for, that’s the
    American principles. Those are the Judean Christian principles.”

    Actually, the Jewish principles are killing people to take their land and create a religious state for the chosen people.
    Christian principles are to be greedy and hate minorities like gays, women, black, poor, single mothers, guatemalan children….

    It is the PAGAN and ATHEISTS who value THIS life. You creeps believe in breaking up gay couples because of what might happen in some other “next” life. I believe that 2 people who love each other should be allowed to express that love for each other regardless of orientation.

  • riverstun .

    But I have to say Glenn, that now that you have sobered up and are facing your own mortality, you are finally starting to wake up and see the damage that all the hatred you have made a living off all these years is doing.
    Your communist village where you exclude capitalist chain stores and the free market, with your hippy love-crafts and everyone is sent to re-education camps sounds like a Marxist dream. What was it again? Beckystan?

    Seriously; all you are missing now is the link that obscene wealth grabbing by a tiny minority is impoverishing everyone else. Maybe if the executives could forego one bonus check they could raise the wages of their workers from $7 to $8. Maybe then they wouldnt need food stamps, and could actually provide for themselves and their family.

    But no; you will go to the grave worshipping Mammon.

    Even your “eye-opening” look at the US healthcare system pre-Obamacare didnt wake you up as to the appalling circimstances that follow for-profit, greed-based healthcare.

    Maybe in another ten years.

  • ken.

    if your against something are you not also for something else? stop letting the democrats and lame stream media define who and what we are! we do stand for things, it’s the enemy that is convincing people we don’t. glenn used to stand for the truth, now he bows to the masters and their lies. glenn is afraid of war and would rather kneel to his executers then stand and fight them. glenn believes that if he bows in peace and love they won’t attack us. sorry but the leftists are going to attack us because they have to get rid of us patriots before they can finish destroying america.

  • ken.

    we do stand for things, we patriots always have. we stand for our country, we stand for our constitution, we stand for freedom, etc,… glenn have you forgotten those things? we are against everything that threatens what we stand for. either we fight for whats right or we become slaves to whats wrong. if we lose what we believe in the world will become an evil and violent place.

  • 2 IT too

    How about FOR PRIVACY?

    ——-FOR alloidial deed, TRUE property ownership?

    ———-FOR a REAL, non franchise slum economy?

    —————FOR a representative government?

    ——————FOR clean air, water, and REAL food?

    ———-FOR a nation that has the self-respect to DEAL with TREASON?

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