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It’s clear that the Middle East is a war zone, and the media has been taken avery one-sided approach in how it has told the story of the conflict. For decades, America and Israel were the closest of allies. While no one wants to see the innocent people in Gaza suffer because their leadership is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, we also have to recognize that Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself. But in the media, Israel is the bully. How did that happen? And what should the United States be doing to end this conflict, support our democratic allies, and protect the innocent people on both sides of the conflict? Caroline Glick, writer for the Jerusalem Post and author of The Israeli Solution, joined Glenn to discuss the Israel/Gaza conflict on TheBlaze TV.

“The reality is that none of the Arab conflict with Israel, the Islamic conflict with Israel, the Palestinian conflict with Israel, has ever been about territory.  It’s always been about a desire on the part of Israel’s neighbors to annihilate the Jewish state, to prevent it from even being established, you know, years ago in 1948.  And so it’s never been about land, and it’s never been about how much land Israel has,” Glick explained. “It’s just about whether or not Israel exists.”

“And so when people say oh, it’s Israel’s fault, it’s Israel’s fault only to the extent that Israel exists, no matter how large Israel is or how small Israel is.  And we see with Hamas that are willing and forcing their people really to sacrifice their own lives in order to protect Hamas missiles that are being used to barrage Israeli cities.  They’ll stop at nothing,” she continued.

“It’s not that they want to build anything.  They took the cement that they used to build the tunnels that IDF forces, Israeli military forces, have been destroying over the past several weeks, could have built 100 schools, three hospitals, numerous clinic, you know, you name it.  It was there for the taking.  They were there, they got all of this concrete in order to build Gaza.  They claimed it was for humanitarian assistance, and they used all of it to build machinery of death and murder.”

So what should the United States be doing? First and foremost, Washington needs to rethink their approach to foreign policy and willingness to push a cease-fire resulting in open borders for Gaza.

“The Obama administration since Gaza, since the Hamas terrorists who run Gaza began their current round of assaults against Israel with their missiles and with their attempted infiltration through their tunnels of death, the Obama administration has been shooting for a cease-fire that would abide by all of Hamas’s extortionist demands of Israel,” Glick said.

“And the most important demand that they have of Israel is that they want their borders opened.  Those borders have been sealed, particularly the most importantly the border with Egypt, for the past year since the Egyptian military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood government there, because the Egyptian military understands Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and if they’re allowed free entryway and exit from Gaza and transport from Gaza into Egypt, then it is a strategic threat to Egypt.”

Glick urged the American people to call their congressmen and encourage them to stand with Israel and keep the borders of Gaza closed so the threats of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood can’t continue to spread.

“I think the most important thing that Americans can do is side with Israel by telling their congressmen, by telling their communities, by explaining both to one another and most importantly to their congressmen that the most important stand the United States has to take is to support Israel and Egypt in insisting on keeping Gaza’s borders closed in order to destroy Hamas through attrition, to prevent them, to starve them out, to prevent them from resupplying, to prevent them from rebuilding their infrastructure of terrorism that Israel has fought to destroy at such great cost to our soldiers over the past month,” she said.