WATCH: Hamas spokesman refuses to renounce claims that Jews make matzos with Christian blood

During an appearance on CNN on Monday, Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan refused to deny comments he allegedly made on a Palestinian network in which he said “Jews used to slaughter Christians in order to mix their blood with their holy matzos.” While Wolf Blitzer continuously pressed Hamdan for a straight answer as to whether he meant what he said, the spokesman avoided the question.

Ultimately, a frustrated Blitzer condemned Hamdan’s claims.

“I was hoping to get a flat denial from you that you would utter such a — such, you know, ridiculous words that Jews would kill Christians in order to use their blood—” Blitzer said as the segment ended.

Watch the exchange below:

On radio this morning, Glenn found himself disgusted by the insanity of Hamdan’s remarks and decided it was time to set the record straight. After purchasing a box of matzos from a local supermarket and determining ‘Christian blood’ was not a primary ingredient, Glenn decided it was time for his personal chef to whip up a special meal.

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“So here’s some matzos, and we got this at the store,” Glenn explained. “Here you can see there’s no Christian blood in there. No Muslim blood. No Hindu blood. And I just want to point out [the matzos is] awfully darn white for having blood in it.”

Since Glenn was unsatisfied with the ingredients used in the matzos, he decided to serve Pat and Stu a delicious breakfast served with a savory drizzle of strawberry syrup – ahem – Christian blood.

“So we have a personal chef here at Mercury… Sure, you could have matzos supposedly made with blood, but we have made some yummy breakfast,” Glenn said. “The pancakes and waffles aren’t warm, but the blood is. And that’s the way I like it.”

Making light of an otherwise disturbing allegation, Glenn determined once and for all the Jewish people do not make their matzos out of Christian blood nor are they instructed to do so, but – at the Mercury Studios in Dallas – Christian blood is always on the menu.

“We just want to clear this up: The Jews don’t make matzos with blood,” Glenn concluded. “That’s ridiculous. But at the Mercury Cafe here in Dallas, Texas, we make all of our yummy goodness with fresh Christian blood.”

  • Yo Mamma

    Seriously? School kids bring this stuff up

  • Andrey

    Thank you Glenn, for supporting us!
    Long live the friendship of U.S and Israel, screw Obama.

    Andrey from Israel

    • ErikandKathy Muller

      Blessings..and stay safe!!

    • Aurora

      I can almost guarantee that 95% of America supports Israel. The other 5 percent don’t even know what is going on. Be safe and know you are being prayed for continually.

      • Andrea Stephen


        ♛♛♛ ♛�♛♛ ♛♛♛ ♛♛♛ ♛♛♛ �♛♛♛

        • Ron Beal

          Let’s be upfront – according to scam researchers- on line, this is a scam, period. Don’t waste your time, and certainly do not throw your money away. One rule of thumb, the more they promise, the more they claim, the less they provide and the less you receive. FYI

          • Midgetqueen

            Especially…when they advertise with Cleavage! Get REAL!

        • Guest

          She advertises breast implants, obviously.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think it’s anywhere near that high anymore, unfortunately, since the Ayatollah in the White House has opened the doors to maximize Muslim immigration.

        And, unfortunately, many of our minority groups have a history of being not exactly Jew-friendly, if not downright anti-Semitic in many cases.

        I would say that probably 95% of REAL Americans support Israel.

        • Janice Stern

          Well, while I may agree with you that 95% of Americans may not support Israel, I CAN! assure you that 100% of Americans don’t want Islam taking over this country which is exactly what they want to do. This is (or was) a Christian country and if that still exists then bear in mind what is happening now in eastern Iraq where ISIS has taken over, the Christians are having their own private genocide at the hands of the Muslims who given the Christians three choices: leave Iraq, pay an exorbitant tax for the right to keep breathing, or die! They have already destroyed ancient churches, cemetaries, you name it; and that is HAPPENING NOW! So one doesn’t have to support Israel to realize that our ally in the east is Israel. And if Ayatollah Obama doesn’t like it, that’s just too damned bad. He’ll wind up on the garbage dump of history if he keeps up with the way he’s going. The Jews have existed on this world for more centuries than Obama has fingers and toes and we will be here long after he is just a particle of dust on the wind. G-d said so and I believe G-d over Obama.

      • Mike Shenberger

        No way 95% of Americans have any clue what is going on in the middle east or why. I would be surprised if 25% know what Hamas even is. Americans are too busy watching television, surfing the web, and shoving their faces in a cell phone to give a crap. Im an American and this is the truth. Ashamed of most of us…

      • landofaahs

        I would not even say that 95% of liberals support Israel. I would not even say 95% of Hollywood Jews support Israel.

    • Janice Stern

      I swear, there’s a special place in heaven for Glenn Beck.

      • ShootsAlongWay

        I can’t believe he is “censoring” posts? Mine below says “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Glenn Beck”….Really?

        • Janice Stern

          I doubt very much that Glenn Beck has either the time nor the inclination to censor the posts here or anywhere else.

    • Janice Stern

      Well, Andrey, I agree with you regarding Glenn Beck, but as for screwing Obama, PUHHLEEEZZZEEEE! What a nauseating thought!

  • Guest

    Why even try to hold an intelligent conversation with this stupid low life murderers…. I for one could care no less about them and hope one day they will be wiped off the earth….. It will be a safer place for all…..

    • Janice Stern

      Genocide is not the answer. Sorry but that’s true because once one group is targeted its a sure thing that there’s going to be another target group, and then another, then another ad infinitim. Look, I’m don’t know the answer but genocide is surely not it.

  • David

    Why even try to hold an intelligent conversation with these stupid low
    life murderers…. I for one could care no less about them and hope one
    day they will be wiped off the earth….. It will be a safer place for

    • Glen Donald Stevens

      same thing you condemn them for saying about the jews you want to do it to them

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps David means their philosophy should be wiped out…not necessarily the people…I hope.

      • TSpur

        except that he doesn’t think he is been charged by God to do it, he just said he wishes they would be wiped off. I wish ALL EVIL was wiped off the world, does that make me wrong?

      • David

        Let me make myself VERY CLEAR…. There is ONE religion beheading people and I for one wish everyone that prescribes to that religion to be gone…. Violent people and actions have no place on earth and whatever it takes to rid us of them is fine by me…. I do not want to kill anyone but if bad things happen to bad people I smile and chalk one up for the good guys…. When is the last time a Jew beheaded someone or strapped a bomb to them self and killed innocent people? Keep on believing what they tell you Glen and when you are ruled by the local imam do not cry for freedom…..

        • Anonymous

          Anywhere on the planet where there is senseless violence, (what a coincidence?) the Muslims are there. These people call Islam a religion of peace, but actually it is the most repressive, violent POLITICAL SYSTEM on earth.
          They keep it going by calling it a religion. Hey, maybe Nazism could gain followers if they called it a religion?

      • Janice Stern

        Let’s hope that this option is not on the table.

    • Janice Stern

      David, bear in mind please that these are human beings no different than you and I. The sad thing about that is they are so brainwashed with their version of a religion which, although claims to be a religion of peace, is anything but. It is a religion which declares not that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, but that the sword is the only thing of value that they can trust. They even state that while Moses gave and taught us the Law, and Jesus gave us and taught us to love, Mohammed came with a sword to destroy anyone who does not adhere to his theology. The first two religious persuasions are very close to each other theologically. The third is totally the opposite. Of that we can be sure. But to declare that one must “wipe them off the earth” is simply to become as they are. That is not a healthy choice. I don’t know how to combat this insanity, but blood lust is not the best route.

  • Askia Adams

    crossed the line.

  • Elizabeth Lipp


  • Bobdabuilder

    They need to be exterminated like the animals they constantly prove themselves to be.

  • Ziv

    Let me tell you some fact about Moshe Feiglin (that hamas spokesmen is talking about) He is considered kind of a crazy person (u can check me) and for years was left out of the parliament , In Likud party he needed 26 thousand votes to be elected -which is not much. and even he when talked about Gaza said palestinians will be offered to leave gaza or stay and reactive israeli citizenship!!!! even the most radical politician that in best case represents less the half precent of population and do want to control gaza (he is probably the only one in israeli parliament ) wants to give palestinians israeli citizenship.

    • Janice Stern

      Really Israeli citizenship? So what has he been smokin’ lately?

      • Ziv

        Its funny u mansion smokin’ . He is HUGE supporter of legalisation of marijuana.

  • Rich Kardell

    Mussies always deflect with words that begin something like this:
    “You have to understand…….” and then continue with “blah blah blah blah”
    Whenever a mussie says “You have to understand” they need to be cut off and told to shut the f up, because what comes after is BS. I understand full well that these terrorist animals are full of it.

  • Nina702

    Not only is it ridiculous but it’s against every law of Kosher there is. We kosher meats so that it drains all the blood out of the animal because we can’t eat blood. Even liver, the only way we are allowed to eat it is by salting (which draws out blood) and broil it until there is no red left.

    But according to kashrut, even permissible animals have to be prepared in a certain way in order to remain kosher. As explained in Deuteronomy 12:23-24, for example, the blood of a slaughtered animal cannot be ingested, for “the blood is the life, and you shall not eat the life with the flesh.” The Israelites, like many ancient peoples, believed that an animal’s blood carried the soul of the animal and therefore should not be consumed.** Thus, before a piece of meat could be cooked, it had to be fully drained of its blood. Though not discussed in the Bible, traditional kosher methods for doing this include broiling the meat or a combination of soaking and salting.

    • Elena

      The old “Blood Libel” lie fm European pogroms won’t seem to die, even when, as you clearly point out, no Jew will eat the blood of ANYthing!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know what is more scary — the possibility that he knows consuming blood is against Kosher law, but is so driven by hate that he is willing to tell a lie which is that incredibly absurd; or the possibility that he is so driven by hate and is so ignorant that he actually believes that what he is saying is true.

    • GranDam

      I’m not trying to be mean, but don’t Roman Catholics have a religious tradition of ‘drinking Jesus’s blood’ and ‘eating Jesus’s flesh’ during some sort of Mass?
      Luckily, ‘Jesus’s blood’ is just a sip of red wine, and his ‘flesh’ is some sort of biscuit. But still, the entire idea is rather cannibalic, and certainly not Judaic even though it was Jesus himself who, at the last supper, gave his followers wine and, I believe, a type of matza, and told them that they signified his blood and flesh. Can anyone explain to me why he did this because, as a Jew himself, he no doubt ate kosher which forbad drinking animals’ blood and eating human flesh..forbidden even during famines.

  • Anonymous

    Coming out of Tisha B’Av, I needed a laugh, and I found one…here.

  • Karen Rose

    Watch and hear is all that is needed. Anyone with a grain of common sense knows the truth. They know the truth, they do not want he truth. Well that is why there is a hell created. Now you know.

  • Anonymous

    The only way of making a dent in this sort of butchery is to respond with overwhelming violence. The whole idea of “proportional response” was dreamed up by a bunch of limp-wristed fruits in our State Department long ago, and it continues to be one of the stupidest ideas that Democrats ever came up with.

    Whenever this happens we should quickly pick out a training camp or two and simply level the site — and frankly, I don’t give a damn if they have a couple of hundred women and children also living there to dissuade targetting. And mosques, always used for weapons and explosives storage, or safe houses, should no longer be off-limits.

    By fiddling about with half-assed measures, and pretending that you can negotiate with psychopaths, we are rapidly turning victory into defeat, and the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan will be horrendous — and then the battle will be turned on American targets abroad AND at home.

    We let the Democrats turn Vietnam into a defeat when they broke their promise to support the S. Vietnamese government, and thereby turned Southeast Asia into a giant killing field — and also insulted the memory of every American soldier who died there. We gave 58,000 lives in that war, and because of the Democrats’ cowardice, that sacrifice was both unnecessary and WASTED.

    It’s time to learn a long-overdue lesson — how to actually win a war, and make it stick. If we don’t, it will cost us a lot of American lives right here in the United States.

    With these Muslim crazies, you simply escalate the violence until they stop. Nothing else will work.

    If we don’t learn that lesson, we will deserve to lose.

    • jim

      I’m sure the Nazi,s(and theire sympathizers) said much the same things -before the Warsaw Ghetto uprising massacre!
      One cant defend the indefensible-collective punishment is a war crime !

  • Sean Gilliam

    i say get these Palestinian loons on the air more often. the tide will tun against them.

    • Janice Stern

      Good idea Sean.

  • Connor Kenway

    And liberals and Neo Nazis support these guys by throwing the lot with the country of Palestine which even the Palestinians hate them.

  • Anonymous

    Who is killing Christians all over the world?? Muslims or Jews????
    Muslims are liars and serial killers…The koran transforms them from human beings into children of satan….about like the Adams were transformed into an image like satan after they believed Satan’s lies. ..genesis 3-22

  • Anonymous

    And Wolfie,, you have to be evil or brain dead to believe a muslim…

  • Anonymous

    I want to listen to you. would you get rid of the ads? please?

    • Thunderthud

      That was CNN. I don’t believe this site controls their ads. More and more, you can’t block ads without blocking content.

  • Anonymous

    will not listen

  • Anonymous

    Ask him why the “Fez” is red, Wolf.

  • Anonymous

    This is without a doubt the most ridiculous thing Glenn has done in awhile. .

  • Daniel

    How does Wolf Blitzer have a job after all these years? He just let that idiot take over his show and totally ignore everything about his own interview.

    • Anonymous

      He is used to interviewing dimocrats.

    • Anonymous

      Blitzer has always been in the “Hate the Jews” group that dominates CNN. I suspect it goes back even to Ted Turner, but certainly has been controlling their network in the past 20 years or so. It got much stronger when Christianne Amanpour became prominent on CNN, and her pro-Palestinian, anti-Jew coverage was completely transparent.

      Probably the only network more anti-Jew than CNN is Reuters, which covers every “staged outrage” that al-Qaeda and the Palestinian crazies concoct — and treats it as actual news, rather than a scripted commercial.

  • Anonymous

    Git’er done Israel and don’t let Lurch and BOB screw things up…….

  • Anonymous

    What a rude POS saying that “We don’t have a problem with Jews” that is a bold face LIE! Talks in circles! Do the Jews hide behind little children then cry foul when their buildings are destroyed?!?!? No they do NOT!! Jews are civilized they are not barbaric heathens like Hamas is!!

  • faxxmaxx

    Wolf gave that lying pos 6 minutes to spout his bigoted anti-Semitic BS to America without once interrupting to call this lowlife barbarian out on his rhetoric. If a republican ever tried to speak for 6 minutes straight without interruption even on election night, he would be edited down to a 30 second sound bite. This was a reprehensible example of CNN’s affinity toward Hamas’ propaganda machine which was also evident when Wolf was in Israel last week. CNN used to be a premier news channel that was trusted in the distant past. How far they have fallen. Now they are no better than MSNBC and that’s pretty sad.

  • Anonymous

    Bagdad bob all over again. He lies just to lie. Why does CNN even have such a moron on their show

  • landofaahs

    When I make matzos I never make them with Christian blood. But that’s all I’m admitting to right now.

  • moveintothelight

    israeli POW who died in the crossfire adar goldin

  • moveintothelight
  • suz

    matzo brei:
    soak a wafer in scrambled egg for 15-20 minutes until saturated;
    place in a heated buttered or oiled pan;
    low heat for about 30-45 minutes until golden crispy brown.
    eat w/jam or maple syrup or sugar or more butter;

    hold the blood;


  • brandon

    Dude..just answer the question

  • Anonymous

    News reporters were long expected to provide busy adults elements of current events that informed ‘Who, What, Where, When and (if obvious) How; but not much more. Until Nightly News shows during the Watergate era involved the electorate in trying to understand what motive could induce the White House to interfere with a routine police investigation of a 2nd-rate burglary at a Washington DC hotel (the cover-up that ultimately unleashed the scandal that toppled the Presidency of Richard Milhous Nixon) the WHY element was left to prosecutors.

    Is the root word of ‘Belief’, ‘Lie’? Once society became sufficiently Dumbed Down for the Fourth Estate to expound upon their beliefs without losing the credibility of disinterest, it did not take long for flapping tongues and fickle fingers to convince naive voters to elect a closet Socialist from the Muslim Brotherhood President.

    Glenn Beck’s advocacy is acceptable if Mercury One’s banner is ‘Entertainment’. Advocacy by Wolf Blitzer et al is unacceptable as long as CNN’s banner is ‘News’.

    Likewise for the gossip posing as gospel on Cable and Broadcast ‘News’ shows.

    A major part of the trap the United States fell into was when it allowed Partisanship to overrule Public Good, as suppressing the Sherman Act for electoral advantage.

    We Reap What We Sow!

  • Pastor Ron

    He did not answer the question straight, he beat around the bush.

  • woulddragon

    Well, there they go again! Resurrecting the old “Blood Libel” against the Jews that they KNOW was never true to begin with. Muslims like that fellow would lie through their teeth just to lull us into believing that such lies are true. Just how gullible and credulous are those people?

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