“We spent a fortune on numerous in vitro procedures that left my wife battered; physically and emotionally bruised.” See the miracle that happened next. . .

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  • landofaahs

    I’ve known several couple who used in vitro and multiple births are often a result. I cannot help but think that if God is not allowing a couple to have children, that there is a reason. I certainly would not judge anyone who did but I just can’t help thinking about Sarah and Abraham and how Sarah’s lack of trust in the Lord produced Ismail and we are still living with the negative consequences of it. It’s just something to think about. Perhaps truly loving couples are meant by God to be the parents of the unloved orphans who feel as though they have no worth.

    • Andrea Stephen


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    • BarbaraB

      Maybe this couple was meant for this little girl. Had they been successful getting pregnant they may not have chosen fostering and adoption.

    • Becky

      wow, landofaahs, that’s the incorrect use of judgment and not at all how Jesus said we should judge…Just remember GOD has it all planned!!! What a lack of faith you are demonstrating, what someone says means it’s how they think, now that is biblical! Ismail was meant to be and so are all of us, it’s part of the plan! You are also leaving out a very important part of the story, so I would suggest you check that out.

      • landofaahs

        God often has better things planned but allows people to choose something other than what is best.

        • Elizabeth McClintic

          Free will.

          • landofaahs

            Yep. And free speech.

    • Rachel

      I’m happy for this couple and for this child. Evidently God had a different plan than this couple had, as He often does. I have a friend who had trouble carrying a child and adopted 2 children that she fostered, born to drug addicted parents. It is beautiful to watch her and her husband raise them, with God’s help, and I can’t help but think where they would be today if my friends hadn’t adopted them.. These neglected children need loving parents too and if there were none to adopt them because they thought the same way as you, how sad and shameful that would be.

      • landofaahs

        I’m happy they adopted the children. You misunderstand me. I’m just not for In vitro fertilization. That is not anti adoption. What’s wrong with people that they cannot understand English anymore.

    • valentinebaby

      Wow, where to begin on this one. So maybe God doesn’t want them to have kids for a reason–yet His command to EVERYONE was “be fruitful and multiply.” No, there was no disclaimer in that verse that only “some” should have kids–God intended for all married couples to have kids. It’s built in our DNA and nature designed by God himself. So the single crack head who keeps popping them out but can’t take care of them was deemed more worthy by God to have kids but the loving couple have can’t get pregnant with the help of science was not meant to? Think that one through. Infertility is a MEDICAL CONDITION and was not part of God’s plan for people. Would you walk up to a cancer victim and tell them “well it must not be God’s plan for you to live or he wouldn’t have given you cancer.” We live in a fallen world with disease and illness which was NOT God’s plan for anyone. Saying medical intervention on having a child is lack of trust is no different than saying a cancer patient receiving treatment is lack of trust for God to heal them. See if you haven’t walked a mile in the shoes of someone else you really shouldn’t be throwing your 2 cents in because other wise you just sound like a jerk. As far as adoption goes–I am all for it but what you don’t understand it the HUGE cost which can be as much as or more than fertility treatments. Lots of infertile couples adopt and that’s wonderful but they certainly should not be denied the opportunity of giving birth to their own child either.

      • Irena M Varela

        Thank you! I couldn’t say it better myself. As for God, he better revise his priorities. The old guy got lazy recently, so many bad things are going in the world, yet he denies a good woman to have a child. So his lists of good people and bad people also got messed up, big time. I don’t think he has any coherent plans for anything, to be honest.

        • landofaahs

          There is none that is good. No not one—Jesus.

        • Shawn Cameron

          She got a child. There are thousands of children in foster care, many have POS birth parents who refuse to work their case plans, will be there until adulthood or someone adopts them. This is one who has found a home. It’s just a shame these people put themselves through all that misery before they came to that conclusion.

          I’ll repeat it’s a shame THEY put THEMSELVES through all that misery before deciding to adopt.

      • landofaahs

        What happens to the fertilized eggs that are left over? But I did say I wouldn’t judge anyone who felt different. I guess you missed that part or just didn’t care. Shalom.

        • Elizabeth McClintic

          There is no such entity as a fertilized egg; they are human beings in that stage of development.

          • landofaahs

            I agree I should have attached human beings to it.

        • valentinebaby

          No, I read your whole statement and for couples dealing with Infertility you come across as a real “jerk.” You may be the nicest person but the way you worded your statement is very insensitive to people actually in this situation. ” I cannot help but think that if God is not allowing a couple to have children, that there is a reason”, “how Sarah’s lack of trust in the Lord produced Ismail and we are still living with the negative consequences of it.”. You say I certainly wouldn’t judge AND in the same breath you are making very judgmental and negative comments. I have not done IVF but I know many couples who have and rarely are their many embryos left and the ones that are left are used up in an FET (frozen embryo transfer) because the success rate of IVF working the first time has a very low percentage.

          • landofaahs

            What I said is true so deal with it. I care not what you or anyone else thinks of me. Sarah was impatient and there are consequences to impatience and not trusting God for what is best. Take Hezekiah. God told him to get his house in order that his life was being required of him. Hezekiah asked God for extended life and he was given it. In that extended time he had children and the progeny of them fell from God and lead Israel into captivity.

    • Ashley

      You clearly don’t know what you are talking about regarding in vitro fertilization. Most infertility doctors don’t want women having multiples because that can negatively affect the health of the babies and the mother. Also, GOD is definitely part of the process. The medical procedure can extract the eggs, fertilize the eggs and transfer the embryos to the womb, but cannot guarantee that the embryos will implant and result in a pregnancy. That is completely in the hands of GOD. Finally, the fact that you even think that people who seek the help of infertility doctors lack trust in the Lord tells me that you are very judgmental. Just something to think about…

      • landofaahs

        What happens to all those other fertilized eggs?

        • Dexter

          You make stereotypical people sound right. Perhaps you’re not even religious. Maybe you’re just a troll hating on religion or glenn beck.

          Do you realize how difficult it is to have a child when you are not fortunate enough to have one naturally? How expensive it could get? How depressing or the psychological damage that the female may have to deal with after failing?

          • landofaahs

            In vitro is not cheap. But I guess if you are mentally and spiritually weak it can be a good option. I did say in my post that I would not judge people for it but that there may be a better way or alternative. But I guess you didn’t read it or you’re just lazy.

          • Dexter

            You are a troll.

          • landofaahs


        • Rebecca Moden

          My five babies left from IVF have been given up for adoption to another couple.

    • Pam Roberson Livingston

      Well that totally doesn’t describe why junkies get pregnant then. You are an ass!

      • landofaahs

        I don’t respect you enough to care about your opinion.

    • 787878781

      No it is not God, it is people and companies acting thinking they are
      God creating infertility via our food suppy, medications, birth control,
      mass vaccinations and cleaning supplies and flouridated water supply.
      Our food supply is now 95% GMO designed deliberatly to make us all
      infertile within 3 generations, GMOs was introduced in 95 so with one
      generation down and the golabal fertility rate already down 30% we are
      “ON TRACK”. Mass vaccinations started in the 80s. Vaccines contain
      Polysorbate 80 a sterilization agent. Bill Gates is on a mission to feed
      all GMOs and vax the globe into infertility – he is on tape numerous
      times saying so. He even calls it: “we are doing Gods work”…..Chemicals like Phthalates and BPA contained in most
      plastics, skin care and most products in one way or another also causes
      infertility and birth defects. THose in on this little sceem: every
      large food, agri, chemical, drug company, HHS, CDC FDA, EPA, USDA adn
      most so-called health and research organizations that are nothing but
      frauds. Don’t believe me, Google it.

      • landofaahs

        Sarah had trouble getting pregnant and there were no GMO’s then. There were no major international corporations either. Who would you blame for all the millennia of people who were infertile? Dumbass.

    • Jaimers

      Contrary to what some may believe, people are allowed the power of personal inspiration and revelation through personal prayer. We are tested by Him through our trials, and we are blessed by how we handle ourselves. Who are we to judge what someone else’s answer may have been? I know people who have had multiple miscarriages, decided to adopt, had the adoption go through, and then have children naturally with no problems. I’ve also known couples who could not adopt, for whatever reason, but after going through the adoption process, they had natural pregnancies. There is no way for any of us to know for certain what plan God might have in store for each of us. Additionally, it is my belief that we have the medical knowledge that we have today because our Heavenly Father has helped these things come to pass, that He has given these doctors and scientists the knowledge to perform these medical advances we have in our day.

      (To answer your question about In Vitro, only the eggs that are fertilized are placed back in the woman’s womb. The other unfertilized eggs are kept in a sort of “cold storage” until the family is ready to become pregnant again. Also, doctors will not insert “a lot” of eggs, but usually one or two. Those numbers can change depending on each individual.)

  • Dexter

    Disregard the troll that pretends to be religious!
    Don’t feed the troll!
    Best to flag the troll as inappropriate! (flag in the upper right hand of posting)

  • GinkoJK2

    Wow. All the hurtful and ignorant comments from so many people that obviously have never experienced what it is like to go through IVF are amazing. If you have no idea what you’re talking about you should just keep your mouth shut and wait for a topic that you actually have some knowledge of.

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    After my Uncle retired, he and his wife decided to become foster parents. They fell in love with and tried to adopt a little girl who had a drug addict for a mom. They were heartbroken when the adoption wasn’t allowed because they are white and the child was black. The foster system took the little girl away. Then another little girl entered their life. She was also loved, but because they were afraid that the system would take her away too, they decided not to try for legal adoption. My new cousin Jessica is now happily married. My uncle sent her to a Christian university and she became a school teacher. Her husband is in the military. When my cousin and new husband purchased a home in Alabama, my uncle sold his home to be near her. They didn’t want her to be alone when her husband deployed and have temporarily moved in with her. There are still good people in the world.

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