What is George Soros up to this time?

After purchasing a $24.3 million stake in the Israeli company SodaStream International Ltd earlier this year, George Soros has sold his shares amidst mounting political pressure. As Yahoo reported, a Soros spokesperson declined to comment on when the shares were sold, but a Palestinian activist seemingly took credit for the decision.

“After pressure from Soros partners in the region and the world, they dropped SodaStream and promised, in private letters so far, to issue guidelines similar to those adopted by the EU to prevent any investment into companies that sustain the Israeli occupation and settlements in particular,” Omar Barghouti, a Palestinian activist and co-founder of the BDS movement told The National.

You may recall SodaStream was in the headlines earlier this year when actress Scarlett Johansson refused to terminate her relationship with the company that has a manufacturing plant in Maale Adumim – a settlement in Judea. SodaStream actually employs 900 Palestinians at the facility, and the company openly supports Arab-Jewish equality and coexistence.

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the Soros’ decision to take “a stand against the nation of Israel.”

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As Glenn explained, the fact that Soros initially invested in SodaStream proves the value of the product.

“[SodaStream is] making a product that is really good. So good, in fact, that some of the biggest investors in the world have invested in Soda Stream,” Glenn said. “How big? The biggest of the big… a man who controls currencies can collapse entire currencies and countries just by a waive of his hand: George Soros. George Soros owned $25 million of stock in Soda Stream… He sold his 550,000 shares at $24.4 million after pressure from his partners in that region of the world.”

While Glenn recognized Soros’ right to invest his money as he sees fit, the politics of the deal left him wondering.

“I believe in a world that you’re free to do what you believe is right. I believe in a world where we can all disagree… We’re not shouted down. I believe in a world where somebody can go out and buy all the biggest rabbis in the world and mount a giant campaign and do whatever they want. You do that,” Glenn explained. “I believe in a world where that doesn’t last. At some point, you’re there alone – decrepit, aging, with nothing but your money to keep you warm at night. And you wonder, what the hell have I done?”

“I have sympathy for people like George Soros, who has gone through an awful lot in his life… He’s gone through things I can’t even imagine,” he continued. “But I can’t imagine how he found the path to his life and how he has found the answers that he has found through the extraordinary trials that he has been through. But I believe in a world where we all are different, and we all have different paths. He has chosen his. I have chosen mine.”

  • Anonymous

    Another liberal Jew stabbing Israel in the back.

    • Yo Mamma

      Israel is the LAND. If ISRAEL was occupied by the spaghetti monster, they would be called Israelis.

      Your statement should hence read

      “Another liberal Jew stabbing Jews in the back.”

      • Anonymous

        “Another liberal Jew stabbing Israelis in the back.”
        That’s better, eh?

        • Yo Mamma

          Read my very detailed description to dearest Brian below

      • Brian Hardheaded Beddow

        “Jews” are only those of the tribe of Judah. There are another 11 tribes. The 12 tribes together are Israel.

        That land without the Israeli’s/Israelites is the Land of Canaan. Take away the Israelis, and it is not Israel. The land itself is NOT Israel, unless it’s residents are Israel.

        No, no: the LAND is NOT Israel. The people are. And not all Israelis are “Jews” or “Jewish”.

        • Yo Mamma

          Geez Brian you’re all spun around. There are actually 13 tribes but anywho.

          There was a God fearing family, small but impressive, that emerged out of Egypt with some 600,000 mixed bag of slaves, idol worshipers and the like. This small band, the family, was the children of Israel, the bro.

          40 years God smashed these simpletons HARD until, just like a huge strainer, only quality followers of God Creator were left. Within the ranks, still some children of Israel.

          Patience I know you’re ANSI

          Because they were purified by fire by God, those that crossed the Jordan instantly became Israelites, members of the Land of Israel. (remember everyone else was killed in the name of God because they did NOT follow the laws within Torah, which was the case for 1000 years thereafter)

          Anyone, of any religion, color or creed living in Israel, is an Israelite, even today.

          Remove the Jews and replace them with atheists, they would be Israelites too.

          We know them as Israelis, because they are from Israel.

          The religion happens today to be Jews.

          But the Land of Israel is not the eternal inheritance of the Jew, but the common man HEBREW, yah, seriously

          So, according to God, those that do NOT follow the LAW in Torah, those will be ousted from the LAND, which we all know has happened many times over. No news there.

          So who are these Hebrews? – Fear not. The old religion is not gone, never was, still here, just waiting patiently for ‘something to happen’ lol

          • James

            You are both wrong… There were only 12 tribes of Israel in the beginning.

            According to Genesis 35:10, God said to Jacob, “Your name is Jacob, but you will no longer be called Jacob; your name will be Israel.”

            Jacob was a Hebrew, not a Jew. Jacob had 12 sons, each of which was considered a tribe of Israel a.k.a. Jacob.

            One of Jacobs sons was Judea, which is where Jews come from, but not Ashkenazi Jews, as they were converted by the Khazars in modern day Georgia, the country. Please do not confuse them, as they are not the same.

            Another of Jacobs sons, Joseph had two sons. Those two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh make up another two tribes.

            This is where the TWELVE (12) and later 11 tribes and 2 half tribes (or 13 tribes due to God’s blessing, it depends on how you look at it) of Israel come from.

            There are actually claims out there that the U.S. is Manasseh and Great Britain is Ephraim, but I have yet to draw a conclusion on this theory.

          • Yo Mamma

            No James, ur wrong 13 not 12 mate. Do some reading first.

            Eleven of the sons of Jacob/Israel and the two sons of Joseph became the 13 tribes of Israel.

            Nice picture of the tribes and boundaries here


            “Jacob was a Hebrew, not a Jew” correct, same with Moses and the 600,000 entering into the Land of Israel for 1000+ years. All Hebrews not Jews.

          • James

            Isn’t that what I said?

          • Equis

            No, Joseph was not given an allotment of land (birth right) because his birth right was split amongst his two sons instead therefore the 12 tribes. I think you may need to reread what Jacob gave to his sons as their birth right.

          • Yelena Shaykevich

            You are wrong about ashkenazi Jews. It was one historian conclusion that is completely wrong. Ashkenazi spoke Yiddish that is old German mixed with Hebrew. People from where Khazars used to leave, Slavic people and other European and eastern European nations and ethnic Jews (ashkenazi and arsenic) differ in genetic make up greatly.

          • James

            Do a little more research, more is coming out about this almost every day. The argument does go back and forth a lot, but there is ample evidence laying to claim that the Ashkenazi are not ethnic Jews. Kind of funny how there has never been a President of Israel that isn’t Ashkenazi too, isn’t it?

          • Yelena Shaykevich

            James, all those
            researches can say whatever they want. We, Ashkenazi, know where we came from, including many Kohen among us. It is all in each Jewish family history.

          • James

            And so do us Hebrews.

          • Brian Hardheaded Beddow

            I described another “11”, because the Levites are not a landholding tribe, really, and are generally members of the other tribes. I make this mistake all the time, because the Tribe of Levi is amongst all the other tribes.

    • David

      I think he renounced his faith years ago; he actually collaborated with the Nazis!

  • Yo Mamma

    Any smart businessman wanting to invest in the Land of Israel had better read a copy of Torah and read it good. Read it with the understanding that there are laws to live by in that land.

    Laws Jews do NOT live by and are about to be kicked out.

    Laws Muslims do NOT live by and have been kicked out.

    Laws Christians do NOT live by and have been kicked out.

    Laws Canaanites do NOT live by and have been kicked out.

    Laws Moses’s Hebrews did live by and when perverted the laws were kicked out.

    Its not rocket science

    The only longevity in that region was Moses’s Hebrews that lived in the land for 1000 years. All the rest have been for a few hundred at a time, now the Jews are probably not even 100.

  • Yo Mamma

    Glenn, remember Judea come from the land portioned in the Land of Israel by God Creator, to the tribe of Judah. It happened to be a large tribe and therefore by NUMBERS had given a larger territory. But because of their influence (trouble making) and lack of Priestly authority in the area, they took control of the entire area.

    Jews are NOT the same Judeans that lived for 1000 years after Moses death. Those Judeans lived under Priestly rule and Torah law only, as per God’s law. Jews are a whole different religion but have attached and aligned themselves with this non-priestly tribe.

    The tribe that are chosen to dominate and control the area have been sidelined. That is the Levite tribe, the priestly tribe. Thats also the money tribe. But you must be bloodline to be a part of it, which no money can buy. So they align with the Judeans, the David and Jesus tribe,

    A serious lapse of judgement

  • Anonymous

    So bizarre that there are so many antisemitic Jews.

    • Nutt66

      So bizarre to read such ignorant statements

      • Anonymous

        brad’s correct. Sorry if you can’t handle the irony.

        • Nutt66

          Claiming Obama is racist against white people is Ironic.
          Because he IS white.
          Claiming Jews hate Semites is ironic.
          Because the majority of them ARE Semites.

    • James

      So bizarre that there are so few Semitic Jews and so many Jews claiming to be Semitic.

    • riverstun .

      So bizarre that you think that opposing ethnic cleansing is “anti-semitic”.
      Is there anything that Israel could do that would horrify you?
      Sinking an American ship?
      Developing Nuclear Weapons?
      Assassinating people abroad?
      Bombing an energy plant in a neighboring country?
      Occupying another country?
      Letting people into a concentration camp to slaughter the inmates?

  • jim

    Israel is unique. Israel was conceived as necessitating ethnic cleansing, and was created and is sustained by ethnic cleansing. Israel was created and is sustained by terrorism. Israel is, sui generis, a force for terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

    There is the view, fashionable amongst middle-of-the-road optimists harbouring a two-state solution pie-in-the-sky, that the problem is that the state has been appropriated by the political Right and the Far Right. The good Israel has been hijacked by the nasties. On the contrary. The current Israel is the natural heir of its origins and subsequent entrenchment of ethnically-based legal and cultural structures. Israel now produces racists as a majority voice, with citizens imbued with universalist values reduced to near powerlessness.

  • Anonymous

    What? Beck empathizing with Soros? Well, don’t let the new Glenn fool you too much. Beck calls Soros’ divestment in Sodastream “a stand against Israel”. But Glenn fails to even mention Jewish settlements or occupation that much of the world, including the US, disagrees with. Beck may be incapable of the balance he attempts to portray.

    • Crassus

      Thank you, Herr Goebbels.

      • Anonymous

        Opposing settlements on Palestinian land does not equal wanting to kill Jews. You know that, so why write such an unbalanced response?

    • Anonymous

      It’s Israel’s land. Has been for thousands of years. Before Palestinian was ever dreamed up.

      • Anonymous

        Then why did Israel agree to the 1967 borders?

        • Anonymous

          What does it matter? It’s Israel’s land. Anything they agree to is to try and get peace which they’ll never get from terrorists.

        • David

          They didn’t. The borders after 1967 were MORE than what Israel was given during the UN partition in 1948. 1967 was the territory which the Arabs forfeited by violating the partition agreement. Israelis earned that land legally through blood sacrifice of a war of self-preservation.

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Re: “I have sympathy for people like George Soros, who has gone through an awful lot in his life…”

    Yeah, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Che, Mao etc etc etc… went through an awful lot in their lives too, I have such sympathy for them…

    Interesting to note, something in common both Soros and Beck have is calling for an Article V Convention. If called, our Constitution can be fundamentally altered or completely rewritten, and most probably will. The purpose behind a convention is to fix any fundamental flaws in our form of government under the Constitution (if it should ever arise), not to get politicians to obey the laws they already ignore.

    That’s what elections are for. Unfortunately ‘we their bosses’ have been brainwashed into believing that we are obligated to vote and support the lesser of two evils. That goes for both Republicans and Democrats.

    Until Glenn starts admitting he was duped or paid to endorse such things, I get the impression that he uses the willing Soros as a “heel” to give himself credibility to sway republicans voters.

    Sorry if this was slightly off topic, I’m just more concerned with the serious threats currently facing the USA than I am with Israel who has a covenant with God.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I think your criticism of Beck is unwarranted, simply because he gets so many other things right, but your general statement is completely correct. Until the Constitution turns into some kind of super-powerful monster or something, it is up to We the People to ensure that it is followed, and the voting booth is the place to make it happen.

    • David

      If the liberals wanted to rewrite or completely do away with the US Constitution, there are much easier ways of doing so. If they wished to scrap the constitution, they would have done so already. A Conventions of states cannot repeal the Constitution, only modify it. That hysteria and hyperbolae is exactly what the liberals want people to think so as to prevent a restoration of the Constitution as the Founders intended.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        Hello David,

        I take it you believe our form of government is fundamentally flawed and can only be repaired by severe alterations?

        You must if you are an advocate for the Article V Convention. Especially with your statement that liberals wish to leave the Constitution alone while it’s the people who wish to alter it are the true restorers.

        Tell me, how do you restore something by adding to it?

        I’m for repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments but not by an Article V Convention. All of what you write is simply untrue. You will have to provide more than your opinions if you wish to convince anybody of anything, such as:

        What exactly are these “easier ways” of doing away with the US Constitution?

        Where in Article V of the US Constitution does it authorize a Convention of the States?

        When the convention of 1787 was called with the explicit instructions of only amending the Articles of Confederation by unanimous consent of all the States, the Framers found the Article of Confederation unworkable and preceded to drafted a new constitution with new rules for ratification so they didn’t need unanimous consent. Because our current Constitution would never have been ratified otherwise.

        That is the precedent you call “hysteria and hyperbolae”. I think not.

        BTW, here is a list of groups on the left that support an Article V Convention that you are arguing doesn’t. It’s a two part article



        • David

          Let me use a quote by Winston Churchill. “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

          Our system has its strengths and weaknesses. And like all systems, it can be gamed to pervert its purpose and abuse it to one’s own corrupt ends.
          The US Constitution is not perfect, but neither is it fundamentally flawed. Nothing in the universe is perfect; everything has flaws. If the US Constitution was perfect as originally written, there would have been no need for the first ten amendments commonly called the Bill of Rights. That is why an amendment process was included. In fact, the 12th Amendment modifying presidential elections was passed a mere 12 1/2 years later.
          The “easier” way of passing amendments is the process almost every previous amendment that has come before, with the notable exception of the 21st amendment repealing Prohibition(that one used state conventions to override the legislators of the states whom refuse to ratify). It is much easier for enemies of the constitution to bribe, coerce, and extort currently sitting members of congress into passing an amendment that it is to rally a majority of the states.

          You sir, are clever with your words like Jonny Depp’s Captain Sparrow. But clever words and deflections will not verbally disarm nor dislodge the strength of my position. I did not say all liberals didn’t want to amend the constitution. I merely point that some of them may be misrepresenting their support in order to scare conservatives and restorationists into abandoning their course of action. Do NOT underestimate their cleverness. While the lay member may be a zombie, the leaders of liberalism are crafty and bear close watching.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Re: “The US Constitution is not perfect, but neither is it fundamentally flawed.”

            Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and other spokesman claim our Constitution is broken…

            But I agree with you, while not perfect it’s not fundamentally flawed. Which means there is no reason to risk invoking a Article V Convention and throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

            The Constitution already contains all the necessary checks and balances for reigning in the lawless. Are we not a Constitutional Republic, one of enumerated powers only?

            To call for more amendments to fix our problems is the equivalent of the Democrats demanding more gun laws when the current ones are not being enforced. That gives great insight into their worldview and should be a red flag.

            We are what’s wrong and who cannot be trusted tampering with the Constitution. We the Corrupted People won’t elect honest public officers to represent us (be it local, state, or federal) who will obey and enforce the Constitution. The politicians are just a reflection of our society and serve as our scapegoats. A Convention is not a solution to our problems at all, it’s the final nail in our coffin.

            The Constitution is still on our side, not the lawless’. But it won’t be if we allow it to be tampered with by unscrupulous men. Make no mistake, invoking a Article V Convention is nothing more than a power grab by a few factions that our perfectly good Constitution is standing in the way of.

            The following quote strikes at the heart of the problem we are actually facing.

            “What do we mean when we say that first of all we seek liberty? I often
            wonder whether we do not rest our hopes too much upon constitutions,
            upon laws and upon courts. These are false hopes; believe me, these are
            false hopes. Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies
            there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.
            While it lies there it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save
            it.” ~Learned Hand, ‘The Spirit of Liberty’ 1944

            Just because Mark Levin calls them “liberty” amendments, doesn’t mean they are. It’s a marketing gimmick that does nothing to restore Liberty.


            “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”
            ~John Adams

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Re: Captain Jack Sparrow

            FWIW, I thought you might like to know that I have been walking around like a drunk pirate ever since I read your reply. Now I am seriously thinking about changing my name.

            “You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught the Blue Tail Sparrow!” lol

      • conservativerightwinger

        ConstitutionalNot True. i Point To The Constitutional Convention Of 1787. The Founders Reconvened To Make Changes To The Articles Of Confederation, But Instead Threw Them Out All Together. They Can And Will Destroy Our Liberties. Once We Put The Constitution On The Chopping Block, There Is No Telling What Will Happen. We Can’t Make Politicians Follow The Law By Enacting More Laws. That Is What Elections Are For.

        • BlueMN

          “Capitalization is the writing of a word with its first letter in uppercase and the remaining letters in lowercase. Experienced writers are stingy with capitals. It is best not to use them if there is any doubt.”

        • David

          And that is exactly the kind of fear mongering that liberals want you to succumb to. You are playing right into their hands.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, people I trust (I think it was Tom DeWeese) have said a Constitutional Convention is a bad idea, like opening Pandora’s Box.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly


        Sorry about the delay, I’ve been having Disqus Dashboard problems.

        I came across one of Tom DeWeese’s articles on Article V earlier this year, which was the first time I ever heard of him.


        When Mark Levin’s book: ‘Liberty Amendments’ was released, I noticed something interesting. A major conversion happened in the “conservative” media. Suddenly they we were all parroting Levin’s arguments word for word. And it always starts with, “I have always been against a Constitutional Convention until this new information was brought to light…”

        Hence the reason for renaming it from a Constitution Convention to a “Convention of the States”. They have simply changed the name and added some unfounded theories to sell the same bad idea. I liken it to the movie, Poltergeist. When they learn the developers removed the tombstones but left the graves in the old cemetery where the new housing development was built.

        Invoking a Article V Convention under any name WILL haunt us forever, it is a Pandora’s Box like you said.


        PS Here are some more links to people who have written extensively on the subject if you are interested in reading more:




  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com/ Karen Rose

    It doesn’t matter what Soros tries to do the Lord blocks it. Soros should think about where he is about to go, he is old, and no amount of money, can save you. Think about it. Psalms 91…7 A thousand may fall at your side,
    And ten thousand at your right hand;
    But it shall not come near you.
    8 Only with your eyes shall you look,
    And see the reward of the wicked.

  • Anonymous

    It is a known fact that Soros’ Mother who was Jewish hated being Jewish and taught Georgie boy the same values..that is why at a young age when Jews were being rounded up and killed by Hitler….he would find out where the Jews were hiding claiming he was a Jew (which he was) and report to the Nazi’s that is how he survived the war …and has coninued with his venom on the Jews……dear OLD Georgie boy will be real happy in hell with the rest of the evil Nazi’s etc…..

    • Anonymous

      Hitler himself was Jewish himself…

      • bob machaffy

        add John Kerry another jew selling out the jews

        • Anonymous

          Better check that out again. Kerry is a Catholic.

          • Colleen De Lacy Summerson

            Kerry’s grandfather was Jewish – check Wikipedia- he changed his name – his name was Kohn . Soros is of Jewish descent also, but became an athiest- turned his back on his people …

          • Reliquary

            Doesn’t matter ..you are Jewish on your mothers side or your not Jewish…lol

          • laura

            They al change thier name,, you never know where the are unless you do research..

    • Mindi Utah

      Not to defend Soros in the slightest but….It was actually not uncommon for Jews to renounce their religion & hide their identity during the early 20th century, especially those who came out of Russia (not sure if George’s family did) who experienced terrible oppression & death under the tsar. The Russian Jews sort of split in 3 major factions beginning during the late 1800:Those who remained true to the Jewish faith & traditions, those who gravitated into communism & anarchism (etc… Many Jewish Bolshevics) & those who moved into places like Germany & embraced modernity & tried to blend in– secular jews, meaning they were of Jewish decent but typically ceased to follow their religion & traditions. As I understand it, most Zionists were secular European Jews, but they were later joined in Israel/ Palestine by jews from throughout the middle east &, after WWII, elsewhere. So, is it accurate to call Israel a religious homeland? or, is it morea homeland which brings together a diasporic people, or nation, who are united more by lineage than religion? Just curious….

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I have to disagree I tried Sodastream and it sucks.

  • Anonymous

    George Soros took a stand against the people of Israel – his own – before the current nation of Israel existed. Throughout his long career of evil, he has chosen destruction for others to enrich himself. George gave himself to the devil as surely as Karl Marx did, but without quite so much impact.

  • Common sense

    George Soros isn’t Jewish. He is a liberal and liberals hate Israel. A true Jew would support Israel.

    • http://rmusdhs.ss4.sharpschool.com/programs/redskins_sports/ Thunderthud

      Geraldo Rivera is Jewish and appears to be supporting Hamas. Go figure!

    • Anonymous

      A person can be a Jew without practising the Jewish faith. He is an atheist Jew.

  • rambler

    Lots of people have difficult lives and they don’t go over to the dark side. Soros has had plenty of time to turn his life around and yet he hasn’t. He plays with currencies like they are funny money. He has no regard for the chaos he creates in a country when he destroys the currency. His karmic debt must be huge and hopefully due soon.

  • Donald Fissell

    i love my soda stream soon i will do my review of it

  • Anonymous

    Put Soros in jail for crimes against humanity

  • Davaughn Wistrom

    I stand with Israel, am a proud owner of a Soda Stream, and i don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about it!!!

  • Glenn Coughlin

    Once again, glenn is lying his ass off. At least this time he knows he won’t get fired for his lies like he did when FN kicked him to the curb for wrongfully attacking Soros.

  • Eric Wadsworth

    Presbyterian church USA a large and very liberal faction of the Presbyterian Church voted this way! Not all factions of Presbyterians are for this!!!! Only Presbyterian USA, not EPC or PCA!!!

  • Anonymous

    This time George Soros isn’t to blame for what he did. It looks like the people surrounding him really talked him into selling the stock.

  • Buck Wheat


  • Shelly Giacopuzzi Burton

    I’m going to immediately purchase a SodaStream, or two.

  • SlavoZ

    Ok… Well, just because there is a holy place it doesn’t mean that all
    Jews or Israelis are good people and the Israelis government either.
    There maybe some people like George Soros there that decide to choose a
    different path. You can’t let every decision they make to be without any
    punishment. I think they violated a lot of things and now there are
    consequences of it. watch my links and maybe you’ll get an idea.

  • 2 IT too

    ———–esp. as used an an instrument of ‘GLOW BULL’ mafia,
    ———————-begets DEVIANT economy and culture,
    —————unto DEPRAVED economy and culture,
    ————————-unto EUGENICS
    ————————————unto ENSLAVEMENT
    ———————————————unto EXTERMINATION
    ———————-and TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

    In other words, HOLLOWING costs —unto ever more

    THEY set up RED CHINA.

    THEY pulled off RED CHINA handover TREASON.


    The PERPS remain at the HELM. Their ‘FEW CHORE’ is unfolding.

    POST America is being PULLED.

    DON’T believe US?


  • SlavoZ

    Antisemitism is another way of being racist towards non Jewish people.

  • Dwayne Huskins

    So I take Becks challenge from the other day , to read the comments here and at Huffpo , hes right , allot of back and forth , I will say allot more pleasant on this thread but nobody mentions the one thing that is standing in the way of real progress (NOT Progressivism) in the region , groups like Hamas will never put on paper that Israel has a right to exist , without that jumping off point, there will never be a sustainable solution.

  • Mindi Utah

    Soros has also been helping to prop up an illegitimate Ukranian regime infused with high ranking members of the fascist Neo-Nazi Social National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), or Svoboda…. & the Ukrainian civil war, with its US & Russian proxies, just so happens to be moving us toward WWIII.
    Im Still waiting for the media to have a conversation about the fact that Joe Biden’s son & John Kerry’s step son & former campaign backer have connections to a Ukrainian gas company called Burishma Holdings, which is fighting to take over eastern Ukrainian resources & reorient flows to the EU …..& just what kind of regime the US (& Sorros) is empowering. Svoboda wants to eradicate the ethnic Russians in the east, be they Separatist or not, & our political elite seem just fine with that, as it serves their interests

  • co22

    I think he bought SODA at about 40 and sold it at 30 feeling the stock would go lower. I just don’t see any conspiracy here.

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