A 56-second video has emerged of an exchange between a U.S. border patrol agent and a trucker that just about sums up the current state of immigration laws in this country.

The man behind the wheel of the truck is a driver named Travis Pope who was on Interstate 10 in Sierra Bianca, Texas, when he spoke to the border agent. Pope filmed the conversation using a pair of Icam glasses, and, according to TheBlaze, the agent was unaware he was on film.

In an interview with TheBlaze, Pope explained he comes in contact with a number of border agents and law enforcement officers on a daily basis and the mood is largely the same – people are frustrated.

“Their response don’t surprise me,” he said. “They’re frustrated too. I see it in them.”

On radio this morning, Glenn described the video as “stunning.”

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“You can really sense his frustration because he knows what he’s doing is important,” Glenn said of the border patrol agent. “And now I got to believe these guys are questioning, ‘What am I even doing this for?’”

It is unclear if this agent has faced any backlash for his words, but Glenn has a feeling he will be reprimanded. It is because of situations like this that Glenn’s charity, Mercury One, made a donation to support these border patrol agents.

“We made a giant donation when we went down to feed the kids for the Border Patrol Legal Defense Fund because these guys get in trouble all the time for doing their job. And we felt it was important that they have the money to fight,” Glenn said. “I’m not for unions on anything… [but] I’m for the union when it comes to the Border Patrol because there has to be balance in all things.”