You won’t believe this border patrol agent’s candid response to a trucker’s question

A 56-second video has emerged of an exchange between a U.S. border patrol agent and a trucker that just about sums up the current state of immigration laws in this country.

The man behind the wheel of the truck is a driver named Travis Pope who was on Interstate 10 in Sierra Bianca, Texas, when he spoke to the border agent. Pope filmed the conversation using a pair of Icam glasses, and, according to TheBlaze, the agent was unaware he was on film.

In an interview with TheBlaze, Pope explained he comes in contact with a number of border agents and law enforcement officers on a daily basis and the mood is largely the same – people are frustrated.

“Their response don’t surprise me,” he said. “They’re frustrated too. I see it in them.”

On radio this morning, Glenn described the video as “stunning.”

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“You can really sense his frustration because he knows what he’s doing is important,” Glenn said of the border patrol agent. “And now I got to believe these guys are questioning, ‘What am I even doing this for?’”

It is unclear if this agent has faced any backlash for his words, but Glenn has a feeling he will be reprimanded. It is because of situations like this that Glenn’s charity, Mercury One, made a donation to support these border patrol agents.

“We made a giant donation when we went down to feed the kids for the Border Patrol Legal Defense Fund because these guys get in trouble all the time for doing their job. And we felt it was important that they have the money to fight,” Glenn said. “I’m not for unions on anything… [but] I’m for the union when it comes to the Border Patrol because there has to be balance in all things.”

  • Yo Mamma

    He should have just said “How many Catholics on Board”

    He would have answered “90% statistically”

    Thank you the American Catholic Church for putting your selfish interests ahead of the country, all to fill your now empty coffers.

    Keep your hands off little children and obey the laws of the land or by jove you will hear from your Catholic constituents.

    Or maybe not.

    Glenn, why haven’t you made an effort to discourage those, like this church, to stop assisting illegals cross the border. I understand kids no matter what religion need help, but they’re just pawns. Its the adults that have been encouraging the kids to leave homes. Seriously who does that? Money talks, get the story straight

    • NTX007

      It’s not the American Catholic Church’s fault for the immigration issue. They are simply doing what Christ would do and what he taught us. There is a difference between our government using our tax money to support illegal immigration and a charitable, humanitarian organization using their own funds to assist a fellow human being. I suppose you also think it’s the American Catholic Church’s fault for homelessness in America.

      • Yo Mamma

        You’re just not that smaaart. And please don’t think what Catholics are is ‘christ like’ omg

        Hey little boy, like my weenie in your tooshie?

        ‘christ like’ omg

        Yeah lets all just turn the cheek so you can shove that schtick down our throats

        And its not you in specific that is a pedophile.

        And its not you in specific that is aiding and abetting illegals

        But if you stand by and do nothing to stop it


        • JohnnyBGood

          Well aren’t you just clever hating on religion, how original. Since you’re obviously here to troll (note the lack of logic used to suggest otherwise) why not come up with something more clever. New plan, put yo mamma on the border, that’ll scare them all the way.

          • Yo Mamma

            Nice rant cowboy

          • JohnnyBGood

            smooth comeback hipster

          • Yo Mamma

            PS> cowboy you realize a troller is someone that FOLLOWS, like you do me. I fart, you sniff. Go play with your guns and tell me sometime if you get pleasure in taking a life

          • Yomomma

            please change your screen name you are making me look bad

          • Yo Mamma

            You have to have an appearance to ‘look bad’

          • Colleen

            It is not the religion but bad people that are every where as you know that do bad things.

          • Yo Mamma

            Its called profiling. If 80-90% of those crossing illegally into the country are Catholic, that becomes a profile.

            If most of the help provided to those crossing illegally into the country are Catholic, that becomes a profile.

            Same as those looking like Arabs entering an airport. What is good for the goose….

            So you can call them ‘bad people’, but in fact they are just bad Catholics if that sounds better to you:

            Good Catholics vs Bad Catholics.

            Just like the many ‘good’ Muslims that bear the brunt of American scrutiny now, post 911, be a proactive-Catholic and smack those bad Catholic priests into line before the American scrutiny includes you – You have that choice but I don’t see anything coming of it

          • Yomomma

            Then let me say you’re giving me a bad name.

        • Anonymous

          You are gross!
          The reason these churches are taking care of all these people, is because the government began sending many church affiliations millions in taxpayer dollars two years ago in anticipation of this move by obama.
          Google it. It’s part of the government plan, to play on the sympathy of Christians to continue his quest for democratic voters! Soon he’ll use his pen to allow them to vote.

          • Yo Mamma

            Giving churches money isn’t illegal.

            Avoiding the issues shows you’re an idiot.

            If you stand by and do nothing to stop churches helping illegals cross over the border, you’re just as guilty as them

  • just another cop

    Good first amendment case if they try to retaliate on the agent. He’s entitled to his opinion and he’s entitled to voice it as well.

    • Red Blooded American

      He’s entitled to his opinion. He’s just not entitled to provide it while on duty in a US Government uniform. The only time he’s protected in this fashion is if he’s whistle blowing. Pretty sure that’s how it works…

    • Bryan

      Uuuummmm, not sure where you have been, but Law Enforcement and Militay are exempt from getting to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

  • Anonymous
  • WordsOfNothing

    If it were me making the video I would have pixellated the border guard’s face. He’s probably going to catch hell for this.

    • Tom Musso

      Totally agree. Him not knowing it was being done is not really fair to him.

    • Andrea Stephen


      ♛♛♛ ♛�♛♛ ♛♛♛ ♛♛♛ ♛♛♛ �♛♛♛

      • Sparky McFarland

        My uncle’s pet dogs grand child doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

    • Devine White

      The left would just claim that it was a fake. The guy really didn’t say anything that bad or derogatory. I mean come one, he was stating the obvious.

      • brutal truth

        but it might be isulting to our Dear Leader

  • Connor Kenway

    It really does not anymore because the left made sure that the broader is so open that anyone can cross and if you got a problem with sex traffickers and drug runners coming acrossed than you are a racist to them.

  • Diane

    Glenn, I am sorry you are not for Unions “on anything”…because I belong to one and they help keep me working! In the medical field they send you home whenever the census is LOW and work you LONG hours whenever it is HIGH! You end up using ALL your vacation days and then have NO vacation time! So Thanks for nothing!
    The CEO is making Millions and the Nurses on the front lines who keep people alive or dead are making nothing to what YOU make!

    • Devine White

      I guess it no longer amazes me that you don’t lay any of the blame on your union. Have you checked to see what your union executives make per year in salary and bloated retirement off of your dues? I’ll bet they don’t use their vacation to fill in time. Nothing holding you back form being CEO except for the entitlement attitude.

  • Ranjit Patel

    Illegal immigration issue will not go away until Americans of all classes stop employing them! Do your own yard work – or if you must pay cash, pay another American! Paint your own house! Cook your own food! Or pay cash to another American!

  • Charles Hurst

    And it is such a simple solution. Deport every single illegal alien caught. No matter where they are caught and no matter what their circumstances. Secure the fence and then over the years we start exporting more deportees than illegals coming in.

    So let’s say a bank robber is caught. Do we say, well, he needed the money for his family so we will let him go? Or say he is found out ten years later. Do we let him go because after all, it was a decade ago? Or maybe years later he got married and now has children and is found out. Does he get amnesty because now that he has children there is an emotional component? So he goes free?

    And why does the Progressive believe in amnesty? Because any chance to use a group of created portrayed victims he uses to propagate his Marxism. Because using our monies to give to illegal invaders is a form of global Marxism. That’s what
    a traitor would do. State the law isn’t really the law. That is the anti reason
    a Democrat uses. You wonder why us wingnuts state that the Progressive suffers
    from a mental disorder? Check your talking points. You cannot even state a law
    needs to be enforced. And neither can a great many Republicans.

    Do you really think things will just work themselves out? That the nation can
    allow illegal invaders amnesty over and over and everything will be fine. We
    tried amnesty once. Reagan, remember? Exactly what problems with the border did it solve? It increased illegal invader traffic after the first amnesty. Of
    course it did. Why would I obey a speed limit if nothing would happen to me if
    I were caught?

    If you want our nation to fall like my fiction predicts keep stating law isn’t law
    and morality isn’t really relative like the Progressive constantly propagates
    with every victim group that doesn’t really exist. My only consolation is
    knowing that the Progressive will be dragged out of his house as well when we
    do finally collapse and go into complete chaos. Then the liberal will
    understand just like they did following the 1917 revolution in Russia as his
    blood pours

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Jason Bournne

    What the heck is Beck wearing?

  • Anonymous

    Lets arm the Boarder Patrol agents when 30 caliber machine guns and shoot down the Mexican Aircraft’s

  • ken.

    the border agents need to band together and do their duty, telling obama and the democrats to buzz off. they can call themselves patriotic american activists!

  • Mike Barry

    That Border Patrol agent spoke volumes in those three simple words…”Not any more…” and in doing so, he encapsulated the frustration that of all of us in law enforcement have with this administration and their purposeful ignorance of our immigration laws. In my 35 years on this job, I have never seen any President thumb his nose at so many policies and laws that could damage a nation so severely and so quickly as much as what this President has done. It’s so sad to see my nation taken down by a leader who dislikes America as much as this one does and who was put into power by 52% of America’s “low information voters” and then being inflicted upon us again by that same 52% after seeing his first four years of damage, and wanting more! It’s over, folks; the crazies have control and we are going the way of Rome. National suicide has happened.

  • Anonymous

    Tragic for the agent and the We the People!!

  • thedogwalker

    You have to give the Border Agent credit for telling the truth, it doesn’t matter anymore.

  • nickc66

    The border agent looks like Dave on Storage Wars. He should have answered Nooooooooope.

  • Joseph Chatfield

    Seems the guard is tired of not doing anything and i agree

  • CeasarObama

    Obama is a douchebag.

    • Hooshaw

      A douche cleans and medicates,
      But me he irritates.

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