You’ve never seen animals do this before!

On radio this morning, Glenn encouraged his viewers to check out two videos that are going viral. From a bare-chested Russian getting his ducks in a row (quite literally) to a Kansas farmer showing off his unique cattle call, these videos will bring a smile to your face.

Ducks in a row:

Trombone cattle call:

  • Yo Mamma

    What would drive humans to listen and come when called? Such obedience.

    Money? Fame? Intrigue?


    God Creator found only one thing that makes humans operate well together and follow commands…..

    Fear or die thinking about other options

    • Anonymous

      It’s feeding time, pure and simple.

      • Yo Mamma

        The attraction of Food doesn’t stop humans from rebelling.

        Proof, when the masses asked Moses for meat

        I don’t see a single duck sprinting away for other food sources. They goto be bored of that same old stuff he feeds them. Poultry love a variety too. But you don’t see a single one making a run for it.

      • Andy Brown

        No it is the sound of the trombone….they think it is another cow

        • Yo Mamma

          yeah, I forget to mention SEX will attract a male, make him obedient, but those are cows coming to the player, moooooo

  • Carol Weddle

    Love it :)

  • Suzanne McLennan

    I thought i heard in the background someone driving them behind the hill… we just dont see them. It was toward the end. but it was still interesting.

  • Anne Crawford

    This really isn’t new. My little 4 ft 11 in grandmother would get on her back porch with a horn made out of a cow horn & blow. All the cows knew when they heard that horn blow it was time to eat.

  • Anonymous

    I have seen cows respond the same way to the horn blowing on a pickup. They learn what sound heralds the arrival of the feed sack.

    • Rollingsworth_T_Vestibule

      Yeah, we all know the story of Pavlovian response, but this was Funny!

  • landofaahs

    Animals get used to any kind of noise that the feeder uses on a consistent basis. Cattle even learn to distinguish the peculiar sound one truck that feeds over another. It just takes a little time. I’m glad all the major problems we face are now solved so we can tackle this big problem.

  • Beth Williams

    Love this! I have herded cattle and llamas with the help of my dog, Maggie! I wish I had a video of the dog actually because she trained herself by watching me. My husband showed me one evening how Maggie would go in one of our male llamas’ pen and bark at him until he would go into the corner of the pen. Then she would bark once to let the chickens know to go on and roost in the tree in Romero’s pen. After they were in the tree she would bark once at Romero to let him know that he could come out of the corner. Then she would make her exit.

  • Anonymous

    Really, cute baby videos and animal videos? Glenn, millions of people post this stuff on social media every day. Is this really where your network is going?

    • Michael Norman

      Lighten up!

    • Mark Trail

      A little laughter is good for the soul…I guess you don’t need any.

      • Landree

        These videos are everywhere. We turn to Beck for scary government plots.

    • Overheten

      There are even more like you who like to complain all the time. If this bothers you then you miss the entire point of being alive. Why even put up a fight for our Freedoms and RIghts if all we are going to do is become cold, crass, and miserable?

      • Landree

        I don’t feel cold or miserable. I want to hear more of the old Beck chalk-board free association conspiracies like the good old days. It’s crazy-exciting!

    • Sergio Bungholio

      I guess you get off on killing, corrupt politicians and destruction. Chill out dude. You may blow a gasket

      • Landree

        If I want nice videos of babies and animals, I’ll turn to F a c e b o o k or watch National Geographic or the Hallmark channel.

        • Myles Standish

          Glenn — You have been warned! You may only show stuff on your channel that isn’t available anywhere else! Absolutely no sharing! And STOP giving us something to smile about. We only want negativity dog gone it!!

          • Landree

            Almost right. Glenn–You increasingly show content that can be found anywhere. You increasingly give unrehearsed opinion on news that’s been thoroughly reported by real news organizations. It’s getting real boring.

    • Pat Reedy

      With all the bad news, it’s nice to get in a chuckle now and then. Good for the soul. Smile and enjoy a moment of fun in a world of chaos.

    • Rollingsworth_T_Vestibule

      I see you use “Mr. Bean” as an icon to your own personality. Isn’t that where YOU have gone?

      • Landree

        Ok. Mr. Bean is hilarious.

  • Takebackusa

    It is a sad day when individuals can’t enjoy a moment of entertainment with God’s creatures. Yes, we all realize it’s a trained reaction to food. Yes,It isn’t new. So what? Enjoy it or click out of it. Negativity doesn’t make you appear better or smarter or elite; it makes you easy to dismiss.

    • kristina munger

      I have a trained reaction to food too, and I’m a human! lol

      • casey

        Theyre cows moron you don’t feed them they graze on grass.

        • Country Girl

          yes they do graze on grass, but at the farm I grew up on, we always fed our cows oats in the evening and in the winter we fed them hay because there was no grass to graze on… You didn’t live on a farm, did you.

          • Ron Melone

            Casey didn’t respond after that, did she? Who is the moron now??

          • Robertb

            I wonder what Casey would say if I told her I have a miniature Schnauzer that sings.

        • Robertb

          You are the moron who needs to study a subject before you begin displaying what a moron you really are. trying to show every one how smart you are.. Does it not bother you,when you show your ignorance? When you have no grass for them to graze (grass dies) in the winter.

    • Derrick Hodges

      Actually lots of animal have been shown to have a naturally positive reaction to musical notes and melody. Probably not rigged, just curious animals.

    • 1pappap

      Ever hear of a dinner bell for humans?

    • Teresa McCoy

      Yes I agree

    • 1pappap

      If you work for a living I guarantee it when the alarm goes off in the morning you get up and head to work to feed your family and yourself. That said, how much better or more intelligent are we than the dumb animals.

    • Shannon Young


  • Et Th

    Never seen this before, thanks Glenn

  • jayne Ercolini

    Love it Glenn you are the best !!!! You haters shut up !!!!!

  • Pat Cocivera

    wow makes you smile

  • D’Angelo family

    That is awesome! Cows are smart and love to be with people. When they answered in unison after his toot toot toot – it was great. I grew up around farm animals/cows, so really enjoyed this!

  • Gemco Smith

    Just too funny .,.,.,,and amazing…….

  • normusa

    Let’s see that Russian try that with cats. Ducks are trainable.

  • Rollingsworth_T_Vestibule

    The Funniest part was seeing the Cows running up then jostling for the Best Seat at the Show! Thanks for making me laugh today, Mr. Farmer! Too cool and funny.

    • HA

      If you liked the farmer, he has regular songs on You Tube. One of my favorites is “Bumblebees in the Hay”. So fun!

  • OK_Bayou

    Tomorrow’s headline —
    Trombone player trampled in stampede.

  • Guest

    Ok, duckies!
    Last one in is dinner!

  • OK_Bayou

    ..Ok, duckies!
    Last one in is dinner!

  • Dale_G1

    Hilarious! Also look for the YouTube video of a radio interview of with a woman complaining about “deer crossings” and just why it is the deer can’t just read the signs to know that those crossings have too many cars going through them. LOL!!!

  • Dale_G1

    Somebody should tell the guys at Duck Dynasty that they have some competition.
    As for the other video…from trombone to T-bone? Just sayin’, looks like some mighty fine eatin’.

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    Hey what ever works to get them in, and if you can entertain your self a little in the process, all the better.

  • Anne Barber-Ingram

    Our cows ALWAYS come to us when we walk through the pasture– food or no food. They love to listen to us talk, and always participate when we burn fallen brush, have a picnic, or go swimming. They are social and want to be near us.

  • Sharon Foley

    My dog an cat both came over to the computer when the guy started playing,lol

  • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

    Cattle are naturally very curious. They will carefully inspect anything that is new to them and if it’s breakable, they usually break it.

  • andressbidle

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  • 1pappap

    Just think Gil Favor wouldn’t have needed Rowdy Yates or any of the other cowboys from “Rawhide” on the cattle drive Therefore, we may not have had “Dirty Harry.”

  • John Germain

    if Scary Harry Reid see the guy with the Cows and the trombone he will say the guy with trombone is violating grazing rights.

  • HA

    The farmer is a regular on YouTube. He has some hilarious videos. One of my favorite’s is “Bumblebees in the Hay”. Just for fun.

  • Michael White

    Thats neet. The cows are like hey..dinner and a show,lol

  • casey

    You morons they are cows, there food is the grass they walk on. Some people think they are soosmart. You don’t fed cows they graze genius

  • laralizbeth

    I had a cat that loved Arte Shaw. Anytime I played that record he would come sit near the speaker. So yeah – I think critters have music appreciation 😉 Anyone remember the viral video of the parakeet dancing in rhythm to the music?

  • laralizbeth

    So much more pleasant than a truck horn.

  • ircute

    It’s videos like this, is why I just can’t eat meat………….. They deserve to live just as we do.

  • Anna Merrigan


  • Jrg

    who says dumb animals . we feed them give them a home, milk them. clean them, when sick take care of them. And to let you know I was a farmer we had 140 cows when they came into the barn every one went to its own spot. They worked for there grain and hay (milk) unlike so many people that have everything given to them.So a person is trained to do what he needs to do to live , so are they. Casey I think they are smarter then you, who takes care of you?



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