If you are a longtime listener, you may be aware that Jeffy has refused to disclose his actual age for as long as Glenn has known him. Thanks to the detective work of an astute fan, however, it looks like Jeffy’s cover has finally been blown.

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On Tuesday, a man named David emailed what he believed to be a 7th grade yearbook photo of Jeffy to Glenn’s me@glennbeck.com account. David said he had heard Glenn, Pat, and Stu try to get Jeffy to admit his age for years, and when he heard Jeffy was from Saginaw, Michigan, he realized he might have gone to school with him.

Sure enough, David went back to his 1973 junior high school year book and discovered the photo a 7th grader name Jeff Fisher who bears an uncanny resemblance to our very own Jeffy.

Below is the photo in question:


“I’m not denying that picture,” Jeffy admitted on radio this morning. “That picture is me.”

With that admission in mind, Pat and Stu proceeded to calculate his age. Jeffy is at least 54 years old – though if his story of being held back a few times is true, he could be as old as 57.

Later in the program, the man who sent in the photo called in to reminisce about his memories of Jeffy. David confirmed he is 55 years old and was in 8th grade when Jeffy was in 7th grade, which means the 54 to 57 year old age range is spot on.

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Just like that, a mystery has been solved.