The whole world needs to know the story of the Arab who saved the Jews

The Righteous Among the Nations. They are the ones who stood when it mattered, knowing that their actions, if discovered, would bring an immediate and brutal death sentence. Glenn’s talked about them many times. But there’s one story among the thousands that stands out from the rest – and for a reason you would never expect. You’ve probably never heard this story before, which is a travesty because if this man’s name was known far and wide the world would be a better place.

Tonight on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn told the story of the kind of man the world desperately needs right now.

Below is a transcript of the monologue:

Well, if you look at all the news around the world, our job is to help you figure out how it all fits together and where we’re supposed to go, what do we do about it, how do we fix it?

Right now, too many people will talk about their political interest or even their national interests, and we need to talk about our values and our principles. We feel like we don’t belong to anything because we don’t have context, we don’t have perspective, and nobody is helping us say, “Well, wait a minute, what do we belong to?” Besides a party or even if we belong to a country, what does that country stand for?

We don’t understand what’s going on around the globe, and we can’t fix it because we’re only talking about interests. And you can look at this on Israel and Hamas. What is in the national interest of Israel? What is Hamas, in their religious interest, what are they doing? You don’t know who the good guys or the bad guys are, and if you’re watching the news, you’re being shown Israel as a bully to these poor Palestinians. Nobody likes a bully, right?

Sometimes the best way to understand is to go back in history when values and principles were really clear so you can see the patterns – have we seen this before? Has there been a solution before? That’s where I want to start tonight, in history, but we’re also going to talk to you about a border, an amazing story that nobody really is covering, the murder of a border agent, border patrol who was killed by an illegal who we had in custody four times, and each time we let him go with a $10 fine. Now he has killed one of our border agents.

And Dana Loesch is going to be joining us with a frank conversation on Stage 19, but I want to start again with history. And I wanted to tell you about the Righteous Among the Nations. Righteous Among the Nations, these are the people that actually went, and they risked their lives. They weren’t Jewish, but they risked their lives for somebody else. And they’re the ones who stood when it mattered, knowing that their actions if discovered would bring immediate and brutal death sentences, not just for them, but for their whole family.

We have talked about them many times on our broadcasts over the years, but there is one story among the thousands that stands out from the rest and for a reason that I don’t think you’d ever expect, and it will help us find our values and principles, how do we understand what’s happening in the world, and what are we supposed to do?

I’d never heard this story before until one of my producers brought it to me. You probably haven’t heard about it either, which is a travesty, because if this man’s name was known far and wide, the world would be a better place, and we’d be able to help see a path to peace. Now, let me tell you about the kind of man the world desperately needs right now.

He was a doctor. He was living in Berlin, Germany, and the year was 1942. Hitler’s death machinery was in full tilt. They were slaughtering Jews by the millions. Most were too terrified to do anything. I didn’t understand this when I first went over to Poland, and they were talking about how they were just arresting Jews out in the street. And I said, “There’s windows here. What happened to all these people? Why didn’t they look out?” You would be killed if you even moved the curtain to be able to look out.

Remember those pictures that we saw in Boston where we had our own FBI snipers looking at the windows, somebody looked out? That was the kind of situation it was in. You don’t look at the windows pretty soon. If you provided a Jew with any food, you’d get arrested, you’d be tried, and then you and your whole family would be killed. The consequences were very, very clear, and they were frightening.

So when it came time for a Nazi sweep of Berlin, tensions extremely high, any Jew found hiding or living in the city would be deported. In other words, they’d be sent away to die in a concentration camp. Well, that’s where we meet 21-year-old Anna Boros Gutman. Her mother and her grandparents shook with fear along with Anna. What were they going to do? Here come the Germans making another sweep. It was only a matter of time before the Nazis would condemn them, and they would die in one of the concentration camps as so many before them.

No one dared help them, let them into their house. There was too much hate, too much fear. Even if people wanted to help, the risk was just too great for most people, and the S.S. was coming. This was it, nowhere to turn. There they sat thinking we are going to suffer the same fate as so many before us. And then suddenly they heard a voice. A voice called out quietly, “Come with me, come on, hurry.”

It was her family physician. He took Anna and her family to his cabin. It was Anna, her mother, her stepfather, and her grandmother. Now, this doctor had decided to risk his life, his family’s life. How was he even going to feed them? Because everything was food rationed. You started needing more rations, who are you hiding? Eventually Anna’s family was sheltered in different locations, but Anna remained at the doctor’s cabin stowed away in a secret bunker on the cabin’s property.

I can’t imagine the terrifying moments when the S.S. came knocking, pounding on the door, searching the cabin, and they came frequently. But the doctor was smart, he would either step aside or talk his way through the interrogations. It had to be just as terrifying for him as it was for Anna because they would both die; both of their families would die. Would she panic? Would they find her? Would he slip? Would he give something away? What was going to happen next? Would someone rat them out?

This went on for two solid years. 1944, her mom and stepmom captured, Anna was still in the cabin. During their interrogation, the Nazis found out about the doctor and Anna. Now, they’re in trouble. The S.S. immediately set out for the cabin. When the doctors arrived or when the S.S. arrived, the doctor was there. He answered the door. He showed them around. He was confident.

He had outmaneuver the Nazis many times before, and this time he did it again. He had moved Anna to another home so she was safe, and the doctor escape punishment, and Anna was safe. She said later, “Doctor Helmy did everything for me out of the generosity of his heart and I will be grateful to him for eternity.”

Now, so what’s the catch? Why am I telling you this story? Because there’s a million of these stories, except this one is different. What is the catch to this story? Because we’ve heard them over and over again. It’s similar to all of the other Righteous Among the Nations, except this one big difference, the doctor’s name. The doctor’s name was Mohammed Helmy. He’s an Arab. He’s from Egypt. He stood up to the Nazis.

He knew, unlike so many people in the Middle East now that are running countries, he knew the Holocaust was real, and he stepped in and faced evil, stared it right in the eye and saved a family. That flies in the face of just about every societal rule at the time, and he did it. Well, he has been inducted as one of the Righteous Among the Nations, Dr. Helmy, the first Egyptian. In fact, he’s the first Arab to be named part of the Righteous Among the Nations. Imagine that, an Arab saving the life of a Jew. Why?

This isn’t likely in most places around the globe even today, but boy, could the world, especially the Middle East, use a dose and read a little bit more about people like Dr. Helmy. Instead, we have the opposite. Why did he do it? Because he knew principles and values. It wasn’t about even his own self-interest. It wasn’t about the interest of his race. It was about principles and values. He knew this was wrong.

Unfortunately, when he passed away in 1982, Yad Vashem had to track him down or track his family down and ask the family to come in and accept the award at Yad Vashem. They found three of his descendants living in Cairo. When they finally got in touch with them to present the award, the family declined it. They said, “If any other country offered to honor Helmy, we would have been happy with it.”

How said that is. The incredible legacy this man left for his family, peace, love, self-sacrifice, look beyond your own personal interest, look beyond the interests of your country. He risked his own life because he believed and was motivated by his values that I would imagine sounded a little bit like ours, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. If he were motivated by his own interests, he wouldn’t have saved anyone. It would’ve been too risky.

Everyone should know this story. Everyone should know this story, especially in the Middle East, so the kids would follow that example, they would know that the Holocaust was real and that an Arab did indeed save a Jew. Maybe if that happened, the next generation of Palestinians and Jews would not know hate, they would love one another. And if we all knew this story, maybe, just maybe, we would all begin to change the world.

  • Yo Mamma

    Glenn “slaughtering Jews” ??? hello

    No respect there Glenn. We slaughter cows, goats for food. Please don’t refer to murdering Jews as slaughter or what many call ‘extermination’

    Jews were MURDERED

    Often referred to as KILLED, the two are not the same. Not the same in many ways. In fact in TORAH, MURDER is prohibited in the 10 commandments. In the CATHOLIC bible, they refer to KILLING in the 10 commandments. Which is simply wrong.

    WE kill bugs, lettuce all day long, even a beer. We do not murder bugs or lettuce.

    MURDERING JEWS is what Hitler was good at and he took much of eugenic standards already in place in some states of America. Typical Austrian, always trying to perfect something.

    In 1909, California became the third state to adopt such laws. – See more at:

    • Laura Thompson

      I think Glenn used this words to set up a mental picture as if Jews were being slaughtered as animals. Get over his use of words. The meanings are what is important here. We all agree that Jews were murdered, massacred, but oh so differently, it was as though they were treated no more differently as taken to slaughter as meaningless thought as we give to animals that are used to feed.

      • Yo Mamma

        You are so out of touch its scary

        You wrote “the God of Israel and Christianity as a God of love”

        You must be referring to the christian man god jesus. Because God Creator is NOT a loving God, maybe somewhat forgiving, not tolerate, jealous, requires YOUR love, but not cuddly or loving that makes you feel accepted and wonderful.

        “but oh so differently”

        They died. They were maliciously hunted and murdered. That is no different than many cases in history, you just haven’t been personally exposed to it and I hope you don’t have to experience it.

        Your lack of empathy for the dead is beyond palatable.

        I need to go shoot a rat now. I am not hunting it. Its caught in a trap. There is nothing malicious about me killing it. Its not murder. I will try kill it as quickly as possible and with exhibition to other animals. Its not a show. But the rat must go.

    • landofaahs

      Then please define murder so he knows the definitions you are using. Killing in war is self defense and not murder by most people’s standards.

      • tonybigs

        Depends upon who started the war and who wins… (sarcasm)

      • Yo Mamma

        murder = The unlawful killing of one human being by another, especially with premeditated malice.

        kill = To put to death. To deprive of life

        The Catholic bible has the 2 meanings mixed up.

        The Torah says not to murder. [10 commandments]

        Catholic bible says not to kill. [10 commandments]

        No wonder they’re confused

        • landofaahs

          Murder is what muslims commit. Collateral damage is what Israel commits on occasion but accidentally. At least the State of Israel and not individuals who went off the deep end. Anyone though who is not a true Christian is confused. By the way, I’m not Catholic.

          • Yo Mamma

            Every person has it within them to commit murder. No animal can ever commit murder. Isn’t that just so great!

            So do, some don’t. Determining the difference, what was justified killing or murder, requires a court

    • the_independent_truth

      This is just Glen being Glen.

  • Laura Thompson

    I am currently reading “Son of Hamas” and he has saved Jews, thousands of them. He has saved many of his own people as well from the constant fighting among Hamas themselves. I highly recommend this book as it has given me the slightest bit of hope. I pray that we all live long enough that he will be regarded as “The Righteous Among the Nations”.


      Also there are Americans citizen join Israeli military, to help/protect Israeli or to kill civilian and children in Gaza

      • Nina Marie Gibson

        That’s only happening because Hamas keeps setting their people up for failure. Why isn’t Hamas protecting their people like the Israelis are? Maybe because they don’t care? Maybe because their interests are more important? Maybe because their government is out for power, not peace.

        • Emma Gerken

          Hamas are the people they have no army to protect them from the Israelis who hold all the power! and there interests are only for peace, The Israelis are murdering civilians and children, Don’t believe the propaganda that they feed the Israelis are Zionists they are an insult to the Jewish faith.Jews are not about war they are about love peace and human compassion. The Israelis are no better than the Nazis they are committing genocide and America and Great Britain choose to Turn a blind eye because they supply the weapons that murder this peaceful race. Don;t be naive Obama and Cameron have blood on there hands. know your history and open your eye’s for the sake of humanity.

          • Mohamed El Ganbour

            It is better to make a diffrence between Jewish and Zionists , Every Zionists is a jewish , but not always a jewish is a zionists

          • Sunset Rider

            That is not true that every Zionist is a Jew! Christians who believe the scripture available to us today are Zionists by default. For the Lord has decreed that all Israel will be gathered to their lands of inheritance. Juda to the old Jerusalem and other branches that were broken off to the area the New Jerusalem will be built. Read Isaiah’s allegory of the olive tree. An ancient record called the Book of Mormon puts the New Jerusalem in America and the Lord will rule from both locations.

          • Rick Nock

            Emma Gerken, what part of Hamas being a terrorist organization who’s stated goal is the destruction of Israel and death to ALL Israeli citizens. These are not the peaceful, loving compassionate group you have been led to think they are. This type of redirect is exactly what Hamas wants, keep feeding their killing machine while they hide behind their own citizens.

          • Emma Gerken

            Rick Nock I fear your government and media have totally brain washed you!!!!!!!! they supply the arms of destruction. If I called you a terrorist does that mean it’s true??? If I made a charter saying so would people believe me????? Wake up Nick!!!!!!!!! I bet you buy a news paper every day and believe that too. Ignorance is not always bliss.

          • Emma Gerken

            Did I offend??? you have removed my response!!!!!!

    • landofaahs

      Read “Sonzabiches” It’s the same as Sons of hamas.

  • andressbidle

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    • landofaahs

      She must be an on-line hooker.

      • ken.

        he, not she.


      First of all, your roomate’s sister-in-law is YOU, secondly this is not the place for marketing.

  • Landree

    Glenn asks “why did the Arab Dr. help the Jews”? Because there are brave people that are willing to do something about evil. There are many examples of this kind of altruism like Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz, a N a z i, that saved 6000 Jews, or Harriet Tubman that helped 100,000 slaves escape to freedom.


    “Everyone should know this story, especially in the Middle East,”

    We should learn the history of ours and others. The more we learn the more we know the facts or the truth.(or knowledge) .

    Here is also everyone should know the secret of bomb poisonous nuclear factory and the drone UAV with missile factory.

    The Israel’s secret under ground factory, in Dimona, Israel.
    This is so secret, even there is NO outside inspection, undeclared biological and chemical capabilities, and undeclared nuclear weapons.
    This could make the whole Middle East disappear into the cloud of nuclear.
    Even U.S Government keep this secret, and keep no secret funding $Billions and $Billions to Israeli government, year after year..

    Note: Anyone remember the Isaeli’s cargo plane that crashed in Amsterdam in 1992? The plan was carrying a chemical of the deadly Nerve-Gas Element.
    The Israeli government said that the chemical was not toxic, and also said that the plane carried no ”dangerous goods” for the ministry.

    The drone factory at Israel Aerospace Industry, east of Hadera, Israel.
    The drone UAV, it is not just a drone, this is the drone capabilities to carry bombs and missiles.

    • the_independent_truth

      Israel never does anything wrong all the bad things that happen over there is because of Hamas.(sarcasm)

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Muslims provided refuge for Jews for centuries.

    The real turn will come when Jews in Israel return the gesture.

    Why did the Arab doctor’s family refuse the honor? Because Israel has not extended to the Palestinians anything more than what was exhibited to the Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

    Why would the family allow his name to be used to bolster a regime who’s foundation is based on treating the Palestinians as the same as the Native Americans were? Why should they endorse the nation who policy is to push Palestinians out of the way, to have their land stolen, to be deprived of their basic humanity.

    We called the Native Americans savages in our rationale to abuse them. Israel calls the Palestinians terrorists. to rationalize their abuse.

    • landofaahs

      They are trying to now. Although they cannot say it, many muslims would rather live under Israeli laws than the mjuslim crap.

      • the_independent_truth

        WOW, you just make stuff up.

      • Emma Gerken

        ????? do you even no what you are talking about????

        • landofaahs

          Yes. Do you know what I’m talking about?

    • Elizabeth Johnson

      “Israel has not extended to the Palestinians…?” They have a place to live because of Israel!! “…than what was exhibited to the Jews in Hitler’s Germany?” Hitler didn’t extend to the Jews, he kicked them out of his country, AND murdered. Israel’s enemy isn’t Palestinians…collateral damage. Hamas is their enemy, who uses the people in Gaza. Hamas is a coward.

      • the_independent_truth

        Didn’t the Palestinians get murders and thrown out of there land so that the country of Israel could be created.

        • Guest


          • Dlou


          • Guest

            No. They were given a choice.

        • Emma Gerken


      • Emma Gerken

        Oh dear you really don’t no what you are talking about.

      • Dlou

        England granted the jewish people Palestine, and it wasn’t their country to give away. Period. And people don’t understand why Palestinians fight against the occupation and terror by Israel.

    • Emma Gerken

      At last someone that speaks some truth :)

    • Today22011

      Or perhaps his descendants were afraid of being killed in their home or on the street.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Or perhaps the banality of evil applies equally to Eichmann an Netanyahu.

        If genocide is an acceptable solution then right is only a matter of who pulls the trigger first.

  • alex ringer

    I am hearing this story, Glenn, for the first time, and going to share it with my friends in Israel and abroad. I have been involved in the production of “Safe Haven – The Warsaw Zoo” – a Holocaust documentary film about Jan Zabinsky and his wife Antonina (who were also recognized as Righteous Among The Nations – by Gary Lester), who rescued Jews from the Warsaw ghetto before they were expelled to Auschwitz. The story you’ve brought deserves to be filmed as well and serves as a sample to human dignity, compassion and caring for the other. My appreciation.

    • Vicki

      My friend was in Berlin during the war. She is a Christian of Jewish descent. Her family had to go into hiding. Her pen name is Olivia Hope. Go to She has an amazing story if you are interested in speaking with her. She’s written several books. I hope you reach out to her. God bless you.

  • ysusan

    It’s never gong to happen. Even if the Muslims did stop teaching their children to hate Jews it would take several generations to filter it out. Like when the Catholic church stopped teaching that the Jews killed Jesus in 1970, many of them still believe it.

    • the_independent_truth

      What about the hate the jews have for Muslims. This is not a one way street

  • Dyana Lyon

    Absolutely a wonderful story…. A blessing a human being could see a greater evil than the Jewish race during that time. It is very sad his descendants couldn’t share the same.

    • Today22011

      Perhaps his descendants were afraid of repercussions or being killed on the street.

  • elizabeth

    Yazidi Member of Iraqi Parliament collapses in tears after calling upon World to Rescue the Yazidis

  • Robert Lindsey

    God has not forgotten what he did and he will be rewarded in Heaven. God bless your soul Mr. Helmy.

  • icukitty

    Was this Arab a Christian or Muslim? I did not read anything about that… would like to know.

    • Nissim Ozkaragoz


      • Adam Jenson


        • שחר רחמני

          His first name is mohammad.

  • mila

    must watch a jihadist who came to be a zionist

  • ken.

    not all muslims are muslim by choice, many are due to the threat of death.

  • Pocahontas

    Let’s recognize that all sides have been played, even the Americans. Why can’t people unite together in peace? All religions teach Love and Forgiveness. We could use a massive dose of that right now.

  • Raven G

    Hitler did not kill all Jews.

    Even as I read the post I see most think a jew is this and a jew is that. I hear the same of Muslims. People are individuals and not any two think exactly the same. Some follow the same ideology or the same propaganda or misinformation. Blood and clan (brotherhood) bonding brings people of similar ideas and thinking together. But race is a scape goat for propaganda. To lead them all you have to do is play the flute of Hamlin.
    I do not support Hitler nor his minions or peers, I support the truth. Hitler was not about killing all jews, just the religious and the Bolsheviks of the Commune.He was weeding them out. Hitler was a core ruling class Aryan clan Socialist leader (the brotherhood). He was born with a Jewish father, he was recruited in 1908-09 into the core revolutionaries because of his so called birthright and knowledge. (Not a spy like Hitler wrote) He was mentored and taught by Trotsky (Jew) in the Broken Glass recruitments for world revolution. With 60+ other core recruits in vienna (most not Jewish) My Grandfather one. Broken Glass was (not broken windows of the Jews) On midnight April 15 1910 Theodore Roosevelt secretly closed the recruitments by giving special honors to 2 Irish revolutionary rebels. Trotsky was being stapled to create brotherhoods around the world by core socialist in America. Trotsky and Albanna created the Muslim brotherhood in nov 1927 near Alexandra. Aryan Clans are about brotherhood and language not race. That was Hitler’s form of propaganda on the German people to Gain the WILL of the PEOPLE. Some Aryan Clans were black, asian and some Iranian claiming to be Israelites. They all consider themselves ruling class. The Batar was Hitlers Socialist uniform wearing youth (Brotherhood of socialist jews). Hitlers friends and allies Mussolini and Stalin had mostly jewish blooded socialist revolutionaries around them when they came to power. All three men killed religious jews. One of the Men at the 1909 recruitments had sons that all came to Texas. The sons created and funded Hamas,,,,,, These men are Jewish and German! and American Born. Again it is not about skin color it is about brotherhood. Some are leaders and some are followers of Hamlin in all its forms. Why is it that Hitler lied time and time again when in war but all the experts of today believe every word of MEIN KAMPF? Could this also be propaganda to hide something? Trotsky’s self story? Chi’s story? Chi’s family was also in Texas.

  • MaxBangayvef

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  • Julie Ann

    Anna Boros Gutman is my grandmother. Thank you for telling this story.

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