Glenn: I oppose Penelope Cruz’s support of Hamas, but stand by her right to say it

From commentator Jonathan Alter’s frightening editorial about the return of corporate loyalty oaths à la Senator Joseph McCarthy to new reports about the blacklisting of Hollywood stars like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem for their support of Hamas, Glenn opened this morning’s radio program with a simple message: We need more speech – not less.

Historically, what has made America great is the freedom of expression – without fear of persecution – that has existed here. As Glenn explained, we must do everything in our power to ensure we do not jeopardize that freedom.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

Here’s the thing: Everybody wants to belong to something. Everybody wants to belong to something that is really truly great. They want to believe in America – not the flag or the F16s doing a fly over – but humble, meek, charitable, open, diverse America. A place where the greatest minds like Einstein and Tesla came. They came here because they could dream, and they could build. A place where you could change your station in life with big ideas and hard work, ethical living. A place where you’re not afraid of thugs – be it those thugs that are in gangs in streets or those who show up at your door in the middle of the night with suits and a dark uniform.

We believe in America where we can trust our neighbors even though we may be different, ethnically, religiously, or otherwise. If they’re in trouble, we run to their aid. We all want to live in a place like this, where we don’t spy on each other, we don’t turn on our neighbors and our coworkers, and we don’t turn them in to some secret police. We all believe in an America where everyone is free to practice their religion to raise their children how they see fit and question the government if we disagree. We believe in a place where you have a responsibility to question our government or any other government, if we feel it is truly deeply wrong – especially when it is a matter of life, death, or war. We all want to live in a country where we are all free to speak our mind.

Hopefully, we will do it responsibly. But, as I demonstrated, we don’t always make it. But that should be our goal and express our viewpoints and do so without fear of government retaliation against us. Understanding that there is always a price to pay for the truth. The truth will set you free, but it will usually make you miserable first. Nobody wants to really hear the truth. So you’re going to pay a price for telling it. Even if it is the truth just as you perceive it, you should be able to say it.

Don’t we all want to live in a place where we don’t create blacklists for those who are saying how they feel? Blacklists are wrong. It was wrong in McCarthy era in the 1950s. It is wrong now. From global warming extremist calling for actual jail time for those saying, ‘I don’t believe you have this right,’ to now Hollywood creating a blacklist for those who speak out in favor of Hamas. Penelope Cruz, what she said last weekend is wrong – dead wrong. But now Hollywood is talking about putting a blacklist together for her. I strongly oppose what Ms. Cruz said last weekend, but I strongly support and encourage the strengthening of her right to say it. I believe what she said this last weekend is not only wrong, I believe she is actually aiding some of the worst genocidal psychopaths the world has seen since the 1930s. However, just because I believe that does not mean I believe we should become everything we have always despised by becoming fascists ourselves.

I would like to remind Hollywood before they start making blacklists: While many in Hollywood celebrate Che Guevara, let’s remember that Che not only blacklisted, but then arrested all those who disagreed with him and his political cronies. And then he actually enjoyed killing them. Poets, musicians, shopkeepers, and even children – he enjoyed pulling the trigger himself because they disagreed.

In America, we all know, we do not go down the path of loyalty oaths and blacklists. We do not have secret lists. We do not silence others. When you start to silence, it always ends in very bad places. Always. Every time. Always. While each of us have a choice as an individual on how to spend our time, our money, who we feel free to associate with, we must rise above the urge to destroy as the collective. And now in Hollywood they are talking about blacklists and putting people on the blacklists that I firmly disagree with. But I will stand shoulder to shoulder with them today. I prefer myself – and maybe it’s just me – to know where people actually stand.

I actually believe in more speech, not less speech. I appreciate people like Penelope Cruz who actually have the courage to speak their minds even though it’s going to be unpopular. We should all seize the opportunity to question with boldness because, when she speaks out, that’s what happens. She’s giving us the opportunity to find out what we really believe in.

  • freetobeme

    And I can choose not to support anyone by not buying their product. I like how this works!

  • Kasie

    Boycotting and blacklisting is the best way to allow the free market to speak without government intervention. She said it, she caused a big problem because of it, now she is dealing with the consequences.

  • Lou

    Agreed, and my free speech is to never support her or her movies! I do not reward stupidity

  • Mango

    Wow…I have never disagreed with Glenn more than right now. First, Cruz said what she said, she will not be arrested for it, therefore she exercised her right to free speech. But if you are going to express an opinion publicly, then you have to be prepared for backlash. It should not be mean-spirited or personal attacks, but we are allowed to respond and criticize. Second, the little letter of Cruz and Barden grossly mischaracterized Israel’s actions and the situation in general..that’s not an opinion, that’s either total ignorance or a lie meant to insight anger towards Israel. Either way, it was irresponsible and there are consequences for that. Should she be run out of town and not allowed to make movies? No. But Freedom of Speech and Expression come with responsibilities and consequences. Cruz and Barden were wrong, they’ve been called out for it, and rightly so. End of story. These celebs need to know that they can’t spew misinformation with impunity, it’s not right.

    • the_independent_truth

      So you have no problems when companies tell there employee they can’t say Merry Christmas right?

      • tverle

        Or perhaps has a problem with it, but believes they still have the right to say it and as customers we still have the right to either do business with them or not. Everyone has a freedom of choice there.

      • Mango

        I don’t understand the connection. Employees are bound by whatever terms that company sets in place…if the employees don’t like the terms, they have every right to make that known, but it’s up to the employer to deal with that as they see fit. These are celebrities who dove into a public debate. But to answer your specific question…I do not appreciate or agree with employees being forced to not say Merry Christmas…however, as a Jewish person, I typically appreciate a “happy holidays.” It shows me that you are aware of the fact that not everyone in this country is a Christian who celebrates Christmas. But, being that I enjoy the festive nature of the holiday season like everyone else, I’m not going to pen an open letter of protest to the company over a cashier wishing me a Merry Christmas.

        • the_independent_truth

          here is what you missing acting is the career the movie studio are there employers. If they get black list and not able to find work. That is the same as a person being fire for saying Merry Christmas. I do agree that companies should not let employee say Merry Christmas just to show respect to other religions.

          • Mango

            I feel there is a serious difference between wishing people a Merry Christmas at a store and declaring to the world that you believe Israel is committing genocide and therefore sympathize with a terrorist organization. She grossly misrepresented the conflict. She made a bad choice and her agents and the studios have to deal with that now. They know that people might not want to see her movies so they have to make the business decisions that are best for them. That’s their right as a private business and it’s my right to not spend money on her movies. Again, the right to free speech doesn’t mean no consequences, it just means that you will not be thrown in jail for expressing yourself. Nobody is talking about throwing her in jail, therefore she had her right to free speech.

          • the_independent_truth

            How is she misrepresenting the conflict she is just stating here opinion. just because she disagrees with your view does not make her wrong. She did not make a bad choice she decide to exercise her rights to free speech. It is the same as not being allowed to say Merry Christmas. Because in both cases your employment is being effected by something that some people think is right and other people think is wrong.

          • Mango

            She signed a letter that declared Israel is committing genocide. That is not correct. Genocide has a very specific definition and what Israel is doing is not genocide. Therefore, it’s not her opinion, it’s just wrong. I can tell you that it’s my opinion that 2+2=5, but that would be wrong…not just a different opinion. Hence, she misrepresented the conflict. If she said, “I disagree with what Israel is doing,” that’s an opinion, but she labeled Israel’s actions as genocide. It’s not genocide, hence, she was wrong and made a bad choice to say something that’s not true. Genocide is not a matter of opinion. It either is, or it isn’t. Again, you can think it’s wrong that her employment is being effected, but that’s because free speech comes with consequences whether we like it or not.

          • the_independent_truth

            Here is the definition of genocide

            the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

            Are you telling me that when Isreal Bombimg Gaza is not genocide.

          • Mango

            Wow…this is so basic yet so many people just aren’t getting this…incredible. Israel is not bombing Gaza to kill Palestinians…why is that not clear? Israel targets Hamas, which is an internationally recognized terrorist organization. Hamas is not an ethnic group or a nation. Hamas is a group of terrorists attempting to destroy Israel and all the Jews in the world…so if anyone is committing genocide it’s Hamas and it’s supporters. The Palestinians of Gaza elected a terrorist organization to be their leaders. Again, Israel is targeting those that are constantly killing Israelis by lobbing rockets over the border into civilian spaces and digging tunnels underneath Israel in order to unleash terror on Israeli citizens. Hamas is responsible for the death of many Palestinians. Israel doesn’t use its own people as human shields…so yes, I’m telling you that what Israel is doing is not even remotely close to genocide. Israel is defending itself…plain and simple.

    • Chris Borzillo

      Actually Mango I think you agree with Glenn more than you realize. You might want to re-read or listen to his remarks.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    Wondering how many people commenting about “the right not to hire” were pissing their pants over what happened with Paula Deen or Donald Sterling.

    • tverle

      Not hiring and firing are two different things. Besides, these people made these statements publicly and signed off on them. The others made private statements (maybe) that were reported by other people and they were fired (or still trying to figure out how to get rid of Sterling) for the accusation. I stand for the company’s right to make the choice to hire or fire whom they please and as a consumer retain the right to choose to do business with them or not.

      • jmaster67

        Plus Sterling is an owner not an employee so that makes his case apples and oranges with this one.

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Obviously this story hit home with Glenn who is paying the price for his contradictory positions and words with his original fan base. Very interesting to watch Glenn try equating Hollywood with the federal government to make this a free speech issue.

    I’m of the opinion that this was merely a PR stunt by Penelope Cruz and Hollywood, to which Glenn saw the opportunity and inserted himself into it.

    Much ado about nothing, another manufactured event from the media.

  • PapaBC

    I think blacklisting and boycotting is a good why to show those in Hollywood they have good to far lately. If they are hit in the pocket book then so be it. To me if Israel falls then can the United States be that far from falling ourselves?

  • Connor Kenway

    I find it funny they claim Nazis are far right but yet support people with the same mindset as the Nazis.

  • Connor Kenway

    I say let them speak because it shows what is in their hearts and then we will know where to take our money and where not to.

  • Grendall R.

    I do support the freedom of speech, but I think people who have “larger megaphones” should be held to a different standard. I’m not suggesting any kind of legal means to suppress them, but just as loudly as Penelope Cruz voiced her support of Hamas, she should be allowed to receive all the responses resulting from her ignorant stance. I wouldn’t lift a finger to ease her of the venom that has come her way.

  • ShepherdsLamb

    I believe in personal boycotts. She has the right to be an idiot and I have the right not to see any of her movies. People that think like that are ignorant. There’s no excuse for their ignorance, but they’re ignorant. Overfed, overpaid, and overrated also.

  • Bob Felt

    it is true that free speech is protected under the constitution but when someone is in a high profile position such as Ms. Cruz’s and makes comments or lends her name to a petition concerning such volatile issues it is incumbent on her to have knowledge of what she decides to represent as her position and not do it because it’s the in thing to do in Hollywood. it is irresponsible and there are to many uniformed people that will use her stance as a weapon to further their cause of more violence. Her coming out later saying she did not appreciate the situation does not relieve her of her responsibility from the damage she has caused. people like her in Hollywood and elsewhere who think the world stage is their playground and act without thinking about the consequences of their actions should stick to reading their movie lines and keep their uniformed comments to themselves


    Did they say they support Hamas or just the Palestinian people?

    • yourpaled

      Sorry, but I feel the same way. I’ve been trying to find out exactly what they said and I presume they supported the Palestinians, not Hamas. If that’s the case then Beck is again spewing misinformation and inciting anger in people.

  • jmaster67

    Hollywood execs can hire who they want. Although it seems that Hollywood is an arm of the government sometimes it’s really not.

  • WildestEmu

    “I actually believe in more speech, not less speech.” Is a film director deciding not to hire someone limiting their speech? No.

    • jmaster67

      Especially if that person is a celeb.

  • sedivmich

    Yeh she can say it but she is very ignorant!

  • elizabeth

    check out how much the muslims “love” their kids.

  • elizabeth

    Hey, Penlope and Javier, why not buy tents for the million Syrians in camps in Jordan where it is over 100 degrees with little food or water? They were expelled by their own countrymen in Syria. Can’t do much for the thousands killed in Syria by poison gas and air barrage of their cities. Or help the families of the beheaded Filipino soldiers where terrorists are trying to extend the Caliphate. Maybe you could do something for the Egyptians who wanted an Arab Spring, but voted for the wrong party and are now dead or jailed. Or the women in Saudi Arabia who dared to want to drive, or uncover their heads. Some salve for their lashed backs. Or new daughters for the women whose girls were kidnapped (350 of them, at least) for going to school. Their male schoolmates were burned alive in their schools for the same reason, wanting an education. They lived in Nigeria. Or rape kits for the thousand in Somalia who were raped and had their husbands and children killed because they wanted to be Christians. The people who did all of these things, and more, are aligned with Hamas that you admire so. By the way, they need more cement in Gaza, not for schools and hospitals, but to line new tunnels. You probably don’t know what the tunnels are for, but that doesn’t matter. It must be something good . All these things are being done by the people you admire, but Only Israel is the bad guy for trying to stop them. I wonder why?

  • lovinit

    My thoughts on this are simple.. if Hamas was in Mexico and Canada doing to the USA what it is doing to Israel the USA would do the same thing Israel is doing,. protecting its people.. Yes Ms Cruz has a right to free speech just as I do but if her home were being bombed daily would she change her tune? I think does one defend a group that has made it clear to the world they will not stop until Israel and every Jew is wiped from the face of the earth?. wonder how she would feel if Hamas agenda was Hollywood movie stars?

    • Olav Vittiger

      There is a crucial difference. USA is not holding Mexico or Canada in a state of siege after having robbed the Mexicans and Canadians of most of their land. Israel can stop this war at any time by lifting the embargo of Gaza. Instead they choose to kill women and children every day, terrorizing the civilian population. Israel started this campaign against Hamas by accusing them of a kidnapping, a crime they did not commit. We do not support Hamas, who are as bad as the Zionists, inasmuch as they are trying to build a theocracy. But we do support the right of the Palestinian people to govern themselves and decide their own future. Yes, the Palestinians have a right of return. Yes, the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves against the terrorist actions of the Israeli government. And by we, I mean a whole lot of ‘folks’ who no longer support US World Order.

  • Carolyn Sanchez

    I agree with the principle that Glenn is supporting, but unfortunately there ARE people that are being punished for speaking out about what they believe. The owner of the basketball team is being punished for things said in his own home, owners of businesses who speak out about their religious beliefs are being punished-some even losing their business. Look what happened with Paula Dean – so unfortunately that principle is not being applied to the people that it should be applied, so it makes us wonder why people like Cruz should be excused under the pretense of free speech.

  • Edward Reyes

    great,here comes glen beck and his moral crusade. again…enough,!!

    its making my heart bleed already

  • suz

    i disagree w/one thing. p. cruz was not ‘courageous’ to speak out. her circle of influence says quite readily what she said, so she’s just piggybacking that wave.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    Cruz has a right to agree with Hamas and I have the right to agree with Israel. That’s how it works. I don’t believe in blacklists either, but I also have a right not to see her movies, which is never have anyway.

  • Amber

    And we are all free to avoid seeing her movies. She needs to talk to Jane Fonda to find out how the words and deeds you do will come back to haunt you.

  • really simple food

    hi i said i will post this once – but i will post it again but only this one so 2 posts in general in this website and thats it not spamming

    160 !!!!! dead
    kids in bulding the terror tunnels in the year 2012, while one of this
    tunnels exit was in an israeli kindergarden – and the crazist thing is
    this is a data/number coming from the hamas itself (the number might be
    higher ) !! this is when there was no war no israeli attacks – was
    anyone “shocked” in the world ?

    the doctor who counts the
    bodies and gives the data on the dead in gaza to the world the one who
    the world media takes it numbers from is a member of hamas

    the main issue is you all belive in “paliwood” google this term and read a bit about it … -be-staged

    are many UN workers in gaza who are members of the hamas so when you
    hear about a dead UN personal just know that there is a huge chance he
    was a terrorist – UN buildings are built in locations conducive to
    fighting – UN cars carry ammunition throw the city – So whenever you
    hear the UN talks about how evil israel is think of this facts

    in gaza there are 2 milion people – they have natural deaths and they are counted as if israel killed them

    there are billions of dollar pouring to gaza from all over the world but they all go to terrorism – not exaggerating

    people talk about israel wanting to concur gaza again completely ignoring the “disengagement plan” (google it) from gaza

    people talking about how israel have bombed a hospital : … QpO3zi-jYg
    or israel bombing ambulances (terrorists main transportation) … g&index=60

    hamas have fierd 3,356 missles on israel – 119 of them (at the moment
    of writing this) have landed in gaza – and unlike israeli bombings there
    is no warning before this hit gaza – and you can bet the hamas counted
    this dead as if israel have shot them

    the hamas shots and kills
    christans – gays and rival gruops members all the time – and also during
    the war – and you can be sure they count them as israeli army casulties
    – they recently killed 20 demonstrators against hamas

    many gays
    and christian and women who hurt the “family honor” usually escape to
    israel to not get killed (and yet there are gay groups who demonstrate
    agains israel this is how much ignorance in the world is rampant)

    the UN is saying falls data about this conflict and lies a lot about israel not only now but all the time

    sends free electricity all the time to gaza – people from gaza are
    healed in israeli hospitals all the time – israel has sent tons of
    cement into gaza – cement that was used for bunkers
    – people in the world dont understand that the “palstinean” (a name
    they cant even pronunce) dont want a country they say it in the arabic
    media – and what people dont know is that israel offered many too many
    times to give them a state – this is really a whole new disscussion but
    this is not about a country its purely a religious war against israel – a good explanation on what this whole conflict is about – and another good one 10 misconceptions

    count dead terrorists as women and children deaths and they were caught
    giving dead people lists with the same name wirtten many times (they
    dont even try hard to lie to the world)
    even the very anti-israel BBC (more anti israel than AL-jazeera) posted this (of course it wont be seen by much) :

    are people in gaza who are very very rich and they can make everyone
    here look like poor people – there was never ever a full blockade on
    gaza – there was never a food shortage – unlike what the media said its
    all a big paliwood

    there were many cease fires – and they were
    all broken by hamas – even the last cease fire the media reported as if
    hamas has waited till its end to shot but no – they broke it in the

    now this is propoganda but its hard for me to hear the
    idf symbol is tasteless – whats happening in gaza is the biggest scam
    in the world – and just compare the media coverage it gets in comparison
    to syria which at the same time of this “war/operation” died ten times
    the numbers and in syria they are really civilians – when you hear the
    UN-US-France officals talk about the “massacre in gaza” and how they
    are shocked at the dead in gaza ask yourself how they are not “shocked”
    about what is hapening in syria (which by the was pictures from syria
    are shown as if they happened in gaza)

    and to clearfy – i support
    israel so much not cause im jewish (cause im really into buddhism and
    before that was athist and even plan to ordain as a monk) not because
    the flag has nice color – strictly cause this is a moral issue and the
    world is extremly oblivious to the facts – just like to the animal
    rights issue

    shifa hospital in gaza was built by israel in the best of standards –
    they said that later other country’s built expansions but they were low
    quality … -VkFUBWjXU
    – stop the massacre – people really never questioned why the news talks
    so much about israel and criticise it so much when civilans are killed
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    chemical weapons

    israel has built a field hospital – a quality
    one like we built in haiti and in the north to take care of injured
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    also blood donations and it was blocked by hamas – many times hamas has
    fired on israeli supply rtucks that went toward gaza

    israel is sending trucks full of supplies to gaza the hamas sometimes shoots at this aid trucks so they wont reach gaza

    terror tunnels have a huge potinatial some of them ended in towns –
    it was planned to send hundrend of terrorists at the same time from them
    – plus there is a big chance it was meant to happen combined with an
    attack from the north with hizballas tunnels

    and an intersting
    thing to notice is that hamas is shoting at israel rockets non-stop for
    the past 14 years – israel just only responds when its hitting the big
    cites , plus they try to execute terror attacks all the time and not
    only from gaza not just during this milatry operations

    there is so much more i can say and show but im to lazy this allready took me a long time to write as some have figured out

  • Bob Kelley

    Who cares?

  • Captain Dickson

    I’ve found this to be a useful introduction to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East:

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