Hollywood blacklists? Glenn condemns the ‘disturbing’ new reports

Last week, Oscar winning actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem made headlines with an open letter they penned denouncing Israeli “genocide” and calling for a cease-fire. The backlash was swift, as fellow Hollywood heavyweights like Jon Voight slammed the “ignorant” actors.

It now appears as though the criticism has reached new heights. Various reports suggest Cruz and Bardem may ultimately be blacklisted as a result of the letter, with anonymous industry execs telling outlets like The Hollywood Reporter they have “vowed” not to hire Cruz again.

Since the letter was first published, Glenn has expressed his dismay over Cruz and Bardem’s point of view. That does not mean, however, he does not fully support their right to express their opinion. On radio this morning, Glenn condemned the “disturbing” blacklists and explained why he will stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the actors.

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“They’re actually talking about putting Penelope Cruz on a Hollywood blacklist… Now, this is somebody… I can’t disagree with more… She’s standing up for Hamas,” Glenn said. “[But] I believe in more speech, not less. And those who have the courage to speak their minds give us the opportunity to question with boldness and find out what we really believe in.”

As he has defended the rhetoric of Bill Maher, Paula Dean, and others over the years, Glenn has always maintained we must recognize freedom of speech protects even the most vile in order to be effective. While we may not always agree, we must support the right of free expression.

“We need to remain willing to tolerate the speech that we despise. We need to not just tolerate it, we need to stand behind it,” Glenn said. “That’s one of the lowest rungs on the ladder of justice – that people have the right to speak their mind.”

Glenn still to believe Cruz’s claims about Israel are “flat wrong,” and he will continue to support Israel’s right and responsibility to fight “as quickly and efficiently and ethically” as possible.

“The Jewish people have not had the right to defend themselves from those who have tried to round them up and kill them since the time of Rome,” Glenn explained. “They’ve always had to rely on the friendship, mercy, or protection of others and, 19 separate times, those so-called friends and fellow human beings turned the other way while they were rounded and up slaughtered en masse. Never again… We have to call evil by its name and stand firmly by those who are at least trying to uphold the western Judeo-Christian respect for life.”

Ultimately, Glenn believes we must pray “for peace, justice, [and] reconciliation,” and hold fast to our principles and values – not political expediency. While Glenn stands with those in Hollywood who support Israel, he will not stand with those who call for the blacklisting of those who hold differing opinions.

“Hollywood, I am with you on Israel,” Glenn concluded. “[But] I stand firmly by the side of Penelope Cruz, if you try to blacklist her for her point of view. I do not stand with her on her opinion. I stand with her firmly on her right too express it because America is better than blacklists and loyalty oaths.”

  • Yo Mamma

    “at least trying to uphold the western Judean Christian respect for life.”

    At least, because it is such a good darn thing?

    The Jews are now under attack from the Muslims. Thats not news. Some years ago Jews were attacking Muslims.

    But what really irks me is that even tho many Christians have murdered Jews and at minimum despise Jews, they now the Christians, use Jews as a front man against the Muslim threat.

    How cowardly is that?

    • the_independent_truth

      good point

  • landofaahs

    I believe people should be able to hire or not hire anyone for any reason Glenn. It’s called freedom. People can boycott if they don’t like it.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      “I believe people should be able to hire or not hire anyone for any reason Glenn.”

      Not if it inhibits their right to pursuit of happiness. That’s why Jim Crow laws and segregation were declared unconstitutional.

      • gretagarbo123

        You are comparing apples to oranges. They can inhibit Penelope Cruz’ right to roles/happiness if they choose. The examples you are citing are called discrimination. Two totally different things. They can choose not to pick up the phone and call Penelope for the next role. Maybe she can find a job in Gaza.

        • MARYANN33

          Great idea…Move Hollywood to Gaza

          • mspatdev

            There is a lot of them that needs to go there.

          • Mark Horst

            I LUV THIS. RIGHT ARM .

      • Thomas L. Stafford

        Jim Crow, separate but equal, etc. were institutionally established restrictions. Freedom of association is in the First Amendment and should not be infringed.

      • landofaahs

        Your rights should not trump mine. If I take the risk of borrowing and laboring to open my business, you should have no say in who I hire or fire. These damned laws were anti Constitutional when made and a lawless court backed them up. But people have ways of doing it under the radar anyway and it’s fun to discriminate when they are too stupid to know that they were not a good match for the job.

    • the_independent_truth

      that would be unconstitutional

      • Mark Horst

        NO ! Nobody said they HAD to go ? But WE like the IDEA ! If YOU Support them ? Then GO THERE & Tickle u’r Fancies. It would make for a BETTER AMERICA. To BE ! as INTENDED.

        • the_independent_truth

          What the hell are you talking about.

      • landofaahs

        According to the lawless anti Constitutional bastards in the courts now. But when the constitution meant something it was commonly accepted.

        • the_independent_truth

          Ok so your saying it is OK to deny someone a job because of there race, religion, handicap or sexual orientation?

          • landofaahs

            Yes. If I own the business it should be my decision as to whom I hire since I am the one with my life savings and time invested in it. I also have the added responsibility for the current employees I might have. If you are wanting a job, what right do you have to horn in on something you have no sweat equity in or life savings. You think you have a right to horn in just because you’re queer? I would want people who can get along with the others and not make them feel uncomfortable. I owe that to them and my customers, not you.

          • the_independent_truth

            Wow, You are completely off base. So you would not hire someone if there gay even if they where the best person for the position?

        • the_independent_truth

          It is commonly accepted. The problem is you love the Constitution when it works in your favor. But the moment something is in the Constitution you don’t like there a problem.

    • soybomb315

      If Beck is serious about condemning those who silence contrary opinions….maybe Beck could explain why he fired Wilkow

      • AbleAmerican1

        I have not watched The Blaze for some time now. ( In fact I’ve discontinued ALL my TV ..due to the SOS..different day toro cagatha. it spews ) I use to be a member..when was Wilkow let go & was any reason(s) provided..& if none..would pose some additional questions..

        • zemla

          Congrats on canceling all your television! I’ve been at that for a little over five years, it’s amazing how many other/new things I’ve done in that time.

      • Sarah417

        I am shocked to read that Wilkow was fired. I canceled The Blaze TV because of other reasons pertaining to GB. However I’m sorry to hear about Wilkow. Does anyone know why?

      • landofaahs

        Wilkow made too much sense and didn’t take crap. Glenn has a deep seeded desire to be liked by everyone as most egomaniacs do. Wilkow understands that you can’t make everyone happy and you compromise with evil all the way to hell.

    • Shane

      I seriously doubt that liberal Hollywood is going to blacklist these two popular actors. Besides, they can work in Europe; it is certain European producers won’t blacklist them, as almost all Europeans hate Israel.

      • landofaahs

        I boycotted Hollywood long ago. I have my old movies that I love and I dropped the sat TV long ago too. It’s amazing how much I get done over most people. But I do spend a little more time posting, but that’s because I have lolls in my profession and need a break from research every once in a while.

      • sofia1948

        The biggest anti-Semites live in Europe ,the hate for Jewish people and Israel run their for centuries and i should know i was born their and my parents are Holocaust survivors(may they rest in peace).If you are Jewish the only way to get a college education is to bribe no matter how smart you are.Thank you America for giving me my family my grandchildren to be FREE and have to right to speak FREE.

  • soybomb315

    So apparently Hollywood is very ‘pro-Israel’? I think we are starting to see behind the curtain.

    • mspatdev

      Why do you think obammy spends so much time with them? He has some evil messages that he wants in the movies. He has all of that in the movies of late. They are very terrible and that is what obammy wants and another way to destroy the USA values.

  • PapaBC

    blacklist them… Time to stand UP for Christians and Jews.

  • macbil

    Badem looks like a terrorist got in touch with him already! I understand they have a combined IQ of 82!

  • ICEE444

    Two so-so actors who matter not. There are definitely better actors out there so why hire them anyway.

  • Jan R Weber MD

    Celebrities (and all others) who support Hamas should not be blacklisted. They should be educated. Hamas makes the Ebola virus look like a hang nail. Inform people about what Hamas promulgates, and rational people will turn away from them.

    • RueTheDay

      You can’t inform people who choose not to be informed.

  • Girard1974

    Mr. Beck is just a little confused. It sounds as if he’s trying to compare the blacklists of the 1950’s where the “government” was attacking certain Hollywood types and others because they were believed to be communists. That kind of interference clearly violated the First Amendment insofar as free speech was concerned.

    But here we have civilian enterprises choosing to not do business with certain Hollywood types because they’re supporting bona fide terrorist organizations. Of course Mr. Beck is entitled to his opinion and is free to hire or fire anyone in his organization as he chooses. But coming from someone who espouses such a high level of understanding of our government and how it works, he’s just a tad out of line with this one.

    • gretagarbo123

      I agree. He just doesn’t seem right lately. He doesn’t have to like boycotts, but neither does he have to make anyone who doesn’t want to hire her/watch her movies to feel like they are doing wrong. I believe God wants us to stand up for our beliefs.

    • soybomb315

      Beck does not like boycotts because he is afraid of getting boycotted by his own listeners.

    • Mark Horst

      HOW Many ROCKS would it take coming through u’r WINDOWS ? Before YOU defend YOUR Family ? WHO has it in their CHARTER aka the LAW OF THE LAND. We will NOT stop till ALL JEWS & those like them are ELIMINATED. Like THOSE we crushed in the PAST. and DON’T pull the KIDS CRAP. Hamas’s PLAN is WORKING with the WEAK. THEY DON’T care WHO DIES on either side if it will advance THEIR IDIOTolagy.

      • JRLeish

        I agree with the message, but your delivery is hard to read. What’s the deal with the random capitalization and punctuation?

        • Mark Horst

          I’m sorry I don’t have the ability to put on paper what I deliver in person. I’m FAR from perfact, but have devoted my LIFE to the defense of this Nation, and OUR Constitution & Bill of Rights. My neighbors are ALL Citizens of the U.S.A. They don’t have to live next door.

  • geoffreybramhall

    When did Hollywood become the defenders of Jews and our constitution?
    There is something not quite right about this story. I’m sticking with my
    theory that they are (mostly) a pit of socialist snakes. I do not need a
    bogus blacklist to form an opinion about someone, and that opinion may
    well color my decision whether to pay to see their movie or care about
    anything they do or say. Needless to say I don’t get out much!

    • soybomb315

      The truth is that the jewish influences in media are very strong. As liberal as Hollywood is, actors know that if you do what Mel Gibson did, you will not find acting work. Jewish folks overwhelmingly voted for Obama so i dont understand why people think Hollywood would be anti-jewish.

      • mspatdev

        The American Jews are totally different from Israel. They have gone the ways of obammy and liberals.

        • Thomas L. Stafford

          No, even Israel has its share of liberal Jews. That is why the “West Bank” and “Gaza” exist in the first place. They were both cases of “land for peace”. Do you not love how well that has worked out?

      • geoffreybramhall

        I’m not sure I’m following you. We are talking about Hollywood
        with or without Jewish influence. They do not appreciate what
        Israel has to do to protect their nation and by the way think the
        nanny state is good for their lowly fans, and so support everything
        liberal. Now the Jews among the Hollywood set either are willing
        to sell their souls to remain relevant or do not take their religion
        very seriously. They certainly do not appreciate the danger the
        Israeli citizen is living under regardless of the religious leaning
        of the country. Look at those poor Christians surrounded by
        ISIL terrorists that want to exterminate them. Obama’s two 500lb
        bombs will need tp be followed up on, and then get ready for the
        Hollywood elites railing against that! It’s so predictable.

  • AbleAmerican1

    Isn’t there a reference in the Bible where God has stated..’if thou are not with me,, then thou are against me”!! ?? If this be true..then what has the ‘religious believers’ who believe in ALL that is written..in the Bible..which has been written & re written by so called men who’ve just written what ‘God’ has communicated to them..As a young kid I was lead to believe, by my grandfather, about the 10 commandments..& from those you knew what was right & what was not..That said..Israel has every right to protect & defend itself & ALL it’s people..I would do NO LESS if & when my family’s lives were threatened or endangered & am prepared to do so without hesitation
    as long as there is breath in my body. & i presume there are many who would do the same for their family’s as well!!

    • BlueMN

      ‘if thou are not with me,, then thou are against me”
      That was George thee W Bush.

  • dan9el


    Question ; – Should Hamas-supporting celebs be blacklisted?
    Answer; – Yes.

    • Today22011

      Hamas is clearly a terrorist organization. It cares nothing for the civilians – the noncombatants it hides behind. The celebs who support Hamas are in tune with their philosophy.

  • ROY

    Those that do the hiring have their right not to hire these filth.

  • gretagarbo123

    I’m boycotting certain actors/actresses. I know that most are Democrats/liberals, but some cross a line for me and Penelope Cruz is one of them. I never did think much of her as an actress and most of her films are “B” flicks to me. There is a difference between a blacklist and a boycott. But if a Jewish director chooses not to hire her or the others, then that’s private enterprise and not the same as the government blacklists of Hollywood years ago. It’s their right not to hire her, Glenn. Having said that, these directors/producers are always supporters of Democrats/liberals who often seem anti-semitic and they need to get their act together. The American Jews need to wake up!

  • slk5

    freedom of speech??? i looked closely at the “1st ammendment”, and noticed in really small fine print, free speech to those who fit your agenda, or else they’re dead meat!!! it’s the “1st” thing our founding fathers wrote!!! that must mean something!!! i’m an immigrant, living in this great country, and i’ll be damned if anyone tries to take, any of my “freedoms” away!!! God Please Bless America!!!

  • rbblum

    Hollywood stars may freely express their opinion . . . though there should be a challenging public dialogue as to ‘why’ they hold such a view.

  • richard diamond

    Glenn, sometimes you are an idiot.. You are standing in support of two people who support terrorism, poor poor Hamas.. so that means YOU are supporting terrorism in a round about way..

    • Today22011

      Blacklisting is a system. The U.S. is never to return to a Secret List of Government Targets to Investigation and employers to intimidate. Don’t ever forget the political use of the IRS.


    We must vote with our wallets. We must boycott the Hollywood elites that think they know better then we.
    Boycott all Hollywood and support the actors that are Patriots…that would mean to not boycott them..Speilberg, Hanks, Oprah Clooney etc…yes, boycott big time…Get their attention….They have no right to use their platform for politics…..

  • mspatdev

    We are loosing our freedom of speech. Everyone has their right to speak on anything. If we don’t agree with them, then we have the right to boycott them. As far as Israel is concerned, the Hamas started everything. They have taken control of the Palatines and they are putting their missles and everything in front of the children. They are very dangerous terrorists. Our dictator has sent millions of hard earned TAX MONEY to the Hamas. Not one dime to Israel. America has always supported Israel until the evil child of satan has taken over this Great Nation. We haven’t been able to do anything to the US government. We can not support them in all of the dangerous things they want to do. We don’t need to pay extra things for what they want. We can write everybody in Congress and others to fight for us and keep the USA safe from this hitler government. May God Bless this Great Nation.

  • Dageffe

    Just because they r on a blacklist doesn’t mean it shuts them up.
    And doesn’t mean everyone will follow the blacklist either because
    Some in the industry will agree with them.

  • AbleAmerican1

    Watched a ‘historical’ program titled “The Siege” on my lap top yesterday where the grand vizer, Kara Mustafa ..GET THIS on ..9-11-1683..attacked the City of Vienna, Austria to destroy the city..( & then advance on to Rome & the Vatican )
    kill ALL..men, women, children who would not renounce their christian faith & become devout believers in Islam..He eventually failed here & as his ‘reward’ was ‘garroted’ in front of his wife & son. The 9-11 date had me curious as the the date used to destroy the twin towers!! There was also the Crusades & the Knights of Templar another part of Muslim’s ongoing endeavor to enslave the entire world under Islam’s Califate law from the Koran..HAMAS is another attempt to do so again..NOT JUST WITH ISRAEL..they consider the ‘little satan’..America is the ‘BIG KAHUNA’ they’re after…that’s US..FOLKS..& IRAN with nuclear capabilities is their ultimate objective to complete that centuries old goal..Are you prepared for the onslaught they’re promising??

    • Lilanela9

      No, we are not prepared. AND they are on the march.

      • AbleAmerican1

        And YOUR plan to become PREPARED..IS WHAT???

        • zemla

          Probably to buy to many guns, a bunch of crappy food, and a computer to type their grievances on some web site….

  • poetwarrior

    I favor the boycott. Soros has called for one against Israel. The only way we can get our voices heard anymore is to keep our money home. We do not have a microphone like these bleeding heart libs and money is the only voice left to us. You go ahead and stand with them. Your inconsistency troubles me. They call for boycotts against Christian organizations all the time, yet you don’t think we should use their own weapon against them? How does that make sense?

  • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

    None of our business…stay out of it!

    • dan9el

      Actually, it is necessary,…just think of it;….allow me to illustrate briefly.

      All governments have their own agencies /organization to protect themselves ,,,and to spy as well.

      United States;

      FBI,CIA,NSA,DIA,NGIA,NSC,NCIX,NCTC ,..among others


      KGB, FBS,SVR,GRU (a foreign organ of the Russian Ministry of Defense)

      Event the church (The Catholic Church) for is another political power as well;…

      The Roman Curia, The Gendarmeire Corps of Vatican City

      All political powers have a way to check in everyone , to check on virtually everything that moves around,…so certainly ‘blacklists’ or…’watchlists’ are always, has been , will be , there.

      In others words, lists about anything , like a grocery list,…so is ok,…. it will not make any type of difference , really.

      Just think about it,…is nothing;…there are lists on individuals that do not like the previous administration, nor Bush, and there are lists on people that do not like nor trust the current administration – and so nor Obama ….(and on that one I know I am in…and they know very well, I do not give dime about it)

      Bottom line; – an special list on Terrorists supporters?…yes, of course, it is logical.

      Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

      • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

        I’m not talking spying, I’m saying leave it all alone…don’t get involved!

        • dan9el

          Well, yes of course, we should leave along terrorists supporters,…after all,… they do have the right to take that road.

          But we have, should, must be very, extremely very alert about those terrorists for they really want to kill us all,..they do not sleep (sort of speak).

          And if by any chance they do manage to go to sleep ,they will dream about continue killing us and even to find new ways to do so.

          So, we need to know about those the whereabouts and plans of those Islamic-muslim jihadist assassins terrorists lunatic…and about who are in support for them….we need to know who they are.

          The list is necessary.

          • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

            Great! Make a LIST of all Moslem & Zionist Terrorist. But, mind our own business until we need to act. When Israel attacked The USS Liberty, we should’ve blown them off the face of the Earth. Just as we should do to Hamas if they screw around with us!

    • AbleAmerican1

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Therein lies the “RUB” of the apathetic’s that sanction by their ‘it’s none of our business’ inaction that we have what we have going on on steroids in our country..today..which IF NOT CHANGED means so many have served & ultimately sacrificed for war after war to keep our FREEDOMS INTACT for generations to come..

      • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

        Talking about foreign wars, not domestic issues. When Palestine or Israel attacks our shores, I will fight them all. But, right now our Liberties & Freedoms are being negated from within.

  • Green Eyed Lady

    I am thinking this over. Do I really want to watch anything by someone I deem painfully stupid who pushes a lie about others.

    The answer is that I don’t want to support anything they do.

  • HisPurpose

    You are for good or for evil……….

    20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
    And prudent in their own sight!

    22 Woe to men mighty at drinking wine,
    Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink,
    23 Who justify the wicked for a bribe,
    And take away justice from the righteous man!

    24 Therefore, as the fire devours the stubble,
    And the flame consumes the chaff,
    So their root will be as rottenness,
    And their blossom will ascend like dust;
    Because they have rejected the law of the Lord of hosts,
    And despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

  • yourpaled

    What do you mean she’s standing up for hamas, Glenn? Clearly, her stand is for Palestinians and the devastation Israel has caused in Gaza. Yes, Palestinians are innocent in this fiasco.

  • Jim

    One director saying he won’t hire her is hardly a “blacklist”. I support her right to state her opinion and I support his right to choose who he associates with or hires. Conservatives in Hollywood are very familiar with this. Most simply keep their opinions to themselves so they will be able to work. I’m not much of a “boycott” person, but there are some I refuse to watch…Tom Cruise, Jim Carey…to name a couple.

  • Lilanela9

    For me, I won’t spend my money in watching ANY of her movies.

  • barbarakelly

    Yes lets blacklist them. Let them feel the pinch like us common people. And obama wants every thing the same for everyone. That is the socialist way. Where the conservatives do it by everyone earn their way by hard work and improvements in their lives really on no on but them selves.

  • Kevin Kinney

    Sorry Glenn, your only half right. Yes to free speech, but no to aiding an
    enemy as that is treason. You can’t fight an enemy to a point of stopping them
    from their genocide doctrine – plan and give them money, food, weapons, health
    care, and a voice to indoctrinate more people to the superstitions, it’s not
    right. It like adding more to harm our American Values: Morality, Faith and
    Patriotism, real American Republic Patriotism. Either we are for all good
    things, God, peace and freedoms, or we are for bad things like the killing of a
    people, Satan and government – corporate slavery’s. In this day and age, it
    really is that simple. Aw sure, you can try to straddle both sides to “go along
    to get along” much like our Republican’s have done threw the years that has
    gotten us to our country’s breaking point. All for what sir? Our American Values
    are nearly gone in our government and in our public places. A man I think in
    Florida is under attack, fined over eight thousand dollars for putting a very
    little American Flag in a pot with a plant. We have a soldier in a Mexican jail
    still, no American leadership. You must know the money Mr. Obama has given Hamas
    for their elections and so on, aiding our enemy. And so much more. No sir, at
    this point, it is black and white, evil over good, to help either one shows your
    ignorance or Faith. Stalin was right about one thing, attacking a healthy body
    of America has to come from with in the body, threw her American Values. Years
    ago people who where against our American Values where watched and questioned,
    sure even put in prison like the Japanese, but today, it has taken a 180. The
    new targets are people who value our laws and our American Values. Thanks in
    part for the watering down of our Country’s Party, the Republican’s. They have
    been corrupted and a joke for their go along to get along value system, thus
    corrupt. America sir, needs leadership that has a clear view of where we where,
    and where we need to be. 45th President

  • Johnathan Read

    My bet is that this ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ story is the Lefts attempt to make pro Israel conservatives look bad.

    They are playing ‘The Victim ‘card.

  • cdegler1

    I belie that Penelope Cruz has the right to speak her mind but I find her as crazy as her x-husband. I believe that he rubbed off on her more than she thought. God’s people were not the Hamas but Israel. Does she really believe that they treat their women with respect? Does she really believe they care what she believes? She is of no worth to them. God values women and so does Israel. do not believe as she does but I feel she doesn’t deserve to be ostracized for her beliefs. That was hard for me to say. But our Constitution says we have freedom of speech and Obama is trying like h*** to take that away from Penelope and all of America.

  • dmprisk

    Well, Hollywood is run by the Jews and they just stomped on them. Maybe now the Hollywood Jews will open their eyes and close their wallets for the Dummyrats and Obozo. Open your eyes!

  • William Dwyer

    Glenn Beck is trying so hard to appear to support the Constitution he has abandoned his true beliefs. I think Beck is a phoney and clearly on the wrong side here. If Hitler had preached all his hateful propaganda in America would he still defend his 1st Ammendment right to free speech? Don’t think so.

    • Thomas L. Stafford

      I do not know about that. There were enough votes to elect and re-elect Obama.

  • lonebear

    If this were over another subject I might agree. But this is over evil. It is about Hamas and the slaughter of God’s people and his land. When Penelope stood against Israel she stood against God.

    • smokehill2

      An idiotic argument.

      Amazing how the bottom of the intellectual barrel among the religious always assume they have some lock-in on morality.

  • Oogle Boogle

    Hire, fire, boycott, support…It’s all good if you have REASONED your way to that position.

  • Lea

    I agreed with Glenn about Penelope right to express its opinion .
    the question is :did Penelope and her husband and too many alike understand what they have signed for ?
    did both of them take the time to educate themselves about what is happening in the Middle East before signing ?
    I hope thy know that Israel and Gaza are part of the Middle East .do they know where is Gaza and Israel on the glob map ?
    for me its hard and difficult to understand and forgive for ignorance .
    ignorance is empty place hollow deep hole and this hole we should fill it with information to learn and educate and not a place for an ugly false propaganda .
    Israel has NO interest NO desire to harm the resident in Gaza !!!
    i recommend to go to youtube writ the name Mordechai Kedar in English listen and learn ….

  • melissasmom

    The actors had the right to say what they did, but the freedom of speech does not eliminate the results of what they said. It is not government that is penalizing them.

  • RueTheDay

    The difference between the government ordering boycotting/blacklisting and the citizens themselves boycotting/blacklisting is apples and oranges — there is no comparison. One is totalitarianism and the other is the freedom to choose. I would have figured Glenn should know that, but I don’t know how to measure the man these days.

  • earl angus

    No, they should not be blacklisted ! They have the right to their own opinnion as does everyone else does. Its wrong to not let them have their Freedom of Speech. We don`t have to see their movies but they can say what they want

    • dan9el

      Certainly they have the righto support, make waves , scream and chant abut anything they wish,…that is not I dispute;….be we have to be realistic, and no to hide them behind the mantra; – “they have rights!…they have rights!..”.
      True, although they have rights , all the rights in the planet we can think of?….one thing is crystal clear and we cannot spin on this one;…. .
      They are as dangerous as children sex predators,…we need to know who they are and where they are.
      Are we all clear on this?….Yes?….or….no?

    • RueTheDay

      Nobody is stopping their freedom of speech. They can spew whatever opinions they want, even when it’s garbage. But as a free person, I have the right not to listen. Also as a free person, I should have the right not to employ or patronize them. Silly me, I thought that was a freedom, too.

  • Johnathan Read

    So Glenn, would you have stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Hitler and defended his right to condemn the Jews and all other undesirables?

  • Bubba66

    Cruz and what’s his name had the right to say what they did and did so, however, the directors and producers have the right to hire them or not. Enough said.

  • dan9el

    Let’s be very , but very simple and common sense about all this, shall we?

    I is time;…..

    LIKE THIS COUNTRY…..get the heck out!….and don’t come back!

    Not bad approach;….communist countries do not permit democratic groups
    ,…..Islamic-muslim countries they even hunt down and kill anything / anyone different than them in religion.

    Here in our country communists and Nazis , walk as they wish every place;….Islamic-muslim groups have their sites to reunite, and they protest for any minuscule thing they get offended with,…and on top of that,…. they never raise their voices against killing every time any Islamic-muslim jihaddist maniac throw a bomb any place and kill innocent people in the name of their religion views.

    It is time to send communists to Russia, China, Korea, or any other country where they have communist system;…and it is time to send the entire Islamic-muslim massive community here in our country to the middle east where they can kill among themselves,….and if they come back here illegally (as may of them are) to do any kind of damage to our society in any possible way,…. we just pulverize
    them….down to the last atom,…. should that would be possible… (or even way down to the very last quark)

    Although for someone(s) out there this may sound incendiary or too hard,..it is a matter of our survival,…it is not?

    Opinions welcome.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    sorry glenn, if there’s any blacklisting to start happening in hollywood, it will be blacklisting of actors who support israel. doesn’t matter how many leftist jews are executives, they are leftists first and foremost.

  • taffytee

    WHOA. Remember what happened to the guy who owned a certain basketball team in LA. Now people can be forced to sell their belongings if their talk doesn’t suit others….Donald Sterling is being forced to sell his interest in a team-Why didn’t the NBA allow the public who found Sterling’s remarks inappropriate, punish him by not go to the Clippers’ games and let the team and thus ,Sterling’s investment, go bankrupt? I think ideally those who don’t like the actors who signed the letter, don’t hire them. Who gets to be the Speak & Think Police? The same liberal idiots who came up with the law of “hate crimes”, which typically means if a white kills a black, they get charged with a “hate” crime, but if a black kills a white, they are NOT charged with a “hate” crime. How do the DA’s know the true motive of someone committing murder.?Wouldn’t you think it involves hate, in any case, regardless of the race of the perpetrator or the victim? What is going on in this country?

    • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

      They way around hate crime laws is to say very loudly in front of witnesses or on video camera: I LOVE YOU, BUT YOU MUST DIE! (just before you commit murder).

    • smokehill2

      Once we began legislating private behavior, like who you must rent or sell to, the slope was already set up, and the slide down it was inevitable.

      Now that the Left has skewed morality so far, like pretending that being queer is just another perfectly acceptable lifestyle, is it any surprise that elementary school kids are being indoctrinated in this New Morality? It surely won’t be long before they are required to report their parents’ impure thoughts and statements.

      The sad part is that I am certain that if the government had stayed out of private economics, race relations would be a LOT farther along today, over a half century later.

      You don’t really change anyone’s mind by holding a gun to their head and forcing them into changing their behavior. You just pi** them off & harden their opinions.

      Market forces would eventually have changed the same behavior, without jamming morality down people’s throats. It would have taken a bit longer for the actual changes to have taken place, but you wouldn’t have the backlash and resentment that are still with us now.

  • elizabeth

    what she said is causing antisemitism worldwide and thats a red line. you cant take your words back once you said them.

  • elizabeth

    in Europe and even in the US if you speak publicly against radical Islam there will be repercussions thats why people are allowing themselves to bash israel and the usa, i think boycotting is good option for us to stop the abuse

  • Greg Norris

    I disagree with you Glenn. People may have the right to express their opinions, and the people who boycott them also have the right to allow them to feel the pain of their opinions. I get to choose who I do business with as well and do my best to do business with entities and people I feel I can support. Starvation is a marvelous cure for a ridiculous opinion.

  • Thomas L. Stafford

    Glenn, I understand your point. But, I feel you must concede that producers etc. have the right to voter wit their pocketbooks just like the rest of us. I also believe that two wrongs do not make a right”. But, openly conservative actors/actresses have had their careers diminished by the industry.

  • elizabeth

    Hey, Penlope and Javier, why not buy tents for the million Syrians in camps in Jordan where it is over 100 degrees with little food or water? They were expelled by their own countrymen in Syria. Can’t do much for the thousands killed in Syria by poison gas and air barrage of their cities. Or help the families of the beheaded Filipino soldiers where terrorists are trying to extend the Caliphate. Maybe you could do something for the Egyptians who wanted an Arab Spring, but voted for the wrong party and are now dead or jailed. Or the women in Saudi Arabia who dared to want to drive, or uncover their heads. Some salve for their lashed backs. Or new daughters for the women whose girls were kidnapped (350 of them, at least) for going to school. Their male schoolmates were burned alive in their schools for the same reason, wanting an education. They lived in Nigeria. Or rape kits for the thousand in Somalia who were raped and had their husbands and children killed because they wanted to be Christians. The people who did all of these things, and more, are aligned with Hamas that you admire so. By the way, they need more cement in Gaza, not for schools and hospitals, but to line new tunnels. You probably don’t know what the tunnels are for, but that doesn’t matter. It must be something good . All these things are being done by the people you admire, but Only Israel is the bad guy for trying to stop them. I wonder why?

    • Today22011

      No need to wonder. They made their politics known. And get a headline. They have abundant resources to relieve the suffering in refugee camps. It would serve humanity better to put those resources where it does the most good instead of grabbing headlines.

  • luciteehee

    Do these ingrates “tolerate” OUR right to worship, talk about our Christianity or God, uphold those who practice morals and principles THEY describe as too confining and old fashioned? These clueless ones have only one talent! Being a STAR! Just like the Leader they adore! Some of them have a Secular Humanism attitude, and support Hamas because they have the same ideology! These Hollywood clueless ones have no Foreign Policy acumen. They have never lived in a Country that had missiles and rockets fired into their Country without provocation! Where you lived in constant fear that one would land on your home! They’ve never had to live in a place where Hamas, in POWER demand have assess into their homes, schools, and churches to build their tunnels! KNOWING that when they fire at Israel and they respond, children and adults are going to die! Being told to STAND on top of the HOUSES and die as martyrs! And they did by the dozens! The bigger portion if those who died were slain by Hamas and their followers! Hamas also spent MILLIONS of dollars they had gotten from this Administration, as well as other Countries who supplied the weapons, material to build the tunnels, and everything they needed to complete their demented plan! One million dollars on just a single tunnel and estimated fifty of them! The people the Hamas are suppose to be taken care of, do without the things they need so deadly tunnels could be built!! These Hollywood “empty-heads” and armed chair Generals should wait until they got information from BOTH sides, then comment! Hamas is a TERRORIST CULT and has been declared one for years! If anyone (no matter WHO they are, bum or star!) that supports the actions of terrorists like Hamas, they do NOT deserve the freedom or any other amenities they have in America! Go to both areas and give them a week each! Then come back and comment!

  • Joseph Wolfe

    If her views can be oppressed, when are yours next? Every bodies views on the table with an honest debate…
    Love, Respect and Tolerance!!!
    There is always three sides to every story.
    1. Yours
    2. Mine
    3. The Truth!

    • ABitterClinger

      “Can’t we all just get along?” Uttered by the famous philosopher, Rodney King. One good whack deserves another.

  • NMx

    People like Glenn Beck who set themselves up as leaders of the freedom movement are letting everyone down with all his “reasonableness”…. tolerate treason.. let them speak and say the most anti-American things while they tear this counry to shreds.. I’m getting pretty sure these days that Becks a fraud. Go find a new leader…. if its freedom you seek its not him… His newfound Acts o Kindness movement would be nice 20 yrs ago but we’re now fighting for our very Constitution… Not interested in being a nice slav….sayonara Glenn…

  • Dale_G1

    Blacklist no. Boycott their movies or voting with our dollars…yes.

  • 12grace

    Love ya, Glenn. But, I think you might be doing some projecting. You have had many groups boycott you when you said things they disagreed with so perhaps you may feel that if you defend people that say offensive things to Conservatives. The left will think twice about boycotting you when you say things to offend them.

  • dslpltdor
  • Divine Insurrection

    These actors obviously have no clue about what’s going on in the Middle East yet still feel compelled to spout their ignorant opinions anyway. Of course, the drooling sheeple who get their political opinions from them are also going to remain ignorant. Lazy Americans who worship the TV, you are about to get what you deserve.

  • bandit

    Stupid is as . . . well, you know . . .

  • Fifth_Disciple

    Those who haven’t done permanent damage to their brain cells may recall some comments the Dixie Chicks made regarding Bush. I said it then and I’ll repeat it now, I don’t go to my mechanic for medical advice, my doctor for mechanical advice or entertainers for political advice. Entertainers often have an overinflated sense of self importance because they are surrounded by sycophant’s and yes men. They have every right to express their opinion and I have every right to assign it importance I think it deserves.

    • zemla

      Awsome comment. This whole story is like many others…too much noise over to little substance

    • Rae

      Absolutely spot-on!

    • BlueMN

      Yep, Ronnie “Bonzo” Reagan sucked as Prez, his B Westerns were better.

  • pFeather

    I agree with Beck, even though these actors are stupid progressives they have a right to express their opinions and a black list is unjustified. If you as an individual don’t want to see their work that’s one thing but for them to be placed on a black list is anti-American and anti-freedom.


    Glenn wants to be all things to all people. He has certainly changed in the last year.
    I will bet his 300 plus employees are scared of losing their jobs. And he really needs to get some new advisors, writers, etc. Very sad what has happened to him.

  • warriorgal

    Yeah, let’s wait until the jihadists STRIKE in America again. Let’s wait until we start seeing ISIS invading America and corpses begin to pop up in this city and that city WITHOUT HEADS. Let’s see how FREE people will feel then. Ludicrous. Americans WAKE THE HELL UP! Don’t you understand these SAVAGES WISH they were KILLING AMERICANS? Duh! Have you forgotten, Israel is ONLY the “little satan”, what they REALLY want is the “Great Satan” DUH, which is America. As if this Ebola was not enough. What in the world is it going to take to WAKE UP a jaded nation, that is so far from God? Whatever, when the crap hits the fan, don’t say, “no one warned us.”

  • janetspillows

    Penelope and her husband are on my #%*! list. I for one will never watch them in any movie again. I stand by Israel.

  • Take 2

    If you believe in God through Christ I.e. it was made very clear that Christ death and day of Pentecost that ‘all’ God’s children through Christ are favored. This is the BIG rub and why.

  • AnnGepp

    Really Glenn? You’d stand with Hamas supporters? Sure Cruz and Bardiem have the right to say whatever they want, but what about the executives freedom NOT to hire them? So are you saying that the studio execs shouldn’t be allowed to say that they don’t want to hire them? Seems like a bit of a double standard. I think you’re losing me, Glenn, with your self-righteous drivel.

  • landofaahs

    Dump the TV and Hollywood all together and see how your life changes for the better after a month or two. Just try it for 3 months. You might be amazed.

  • Joey M. Edwards

    since when has hollyweird ever “blacklisted” anyne for supporting scum like hamas. glen is increasingly showing his true colors. it’s time for him to admit his “show” is just a act and he hate’s America just as much as his flg-burner comards

  • Kitcrsn

    Anyone know the real reason why Wilkow is gone from Blaze?

  • http://clanofcelticoffspring.blogspot.com Geoff Marrott

    I agree with Glenn on this issue. I agree that Cruz and Bardem are idiots for writting that letter. I think it just shows how uninformed and stupid they are on the issue. Anyone that objectively looks at what is going on will be able to see who are the GOOD GUYS and who are the BAD GUYS and it is that simple. Putting them on a blacklist is wrong because it is a suppression of free speech. Leave it up to the individual to decide if they want to use them in another movie not a list. They have placed the brand on themselves as terrorist sympathizers and the consiquences should be that no one wants them in their films, but to put out a list of people that are blacklisted sounds too Hillary Clinton to me:)

  • Ken Rinderhagen

    Hamas does not offer acceptable options to non Muslims anywhere they find them.

  • Fifth_Disciple

    It has been said that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Here’s a pop quiz for you, who said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”?
    It’s an open book test, take as long as you need


    glenn u r an ok guy i have agreed with you in almost everything as a cuban american i have lived thru propaganda that you only heard off, you are either with god or the devil, 60% (to be nice) of americans under 30 who’s bible is hollywood would believe those imbeciles of cruz and badem, so if you want the cancer eating this society then go ahead and continue feeding the cancer. i was born else where but my children were born here and ill be damn if i allow these a..holes from the land that brought socialism and comunism to latin america, propagate their mesage. BLACKLIST THEM JUST LOOK AT SEAN PENN.

  • Timothy Hillhouse

    Anyone who sides with Hamas or any other muslim terrorist group is the enemy and should be treated as such. If certain individuals were in the past “blackballed” for being communists, how much more so should terrorist supporters be!

    • Fifth_Disciple

      “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  • Today22011

    For those who invoke God, there are just many who reject God or reject His existence. So what do these persons believe in and aspire to ? With their vocal support of Hamas and with knowledge of Hamas Constitution , it appears to be the complete destruction of Israel and its inhabitants . If that happens, the fate of the Christian peoples in the region is doubtful. And that fate is already reported in the news.

  • SAMKD1

    Freedom of speech is a two edged sword. I do not like what these elite Hollywood so called stars had to say, but they have the right to say it, and WE have the right to disregard and/or give our opinions as well. For my part, I stand with Israel…..

  • Lisa Harrison

    I don’t know about “blacklists” but these Hollyweirdos are definitely on my sh*tlist. So not worth my time or money, ew ick!!!

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