Pro-gun children’s book rockets up bestseller list after Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert mock it

What happens when Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert mock a children’s book focused on gun safety? It becomes an international bestseller, of course. On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn spoke to authors and Michigan Open Carry, Inc. co-founders Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew about their overnight sensation, My Parents Open Carry.

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“They have played Santa Claus and ‘Book Jesus’ for you guys,” Glenn said to Jeffs and Nephew of Maher and Colbert. “They really worked miracles for this book.”

Ironically, the My Parents Open Carry is not actually a new book. Jeffs and Nephew explained they came up with the idea for the book a few years ago, and it was published soon after. It had remained relatively under the radar until Maher stumbled across it last week and chose to highlight it on his HBO program Real Time with Bill Maher. Colbert followed suit, and the rest is history.

“It’s been out for a few years,” Jeffs said. “But since that Bill Maher and Colbert thing, we’re getting interviews around the world. I mean, Germany, Australia, China ran a story on it.”

The book, which offers a day in the life of 13-year-old Brenna Strong as she travels with her parent’s who “lawfully open carry handguns for self-defense,” has rocketed up the Amazon bestseller list. My Parents Open Carry is now number one on the ‘Children’s Government Books’ list and comes in at number 414 for all books on Amazon.

As Glenn explained, the content of the book is quite detailed. Jeffs and Nephew said they recommend it for ages 12 and up – though they have heard from parents who have read the book to children as young as 5.

“Nobody is too young to learn about the Second Amendment, and rights, and self defense,” Jeffs said.

Ultimately, through the book and their non-profit – Michigan Open Carry, Inc. – the men hope to “bring gun ownership out of the closet” and educate people on the realities of open carry.

You can learn more about My Parents Open Carry HERE.

  • Yo Mamma

    Yeah baby, just what I said when some American posted a picture of a ninja Muslim and AK and I said thats exactly what Christian Americans are doing with their kids.

  • Rob Stinziano

    Your opinion is precious and that fact that you are entitled to it was hard won. I’ve stumbled across your opinion on many issues including religion and firearms. Please continue to enjoy your freedoms, as many have made great sacrifices to ensure you have this opportunity. I would be interested in knowing which rights you feel the rest of us are no longer worthy of.

  • smokehill2

    I wonder if the anti-gun Brady nutters have a corresponding primer for their little brats — “My Parents Don’t Give a Damn for My Safety or Theirs, so They Don’t Own Guns and Just Hope the Cops Will Get There in Time to Call the Ambulance.”

    A few years ago in another Virginia town, a couple of bat & knife-wielding thugs broke down the door of a family home, killed both parents, and raped & killed their teenage daughter before ripping off the usual jewelry, some cash & electronic stuff. There had been lots of home invasions in that area in previous months, prominently covered on local TV, radio and newspapers, so the danger was hardly a surprise to anyone. In fact, it had caused a spike in local gun sales.

    One has to wonder what goes through the mind of idiots like this — does the whole problem just overwhelm their tiny brains, and they simply ignore reality? Or do they believe that their children’s lives are simply not worth protecting?

    The mind boggles.

    • poundsand

      Also, the unfortunate Petit family in CT. Career thugs, out of prison once again for only a couple days, invaded their home. Killed the Mother and two young daughters, and raped the Mother and 11 year old, then set their house on fire. This, while the police lurked outside for over half an hour waiting to “see what would happen.” Too bad this family was not trained in self defense and how to use a weapon. BTW, the thugs had BB guns, but were still able to intimidate and kill the family. Liberals continue their war on women.

      • uconndirk

        That was a horrible crime as was that one in the school in our state and you use this to what? What good does this post accomplish?

        • JohnInFlorida

          Perhaps to emphasize the following …

          Right to protect oneself and duty to protect family
          Folly of expecting protection from law enforcement (hint: that isn’t their job)
          The problem of our “revolving door” prisons

          … Just to name a few.

    • carlcasino

      Justice is a funny bedmate. A libtard Judge has declared that Brady’s is a homicide. It only took him 30 years to finally pass ??? I am going to demand that my survivors have my death declared a military death. I was depth charged in ’58 and hit my head on the ballast manifold and will pass sometime in the next few years. I want, NO I demand, an eternal flame to be constructed in my honor. A parade down the main drag can be delayed until my 10 anniversary.

    • FingerBlisters

      It’s “It Won’t Happen to Me” syndrome.

  • 2 IT too

    It’s 2022.

    Word’s broken that the ENTIRE population of POST America
    has been pre-emptively sterilized via pulsed toxic frequencies.

    And there’s BILL MAHER to comment!


    “—–So you want me to talk about the —‘issue’
    ——————WHAT do you WANT me to SAY?
    —————————IT HAPPENED!
    STOP thinking of it as pre-emptive GENOCIDE
    ————–and just start thinking of it
    ————————as just a very —-very long,
    ———————————-very —very practical ——-JOKE!”



    And BTW —WHY is GB engaging
    frontline views in this now UNDENIABLE —–11th HOUR????????

    Someone is smelling more and more like a JUDAS GOAT.

  • poundsand

    Liberalism is a mental disorder – Michael Savage was and is correct.

    • Steve Kolesar

      and it is called oikophobia

  • the_independent_truth

    Pro -gun children book sad. NRA getting them hooked young and get there money when there older.

    • gr8scott72

      *their, *they’re

      • jimjimmy

        good catch scott, just another ignorant lefty an his ignorant post!

        • Narco Hawg


    • ElDuderino

      Most people that join the NRA a pretty independent thinkers… god forbid that someone actually join a group that fits in line with their beliefs.

      • the_independent_truth

        Not true there just following all the other NRA members. We live in a gun society where more people own guns than don’t. It’s the person who does not own a gun is the person thinking dependently.

    • IReadit3

      Kinda like “Heather Has Two Mommys”

    • scouch

      I would rather live next door to these sad pro gun children than an anti Contitutionalist like you. Yes the NRA is getting them hooked young. I was an old-timer when I got hooked, I think I was in 4th grade and the local American Legion Post had an NRA club.

      • the_independent_truth

        So when some one in your house hole is shot by one of these kids would you feel the same way?

  • avengeflipper

    It’s about time conservatives started doing this. Liberals have been writing books and projecting their views on our children for decades. “Heather Has Two Mommy’s” anyone? Now, that stuff is common place.

  • jonsen

    Wonder if billy or stevie have security guards with guns? If they don’t I dare them to tell everyone this on their tv show.

    • Reliquary

      well why wouldnt they….No law abiding gun carrying conservative would ever harm them…However, some demented wack job might steal a gun and shoot there butts …..but that could happen anyway …lol they would, most likely, call it an example of gun violence and posthumously use it as an excuse for more stupid gun laws…

  • Hamma Time

    Waiting for the liberal book response. I have a few title suggestions…
    “If mommy didn’t give up her guns, I wouldn’t be here” A story of how Suzzie came about after her mom was raped.
    “My daddy was killed by an evil gun owner” A story how Jimmy’s daddy was ‘brutally shot’ trying to get him a used game system from a neighbors house.
    “I wish my daddy was here” A story on how Tyrone’s dad was murdered while looking for his fair-share in a neighbor’s home

    • Remy Sheppard

      What about, “I was just trying to get some skittles” – The story of a young man who was stalked on his way home from a convenience store by an evil (not so) white man with a gun.

      • Tim F

        I thought how funny it was that the media claimed that the dude was a white guy, but his picture looked a bit more Hispanic.

        • GRusling

          Zimmerman IS Hispanic! There are a lot of Hispanics by that name in Laredo, Texas!

          • Tim F

            That was my point.

      • Hamma Time

        When it comes to race, if you’re not black, you’re white. Zimmerman is white because he’s not black….never mind the fact that he’s only white so that he fits sharpton’s narrative better. Facts have no place in a liberal’s agenda.

      • Yakov Smirnoff

        How about “Why Won’t You Let Me Bash Your Head In? – The story of a paranoid young man who was shot and killed when the (not so) white man he attacked defended himself.” What? Don’t like that title?

      • Deborah Kassela

        So because of Zimmerman no one should ever be allowed to carry a legal weapon just in case they might need to protect themselves or their family.

    • Scott Luchenbill

      Come on now…the first book is just nonsensical! Suzzie would have just been aborted!

    • DaveFly

      And the classic liberal book of overcompensation…Little Daddy and HIs Extended Magazine

  • Tim F


  • Chad Petrash

    Liberalism kills more people than guns in America. I’d day it should be banned but I like hearing about darwin awards.

    • DaveFly

      Liberalism is the very reason for most of the gun violence in this country. Look at the most violent cities in America, and check out how they run their government. Where there is government corruption, there is a lot of gun violence.

  • Connor Kenway
    • DaveFly

      Shannon Watts has been the driving force behind MDA…what an absolute tool.

    • Special K

      Bahahahahahahahaha Connor Kenway.

  • mikec711

    Bill and Steven both play the blind squirrel periodically (finding that nut, saying something that makes sense) … but I thank them for their idiocy on this one as it put common sense into the limelight where it is usually censored. Thanks guys.

  • B-Funk

    My Parents always concealed carry, but they still carry… And so do I!


    Next best seller idea for book, “LIBS ARE TOOLS!” … Get off your wet fetishes for gun control! AIN’T HAPPENIN’! GOT THAT NANNY BLOOMBTURD?!

  • Jack Bond

    Basically every “reivew” on Amazon is a snarky response that doesn’t have anything to do with the content of the book or even disprove the value of open carry.

    All you get is stuff like “Let’s see a black man open carry without getting shot by police” and “Just wait until the kid gets a hold of the guns.”

    Both EXCELLENT reasons for gun control, not.

  • Sanity Prevails

    Instead of fanatically teaching kids only the 2nd Amendment, teach them the entire Constitution, so they’d become well rounded, educated children instead of illiterate gun-nuts like their parents. Teaching them about guns and pushing that culture is the same mentality as the radical Islamists teaching their children to do beheadings – making them killers from a young age.

    • Jayson Durkee

      What makes you think that people who buy this book teach kids “only” the 2nd amendment, fanatically or otherwise? Way to jump to conclusions, there, Hero. Illiterate gun nuts? Why would illiterate people buy books? Unless you don’t know what that word means, which seems evident. Pushing “that” culture? Which culture is that? Teaching children about guns equals teaching children to behead people in your estimation? Teaching children about guns makes them killers? You, Sir, are an idiot.

  • James

    How awesome is that!

  • AJ Tommy Guns

    I can’t stand Bill Maher, his shows and shows like it. Cue the “audience’s” applause in 3….2…

  • Ed Darrell

    Why do they carry guns? They run drugs?

  • Softie

    Folks, the gift of liberty is the gift of knowledge, prosperity, and a better way of doing things. Learn it, live it:

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