It’s Opposite Day: Glenn reacts to some of Obama’s flip-flops

Are the sanctions against Russia really working? Based on the answer President Obama gave a reporter, it isn’t really clear. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu tried to make sense of some of Obama’s recent remarks as they compare to his past positions.

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During a press conference on Wednesday, NBC News’ Chris Jansing asked the President a simple question: “Are sanctions [against Russia] not working?” Obama’s answer was not nearly as straightforward.

OBAMA: Well, we don’t know yet whether sanctions are working. Sanctions are working as intended in putting enormous pressure and strain on the Russian economy.

While Pat and Stu could not make heads or tails of the apparent doublespeak, Glenn tried to better understand the President’s reasoning.

“So here’s what he said: We don’t know if sanctions are working in the grand scheme of things, but sanctions are working as they are intended to put great pressure on,” Glenn said. “But has he capitulated yet? No, we don’t know if they are working in that way, but we know that they are working as intended to put great pressure on the economy… You don’t just put them on and then they capitulate right away. We don’t know the end result.”

Obama made another interesting comment this week during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. While discussing various initiatives aimed at strengthen U.S./African relations, the President made this plea to House Republicans.

OBAMA: I would be remiss if I did not add that House Republicans can help by reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank. That is the right thing to do.

While running for President in 2008, however, President Obama had a slightly different opinion of the Export-Import Bank.

OBAMA: I’m not a Democrat that believes we can or should defend every government program just because it’s there. There’s some that don’t work like we had hoped. The Bush Administration spent $1 billion a on a reading program that hasn’t improved our children’s reading. We should take that money and use it for things that work. There’s some programs that have been duplicated by other programs, that we just need to cut back, like the Economic Development Agency and the Export-Import Bank that’s become no more than a fund for corporate welfare.

“So it’s a little more than a fund for corporate welfare, but the Republicans should reauthorize it back into existence because it’s the right thing to do,” Pat said. “Can you explain that opposite?”

Glenn admitted this one was a bit more difficult to explain away.

“This is really challenging,” Glenn said. “[But] because I’m now in charge and the seas are beginning to recede, I have fixed the Import-Export bank, and it is no longer corrupt, no longer corporate welfare. Now it is important because I have arrived.”

While Glenn’s response may have been a bit sarcastic, Stu believes that is probably not too far from the President’s approach.

“He was in a campaign [when he made the original statement],” Stu said. “He may have completely forgotten he was critical of the Import-Export Bank – it’s just a thing he said on that day. Now the thing to say is, ‘I need it,’ so he’s saying that. That’s not specific to Obama by any mention.”

Ultimately, Stu found the archive clip to be particularly interesting because of the light it shines on how government waste is viewed.

“It’s interesting to hear the older clips of him in that it just shines a great light on how the government works. As he is going through in 2008, he is discussing a reading program for $1 billion that he’s saying is a waste of money,” Stu concluded. “What percentage of our government would stand, if we lived on that standard? Certainly less than half – if you need a measurable results from a program that you have.”

  • Landree

    I understood what the President meant. Russia is feeling economic pressure from sanctions, but the administration don’t know whether it will change Russia’s actions in the Ukraine. Seems obvious to me.

    • schmack_the_knife

      Nobody cares what you think.

      • Landree

        Your reply tells me you care.

        • schmack_the_knife


        • schmack_the_knife

          I don’t.

  • jimharvey

    HUH !?!?!?! DOH!!!

  • henry

    omg ….. when will people wake up ? the only pressure you can impose on russia is financial , putton doesnt care if his people suffer , so now he has his own monitary system to avoid this troublesome thing , russia , china,India, brazil, s. africa have started up their own bank , with real money i might add and its not the us dollar to get around whatever we can throw at him, they actually have assets to back up their new dollar with, but the news doesnt want us to know about that , so does he really care about what we could ever do now , are the same resources he needs to run his regeim not available anywhere else in the world? oh and i dont really care if i made spelling mistakes anyone who wants to bring it to my attention , go back under your rock and keep hiding from the truth. obamma is an abomination to man kind , walking hand in hand with the antichrist . its just a matter of time people , enjoy the illusion

    • landofaahs

      When the free stuff runs out and not one day before. They have “Scarlet Syndrome”.. That’s based on the oft repeated line by Scarlet in “Gone with the Wind” when she says Oh well, I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

      • Emily Richard


        ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚♚�♚ ♚♚♚

  • Joel Hernandez

    Sanctions won’t do a thing.. Russia will end up taking over Ukraine sooner or later…

    • Yo Mamma

      Sanctions only work in a country that is not connected. Russia has most middle eastern, some south American countries and China loving them.

      Just leave putin alone and he will fizzle away

  • amarillovet

    No Glen you’re wrong….obozo is stupid…but he is also devious and pure evil.

  • suz

    did reagan denounce or defend a program? if he defended one, i’m sure he explained it quite well.

    bho’s dishevled — doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.

  • landofaahs

    What was it that Obama said long ago? “Just words” He sees nothing wrong with lying. To him and most democrats it’s just something you do to get what you want. After all, most of his supporters are either stupid or liars themselves and they feel the same way he does. Lying to them becomes second nature and they do it so often that they don’t even think about it when they do so.

  • really simple food

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  • ReformSchool

    The collapse of our Constitutional Republic by rogue President Richard Nixon was not averted by Congressional Democrats refusing to go along, but by Republicans. Will its Democrats avert that collapse by rogue President Barack Hussein Obama?

    Whether his words are the result of too much crack cocaine leaving too little brain, a manifestation of Satan escaping Hell through his lips, or something equally nasty, can Americans afford another 28 months of systematic destruction of Democracy? Can Congressional Democrats?

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  • landofaahs

    Flip-flop? He doesn’t give a flip as long as America flops. That is why he is here in the White House. He is as I have said all along, a “Trojan Horse Muslim sent to destroy this country” in order to bring in the New World Order and total control of the globe. 666.

    • Glenn Coughlin

      Why would it matter if the President was Muslim?

  • FOOpoosiekeyboardwarrior

    But Glenny Glen you flip and flop then flop and flip too! How am I going to gatekeep when you do it as much as the Tyrant in Chief?

  • 2 IT too

    CFR deep ‘innie’, RED CHINA handover BUSHES

    CFR front, RED CHINA enabler, Rockefeller linked CLINTONS

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    Franchise slum ‘business as use–you–all’ WILL NOT SAVE YOU.

    This monster MUST be confronted FULL in the face- – – -FAST!!!!

    • Glenn Coughlin

      This may have been one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever read.
      Let me recommend something for you.
      Next time you leave your parent’s basement take off your foil helmet and beg to be admitted into Bellevue.

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