Why it’s time to stop digging our heels in

After listening to former D.C. mayor Marion Barry berate a local investigative reporter for daring to question why he had not paid fines on several years’ worth of parking and traffic violations, Glenn found himself wondering what we can do as a society to eliminate this sort of ‘above the law,’ lack of accountability mindset from not just politics but daily life. As Glenn explained, it is time to stop digging our heels in and start taking responsibility for our actions.

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Earlier this year, Glenn made headlines when he told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly he is remorseful for the role he played in the partisan divide in this country. While the media twisted that admission a million different ways, Glenn was actually talking about the rhetoric he and others in the news and opinion realm used that ultimately further divided people.

“I’m thinking out loud here… I think we played a role in helping [Barry] get re-elected because of the way… our words were used by him so effectively to make it look like we were demonizing him,” Glenn said. “So the right was coming out, and we were saying things. And they would turn things around and make it about race. We’re ‘attacking’ him.”

As Glenn explained, the language coopted by both the left and right has brought us to this point of complete polarization. Take, for instance, the term ‘Obamacare.’

“We’ve been used. We’ve been played. And we also participated in it unbeknownst to us,” Glenn said. “And that’s why when you hear people say, ‘We gladly called it Obamacare.’ ‘We want to make sure everybody knows it’s ‘Obamacare.’ But every time we do that, his followers say, ‘Oh, really? Yeah, that’s right: It is Obamacare.’ And the sides just get stronger and stronger. It pisses us off. It pisses them off.”

The same thing is happening in the Israel/Gaza conflict. Glenn does not believe the outrage expressed against Israel has anything to do with the death of the Palestinian people and everything to do with uniting the Muslim people against a common enemy.

“I contend the Palestinians are absolutely being used – and even Hamas is being used. Nobody cares about the Palestinians in the Middle East. They’ve never cared about the Palestinians in the Middle East,” Glenn said. “Here’s what they are interested in… They’re interested in right now uniting the Muslim world against something. It’s really, really easy for leaders to be against something. It’s very difficult to be for something… And that’s exactly what’s happening.”

When the Muslim population unites against the Jewish people or the Western way of life they have what Glenn described as a “common purpose,” “something that they are trying to do globally.”

While it may seem as though the United States is at impasse, Glenn believes there is a chance to begin to right the wrongs. It will require, however, a conscious return to the principles and values this country was founded on and the right leadership.

“I contend it’s happening all over the world… We’re all picking sides and digging our heels in,” Glenn concluded. “The world is going to cry for a leader very soon… because the world is going into chaos. And believe me, there will be a charismatic leader that will appear. Do not run to him… Be very careful.”

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  • You’reNoGandhi

    “[Glenn] is remorseful for the role he played in the partisan divide in this country.”

    Glenn is tragically wrong on so many fronts, e.g., Clive Bundy, illegal immigration, banker bailouts, warmongering in the Middle East, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones and so on and so forth…. But Glenn’s current position of being non-confrontational with overt, unapologetic progressives is nothing short of dimwitted— even more dimwitted than one would normally expect from Glenn.

    Marxist-Progressivist crooks cannot be spoken of or spoken to in a friendly way; you cannot have a good faith negotiation with these slim-balls; you cannot turn your back on them; you cannot reach across the aisle; there can be no cooperation; no ground can be ceded; Marxist-Progressivist crooks cannot be befriended; they can only be defeated.

    • landofaahs

      Slime-balls. Not slim-balls. And not to be confused with no-balls or even snowballs.

      • pfiffi43

        ha,ha, funny!

    • Crassus

      Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones—-the Three Stooges of Scum.

      • FOOpoosiekeyboardwarrior

        But Glen copied all of Jones;stuff and said Ron Paul was good until he flipped and flopped.

    • ken.

      glenn is afraid of violent uprising in america, he would rather kneel to the government slave masters then fight for freedom. he doesn’t seem to understand ( or maybe he does! ) that the left is going to bring violence against us no matter what we do or don’t do. either we defend freedom and whats right or we sell out and become slaves in a violent, uncaring and unforgiving hell on earth.

  • Yo Mamma
  • landofaahs

    Glenn, you’re starting to remind me of Rodney King; “Can’t we all just get along”? Sorry but I think you’re all wet. Being nice to liberals is not going to change their attitudes of socialism.

    • Emily Richard


      ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚♚�♚ ♚♚♚

  • Ray46

    I heard Glenn when he said this: “The world is going to cry for a leader very soon… because the world is going into chaos. And believe me, there will be a charismatic leader that will appear. Do not run to him… Be very careful.”
    My immediate thought could we be at the point of seeing The Anti-Christ as foretold in the scriptures? Look at all the different things happening in the United States, the rest of the world and especially Israel and the rest of the middle east (ISIS). Go back earlier this week when Glenn and Pat spoke about the possible miracles coming out of Israel.
    Is this setting up for the eventual return of Jesus Christ? The world has to go through a lot first.

    • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

      It does sound like things are falling into place for The Tribulation.

      • Happy Dude

        yeah…but it also kind of sounds like a bunch of gullible people are over-reacting.
        Just saying

  • Landree

    “Glenn does not believe the outrage expressed against Israel has anything to do with the death of the Palestinian people and everything to do with uniting the Muslim people against a common enemy.” Glenn divides with one-sided statements like that and doesn’t even realize it. Many Americans know it’s wrong when thousands of innocent Palestinians are being killed because Hamas is using them and Israelis are carelessly bombing them. We recognize Israel’s right to defend itself, but between Iron Dome, drone and satalite intellegence and targeted drone strikes, civilian casualties could have been limited if they tried.

    • landofaahs

      Then Palestinians need to stand up against Ham-ass. They have feet and they can leave the area when their area is used. They should certainly not be angry with Israel but with Ham-ass.

      • Landree

        Some are weary about Hamas and some support Hamas because their view is through the propaganda that portrays Israel as land thieves that are willing to murder thousands of women and children. BTW, the US has always been against land incursions beyond the 67 borders without swap negotiations. Many see Hamas as willing to standing up to Israel. I guess Palestinians don’t understand they’re being used to obtain a vision that many Palestinian don’t think is realistic. Palestinian civilians don’t have the ability to oppose Hamas’ military. In Egypt, on the other hand, a coup was possible because some of the people and the military wanted it.

        • landofaahs

          Then the Palestinians should go back to Trans-Jordan from whence they came. Either way it’s not Israel’s fault.

          • Landree

            I don’t know to what degree Israel chooses not to minimize civilian casualties, but it seems that 1800 civilians vs. 50 or so Israelis indicates that nobody cares about the innocent people being killed in Palestine.

          • landofaahs

            Ham-ass uses mobile launchers and they move too fast for Israel to use pin point technology so they must use more…broad methods. Anyone from the CIA would know that. Besides you seem to be obsessed with some dumb notion that you can only kill as many of the enemy as they have killed of yours. If Israel took the gloves off and wiped them all out now then thousands of people’s lives would be saved over time. Once again though, if you’re so innocent, get the heck out of there. If someone were bombing my area, I would have enough sense to get the heck out of Dodge…or Gaza.

          • nutt

            Great idea – except that Gazans aren’t actually allowed to leave Gaza.

          • landofaahs

            Actually I think they are allowed to leave just not enter Israel. But they seem to be able to dig tunnels to get into Israel so they can dig them to get out of Gaza.

  • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

    Glenn has been wrong a lot lately.

    • Elena

      He’s likely correct on the charismatic leader — the Bible calls him the anti-Christ.

      History also points to evil charismatic leaders who take control over civilized people and do terrible things — Hitler, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini come to mind quickly.

      • landofaahs

        Not an anti-Christ but more a virus of indecision and vacillation in the body that runs through an army and a people and destroys it’s will to win or even survive.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    honestly, i think glenn & co. have over-thunk this one.

    stupid people are going to follow the blind man’s lead no matter what.

    i don’t believe we actually ‘lost’ the election to bho. the margin of theft was easily achieved.

  • lisalake

    Christians are being slaughtered and persecuted in the ME and harassed and vilified in the USA because the churches take a weak, stand down position, turn the other cheek attitude for decades …. and is now GlennBeck’s new mantra.

    • Crassus

      If you turn the other cheek these left wingers will smack it too. Remember that.

  • ken.

    muslim terrorist groups have been in mexico and other central and south american countries since at least when rino bush was president. those terrorist groups have been working with leftist governments and drug cartels, those drug cartels have been working with hispanic street gangs here in america. the democrats open border policy is importing more anti-american fighters by the hundreds of thousands. we are being played into believing that they are children or just want to work for a better life! we will be attacked from the inside, we will have to stand up and defend our country and we will use that as a new revolution to destroy the leftists. even the false reverend al sharpton said in a media interview after his counter rally to beck’s rally that ” he ( sharpton ) was going to have to talk to the leaders of the minority gangs to counter the right wing movement ” the gangs were not large enough at that time to do it, now they are!

  • Happy Dude

    Oh man. I don’t get it Glenn Beck. That last couple minutes sums you guys up.
    You admitted that you were dead wrong about every election and were stilll courageous enough to blame it on other people. Uh, have you considered the option that you’re just wrong about some things?
    And, if so, can you explain why without mentioning Hitler, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. , the Constitution, ‘Founding Fathers’, etc?
    Nope. And you’ll never forget to mention your “charity” or the sponsor for the hour

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  • landofaahs

    Wrong, wrong, wrong Glenn. This is the precise time to dig in our heels and stand up for what is just and true. I do not care to make peace with evil so we can all get along. Submit or fight is our option. I only pray that God will for the sake of some of the remnant smite the enemy which wishes to destroy our country. Pray that the evil ones are delivered to God for judgment. Do not weep when God delivers punishment even on what we think is a blessed country because it threw that blessing away many years ago…..Of course I talk about the Roman Empire. 😉

  • Sunset Rider

    Glenn, I hear what you are saying but believe credit should go to whom it rightly belongs.
    I agree that personal attacks are below the belt but I also believe in calling a spade a spade. I apologize for calling it Obama Care. I should have been calling it Obama, Reed and Polosi Care. Ahh, now I feel better!

  • FOOpoosiekeyboardwarrior

    Glennnn is a wonderful “man”. Id do anything for him on any forum on the internet. Im am his number one gatekeeping keyboard warrior

  • MaxBangayvef

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  • 7tom7

    Question since obama miss use his power with the IRS and the Justice Department with Attorney General in violating our rights and freedoms !! What else !!! Could obama be miss using his power with the C.I.A and Homeland Security too ??? In the next oversight meeting our senators and rep should ask some precise questions with no wiggle room to obama power crazed czars !!! Since we have in certain dept sections that are for cyber warfare offense and defense !!! Has cyber warfare units been use against U.S citizens & web sites to impede or disrupt their freedom of speech because they have a opposing view to obama agenda & policy ??? Have the C.I.A give some it secrets funds to outside hackers to do obama dirty work ??? Don’t forget many in obama administration think of Conservatives ,Tea Party ,Pro -Israel are enemy of the state !!! Plus U.S Attorney General will the look the other way with violations of freedom of speech !! I don’t think obama can get away with saying it classified when illegally operating against U.S citizens and U.S citizens excising their freedom of speech is not top secret material !! I don’t put anything pass obama , I like his cronies czars under oath so we can hold them accountable if they lie ??? Maybe under freedom of information act we can find out if obama miss using U.S cyber warfare unit against U.S citizens in the U.S because they have a opposing views than obama !!?? You cannot leave any stone un turn with this sneaky obama

    • 7tom7

      Oops I forgot to add to list IRS,U.S Attorney General, the NSA too !!

  • ken.

    if you don’t stand your ground on your values, principles and what you believe is right, then you have no values, principles and what you believe is right! the leftists are the dividers, they are the ones going against what is right, we are the ones standing up for right. if we don’t stand up for whats right, there will be no whats right!

  • 7tom7

    I think we our about to repeat the reason of World War Two which is the control of energy German,Japan wanted oil reserve of other nations to independent and to wage war to expand !! Now we have Russia,China,Iran in having quest for control of the world energy sources and Saudi Arabia to hold onto their oil reserves !! But with obama at helm of U.S he like giving ammo to our enemies and taking away our ammo to fight back from their onslaught on the free world that the (Big Picture ) !! With high oil prices help Russia,China,Iran fund their war machines and their puppet fractions , (abundant funds is their ammo ) !! Now obama is blocking U.S to make use of our large energy reserve to drive prices down world wide ,get U.S out debt, and to fund our military for our defense and of the free world, and take off Russia choke hold on Western Europe so they be willing to help in defending themselves !! Our large energy reserve is our ammo ,but obama is emptying our gun to drive down prices of energy to defund our enemies war machines !! To the gullible natural lovers obama playing you for suckers ,ya block the keystone pipeline where the oil be use far cleaner in U.S with filters ,but let it go to China to be burn without no filters at all to pollute the world that make a lot of sense !! To me obama is helping to fund evil world wide for chaos and to bring down U.S and the Western Free World on his design he disarming the free world with no energy to counter the evil ones energy quest to gain power and rule the world !!

    • 7tom7

      Plus no matter who control the radical Muslims caliphate matter it Shiti or Sunni our President helping them to have plenty (ammo) of large energy funds from high prices , while he rationing of our producting energy (ammo) to make U.S weak with the rest of the western free world with foolish regulations against oil,natural gas,coal !! To me obama knows exactly what he doing is it by his design ??, Don’t give me the BS he don’t know what the possible outcome of his actions when he surrounded by top level government aids !!! Don’t be distracted by obama small deceptions he is fighting terrorists ,but look at obama general thrust of his actions is the Big Picture in which the results that radicals Muslims will rule the world !!

  • Adam Jenson

    The left REJECTS the principles and values this country was founded on. The reason things have become so bad is because not enough good people recognized the threat posed by the left and tried to appease them instead of defeat them. The only way to achieve any lasting unity is through the victory of the ideas of conservatism. Freedom has never succeeded by compromising with statism, it only delays the problem.

    • 7tom7

      With a leader like obama who won’t point out , and label them as enemy by name, and to wake up the people to the threat !!! We will never win !! Plus it may not be too late for U.S and Western free world if we say for U.S Drill Drill baby !! Even we just say we going open up our energy reserve would drive down prices taking away funds or ammo from the evils of the world !!

  • Joseph Chatfield

    I just want to say I don’t think we need to go war with russa because if we do we also go to war with china and we go to war against russa and china just think can we handle this

  • G….h.i

    Glenn’s message is true and just. I believe he’s doing what he feels is just in the eyes of God.

    We have to understand that in order to have sanity we have to check ourselves and judge ourselves critically.

    We have to let go of bitterness and turn our anger into a positive thing. Anger will destroy you if you let it. Take your anger and use it to change your character for the positive.

    It’s not what others do that matters it’s what you do I do that matters. Think about the things that are pure and upright even pleasant to you and live with those things in mind. Love brings forgiveness and bitterness brings destruction.

    The only way we can survive this darkness is for us to see each other as human beings who needs God’s mercy every moment of our lives.

    Mercy will take you a long ways in the right direction. Mercy will keep us from going completely dark.

    I’m fed up with Washington and I prefer not knowing anyone’s political leanings or beliefs.

    If anyone needs help regardless of ideology I want to help them as a Good Samaritan should do.

    America we in the 21st century have no real clue what it will be like if we have another civil war.

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