You have to see this Village Voice writer’s epic response to a son complaining about his ‘right wing father’

Glenn has been talking about the importance of looking at people – regardless of their ideological background – as fellow human beings and not adversaries with whom we cannot find any commonality. Rallying around the principles that unite us instead of dividing over those we disagree on may be easier said than done, but Glenn is not the only person taking such a stand.

Earlier this week, Andrew W.K. – a musician and writer for New York-based Village Voice – responded to a reader in his weekly column who referred to himself as “Son of a Right-Winger.” The reader explained he is no longer able to “deal” with his “super right-wing conservative” father because he “has basically turned into a total a**hole intent on ruining our relationship and our planet with his politics.”

The man goes on explain he will love his father “no matter what,” but he is struggling to figure out how to tell his dad his beliefs are “turning him into a monster, destroying the environment, and pushing away the people who care about him.”

That is where W.K. comes in. In his response to “Son of a Right-Winger,” the columnist quickly gets to the heart of the matter: “The world is being destroyed by one side believing the other side is destroying the world.”

Below is an excerpt from W.K.’s response:

Dear Son of A Right-Winger,

Go back and read the opening sentences of your letter. Read them again. Then read the rest of your letter. Then read it again. Try to find a single instance where you referred to your dad as a human being, a person, or a man. There isn’t one. You’ve reduced your father — the person who created you — to a set of beliefs and political views and how it relates to you.


[W]e must protect and respect each other, no matter how hard it feels. No matter how wrong someone else may seem to us, they are still human. No matter how bad someone may appear, they are truly no worse than us… We must make endless efforts to try and understand the people we least relate to… Not because it’s nice or because they deserve it, but because our own sanity and survival depends on it.


Love your dad because he’s your father, because he made you, because he thinks for himself, and most of all because he is a person. Have the strength to doubt and question what you believe as easily as you’re so quick to doubt his beliefs. Live with a truly open mind — the kind of open mind that even questions the idea of an open mind. Don’t feel the need to always pick a side. And if you do pick a side, pick the side of love. It remains our only real hope for survival and has more power to save us than any other belief we could ever cling to.

Your friend,
 Andrew W.K.

Read the full response HERE.

On radio this morning, Glenn read through W.K.’s advice and explained just how vital this message is.

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  • Final_Word


    • Tim F


      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        The person evidently found the article boring, and was so very bored they had nothing elsento do hut make a comment.

        • Tim F

          Hmm! Makes sense, I guess.

  • alvin691

    Makes sense.

  • Space_Gandalf

    Excellent letter. Glad to see signs of sanity on display.

  • lars1701c

    Liberals don’t deserve to be respected for being human, their polices are leading (have led) to the great downfall of this country dating back to the late 19th century with the “progressive” movement

    • Keli Grantham Steadham

      I disagree. Everyone deserves respect from the get-go. Not all liberals are idiots, they just might think differently and have different values. When they start belittling and following along like sheep, no matter what happens, is when they go wrong. But that can be said for anyone. People have the right to be respected…to keep that respect, they have to earn it.

      • lars1701c

        we have to agree to disagree, when you back murdering the unborn you don’t get my respect off the get go.

        • Keli Grantham Steadham

          I agree with this. But not all liberals back abortion. My sister, as a matter of fact, is a liberal and we don’t see eye-to-eye on a LOT of things, but she doesn’t approve of abortion. Like I said, everyone deserves to be treated with respect, until they give a reason not to. You just don’t know the entire story until you get to know the person some.

          • xoxozo

            There IS a difference between a Liberal & a PROGRESSIVE liberal…. whom by chance most, if not all are Democrats…they have almost taken the party over and the mainstream Dem’s don’t seem to know it yet. Hope they wake up soon and take back their party.

          • WillyPiam

            Both parties have moved left. The establishment republicans align more with democrats of Kennedy era. Many democrats are so far left, they’re in that “Anything for the party” mode. This invasion from the southern border is no accident and if it succeeds, it will be the end of the republic.

          • linb0315

            There’s no such thing as a democrat anymore. They are liberal progressives, socialists and communists. Old democrats are just uninformed people…who haven’t realized the truth yet.

      • TheseTruths

        Both sides of this issue need to be presented.

        I believe that those who make their intentions known to destroy the country do not deserve respect. They deserve to be defeated. And those who try to take away my right of self-defense do not deserve my respect. These are two examples of people working against my best interests (and the best interests of others). I liken it to abuse. I do not respect abusers.

        I’m talking mostly about politicians, here. But if, over coffee, I find that my acquaintance wants me to turn in all my weapons of whatever sort and that they would report me if such laws existed, I would no longer respect that person.

      • linb0315

        Right – respect has to be earned. Liberals have done NOTHING to earn any respect – all they have done is tear down the greatest free country on earth in the name of their progressive agenda. They have murdered millions of unborn babies, they mock traditional marriage, and shred the Constitution, just to name a few. Show me what’s to respect there? There is a book about the Liberal Disease and you need to read it – it has been shown that they do have a mental disorder because they cannot think logically and are devoid of common sense. Just look at their actions…

    • Jared Smith

      Lars, you speak disrespectfully like a liberal. Christ didn’t spend his time dehumanizing. He spoke the truth and provided love, while at times chastising.

      Thus back and forth will get us nowhere, no matter how stupid they are.

      • lars1701c

        I am not Christ

        • Keli Grantham Steadham

          This is true….Only Christ is Christ, and only He is perfect. But we ARE expected to at least TRY.

          • Yo Mamma

            Hate to break this to you, at this age that you can type, but God Creator is not perfect.

            That means, you son, man, god jesus, being what you say is offspring, is not perfect either.

            Jeeze Louise whaaaaat

            God Creator was very disappointed in the creation of mankind.

            We are production line rejects

            No perfect anything would create imperfection

            So keep dreaming

      • kktex12

        Christ did not tolerate the money changers nor the sellers of animals in the temple.

        • Yo Mamma

          And God Creator is not tolerant of mankind worshiping other gods and idols. Remember, a jealous God???

      • Greg Grimes

        As I recall he used a whip on the moneychangers in the temple court….aren’t liberals against corporal punishment….Christ probably wasn’t a Liberal. Andthat is just a beginning….

    • DeRaven

      Your post, your attitude is the opposite of this thread. Your position is as dangerous as the ones you claim to despise. I count you among the idiots I must calm myself with before I try to speak reason and logic to.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    Good words….unless that person cusses you out, belittled you, and call you names simply because you don’t think the way they do. If someone else wants to love someone who does this to them, case my brother, then more power to them. I struggled for a long, long time with my decision to stop speaking to my brother. In the end, I realized that he doesn’t love ME. That is evident by the way he speaks to me. In essence, you can love someone as much as you can, but of they don’t love you back, it’s time to move on. Politics or no. Innmy case, politics don’t make my brother an ass. Disagreement of any sort does.

    • Teressa Franken

      That’s a lot the reason I stopped listening to Glenn Beck. Their little game they played on Fridays got to me. Belittling and disrespecting people over the phone just to make fun of them. Sad. It got very much in the way of me being able to respect him.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        I don’t like it, either. I’ve not seen that part of the show…..I rarely watch at all, mostly just read things like this page. Belittling someone is childish, period. I wish I could say that only liberals do it, but there are a LOT of conservatives who do so also. and until we, as a people, learn to respect each other and each other’s different viewpoints, and learn to discuss things instead of judge, belittle, and accuse…..things will never get better.

      • Freedom County

        ” the reason I stopped listening to Glenn Beck”

        Which is why, of course, you are posting on Glenn Beck’s site…

        • landofaahs

          I don’t listen to Glenn’s show either. I just read the articles I’m interested in and voice my opinion. Listening to his program enriches him financially, unlike posting an opinion.

          • dhb4angels

            Seems GB wants to be PRESIDENT.

        • TheseTruths

          I, too, don’t listen anymore. I receive emails from GB and read the things I am interested in, and I go to The Blaze every day.

          I support his efforts to improve our culture and to get the word out on important issues, but for the reasons I’ve stated in this thread, as well as some others, I find that I don’t have a desire to listen anymore.

          It’s the same principle presented in the article. We agree on some things and disagree on some others. That doesn’t make us enemies. I wish him every success.

      • theo

        yea , we see that you have stopped listening but not stop reading his stuff ..and then posting your thoughts!!!! Classic ..

        • TheseTruths

          See my response to Freedom County to understand that no longer listening doesn’t mean disagreeing with everything said or done. I don’t listen, but I read The Blaze and support GB’s efforts.

      • Nermal146

        I stopped listening to Glenn for the same reason. The station he’s on was left on the other day and I heard the program for the first time in a couple years. They were trashing Jeff, as usual. I turned it off.

        • jacoo

          It appears you don’t understand their relationship or how long they have all been together…which likely could mean…you were never a daily listener for weeks, months, or years on end. They love each other, and they all have a very good sense of humor. Plus, I would assume, since they are all good friends, they let each other know who’s going to be possibly picked on in their daily briefings before the show. I would also assume that they know just how far they can go with each other, before it isn’t fun/funny anymore. At least that’s how me and all of my friends have been over the many long years we’ve hung around together.

          • Nermal146

            I’ve listened to Glenn Beck since 2002…I still love Glenn and what he does, I just can’t stand the childish trashing of each other. And, as Teressa said, the friday show “moron trivia” is more than I can stand. Yep, those people are stupid, but it doesn’t make anyone better by making fun of people like that. It just takes me to a lower rung if I enjoy belittling people. You don’t have to like the fact that it makes me uncomfortable. It doesn’t make you better than me, or me better than you.

          • jacoo

            Don’t recall anyone saying anything about anyone being better than you…and I wasn’t speaking to anything pertaining to moron trivia…I was speaking to the friendship of these guys doing a radio show and to their teasing of one another as very good friends who love each other. I believe that if Jeffy didn’t like being teased and participate in it himself so thoroughly, they wouldn’t do it. That’s all I was getting at. As for moron trivia, I pay little attention to that aspect of their show–I’m usually doing two things at once while listening, therefore miss a fair portion of it and can’t give a comment/opinion on it.

        • TheseTruths

          The trashing of Jeff is something I abhor. It was painful and annoying to listen to. I don’t care what their relationship is or how long they’ve been together; to others, it sounds like bullying put-downs. And to the extent that there’s a little truth in humor, I don’t think it’s appropriate — especially while preaching treating others with kindness.

          • jacoo

            Do you watch them on TV or just listen to them on the radio? I watch them on TV…if you could see their expressions and/or the laughter coming from Jeffy, you wouldn’t assume he feels like he is being bullied at all. Why don’t you send the show an email to #askGlenn and see what they all have to say instead of abhorring something you could very well be forming the wrong conclusion on?

          • TheseTruths

            I have seen them on TV. I’ve thought at times that Jeffy just looked uncomfortable. Maybe that’s me projecting my own thoughts onto the situation. But why have a scenario like that in the first place? Sure he smiles, but what else is someone going to do in that situation? It’s unnecessary, counterproductive to a program that preaches tolerance and respect, painful for me to watch/listen to, and annoyingly sophomoric; and it sets a bad example, in my opinion.

          • boiihaus


  • jpeters3270

    Wow, question with boldness. Well said.

  • Obaaaaaaaama sheep get sheared

    Liberalism is a DISEASE.

    • SBook2515

      Did you even READ the article?

    • zemla

      I keep tryin to tell folks, they don’t listen

  • Tammy Speight-Brown

    It really is not that hard to do. In my family, there are die hard republicans, tea party supporters, independents (I am one), and ultra liberals, so to say the least, family get togethers result in lively conversation. Even when we don’t agree, 99 percent of the time, we embrace and remember we love each other. Slowly, we began to understand each other and even change our views slowly in one way or another. Love should always supersede political views. Besides, will the politicians show up when you need them, no. Family and friends do.

  • DeRaven

    i’m so glad Glenn Beck is pushing this and finding examples. This letter is great. My dad and I have this problem; Dad turned liberal in his retirement years and I’m a classical liberal with libertarian leanings…ie neo conservative…we disagree so much, I warned him that he would rue supporting Obama…that Obama would go down as the worst President in history. Now Dad is seeing that come true and he is waiting for me to gloat, yet, I mourn for our country far more than I want to be right, and I want peace with my father…those things are more important…Dad and I want the same things…we want to see this country strong and we want to see the world a good place for my nephews…as good and better than it was for us….that’s what matters…not who was right…who gets to say “I told you so”

    • Shawn Cameron

      I think that is what most of us want. But the extremists on both sides monopolize the conversation to the point where we think the other side is evil. People also tend to defend the extremists on their side rather than calling them out. Liberals don’t like Obama, Pelosi and Reid because they believe they are great leaders. They like them because they pi$$ the other side off. The same can be said for Sarah Palin. Watching the news isn’t much different than watching professional wrestling anymore. If we could get rid of the attitude that we have to defend the idiocy of certain politicians because they are on “our side” then we may be able to go back to the days where we disagreed with people without seeing them as enemies.

      • imsteph

        “Watching the news isn’t much different than watching professional wrestling anymore.”
        Couldn’t agree more.
        Believe it is as much theatre for the masses, just as professional wrestling is.
        Unfortunately, unlike with wrestling where the individuals involved are taking risks for themselves…the body politic and msms’ theatre is putting the entire nation at risk. Heck-the entire world.
        When in the classic struggle of ‘good and evil’ (and I am not saying perfect) when the ‘good guy’ abdicates his/her position of leadership-everyone suffers…and evil wins the day.
        Washington was correct. When Americans have more allegiance to party/ideology than to the nation—the nation cannot stand.

        • WillyPiam

          That last sentence or quote says it all. This is a different version of Wag the Dog, but Obama has never directed before and nobody has the stones to tell him it’s not going well.

          I don’t want to sound biased, but much of what Glenn said while at fox and after has come true. He wasn’t alone in his predictions either. In stark contrast, were there any democrats that broke ranks? The ACA whole never have been passed. The governments role in our healthcare is not good and was picked apart, for good reason by republicans. All the bad things happened. The stack of paper that was the ACA bill stood 6′ tall. Pelosi refused to include republicans in conference and admittedly didn’t read it before they passed it. The will to get it signed despite all of the RED FLAGS was alarming and it’s wasted billions and billions of our money.

          Then there’s Harry Reid who sits on close to 400 bills from the House, but somehow comes to the conclusion that it’s their fault for not getting anything done. The MSM eagerly backs them up and solidifies their role as a propaganda machine. Makes me think back to all the czars that Obama had…what were they working on and is it what Obama is carrying out? I pray we all get through this and can silence the sycophants that know only hate.

          • ReformSchool
          • Emily Richard


            ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚♚�♚ ♚♚♚

        • ReformSchool

          Mike’s “The Living Years” ( and Harry’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” sermonized costs of urbanization. History has demonstrated ignorant, poorly-educated societies are easier to control and manipulate than reasoning cultures trained in their formative years to think critically. Useful as reading articles and comments facing full-length mirrors might be, ‘We, the Sheeple’—lacking critical-thinking and cognitive skills needed to differentiate between silk purses and sow’s ears—invariably choose sizzle over steak. We reap what we sow!

    • alex

      Neoconservatives aren’t classically liberal… actual libertarians are classically liberal.

      • cdl123

        Libertarians are fiscal conservatives and social Liberals. They are also Constitutionalists. Like every group, the people also very in what they believe.

        • zemla

          Maybe look into anarchy as their root, or just keep swallowing the rebranded pill

      • DeRaven

        I am a classic liberal more towards a libertarian…most people I run into do not understand the distinctions…they only understand conservative vs liberal….Kay?

    • Tim F

      I salute you, good sir.

    • landofaahs

      At some point DeRaven you must let people have their own way. I have liberal family members that I love but still stand firm in my beliefs. It’s difficult when you put trust in people and they fail you, to then admit you were wrong. It comes down to admitting your failures and that’s hard for all of us to do. But love your Dad anyway because you never know how much longer you have him with you. You don’t want to live your whole life regretting not having said those things like “I love you”.

      • olf

        God Bless you. That’s the most honest thing I have ever heard you say. Amen Truth is always Blessing.

        • landofaahs

          It’s no more or less honest than the other things. I mean this as much as the others. Perhaps you meant you agree with this one the most and that’s okay.
          I could have hired someone to care for my Father in the last year of his life but I could not let him stay in a facility even if I visited every day. My life was tied to taking care of him and doing things I would rather have not had to. I would not wish to do it again but I do not regret having done so. It’s called taking responsibility for you and yours. If I can’t live my beliefs then I would be a hypocrite.

      • DeRaven

        I get it..truly..and we say I love you to each other all the time…that’s really what i was trying to express…guess I didn’t do a great job of it.

    • TheseTruths

      On an individual basis, we need to see each other as human beings and be patient, kind, empathetic, and loving.

      On a global basis, we need to recognize the progressive agenda’s goal of destruction of everything we hold dear: life (abortion, health care rationing, population control), liberty (too many laws, intrusion into private life, police state and martial law mentality, flouting of the Constitution), and the pursuit of happiness (over-taxation, oppression of capitalist principles). We need to recognize the “fundamental transformation” of America. It’s hugely significant and must be stopped.

      We need to recognize that you can’t trust people who lie to you about their intentions and who set up false crises so they can further their agenda (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc.).

      So loving one’s neighbor or family member who disagrees, while battling for the survival of the nation, is a balancing act. Glenn used to talk about progressivism and how destructive it is. That’s a message that we still need to hear.

    • olf

      God Bless you and your father. God values relationships along with righteousness and love that is produced from it.

    • kktex12

      While your dad is your dad, he has the same problem most liberals and democrats have. They refuse to accept responsibility and accountability for the problem they caused. They wear rose colored glasses or blindfolds if you please.

    • Liberty For All

      DeRaven – the next time you have a conversation with your father regarding creating a better country, try dropping the typical “labels” from the discussion and bring up the subject of “coercion”; of one individual forcing another one against their will. Under all the subjective “beliefs” and “feelings” of what’s right and wrong, all things become absolutely clear if you can help your father to identify the use of force or coercion to advance anyone’s “beliefs”.

      You will both find perspective here, as each has to consciously decide if they advocate the use of force on another to act according to their own personal beliefs. That is the fundamental question you can pose to your father that he must answer for himself.

      In the end, the better world your father is looking for, is one without coercion, and instead, one with mutual cooperation. While this may sound like pie in the sky, and a simple plea for everyone to play nice, it is far more.

      There is a physical reward for mutual cooperation among free individuals, and that is economic efficiency which produces economic abundance. It is the only way for all of us to have “more”.

      There is too much economic science to explain here…but in the end, one must come to ultimately understand, that it’s impossible to build a better world by force…regardless of good intentions, not only because “better” and “force” in the same sentence is an oxymoron no matter what party you “believe” in, but it comes to be mathematically impossible, because it’s simply inefficient.

      It’s at this point is you’re not discussing beliefs and feelings anymore.

      One other thing: if your father (or anyone) advocates the use of force to advance his own beliefs, then what he is advocating is the use of force by everyone to advance their own beliefs. As well, if the foundation of anyone’s argument is “belief”, then really, all arguments are equal.

      I’m hoping Glenn advances his logic beyond “beliefs” and “feelings”.

      • DeRaven

        Actually…my father and I do not use labels…as neither he nor I totally fit into pure definitions…and he doesn’t completely understand them anyway.

    • sunandfun

      Very well put sir. Too bad the rest of the country doesn’t agree, or maybe, it’s just that apathy has taken over the country!

  • Tim Spencer

    Can we please stop saying the his dad “created” this kid? Does any parent “create” their kids? That is an absurd use of words. Does the pregnant mom go in and put the cells together of her unborn babies heart and kidneys? Certainly not. We merely carry the mechanisms in which our children are created by God.

  • Brian Falla

    Glen, I understand your point. But I firmly believe you’re a little too late. We’re beyond polarized and well into hate. Unfortunately, trying to understand those that hate you usually ends badly. A truly open mind is few and far between anymore. This has caused a huge schism between the peoples of America and it will eventually be our demise. You know something bad is on the horizon, I’ve heard you say so several times. There isn’t enough “love” left to change the course sir.

    • Lonny Neely

      yes but when their ‘gods’ fail them who will they turn to for help?
      to the ones that loved them of course, so when their gov’t fails we will pick up the pieces and help our families and our neighbors

  • Hy Alldredge

    My mother and I are politically and religiously diametrically opposed, but we still get along and love each other. We’re family and we both realize that’s much more important. We just agree to disagree.

    On another note, is that THIS Andrew W.K.?

  • leslee kathlina

    Love this response. Thank you for sharing.

  • Justin Tierney

    but what happens when they don’t respect your opinions and tell you that you are wrong? People will fight to the ends of the earth for what they believe in, even in the face of irrefutable evidence.

  • Tom Kiss

    Question can you draw a line in your moral belief system at some point when a person is no longer a human being but a monster! Or for that matter a group that promotes or supports monstrous behavior or acts, if so where does one draw that line?

  • Bob Allen

    You know Christ loved everyone of those Pharisees, Scribes, and Priest of His day, but still pointed out their ill minded manner of thinking that led them to spiritual destruction. Evil intentions are only taken down when they are revealed and confronted, and not allowed to do as they please, unfortunately many are oblivious to what good and evil look like in this day. Like it or not, everyone still has to take responsibility for what they do and give an account of it for an eternal entrance to somewhere.

  • American

    The human race would be just great if we weren’t such slobs.

  • jonsen

    “If you pick a side, pick the side of love.” that’s pretty much it right there. I have a feeling this kid may find his Dad is right more often than he is wrong. In time. In fact, they probably agree on many things. Picking sides, thinking of your party like a favorite sports team, will only leave you disappointed and angry at the other team.

  • Sphinx

    Interesting topic from one who has greatly contributed to the polarization of our country’s political discourse. A too-late change of heart, perhaps?

    • Lonny Neely

      apparently you haven’t been paying attention

  • Danusha Diane Goska
  • landofaahs

    Perhaps it’s the Son’s fault. I mean perhaps it’s the Son who is messing up the relationship with his refusal to leave his childhood world of make believe liberalism and look at the world through the eyes of an adult. This is not what scripture meant when it said “And a little Child shall lead them”.

  • Sean

    This poor misguided child. How can you think that ones “views” are destroying the world? How does his father directly effect anything? The fact is, this so-called “son” is JUST as intolerant and and small minded as he claims his father is. He’s JUST as guilty of destroying the relationship since he too cannot see past his own beliefs. Kettle…black.

  • DB Cely

    I am so pleased that Glenn is endorsing the free exchange of ideas and of looking at common ground rather than divergence as the underlying principle in our intra-personal relationships. For too long, extremists on any issue just get more set in their ways, refusing to acknowledge the humanity of the “other side.” This breeds never-ending conflict, ie., Protestant v Catholic Ireland, Sunni v Shi’a violence, Hamas v Israel fighting.

    Love your enemy means also trying to understand him.

    Way to go, Glenn. I am so proud to be a fan.

  • Semperfijeffb

    We can talk all day long about looking at people in this fashion and I do wish it was possible but it’s not. The issue here is power. The left wish to have power over everyone regarding everything. This is a morality and you are not going to change that with words or kindness. They will continue to destroy all that oppose their power. If you think the IRS thing is bad just wait. They are not collecting all this data on people because they wish to have a debate. It’s how this type of power starts out. History is full of dictators and the left in this country are dictators with no let me repeat no regard for any belief other than theirs. I have small children and pray I’m wrong but in the end traditional Americans will lose because power will stop at nothing to win and kind caring people are unwilling to do that by nature. We have already lost and the left knows it. That’s why they no longer try to hid what they are.

    • 1americanjane

      Oh my! You are so right about the power thing, and dictators. But I am very saddened that you feel like giving up. Power speaks to power, and kind and caring people have a more lasting power. Just because we care does not mean that we can’t or won’t stand up for ourselves. When we on the right recognize that we have responded to the progressive bullying like a battered wife or an abused child, and that we don’t have to, things will start to change.There are ways, and we will find them.

  • Kathleen Hamilton

    When we see through lenses that are missing the light of love, we only see one side, and usually that one side is cloaked in darkness.

  • ifistel

    I went to the link to read the entire response. I am blown away by Andrew W.K.’s response. In a disintegrating world of “this vs. that” in which true evil is blatantly ignored and excused I see hope for mankind. Andrew W.K.’s philosopy and advice is just what the wold needs right now!

  • landofaahs

    A father set the example for his child in the way he lives and what he believes. He stands for the truth and does not waiver. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from them. There are ways to be firm in love just as there are times of correction which can be painful but a loving lesson. Every teenager goes through the rebellious stage. It’s like the old saying “When I was a child my Father knew everything. When I was a teen ager my father knew nothing. Now that I’m a Father, he was pretty much right again”. I can’t know what’s going on in the family and how the kid was raised but the kid does give a clue. He says that he still loves his Father. That tells me that the kid is not being mistreated, probably loved but just rebellious from listening to conflicting teachers or friends. But I could be all wrong.

  • Fielding Melish

    “No matter how bad someone may appear, they are truly no worse than us… ”
    The ISIS Islamists beheading children and putting their heads on pikes in the center of Mosul are worse than us.

    • linb0315

      Yes, there are many people on earth who are truly evil. ISIS make up many of them, as do many Muslims – and I don’t want to hear how there are peace-loving Muslims because their religion does not dictate peace or loving Christians or any other religion other than theirs, and they are always missing from any criticism of terrorist actions done by Muslims. If they are peace-loving, then they should speak out against violence done by Muslims.

      • Yo Mamma

        You are a judgmental Christian, which is unchristian.

        You should offer your country to stranded Palestinians.

        They are people too you know

        • Bob Compton

          Good one! And Israel is not playing fair, because they shoot down so many of Hamas’ rockets. Those awful Americans deserve to have bad things happen to them because they live in a century with more than 1 digit.

    • DeRaven

      Well…if my understanding of how God view sin and views us is correct…IF…then you are correct…

  • James Mitchell

    I agree that we should always have an agape (altruistic) love for everyone. However that is a disinterested kind of love. One based upon principles, not ooey gooey hippie emotions. The Bible tells us to seek not our own, but to look out for one another’s interests (1 Cor. 10:23-33 and Ephesians 4:2, 3) and that we are to honor all men (1 Peter 2:15-17). But as far as within the Christian church, the Bible tells us to watch out for what is known as the deadly love gospel (Ezekiel 13:22 and Daniel 8:25). We are to reject and avoid an heretic (that is one who follows or teaches doctrines or offenses contrary to Biblical standards) after they have been warned (Titus 3:10; Matthew 18:17; Romans 16:17).

  • Sarlan1

    I really enjoyed the Wal-Mart ad in SPANISH.

  • Schteveo R

    WOW, how long before they send the writer packing, for THAT piece of advice?

  • Kivaari

    The son could actually listen to his father. Liberals make way too many assumptions about what right wing folks think. If I did what liberals say I do by being conservative, I’d not like me either. The repeated attacks on the character of conservatives is just wrong – but repeated so much that non-thinkers just accept the false ideas without knowing better.

  • Fred Beggs

    Good stuff for all.

  • disqus_XSJp6to93v


  • elevenoclock

    Dear Son,

    I understand how you feel about my ideas and ideals, I know because I was once a younger man who did not believe or understand my parents beliefs. I was beside myself always trying to convince them that they were destroying the world with their war-like mentality, their views on the economy, the environment, and me.

    It was only after a couple of decades away from school and into the work-place did my beliefs change. I had accumulated so much more knowledge and was able to see further than when I was so much younger. I understood from history what had happened and why, and was able to see history repeating itself over and over again allowing me to actually predict many future results.

    It’s sad that my early education was distorted, distorted by adults who I thought were so much more educated and understanding than my parents. I realized much later that these people did not have my best interests at heart but rather they were bent on selling me a product.

    I could try and force you to think like me but I know the only way for you to understand me is to go forward as I did, and as you learn more and see more you will find that as you get older the world gets simpler to understand, and then and only then with both of us having more knowledge and experience will we be able to sit down and talk about the educated fools of our past whose small view of the world wasted so much of our time and especially our time together.


    PS. Something that helped me to upgrade my mind:

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    Book by Richard Bach

  • Ricky Green

    I am lucky to have a brother that votes Democrat because while we agree on most things I am able to get insights into the things that we disagree on. My brother has a right to his views and I have a right to my views as a Republican. Always agree to disagree and things will work themselves out in time when enough American’s realize Prosperity is slipping away not only for themselves but for kids they might have also.

  • jeananne

    I adore Glenn Beck, but this is B.S., it’s no longer a matter of Agreeing or Disagreeing, it’s become a matter of waking those who are in a Coma…….
    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”……… ALBERT EINSTEIN
    It no longer has anything to do with “RIGHT; LEFT & IN BETWEEN”, It’s gathering (ALL)! U.S. Citizens and making them understand that “EVIL” is a boat trip away and we all have to group together to fight it ……..
    Obama has opened Our Southern Border (WIDE) and put us all in harms way.
    As I speak this minute, ISOL is cutting off children’s heads in The Middle East….
    “WE THE PEOPLE” have a POTUS who would rather reason with Our Enemies, than shoot them………
    GUESS WHAT! …….. Our “ENEMIES” are cutting off heads to make a point, and “WE THE PEOPLE” have no time for talking any more……..
    “COOM BY YA” and get to work and wake up; LIBERALS, CONSERVATIVES, INDEPENDENTS etc. and stop The Political Bull Sh@t……….

  • Scott Sims

    I don’t know the father or the son. Andrew WK syas the son reduces his father to a set of political beliefs and that may be true. The problem I have is that extremists (regardless of which side of the political spectrum) ofetn reduce themselves to a set of political beliefs. Every conceivable topic of discussion somehow turns political. I know many people who do not have a personality other than their political views. They are one dimensional characters.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    “Some ages are lukewarm and complacent, and then it is our business to soothe them yet faster asleep. Other ages, of which the present is one, are unbalanced and prone to faction, and it is our business to inflame them. Any small coterie, bound together by some interest which other men dislike or ignore, tends to develop inside itself a hothouse mutual admiration, and towards the outer world, a great deal of pride and hatred which is entertained without shame because the “Cause” is its sponsor and it is thought to be impersonal.” (advice from “Your affectionate Uncle, Screwtape”)

    from “The Screwtape Letters”, by C.S. Lewis

  • OrionElectra

    The odds are stacked against kids knowing what’s right and fair these days, because they’re inundated with leftist dogma in schools, the internet, and media. And when the odds are stacked against kids.. future voters.. they’re stacked against US.

  • Lightbringer

    “No matter how bad someone may appear, they are truly no worse than us… ”

    In a letter otherwise filled with common sense and uncommon decency, this remark is at best naive, and at worst dangerous. There are truly evil people in the world. There are truly evil ideologies in the world. Just as there are astonishingly good people and ideologies in the world. All cultures, beliefs, and actions are not equal. Moral relativism is simply not a viable philosophy.

  • mitch77

    The world is being destroyed by LIES and LIARS….regardless of their political leanings. If all people would give up prejudice and resolve to be open and teachable the problems would largely disappear.
    It is a sad but easily proved fact that the so called “left” are very VERY much more willing to lie to get their way.
    Liberals only ‘know’ history as an abstract concept.
    They often ‘know’ many historical facts that never happened. And they claim to ‘know’ motivations; why everyone did what they did even if their ‘knowledge’ disagrees with documentation.

    Liberals feel about history like cats feel about water; they just want what they want, and have great fear of getting to “know it” too well.
    They have an instinctual knowledge that too much “water” might interfere with all the time spent engaged in preening and self-aggrandizement.

    You will also note that if you try and splash some “H-true-OH!” their way they tend to bare claws and teeth immediately and hiss with such violence and threats that they scare some. Observe also from their arched back that their spines are…shall we say ‘fluid’. And they are capable of stunning fits of illogical contortion if they feel trapped.

    The wondrous thing about liberals is that they always land on their feet.
    Regardless of how completely wrong they were about any subject, their ability to dismiss history leaves them unfazed regardless of any revelation that disproves one of the prejudices.
    – J Mitchell Graves

  • Dee1889

    Here’s my problem with this. Conservatives recognize that liberals are basically destroying everything that is America. Liberals recognize conservatives as being basically stupid because they cling to everything that is America. Conservatives don’t have a problem with the tenets that liberals support – so long as you don’t make them laws of the land. Like the extreme environmental, social, and politically-correct policies that have been enacted, while conservatives sat around believing that these wacko liberals were all talk – and no one – not even those wackos – would work to destroy America.
    But that’s where we are. Liberals are & have destroyed America. I don’t care how academic they think their arguments are. How arrogantly superior they think they are because they disdain and believe that religion, guns, basic morality & the Constitution are “out-dated”. Conservatives have let these “activists” follow the methodology of Bill Ayers & the Weathermen, the Black Panthers, the SDS of the 60’s & 70’s. All the while busy working, and living the American Dream. Unaware of the polluted undercurrent of the liberal socialists’ agenda.
    Now we are suffering because of it. Liberals not only think differently than a conservative, they base their political beliefs on a whole different set of moral standards than a conservative.
    To expect a conservative to put aside the American hopes & dreams in favor of allowing the liberal to continue to infiltrate our society with its ill-gotten theology, is tantamount to chopping down the Statue of Liberty. Tearing up the Constitution. Blowing up churches. And surrendering all our guns to a tyrannical government.
    You ask the Conservative to throw away their beliefs in favor of the liberal who would never even listen to the conservative, let alone give them any credibility.
    It’s quite like being up against a fanatical terrorist. You will believe their way – or they will destroy you.
    That’s why “loving” the liberal is so difficult. And because our young have been indoctrinated in our schools & colleges while the conservative was busy working their a****s off to provide for them, they are also mostly young & impressionable and passionate to the wrong end.
    The liberal – much like the terrorist – does not view the person as a human. This is only an end to the means. A greater good. Whether it be Allah or the great Green Environmental God, the liberal is bent on destroying the conservative point of view, way of life & government as we have know it – until these past five & half years!!
    Love the person – that’s not hard for the conservative (mostly Christian, clinging to their religion & guns) – and continue to take back our country & our way of life! Get out & vote for the nearest conservative. If they aren’t perfect, plan to vote again next time. Change the Senate. Change Congress. AND change the President in 2016!

  • llcoolray3000

    When it’s time to philosophize, we will always philosophize hard!

  • Karl Spencer

    Progressives are a disease that need eradication. It’s them or us!

  • Retired_Soldier

    One of the most thoughtful answers I’ve heard in a very long time. Good on ya’ Andrew WK!

  • ripper69

    Liberals are more likely to label conservatives as worthless and evil and believe it because they have been taught they are superior to conservatives. Conservatives are not worth listening to. Therefore the end justifies the means. Doing something illegal (like letting Obama hijack the country is OK because it will be better in the end. Obama has chosen well when he picked people to cover for him. All these people that are in the middle of the scandals are laughing at the Congress because they know Obama will save them. And although what they did and are doing is illegal, it doesn’t matter because they are right in their beliefs therefore how they “punished” those conservatives doesn’t matter as much as the fact they did it. Obama is taking this so far out in left field that some in the left are thinking twice about their attitudes. They got on a runaway train and can’t figure how to get off. And their are people in the Republican party that jumped on also. By bribes? Threat? Obama started the ball rolling by saying that the people that were against him (politically during election time) were his enemies. Can we all put down our prejudices and recognize that we are Americans and before that, human beings? Start recognizing the divisions he has fostered among us. Put down the hate and the “I am better than you are” stuff and try to see the whole picture. I think Obama put some dangerous people in places above us and they can and are ruining the country. One party can’t cure these ills. We have to all get together and see ourselves as people who need a better life and a better president than we have now. We will never survive if we keep following his directives. He speaks very well with a teleprompter but there are lies hidden in there that we all need to recognize. Even as a Republican, I think putting in an honest and America loving Democrat as president would be a huge step up. Come on Democrats! You can do so much better than this. I know there are heros among all of us. Find them so we can follow them!!

  • deimos19

    the most polluted places on the planet are the communist countries, where there is no private property. when no one owns anything there is no incentive to protect property. East Germany and Czechoslovakia were the most poisoned lands under the Soviet Union. the left claims to “care” about things, but caring is irrelevant, it’s actually doing things that matter. the leftists are ruining the planet by forcing people to defend their actions when there really is no need. right always wins.

  • Elena

    Andrew — you’ve got it! I-Thou in a nutshell. Well done.

  • Teslanedison

    One mans trash is another mans gold, please fill the land fills with your precious plastics tin and aluminum my future garbage mining robots will make millions oh and certainly as many computers as possible all that gold adds up ya know. And all those txoic elements they run my fusion systems very cleanly, the nanites create nice little fuel pellets encased in glass Its a dream in the future of limited regulation technology.

  • Teslanedison

    Primitive earth based cultures have some pretty silly ideas, too bad they didn’t do more about exiting the planet with all their environmental touchfeely thoughts, those Eco systems were incinerated by comets and asteroids disturbed by a rouge exo planet that came close enough to cause the Oort cloud to be perterbed. And the really stupid ones thought the flaming rocks were Christ on a horse, they didn’t get much time to think though so in a way it was like they were caught up as Jhon was writing to the churches about the roman empire but so many missed that, and the fact that Jesus wanted human life to do more and be more than the simple inhabitants of a little rock they endlessly squabble over. Mars is nice but Venus is paradise they’d have figured that out if they had not wasted so much time trying to change the natural cycles of an already very habitable planet, its all volcanoes and low level radiation now, with a little assistance well go back in 50 years but wow we could have used a few billion people to help make these other planets habitable.

  • WillyPiam

    I saw this on twitter yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea he would opine so beautifully about the importance of honoring his father. All in the name of Love…

    My boys hear me all the time and don’t say much about it, but we’re very close and I’m grateful for that. I’m going to show this to them and show them the WWII pictures of my Dad’s bomb group I just found. Some of them have Benghazi written at the top, which I found rather ironic. If anything, it will show them the respect I had for him. I’ll never forget how he lit up when talking about the war and his buddies. They remained friends until his death in 1991. I can still remember seeing a row of white haired men coming to honor their brother in arms. They were the Liberandos (B-24 Liberators) 376th Heavy Bombardment Group with bombing runs in North Africa, Italy, and the Ploesti oil fields.

    That was for you Pops, We love you, RIP

  • carrie

    Words of wisdom for civil discourse. The key though is the statement “for sanity and survival”.
    What defines survival. Perceived and quality of survival in the future? Survival from an imminent threat? We are not real good at defining the concept and only vaguely aware of the nature on both sanity and survival.

  • CorruptMediaWatcher

    It’s not people who hold different viewpoints I hate, It’s the media bias I despise!

    It would be better to list, much like lawyers do in a complaint, fact by fact, all numbered and which the opposition has to answer to number by number, fact by fact to determine what the truth is. I can list hundreds of examples of media deception, media bias, media slander of one person, but not another. Media playing favorites, and it’s always the liberals they favor and the conservatives they slander, label and hound.

    The major media outlets, from newspapers beginning with The New York Times on– in every major city, the newspapers, TV channels, they’re all left leaning, always attacking the conservatives. Bernie Goldberg wrote a book on it titled Bias, and he also wrote a book on the bias of the media coverage of Obama– the Slobbering Love Affair. Are these facts he presents in his books not accurate? And who can accuse Bernie Goldberg, a former CBS reporter of being a conservative?

    It’s the media bias I despise! We all should despise journalistic bias because the media, and the journalists are our vehicles of information and if they are distorting or suppressing the news, if they are ridiculing one person while exalting another, or if they are ignoring the same quality or mistake in one politician but not another, is that not despicable and scornful? It is the journalists who present their bias without any self-examination who should be scorned, not the people out there who believe everything the media tells them.

    When I hear a journalist “report” a story on a conservative or a Republican, I ask myself Would they say the same for a liberal? Would they hound a liberal the same way they are doing to this Republican or Tea Party person?

    The biased liberal media denounced and scorned the Tea Party, while they promoted the wonderful “young, idealistic” youth who comprised Occupy Wall Street and when the Occupy group looked bad–raping, littering , defecating, they just stayed silent or mostly silent about it.

    Would they have stayed silent if the Tea Party crowd did this? The Tea Party rallies were all peaceful and pictures were taken of the Capital when the Tea Party left, and there wasn’t a particle of liter left behind. But, the media branded them as dangerous “racist” (the best slander of all). And, even though there are plenty of African-American leaders in the Tea Party, the media still persist in their slander of the Tea Party while no such slander exists for the liberal groups, such as Occupy.

    How can someone not acknowledge this is despicable bias and dangerous for any democracy? We can’t have a group of journalists who are hell bent on presenting their bias, and tainting entire groups of people and controlling our politics with their depiction of reality.

    Young people hate their “right wing” parents because they are taught to think of conservative thought as dangerous, even though history has taught us the opposite. Communism, which sounds wonderful in theory, is deadly in practice, the Communist leaders, all promoting the working class, killed more people than Hitler, yet we always see documentaries of Hitler’s crimes, rarely do we see (I’ve NEVER seen one) a documentary of Mao or Stalin’s crimes. Now why is that? We still hear about the terrible McCarthy who went after the Communists, claiming that the state department was infiltrated with communists –and guess what? He was right! TheSoviet archives showed this. Do we ever hear the media going on and on about how McCarthy was right and they were wrong to defend Hiss and the Rosenbergs? Not on your life! They are still promoting leftist thinking and still promoting the idea that it is the conservative thinking that is dangerous, the dangerous right wing is always in their vocabulary, never the dangerous left wing. In fact, you never hear “left wing” mentioned on the news, but we always hear “right wing”.

    So, to this young person who hates his “right wing” father, I say to him, examine who informs your own thinking about the way the world works. Who is feeding you your ideas? And perhaps you, as I was, when I was young, don’t really have the experience of decades of observation that your father has. I also bought the liberal lines brought to me by CBS news and PBS without even recognizing the bias that existed because I didn’t have the experience to see the hypocrisy and bias. Life’s events later made me see the contrasts and I began to see things differently. Ask more questions. Don’t scorn your father, scorn the biased reporters instead! And always ask yourself if a reporter would critique the opposing side the same way? Everyone has a point of view, but what are the facts and the consequences of slandering one side?

  • dgdenton

    Relationships are more important than being right. I don’t always agree with the choices my children and grandchildren make, but I have supported them in whatever endeavor they pursue. I hold their hands when the consequences come to visit. And I celebrate positive outcomes. This holds true for the family, friends, and in the workplace. Bosses can come up with some pretty silly ideas, but I have done my best to make them work. That way when something fails it won’t be due to my undermining it. The procedure fails because it was a bad idea. Then again, maybe I was wrong. Maybe it was a good idea. No one could be more conservative than I am, but I know I can’t change people. They have to change themselves. I can expose them to my principles and thoughts. When name calling enters the talk, I know it is time to withdraw. When a principle lacks substance, the only recourse is foul language and name calling. It is time to leave.

  • AJ Tommy Guns

    I freakin wish people would just straight up stop putting themselves and others in to these worthless groups. This “son of a right-winger” is just like a majority of people in this country. Blind to what is truth and what really matters. Liberals, conservatives, republican, democrat, tea party….whatever…these groups and the people like this kid are truly the ones who are making things crappy in this country. I feel bad for this kid but I feel even worse for his father.

  • MaxBangayvef

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  • canuckistan666

    The Left doesn’t know how to debate. They just verbally attack.

  • Pooua

    The sentiment expressed in the article is nice, and works in a rational system. However, some people really *are* destroying the world. Israel cannot “agree to disagree” with Hamas. We are seeing a systematic attack against Christianity and Western values. No doubt we are in a culture war. As the saying goes, the first casualty of war is the truth.

    The biggest problem that I see is that a bunch of people who don’t know what they are talking about are highly vocal based on their gut feelings. That isn’t limited to Liberalism or Leftists, unfortunately. Conservatives and Republicans have appeared to me to have lost their collective minds years ago. I see a lot of nonsense and lies on both sides propagated as the latest outrage by the other. Eventually, people become cynical, saying that both sides are the same, but the problem isn’t that both sides are the same; it’s that both sides are wrong, usually because their ideology trumps facts.

    John F. Kennedy stated, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Our American strength has been the concept of the marketplace of ideas, in which each of us is able to advocate for our beliefs. We are a nation that believes in persuasion over compulsion. That is changing as our standards are changing. Increasingly, the decisions of the state regulate our social behavior, using the force of the state to compel compliance. The belief that simply silencing dissent until the dissenters die out as a means of bringing about social change will result in a massive change in the American character.

  • resident

    ends perhaps in the rapture….and then the tribulation

  • Yo Mamma

    America should do the right thing and offer sanctuary to the thousands of Palestinian refugees trapped in Gaza.

    That would be a good Judea-Christian idea.

    Get the Muslims away from the Jews, so helping the Jews, which most Christians want to do.

    And do the Christian thing and help suffering Muslims.

    Great Idea!

    • Shemp

      and we should all prepare pikes for ourselves & families as well…radical Islam has zero tolerance for Christians…

      • Yo Mamma

        Not all Muslims are radical. Not all Christians burn heretics at the stake either

        • Jon Galt

          Actually no Christian has burned anyone at the stake for hundreds of years. Yet DAILY muslims kill Christians, Jews, and other non-believers around the world, in the worst ways possible.

          Bringing muslims here is not an option. In case you are actually ignorant, Israel is surrounded by muslims. More will just move in. Not to mention they are TERRORISTS. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TERRORISTS HERE, HUH?

          But keep your blinders on, I’m sure Allah will have plenty of Virginians for you in the afterlife. I can’t wait for you to meet Washington, Hamiliton, and Madison in the afterlife…

          • Yo Mamma

            Time doesn’t heal everything smarty

    • pamela brock

      ridiculous… do realize that Muslims are sworn to “kill the infidel” just as much now as they ever have in history……that would be YOU, dear, and every other westerner…………..helloooo. So, to wrap it up, you want to offer sanctuary as a gesture of love in hopes that this will cause the Muslims to feel warmly toward you? Okay, but if you’re not covered properly, they will cut off your head before they ask if you were one of those who wanted them to have sanctuary here. I’m sure Glenn can agree that I am NOT generalizing in this case……

  • MaxBangayvef

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    • Walter Bellhaven

      I heard you make $5/day servicing johns around the Lincoln Tunnel.

  • Shemp

    A great message for rational humans willing to listen, learn, understand, compromise and not judge…in other words, far less that 1/2 the people on Earth….

  • Jon Galt

    Very difficult task, Glenn. I have a hard time when a lib tells me they “want to help people” by taxing me to pay for their neighbor’s welfare. And yes, I have been called “greedy” (even though I give more than 10% to charity) and a “denier” in regards to the global warming/cooling/climate change myth, even though they cannot deny the facts I present. I am also a business owner, which is extremely difficult today. The taxes and regulations are so burdensome I often wonder if it is worth it to work hard and provide jobs for others and at the same time be bashed by the leftists. So when the left is done bankrupting the country, sorry. I can only help so many people, and none of them will be libs. I would rather donate my money to a Honduran orphanage, where the children really need the help, than to the (majority) lazy Americans seeking a free ride from my tax dollars.

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