Then and now: Glenn takes a look at the evolution of his caliphate prediction

In June 2011, the George Soros-funded progressive stalwarts at Media Matters published an article entitled “Glenn Beck’s Top 5 Conspiracy Theories.” Number one on that list? Glenn’s assertion that the declaration of a caliphate was no longer a matter of if but when. Media Matters derided Glenn for saying the caliphate would begin coming to fruition in February 2011.

While Glenn has openly admitted his timeframes are often off, we now see those who scoffed at even the mention of the word ‘caliphate’ are being forced to backtrack. On radio this morning, Glenn took a deeper look at the situation in Iraq and Syria as ISIS attempts to seize more and more control.

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“To put this fully in perspective, three year ago, Media Matters did a list of Glenn Beck’s top five conspiracies,” Stu said. “Today, President Barack Obama is bombing Iraq to stop number one on that list: The caliphate… We’re currently at war over it.”

In order to add some context to the current situation in the Middle East that has seen President Obama authorize airstrikes and humanitarian aide in Iraq, Glenn focused on the difference between the national values of the United States compared to the national interests of the country:

“Why are we in Iraq in the first place? Why were we there? Well, some would tell you it was for oil. It may have been. Some will tell you that it was political. May have been. May have been for vengeance. We were angry… and we wanted to change the Middle East. Not only did we want to get the bad guys, but we also wanted to change the Middle East. That’s the only one that served our values, I believe… But we botched it so badly.

I was for, if you remember, at the time, the stopping of the Islamic State of Iran because I believe that Iran was the poison in that area. We haven’t been given all the information on Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia is the other source of poison in that area. That’s why they are holding back that 9/11 report that has the 28 redacted pages, because it’s all about – this is my point of view – Saudi Arabia and how they were involved and who in our own government turned a blind eye. I don’t believe anybody in our government knew about 9/11. But, in retrospect, it wouldn’t be hard to put it all together. Hindsight is 20/20.

So the two sources of poison in the Middle East have been the state of Saudi Arabia and the state of Iran. The reason why I’m saying them as ‘states’ – I am saying them with small ‘S’s’ – because the real goal is to have a caliphate again. That’s something that was deemed ‘crazy’ a few years ago, when I was talking about it. It is not so crazy now, is it? In fact, all the things that I said would come with the caliphate, as you now have pictures of a 7-year-old boy holding up the head of somebody they disagreed with, you are starting to see how evil this really is.”

The interests versus values comparison comes into play when you consider the actions of the Obama Administration over the last five and a half years. Glenn played a clip from Obama’s press conference over the weekend in which he made the point abundantly clear.

REPORTER: Mr. President, do you have any second thoughts about pulling all ground troops out of Iraq? And does it give you pause as the U.S. — is it doing the same thing in Afghanistan?

OBAMA: What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision. Under the previous administration, we had turned over the country to a sovereign, democratically elected Iraqi government. In order for us to maintain troops in Iraq, we needed the invitation of the Iraqi government and we needed assurances that our personnel would be immune from prosecution if, for example, they were protecting themselves and ended up getting in a firefight with Iraqis, that they wouldn’t be hauled before an Iraqi judicial system.

“It is important to understand the difference between national values and political interests. When your political interests serve you to say, ‘It wasn’t my decision now,’ you say that,” Glenn said. “But if your political interests tell you, yes, it is your decision, because it will work towards your political interests, then say that. That’s a problem. There’s no value system there because your political interests will tell you to say what he said this weekend.”

Meanwhile, just a couple of years ago, it was this President and his wife who were out on the campaign trail touting the fact that the war in Iraq ended during his administration:

“I am not going this to condemn the President,” Glenn said. “I am saying to you: You must be careful of what you are listening to because… they are all talking about their interests… But if we make moves based on our economic, political, or any other kind of interest, we will most likely be wrong because those things change day by day.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Stephen C

    The chalkboard does not lie! I remember that show.

    • SuperFash

      I do, too! Glenn was scoffed at as he made many predictions-especially this one.
      He also said food prices would skyrocket. Not laughing now!

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Interesting. Remember this t-shirt?

  • Dave Posh
  • Glenn Coughlin

    I love watching beck brag about how smart he is.
    Of course he doesn’t list out the other 1000 predictions that never came true.
    But still, congats are due.
    Well done beck. You are now batting .001

    • joejohey

      Actually, he made 100,000 predictions (arbitrary number like yours) which came true so getting 1,000 wrong makes him 99% right. Its pretty fun to make up things huh Glenn Coughlin.

      • Glenn Coughlin

        I’m sorry.
        I didn’t know the truth would upset one of beck’s cult leaders.

      • Jew Whisperer

        They stoned false prophets in the old testament,you better be at 100 percent, 99.99 got you the death sentence.


      Can you please provide your source of information regarding h number of correct and incorrect predictions made by Glenn Beck

    • Kivaari

      Odd, I find him to be correct most of the time. Glen made predictions, that I had formed similar thoughts about. From what I see he is more accurate than most people. That isn’t hard to do as the average person of voting age is particularly ignorant of current events, and even less informed about history.
      I can watch Obama speeches and predict he will be wrong, and then he proves it.

      • pfiffi43

        Correct on all accounts. Did you ever watch “Watter’s World” on FOX?
        Sometimes I wonder what these college kids learn in college, just how to party and have a good time????? Same goes for most uninformed voters. Good examples are most of the Left’s comments on this site.

        • Kivaari

          Americans should be ashamed of our stupid citizens. On Watter’s World most of the old-timers know the answers. Those under 40, are for the most part, ignorant beyond belief.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Things were better for Iraq and the world when Saddam was still in power.

    Saddam at least was a secular leader who had no interest in a Caliphate.

    The invasion and overthrow of the Iraqi government was and is a fiasco. The current instability was put in motion by that invasion.

    The former administration have done more harm to this country than any other administration in this nation’s history. Barack Obama should have put them on trial. As it is he is complicit in their criminality

    • dluch

      the fact that we NEVER try previous administrations for war crimes, allows current presidents to continue that fine ‘tradition’

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Is it telling that Beck has a filter on the names of the “previous administration?” I had to resend this with their names taken out.

        Are they so loathsome as to be banned from even mention on Glenn Beck?

        • EnuffBull

          Yes, do not upset Glenn and his GOP overlords, AND do not go rouge from their playbook’s directives.

          But instead, please continue being a good lil’ dittohead, and continuing swallowing all their Conservative/Republican Activist Propaganda (C.R.A.P.™)

          • Kivaari

            Maybe we watch Beck because his views are our view, independent of what he says. It is always nice to hear your personal values getting air time. If you follow MSNBC, and like their views, I would think you are not very brilliant. I can’t take the hate and censorship found within the leftists minds.
            MSNBC was so bad, and unwatched that our local cable company dropped it. Why waste airtime while listening to all the hate and disinformation. Advertisers wanted results, but with only a handful of viewers at MSNBC, it was a waste of money.

    • dano

      Tell that to the thousand upon thousands murdered…ie:gassing of Kurds!!!!

      • pfiffi43

        Yes dano, you are right. But reading the other posts it seems that I
        am on a bash Beck and Bush site? Or are only the Libs out in force tonight? Saddam was evil and his sons and his administration as well. These Lefties need to get informed before they judge. No one can predict the future that might be true, but if we look back in history we can pretty much infer what will take place. For example Putin wants the old USSR back.
        He is a former KGB man, so we know he is ruthless. Will he be able to achieve his dream? We can infer that he might because the West has no stomach to stop him. This has therefore nothing to do with being a little “ditto head” but more to do with common sense. Unfortunately, that is sadly lacking in the Liberal community. To
        EnuffBull and the rest, keep regurgitating what the Left is feeding you, close your eyes to the reality and keep on dreaming! All others, wake up, because in these times need real leadership!

        • usmadgirl

          A-M-E-N!!!!! Couldn’t agree more on all points (including this being the Bush / Beck Bash site)!

        • dano

          It’s not just Obama’s failed leadership but you know he has taken “advice” from his 60’s radical cabinet that now is place in the whitehouse!!!!!

        • Something Is Wrong

          You are absolutely right about Saddam and his sons. I learned a lot about them while I was in Iraq and it totally baffled me how sick and twisted they were. ISIS is getting a lot of attention right now because of the people they are killing and it is atrocious but Uday and Qusay weren’t any better. I forget which one, but one of the two would habitually kidnap teenage girls and rape them and then since they were no longer virgins and therefore, according to Islam, sexually impure, he would do them the “favor” of “purifying them” by killing them. Did this habitually. There is also a small play area known as the Flintstone Village across the river from the Victory Over America Palace that Saddam built for his grandchildren whose father (married to one of his daughters) he had killed so they wouldn’t think he was a bad guy. All sick twisted psychopaths and all now removed from the picture. What is going on now is horrible and unacceptable but in reality a lot of it is just now in the open whereas the same basic stuff was happening before but covered up by the Iraqi government. Pisses me off how things have gone south in Iraq considering I spent time there myself (and not quite on vacation, mind you) but I’m glad at least Saddam and his sons are history. Even if most Americans don’t know it, they really were that bad.

          • shimdo

            thank you for your service and the real tells of happenings

          • Brunski

            there are many many more psychopaths such as these, in this world and the only thing stopping them is the threat of getting caught and punished. Since that was not the case with Saddam’s sons and other family members , they acted out their behavior at will.

          • Something Is Wrong

            Absolutely right. The only thing worse than a psychopathic serial killer is a psychopathic serial killer who is in charge and above reproach. ISIS leadership fits this bill as well.

          • pfiffi43

            Thanks for your service and an eye-opener to many, I hope.

          • jim

            The best democracy(or Republic) money can buy

          • CylonesRUS

            I was with the ACO group, in 2004 there as ell, you are correct. I was happy to sign the papers, turning over all the cars Uday and Qusay had prior to their very timely demise

      • jim

        Some facts and figures about the Iraq war and US involvement .

        Iraqis killed between March 2003 and December 31, 2011 (when U.S. military forces withdrew): at least 121,754.

        Iraqi deaths as a result of the war, directly and indirectly (due to the destruction and disruption of the war, including to water and power systems, to healthcare and food production): 655,000
        according to a 2006 Lancet study; 1 million according to 2008 Opinion Research Business study; current estimate: 1.2 to 1.4 million.

        Iraqis injured: 4.2 million.

        Iraqis driven from their homes: 4.5 million.

        Number of U.S. military personnel killed through 2012: 4,486

        Investigations by the U.S. military, government, or media concerning the number of Iraqis killed, wounded, displaced or who died as a result of the war and occupation: None.

        Mentions of Iraqi suffering in Obama’s statement on the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq: None.

        Iraqi women now widows: 2 million (with many forced into prostitution).

        Women’s legal status: worse than under Saddam Hussein. Iraq’s secular constitution has now been replaced with one based on reactionary Sharia law with separate, unequal laws for women.
        Women’s rights advocates report “a spike in ‘honor killings, forced veiling, and a growing tolerance for beating women into subordination,” and that “violence against women has also been systematic … orchestrated by some of the very forces that the U.S. boosted to power.”

        Not a very rosy picture is it !

        • pfiffi43

          Who started the war by marching into Kuwait?? Saddam!
          So quit blaming the US for the misery in Iraq and quit blaming
          our soldiers for liberating these people from a very bad actor.
          Are you blaming the US soldiers for liberating the German people from Hitler? It is the fault of the Iraqis if they voted in
          incompetent people who put in bad laws. The Germans were smarter! They prospered after World War II because they voted with their brains not with their religious views.

          • jim

            If your going to rant -get your facts straight at least -The Germans prospered (as did the Japanese)because after WW2 they were forbidden from having a standing army,all the loot that would normally have gone down the drain or in the coffers of the military industrial complex-went instead on infrastructure , Industry and social services !

          • pfiffi43

            Whatever, not interested in your views. The Germans did not need an army because the Americans were there to protect them. You should look at all sides before you accuse others they do not have their facts straight. I know I do not look through pink eye glasses. Only the strong will win. Do not write back I will ignore your rants about appeasement.

          • jim

            Appeasement pffff!
            None so blind as those who will not see-you choose to believe that there is some sort of threat from a largely impotent loose set of mostly nationalist movements (some admittedly with an Islamic bent) and small extremist groups (Some manufactured false flag types others not) and fabricate and weave it into a phantom threat of a looming Caliphate but choose to ignore who benefits (its not Nation states !)
            there are big bucks in conflict-especially if you can collect from all sides in that conflict

            The threat is off a far more mundane sort I assure you

        • dano

          And as we sit idley by and let others murder/mame/kill…..
          So tired of others blaming the US, move on!

          • jim

            Try watching this BBC documentary-“The power of nightmares” it is well researched and documented-
            The films compare the rise of the Neo-Conservative movement in the US and the global radical Islamist movement,

          • dano

            Adam Curtis’ documentaries seems to me to be sort of an annoying entertainment…….

          • jim

            Never the less that does not negate its content .

          • dano

            Sure it does……he claims to have a “libertarian lean”, not liberal/progressive but comes down on individual/conservative values…..

          • jim

            And that makes the documented clips,footage,politicians utterances and other assorted slip ups and cons used to justify various policy’s in the “War Of Terror”- highlighted in the docu -not valid- How exactly ?

          • dano

            No, could be some truth to what’s described……
            There is a MAJOR THREAT, you can’t deny, or are you one of the 911 truthers?
            I like this quote:
            “Tis best to weigh the enemy more mighty than he seems.”
            ― William Shakespeare

          • jim

            Nope -just some folks seem to have latched on to a diversionary Islamic bogey man-the docu just hints at the hidden economic forces- at play that do far more damage than said bogeymen ever could!
            The money masters-a historical documentary that traces the origins of the political power structure

          • dano

            I guess u don’t really understand the severity………….

          • jim

            What severity ?/?
            The Syrian government and army, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Shia-dominated government of Iraq, a Shia Iran of 70 million, and the Kurds in Syria and Kurdistan are all anti-Islamic State and willing to fight.

            All are potential allies in a coalition to contain or crush ISIS, as is Vladimir Putin’s Russia, if U.S. diplomacy were not frozen in the 1980s.
            a bunch of goat herders originally trained ,supported and armed by the west have run amok -going around committing atrocity’s in some BS religions name -1000,s of miles from where you live
            Its a familiar story-no doubt it will be used to justify more geo political mayhem .Problem -Reaction-solution,the old con never fails to work on some !

        • CylonesRUS

          Lets talk about the USSR and Red China, how about 25 million each, between 1939- 1952. Now in Iraq the number is in the 100′ of thousands, plus over a 100K in Syria. Like with a leftist, (Rev wright type ) like Obama, who also ignores Iran students and other street fight to over through their blood thirsty government, but criticizes Israel defending itself from missile lunched from School yard, hospitals and, the do nothing UN properties.

          • jim

            And yet no one here can produce even ONE documented verifiable account of “Human shields” being used In Gaza !
            (Members of the IDF,s use of Palestinian children as “human shields” on the other hand is well documented!)

            Defending itself Lol-their WAR CRIMINALS- Outside of Israel and its organized supporters(small parts of the US population included), world public opinion and most experts in international law see Israel’s invasion of Gaza and its systematic attack on civilians and basic infrastructure as a crime against humanity.

            Clearly the commanding officers of the IDF ,who are responsible for the systematic land, aerial, and maritime attacks on civilians, hospitals, schools, refugee sanctuaries are first in line for the war crimes docket.

            They will be joined by Israeli military strategists and policy makers who systematically and criminally targeted homes, neighborhoods, water purification and sewage plants, electrical grids and power plants in a deliberate planned effort to destroy any possibility of normal daily existence for almost 2 million Palestinians.

            They have committed grave Crimes against Humanity, according to the Geneva Conventions and legal standards established at Nuremberg. There is eye-witness testimony and documentation showing middle and lower rank soldiers engaged in wanton shootings of school children, shoppers, and mothers with babies fleeing combat zones. War crimes prosecutions cannot be confined merely to a few dozen senior officers – these crimes were committed at all levels of the IDF.
            Defending themselves pfff!!!

    • Brunski

      it was a noble idea to try and create a true democracy in that region, however some cultures are not ripe for that form of government. It could take several generations (if at all) to accomplish such a culture.

      • pfiffi43

        They are stuck in the Middle Ages. They know only tribal loyalties and laws to live by.

      • Kivaari

        No one should want a true democracy, as that is anarchy. We were hoping for a constitutional republic with individual rights protected and a way to stop the insanity so natural to the Islamic world.

        • Brunski

          yes… to be technical. But now we need a foundation upon which a Const. Republic must be based on. So far Judeo/Christian principles have worked best.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        It was a reckless gamble to steal their oil.

        We promoted the sectarian fighting as a means to break their society apart.

        Saddam was a secular leader, the Baathists were a secular government. 35 of the deck of cards were Shias

        The President who’s name can’t be spoken should be tried for his fiasco and hung from a lamp post.

      • jim

        Democracy huh!

  • landofaahs

    It all started in 1979 when Carter did not pound the bat snot out of Iran. When you let a Bully get by with bad behavior, you just encourage more and worse behavior. Until you kick the Sheite out of them, it will only get worse.

    • Clifford Hutchinson

      Yep , that’s were are terror began and Carter didn’t do any thing!

  • Connor Kenway

    I wonder if Obama never left Iraq would there even be a ISIS killing thousands of people? We should’ve stayed for a few years until the Iraqi government got their forces in line and finely tuned but now we got this mess on our hands and it is on our hands for we left them defenceless. Why because Obama wanted to play politics with people’s lives yet again.

    • pfiffi43

      There were enough generals who told this administration not to leave. This president and his administration should have given the Iraqi leaders no choice but to keep the troops on our terms not on theirs. We won that war, not the Iraqis. The weapons left behind should have been given to the Kurds not to the puppets of Iran. So many mistakes were made and now we have little time left to correct what was mishandled when this administration took over.

      • rhetorical1

        And bho fired most of our leading generals.
        I’m amazed that the ‘news’ media keeps saying, ‘Americans wanted out of the middle east’. No one asked me my opinion, how about you? I felt then as I do now that pulling all troops out was a HUGE mistake; but what do I know, I’m just a old lady. Shame on this administration for playing political games instead of keeping peace.

  • yourpaled

    Glenn it’s no use gloating so much about the prediction of the caliphate. That prediction was made by Islamist extremists hundreds of years ago. Also, the extremist Jewish faith predicts that God’s chosen people will rule the world as well. So, take your pick, but the truth will come out in the end.

    • shimdo

      Some where down the road, God will have what he created back and satan will no longer rule the world

      • Bonnie Somer

        Pray it is Nov of 2014 in a few months that God will have what he created back

      • jim


  • Johnathan Read

    We are not dealing with radical Islamists. We are dealing with Fundamental Islamists,those that follow the Quran to the letter.
    They are doing exactly what the Quran commands them to do.

    • Yo Mamma

      Following the Qur’an “to the letter” is no different that the Priests, the bloodline of Aaron, following literal Torah. In fact its almost identical. Much of what, and I say much and not all, of Islam, is derived from Torah. They have their interpretation, but they are correct about many things and are very diligent in the observation of God Creators word…..

      One brutality I notice that turns my stomach is beheading. This is not mentioned in Torah and I consider this a perversion of their interpretation. In Torah, many deaths are by public stoning. Why they’re beheading people is beyond me.

      Maybe a Jihadi or Muhaj can chime and tell me why they’re beheading people

      I get the pork thing
      I get the no idols thing
      I get the eye for an eye thing
      But beheading, I don’t understand where the justification comes from.

      Here a soldier of the Islamic State #IS refers to Torah in a tweet:

      “Islam allows “slavery”. Women can be taken as captives, men can be killed. The Prophet approved this when Banu Qurayzah was judged by Torah”

  • Jill

    The revived Ottoman Empire -not the Revived Roman Empire – it is always about Isaac and Ishmael – it began there and will end there. Not too mention that Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of Terror, oil and Islam. Most of Europe has already fallen to the Islamic domination

    • shimdo

      Well yes, that’s when there was the split among the people. There will always be that split.

    • Yo Mamma

      And the LORD said unto her: “Two nations are in thy womb, and two peoples shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.” Ref: Torah, Genesis 25/23

      The elder, Esau (the Edomite) served the younger brother Jacob (the Hebrew). That was 3000 years ago for a period of about 1000 years.

      But today the Jewish religion occupies the Land of Israel. This is not the religion of Moses. Moses was a Hebrew. Jews have a completely different religion.

      For God Creators commandment above to ring true again, the
      Land of Israel should be given back to the Hebrews, so that Esau’s bloodline can serve under them.

      I could explain in 300 words the difference between a Hebrew and a Jew…

  • DeeDT

    It’s fairly predictable that when one has a relationship with God – as Glenn does – and lives that relationship – both your life and your heart are continually being given intuition that guides no only yourself, but all those with whom you share your life.

    The Bible explains it like this… Proverbs 10:17 Amplified Bible (AMP)
    He who heeds instruction and correction is [not only himself] in the way of life [but also] is a way of life for others. And he who neglects or refuses reproof [not only himself] goes astray [but also] causes to err and is a path toward ruin for others. Think about it….

  • rich

    You can bash Beck all you want. but the truth is this HE DOES HIS HOMEWORK PERIOD

  • pfiffi43

    Is anyone having problems to open G. Becks posts? The computer is just spinning when I try to open the site. I got to this site now over Disqus.

  • cdl123

    While I am not an Obama fan, let’s get this straight. It is factual that the Iraqi Govt. disallowed protection to U.S. military should their have been any mishaps. They would have stood trial under Iraqi law. I can understand why they said they would pull the soldiers out. But he still made the decision based on what the Iraqi Govt. decided. This President will never take responsibility for any decision he has made that came up with negative results. He sure is quick to take responsibility for anything positive whether it had anything to do with him or not. However, the weakness here really is that this administration could not negotiate their way out of a paper bag let alone what was in the best interest of all concerned and that is why we are here at this point. Terrible foreign policy and horrific negotiation skills.

    • CylonesRUS

      Only because Obama would leave 3000 troops, troops to protect itself, not perform any assistance to Iraq. The new media conveniently fails to report that detail

  • jim

    In “creeping-shari’a” scaremongering, the tropes of classical antisemitism are clear-they are just employed on a new target. Nutjob “Phobes” of all flavors-ascribe to Islam,s magical powers to secretly control western governments while at the same time [seeing it as] a backward seventh-century ideology whose followers constitute a dangerous underclass”.

    In Britain the English Defence League was born; in the US- a media-based Islamophobic campaign fed existent conservative movements. Both peddle varieties of the “Eurabia” conspiracy theory, whereby a corrupt European political class has signed the continent over to Muslim domination through immigration, birth rates and multiculturalism. At one extreme, this brand of “anti-terror” politics soon arrives at its own, Anders Breivik-style terrorism.

    Neoconservatism invented the terror war and Obama liberalism normalised it,

    • Something Is Wrong

      I don’t know if you don’t understand the situation (an idiot), aren’t informed of the situation (ignorant), or understand the situation and are intentionally posting to the contrary because of your own political ideals and goals (medieval dickweed) but nobody and I mean NOBODY is ascribing any mystical or magical powers to Islam.

      You see, there’s this thing called Mutually Assured Destruction and its hand-in-hand partner, Mutually Assured Economic Destruction. This is something real that all the major nations agreed to and bought into shortly after WWII. You see, the nations of the world took a look and saw that in a single lifetime the major countries of the world had become entangled in not one, but two world wars that did unimaginable damage to worldwide populations and economies. They wanted to find some way to make sure that never happened again and what followed was the arms race (Cold War) where nuclear proliferation reached such a level that if any nation threw the switch, the other nation (and every nation with nuclear weapons) would also throw the switch and everyone would go down in flames. Through trade agreements, they also tied the economies of the world’s largest nations together so much that if ever any one of those nations’ economies was completely toppled, then all nations would subsequently fall. Therefore, out of self-preservation, all nations would work together to make sure that even though wars might be waged and international disagreements would occur, that nobody would escalate war to the level it had ever gone to in WWI and WWII.

      This concept is really the driving force behind many of the world’s strongest treaties and international partnerships. So if the US falls, because of Mutually Assured Economic Destruction, all other major world economies will also fall; we’re all tied together. Islam has no hand in this agreement so if all other nations fall, it will be just fine, i.e. it has nothing to lose.

      If a caliphate were to be created and if it took over the entire middle east (which is their stated goal), they would have no reason, no incentive to cooperate or play nice with any other nation. In fact, there is every reason to believe that they would be openly hostile toward any and every other nation (for an example, just look at how ISIS is treating pretty much everyone who disagrees with them). Now, in order to topple other nations, they wouldn’t even have to really attack anybody (except Israel, they would definitely do everything they could to destroy Israel; which also just happens to be tied into MAD and MAED), all they’d have to do is simply stop the flow of oil. Oil prices would skyrocket, economies would completely collapse and the dominoes would start to fall.

      Since the Caliphate would not be a part of that system, they would be able to watch as everyone else fell apart and then if they wanted, they’d be free to come in and pick up the pieces and take over everything they can. If history has shown anything, it has shown that given a chance and given a broad enough organization, muslims will do just that. You know all that stuff from history class about Moors taking over Spain several times and trying to move all across Europe (as much as they were able to, at any rate)? Yeah, the Moors were Muslims and they were only carrying out the edict of their religion and religious leaders. My own ancient family coat of arms (from England) is titled the 3 Moor Heads and it has 3 severed Moors heads on the shield because even in England, which is remote from the Middle East, the Moors were still a problem.

      Anyway, nothing has really changed. Look at what they are doing in Iraq, listen to what they say they want to do with the rest of the Middle East. These people are serious and they are looking for blood and for conquest in the name of their religion. You don’t go beheading children just cause you’re joking around, Not all Muslims are really into this agenda because a lot of Muslims are like a lot of Christians in that they really don’t go to church or know much about their religion, they just know that they’re from a Muslim family so they must be Muslims as well. There is no “Islamophobia” going on, just realization of who it is we’re dealing with, what stakes they have in the final outcome, what stakes we have in the final outcome, and the reality of how do we avoid the outcome where we’re all screwed because of this MAD/MAED umbrella we erected for ourselves.

      So, I don’t know which you are, idiot, ignorant, or medieval dickweed but you may want to rethink your liberal rant.

      • jim

        All I read was the same old neocon hogwash-Nothing new -its the same old song of colonialism

        Staggering economic inequalities and the ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots are creating new fault lines, dividing peoples and nations. These tensions help fuel the damaging yet powerful myth of a “clash of civilizations” — an ideological boon for all those who share an interest in shoring up hostility between Islam and the West.

        The basic paradigm of West versus the rest (the cold war opposition reformulated) remains untouched and this is what has persisted, often insidiously and implicitly, in discussion since the terrible events of 9/11.

        The powers that be-the global elite (call them what you will)utilize the politics of division to great effect and back both/all sides in a conflict-geopolitics and big bucks !
        Problem -Reaction-Solution-an age old con!
        A person would need to be ignorant and/or uninformed (or both)to fall for it-in an age of information technology !

  • suz

    just an add on — egyptian leadership has said they will oversee 100 years of an expansion of the suez canal and promotes this as a good thing for u.s./egyptian commerce.

    we do have some allies in mid-east.

    • jaybird

      They just dissolved the Muslim Brotherhood as a 3rd political party.

  • fished

    Glenn was right way back on fox news

    • jim


  • Margaret Sanchez Karau

    I remember Glenn’s chalkboard I knew he was right back then and he’s still right. When are Americans ever going to learn when our troops are committed to a war our troops should be allowed to do their job. If our troops were allowed to their job this world wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in.

  • Pocahontas

    Time to create some exit ramps to handle the impacts. Lets serve/love our neighbors, friends, and family.

  • Ryan Yanez


  • jim

    Glen and his “chalkboard predictions –

  • WASP

    time to takeout the trash in the White Mosque

  • Eldjr

    The error involves a wrong-headed export of “democracy”. “Democracy” is mob-rule. Look over the horizon. Are the ISIS folks practicing “democracy”? You betcha they are.

    Anybody here think that the progressives on this soil would welcome foreign rule if they weren’t part of the ruling elite?; nevertheless, pundits like Thomas Friedman [NYT] and Mr. Heinz-Kerry constantly urge ‘international solutions’ to problems, even within the borders of soverign States. Think they would not move to impose international control over OUR domestic affairs? Read some of the commentary offered by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who believes that foreign laws should be used to ‘interpret’ [read that, ‘neuter’] our Constitution and laws – and she’s not alone.

    If America was purposed to export any political philosophy whatever, it should have been ‘republicanism': Representative civil government established for the protection and defense of Liberty; defense from despots like O-Bom-Ba, and from majority-rule tyrannies such as ‘progressives’ [D or R] would impose.

    It’s at least instructive that the Constitution secures to the People of the several States a “republican form of government”. If the Constitution itself permitted of any form of despotism, such a guarantee could not be proffered; and suggests an added indictment of progressivism, even from the outset of this exceptional Nation.

    “Democracy NOW?”

    God forbid.

    Republicanism NOW!”

    • CylonesRUS

      To add to your correct observation, a society has also to be civil, and demand the same from its elected officials. Egypt, showed a version of that when 35 million people flooded the streets demanding the Muslim brotherhood be removed for defiling their trust, and tear down the fabric of justice. and demanded the M brotherhood be ousted. Those 35 M Egyptians saw what the MB was doing to be wrong. It is a start, but Obama, prefers the MB, the group that plotted and murdered Sadat for making peace with Israel.

  • Jew Whisperer

    Obviously Beck is a NWO insider is the conclusion I have come too, he is allegedly a 16th degree freemason after all. We DO know that one about mr.skull and bones here right gang? Plus he had to pay tribute at the Edomite “wailing” wall as well, receiving Rothschild shekels does have one doing abominable acts occasionally. *chuckles* Brother Nathanael said Beck would kiss the Edomite “wailing” wall in that video, years before he did. Beck sure did. Beck is a shill, a Judas goat, polarizing his viewers then leaving them in utter BABEL.

  • Connie Anderson

    Connie and Walter Anderson, defending THE CREATOR, GOD, by adoption into the Family of Jesus Christ, with 24 chromosomes. The God of Mount Sinai.
    Caliphate of Islam, defending the bones in the Tomb of Mohammed.

  • Anne Droid

    Here’s an inexpensive resource, formatted for smartphones, that is useful for educating younger people on the basic ideas of Western civilization:

  • Charlie Dalton

    Each of us should also keep in mind that knowledge is the best antidote against the superstitions and illusions of the totalitarians in our midst:

  • Yo Mamma

    With ‘IS’ running rampant internationally, why isn’t the story front
    and center? CNN continue calling them ISIS, but they’re now “IS”

    is bursting with tweets from these guys, which I believe are often from
    western countries like America, Britain and Australia. They show many
    very graphic decapitations on YOUTUBE (run by no other that Goofle) and
    whats shocking is that there are so many that Goofle has no way of
    stopping them. This IS militant
    often boasts about their ‘Ghanima’ or spoils which are women captured
    for slaves. They even twit how this is justified. From Omars link there
    are many radicals interconnecting and a few Muslims voicing concerns.

    PS> I eventually found the right section to post my concerns.

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