What simple action can you take to help preserve choice and competition?

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As Americans, we believe in freedom of speech – that no one should control what people hear, say, or see. We know that technology makes it possible for even the smallest voice to be heard, and that is a miracle of freedom. Those are our values.

In February, Comcast announced it was going to buy Time Warner Cable. Think about that for a minute: Two of the biggest cable monopolies – with the worst customer service records – will merge and dictate what 30% of America can see on cable TV. This means less consumer choice, less competition, and higher cable bills.

This merger can only be approved if the FCC determines it is in the public interest – your interest. The merger of these two cable giants will serve Comcast’s business interests. Our values require us to take action to preserve choice and competition.

I believe that businesses should operate free of government intervention, but these companies are government sanctioned monopolies that have the power to silence independent, competitive voices like TheBlaze, if it furthers their business interests.

So what can you do?

I ask you to make a difference and let the FCC know that serving the public interest means more choice, more competition, and lower cable bills.

Let’s stand together and preserve our principles. Let your voice be heard.

TAKE ACTION! Visit GetTheBlaze.com and fill out our FCC form. We’ll submit it for you, along with the thousands of others we collect. Please encourage your friends and family to fill out the form too. Your comments are vital as they will become part of the official government record and allow those fighting with us to point to what the public deems is in its interest. 10,000 comments would make a huge difference, but it all starts with one. Yours.

Thank you for your support! Together we are making a difference!

  • fawnday

    How is the merger of two cable companies going to limit choice and competition? Most cable packages have the same channels no matter what the company name is. It’s doubtful that anyone will take away the public access channels that every town and city has. Public Access is where the real choice is.

    • Glenn Coughlin

      Beck is just pissed that his channels are not broadcast through these companies. If they carried his channels we wouldn’t hear him complain at all. Beck is just crying like he always does.

      • Type 53

        Yep. He’s turned his push for them to carry the Blaze into a ‘free speech’ cause.The guy is really quite slow, and assumes his audience is slower.

    • soybomb315

      There was once a time when Glenn Beck talked about how cable companies are dinosaurs….That is why he went internet-based….Now he is trying to get back into cable despite making 90 million dollars – it doesnt make sense.

      • fawnday

        I can understand it. He wants to reach more households and realised that most people don’t watch the internet full time. Nor do the more inexpensive computers have a way to get Blaze TV. Also he said on Reliable Sources yesterday that television will be changing to keep up with the audiences. He wants to get in on the ground floor of that. It’s the difference between having one million viewers and everyone who watches TV. I guess if he’s serious about getting back on the air he ought to do what Oprah did with her station and make it entertainment-based and non-subscriber.

        • soybomb315

          So Beck did not do his homework regarding cable viewership and the ability of people to pay him $10 a month to see him online?

          • fawnday

            When he first started with The Blaze being an online station he HAD done his homework regarding younger people watching TV on computer. He was more interested in getting them to watch. He probably figured all of his regular viewers would follow their lead . He also figured younger people would start being more conservative if they could find Blaze TV on the platform they’re used to. But two other things happened along the way. He changed his lifestyle to be more universal and cable TV started making noises about how it was changing. Meanwhile his regular viewers weren’t following and some even gave up since he wasn’t as conservative anymore. There are more people who still watch television so with him moving Blaze TV in a more general direction(slowly) he wants to cater to an older crowd again and more of us than just who was watching online. Besides, with being on TV he can more than likely not have to worry about the different computer types being able to either support Flash or be able to upgrade. He can also probably be able to have things more linear streamed.

  • Yo Mamma

    What simple action can you take to help preserve choice and competition?

    Be very selfish when farting

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    The FCC. Future Communist Country.

  • kanakattack

    Let the free market decide. If we want crap cable tv service then that’s what we’ll take. The magic of the free market is that someone will come along with a better way. Stop worrying about these two companies and have some faith in the free market. Go look for those innovators and put your efforts into helping them.

  • soybomb315

    What simple action can you take to help preserve choice and competition?”

    I read the headline and thought, “surely they are talking about reforming the election laws and allowing 3rd parties to participate in our democratic system”….But no, it is just a promotional for Blaze TV

  • whatsthatagain

    How does this limit competition? Maybe you should ask: How much can a company charge for its service if they’re the only game in town?

  • bumpkin

    I agree with you, Glenn, that monopolies will dictate what the TV addict sees. In fact, because of it, I am already rarely watching TV lately. I cannot turn the TV on and find a show that isn’t either a stupid, insulting “comedy” or has someone yelling curse-words at me through my TV, or someone displaying their sexual prowess in front of me. If not that, then someone is busy using the Lord’s name in vain, or trying to entertain me with overall disgusting lack of morals. And finally, if not that, I, when I turn on my TV, get to hear about the male impotence of some stranger, or an ad for dial-a-sex. Its absolutely disgusting, and there is very little entertainment anymore, (save for what I can find on your channel, or in old cowboy movies,) that were made when humans still had a modicum of decency. None of the aforementioned things entertain me, and I am VERY near just cancelling my TV service altogether, and sticking to the computer for my entertainment. At least at my computer, I can control what comes into my living room, and into my eyes and ears and the sensory receptors of my family. .

  • Pocahontas

    The phone company AT&T Divestiture is a prime example of why we need to heed this warning. Competition is critical to have!

  • RobF

    I’m sorry,most times I agree with Glenn but he doesn’t have all the facts on this one. Comcast will take Time Warner but then be be split up with another company making each more regional. As of right now all of these companies have areas scattered all over geographically. This purchase will actually create opportunities to make for a better product for consumers altogether. The power of the competition will not be affected by this. In your city, can you get more than one cable company Answer, NO but there are more providers of service i.e. AT&T, Dish.

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