On radio this morning, Glenn took a more historical look at the conflict in the Middle East. Glenn compared the current power struggle between the Sunnis and Shiites to that of the fascists and communists during World War II. Who emerges victorious, and what comes next?

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

This is why the west is hated. Who gave them those dictators? We did. Why? Because it was the only way to keep the Middle East secure. Why did we need it to be secure? Well, two reasons. The ugly reason: We need the resources. The good reason: We were don’t want people killing each other in mass. We don’t want a giant caliphate that’s just beheading everybody who’s different. This is the way you sleep at night. If we get a dictator in there, he’ll strong arm the people and keep the Christians over here – safe from the Muslims over there. But once you destabilize that, all bets are off. That’s why President Obama was so far out of his league. And if he didn’t understand this, he was living in a dream world.

You know what this is? This is hypothecation of countries. Hypothecation describes the monetary system that is built on smoke and mirrors. It is all built on: Well, Germany will never ask for their gold back. And England will never ask for their gold back, so we’ll keep selling the gold over and over again. But if anyone wants to say, ‘I don’t want to play that game,’ it was other. That’s why we were saying to Germany, ‘We’ll give you your gold seven years down the road.’ That’s why when Rick Perry asked for the gold back for Texas. We never got it. You don’t ever hear about that, do you? It’s called hypothecation. There’s not enough gold for everybody to get their gold back. Period.

What happens? If you don’t get your gold back, people are saying, ‘You are stealing from me.’ Then you start to have the fascists and communists that will rise up and say, ‘Take the banking system. Take to the streets.’

That’s what happened in the Middle East. That’s why you have al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and everything else. Because we gave them enough lies and we said, We’re for these values.’ No, we are not. ‘Were for these values. Here, have a dictator.’

All for good reasons, we gave them enough to have the fringe elements rise up and have the average person on the street go. ‘That makes sense. Those guys are lying. We know they’re lying. They come here and they are for freedom, but they know we have people in the secret prisons.’ You give them enough fuel, and we’ve just set the entire Middle East on fire. If we don’t learn this lesson now, I don’t know how it works out in the end, but it will be horrible.

I’m going to have somebody do an A/B comparison on the similarities between World War II and this. I believe we are looking at fascists and communists with the Sunni and Shia. Which one is going to control that whole region? In World War II, we said, ‘We don’t want the Fascists to do it.’ We kind of liked the communists. Not so much – but enough.

Did we learn the lesson that you shouldn’t have gotten in bed with either of them? Nope. Because, now, we are getting into bed with Saudi Arabia. They want to control half the region. Iran wants to control the region. So we’ll get into bed with Saudi Arabia because we kind of like them. And Russia will get into bed with Iran. It’s the same story, except this time, we don’t have the monetary fuel and the industrial engine to be able to pull ourselves through.

We almost lost World War II. But we had enough assets. We had enough access to our resources. We were united together enough. We had enough gold in the bank. And everybody needed us. Not sure everybody needs us now. Not sure everybody likes us now.