Conservative congressman reacts to being confronted by ‘Dreamers’ during campaign event

From President Obama to Congress, Washington D.C. is currently enjoying summer recess, but that hasn’t stopped the political debate surrounding hot button issues like immigration from raging on. Earlier this month, during a campaign event for his reelection effort, two so-called ‘Dreamers’ confronted conservative Congressman Steve King (R-IA) over his position on immigration.

Below is a video of the incident, which was captured by Matt Hildreth of the pro-immigration reform group America’s Voice:

According to The Hill, the two individuals in the video are Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas. Both Andiola and Vargas were brought the United States as children and do not have permanent legal status.

On radio this morning, King joined Glenn to discuss the incident and the state of the immigration debate.

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As King explained, he noticed the video camera Andiola and Vargas had in tow almost immediately, and he didn’t want to give them the sound bite they desired.

“At about the second sentence, I realized that there’s a camera there that was brought in… They were setting up a video. And so I didn’t want to give [them] that video,” King explained. “I didn’t want to give [them] two or three or four sentences and have [them] walk away and have them say that I was speechless, for example. So I began to question her in the middle of that, and… she wouldn’t respond at all what I said to her or the questions I asked her.”

At this point, we have heard President Obama threaten to act unilaterally on immigration reform. King was adamant he is doing everything in his power to ensure that does not happen.

“Holding this president back for the duration of his term so that he doesn’t create a constitutional crisis with an executive edict that simply blows the immigration law out of the federal statute and violates the Constitution is going to be a difficult task,” King said. “We cannot unilaterally disarm. We can’t take the position that we’re not going to stand up to the President with all the constitutional tools that we have. I, like others, are reluctant to even discuss some of them. But we cannot take that off table.”

With than in mind, if Obama is to attempt to change any part of immigration law in the next several weeks, King believes it would be wise to call a special session of Congress to combat the overreach.

“I want to uphold the Constitution… Here’s a sequence of things I would suggest, if the President… went out and did a press conference and said, ‘It’s my intention to wipe out large or maybe all components of immigration law,’ which he is threatening to do to the tune of five to six to maybe eight or nine million people or more,” King explained. “If he did that, then I would say, immediately, we should call a special session of Congress. Fly everybody back from their August break.”

Ultimately, King is optimistic about the House of Representative’s ability to thwart a presidential power grab because of what he has heard from his peers in recent weeks.

“We had a very intense debate inside our conference a week ago on Thursday, and it went on for two hours,” King said. “I heard people that you generally see on more to the left side of the Republican party step up and demand that we pass legislation that would amend the 2008 law, shut off the president’s DACA language and the Morton memos. They’re getting that from their constituents, or they would have been vocal about this before. “

“Let Democrats and Republicans debate this as long as they will stay there and bring about some solution to reign in this president,” he concluded. “That would help. Then it would focus the American people on the lawlessness that we have coming out of the White House today.”

  • bdsconserv

    Libs are unreasonable and rude. They wouldn’t answer his questions,and kept hammering away while he tried to explain the rule of law to them. But they don’t care about the rule of law; it’s all about them. So myopic.

  • averagejoseph

    “I want to work hard and serve my country and be an American citizen and I want it so badly that…. Well, that following the law thing — can’t be bothered.” Right.

  • Wulf

    ‘Dreamers’ are a nightmare…

  • Connor Kenway

    Isn’t what the left always do dream but never work for a living.

    • timpclimber

      My left leaning friends say I have little compassion because I always ask them, what will be the results five or ten years from now? Or how will we pay for that? The one they hate the most is when I give them the historical beginning or law and ask what problems has it lead to today and how should we solve it. Its as though Pandora’s box is always closed for them.

      • Hooshaw

        They say this is all about compassion and getting more votes.
        But the United States government is importing babies because americans really do not make enough babies.

    • BlueMN

      Didn’t you say you were unemployed?

      • Connor Kenway

        It is really on and off. I take odd jobs because I need to make money but not employed by a company because Obamacare screwed that up. Like right now I am picking produce and restoring a car. So nice try trying to paint me as a hypocrite.


    Where do these illegal aliens get off breaking the law and demanding stuff! I’m a “Dreamer” also, I dream that the government follows the damn laws already on the books…and DEPORTS THEM!

    • steelerfann86

      The Government follow the law!! WOW, you really are a dreamer!!

      • Chris

        Unfortunately your sarcasm is true.

  • Eldjr

    “Are you a United States’ Citizen?” “No, but….”

    “Are you here in America lawfully according to Federal and State law?” “No, but…”

    “Is it your intent to respect and obey the laws of the United States of America?” “No, but….”

    “I’m sorry, Miss, but my responsibility is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, and pursuant to, and in submission to that authority, represent my constituents’ legitimate interests at the Federal level.

    I am not authorized by the Constitution – which naturalized foreign nationals must swear to uphold as I have so sworn – not authorized to provide support or representation of any kind to individuals or groups unlawfully on American soil with intent to violate America’s Constitution and laws, and I will not legitimize your interruption by engaging in discussion of these non-negotiable points.”

    “Good day.”

    “Officer, will you please assess the immigration status of these individuals?”

    • Ward Clinton

      This is good.

    • Sue Hofer

      Beautifully said. Thanks

    • Chris

      Well said!

  • Elena

    The illegals really hurt black Americans’ chances for starter jobs that can lead upward, too.

  • Yo Mamma

    What a little snotty drama queen.

    I bet she is Catholic too and so are 80% of those illegals – Get rid of the scum

    • mtphill1

      You are correct in that many of the illegals claim to be Catholic. So am I (a lawful American citizen) and so is Steve King. What does being Catholic have to do with it?

      • Guest

        What would The Pope do?

  • Bill McClure

    “Hello Sir, I am a dreamer, and not in the United States legally.”
    “Are you formally turning yourself in to me?”
    “Wait here while I call the police.”

  • x_ray_tech

    King should not have touched her. Something may come out of his grabbing her hand and then going for her hand a couple more times through the confrontation. He is a very caring person, hence the touch, and also wants to make these illegals understand they need to leave and do NOT have any rights here or right to be here. I thought what he said to them was good and he handled it well otherwise.

  • pumped_up_kicks

    i have no faith in anybody in washington DC to “do the right thing” for america/americans…the republicans scare me more than the democrats…i can see the libs coming. good luck to you rep. king!

  • Dorian Gray

    “Tear up my card.” It’s not personal. It’s not about you. It’s about a tial wave of illegals.

  • Feet2Fire

    Off topic a little, but:
    Sen Jeff Sessions is asking all Americans to do another
    PHONE MELTDOWN regarding Executive Order Amnesty:


    “Sessions, in a statement exclusively provided to Breitbart News, berated House MinorityLeader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, calling on Reid to allow a vote on the House-passed measure that would block President Obama’s attempts to continue or expand the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive amnesty to millions more illegal aliens.”

    Please get on your phones, faxes, email systems and IMPRESS upon your Senators that America does not want and will not stand for AMNESTY, especially not the Executive Order variety!

  • IReadit3

    Typical liberal tactic, talk over opposition, don’t listen, spew talking points.

  • thedogwalker

    The laws of this country should be reserved for American citizens only. Our soldiers did not fight and die so Mexicans could take advantage of us, NO MAS!

  • Randy Mickiewicz

    If my parents had robbed a bank 20 years ago and I was spending the money they stole I’m sure the government would take the money away from me. These “dreamers” are currently spending stolen money and are continuing to rob the bank.

  • Sue Hofer

    This couple is not a representation of the whole nest of dreamers. They were sent to sabotage Rep King. They were plants, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actors.
    What I found profound was Rep King truly trying to explain our laws. They don’t seem to care. For me this is the fault of the administration. It’s obvious they have no respect for the oath they took If every country came to America and expected us to cater to their lawless demands where would we be? Thanks to people like Rep King and other ‘law-abiding citizens I pray we get a handle on this problem. Thanks Congress King, keep up the good work. I am not from Iowa, but I support you all the way!!!!

  • Moozmom

    The young lady has been coached to talk consistently and push her agenda. Neither young person has a grasp of American law, but then, neither do most of our leaders in Washington.

  • Eric Clifton

    I posted this on BuzzFeed News where the article about the exact same video had a totally different interpretation about who won this round. To me neither did but I still have to take Congressman Steve King’s side here.

    Here I go. I usually dont respond to these things because there is no winning but here goes. Lets say you have a big mansion like Wayne Manor in a gated community with really bad fences. My mom and me live in a little town just across the creek where the city cops are corrupt as well. Dad beats my mom all the time but he grew up with the police chief so nothing ever gets done about it. So mom grabs me and books it to your mansion, we break in, and live there in secrecy for years. Later when I am grown I confront you, the home owner, and you point out rather correctly, that I was breaking and entering when I came in, and mom and I are still in the house illegally. But I counter that I was dragged into this as an unwilling participant and I have been keeping that end of the mansion clean and in good repair. How do you feel at that moment? If you are like all sane people you feel violated that your home was invaded. You feel that what you though was a secure home, a secure community, is not secure at all. You feel used. And while you feel sorry for me and dear old mom, its not your responsibility to take care of us indefinitely. Invading your house is not the answer. We should have done our part to restore law and order in our little town across the creek. We should have banded with others and ousted the corrupt police chief and restored law and order. Maybe that was not an option. Maybe the odds are just not in our favor and my options are few. But we never appealed to you for help, we just broke in and took. That is not right either. Maybe if we had you would have let us stay there, maybe not. If you were a good guy you would likely do what the republicans wanted the last time around. You would let us stay as long as we kept things tidy, and securing the fence around the house and community is your first priority to keep anyone else from doing the same. Instead though Libby on the other side of the gated community thinks that you should not only let me stay and keep freeloading off of you, you should also have to pay all my medical bills and my mom’s too. And the private school should let me go to school there as well and you need to pay for that too. That is exactly what is happening here on a larger scale. I feel for her and her mother, they did what they had to given the situation and it was pretty much a no win situation. If they are here and being productive then I think exceptions can be made. But once you do make an exception and word gets out, you have to be able to stop an influx of others wanting the same which is what we see now at the border. I think Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas are cowards for ambushing congressmen like they did. They have no real right to be here in the U.S. as it stands. They should have approached the congressman with a plea for help in resolving their situation and with ideas to help make it happen, not a smart ass “here cut my dream card” attitude.

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