LISTEN: A compilation of Robin Williams’ greatest moments

Legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams made audiences laugh and cry throughout his decades’ long career. While you will undoubtedly hear countless compilations of some of Williams’ greatest hits in the coming days and weeks, Glenn asked Pat to put together a unique package highlighting some of Williams more “genius” moments.

“I asked Pat to put together a compilation of Robin Williams,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Everyone is running the same compilation of Robin Williams’ stuff and they’re running the ‘Good Morning, Vietnam,’ and then they kind of clip not funny parts from that movie. I really think that we should show the genius of Robin Williams. And the genius comes from him just improvising and going off script.”

Listen to the compilation below:

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You may have noticed the compilation ends with a clip from Aladdin, in which Genie says his biggest wish would be for “freedom.” Given the circumstances surrounding Williams’ death, Glenn found that moment particularly poignant.

“I actually asked Pat to include that part of the genie trapped because I really believe, in some way, that is who we all are. But the best example of it is Robin Williams. We have this phenomenal power. It’s not a genie. It’s this universal power, this strength, this being beyond our understanding. And it’s frightening sometimes,” Glenn concluded. “Robin Williams, the genie is finally free.”

Do you have a favorite Robin Williams’ moment? Share your’s in the comments below.

Below are some of our fan favorites from Facebook and the comments:

‘A run by fruiting- – Mrs. Doubtfire

‘Report to Orson’ – Losing a Friend” – Mork & Mindy

‘Carpe Diem’ – Dead Poets Society

‘Peter Pan Vs. Rufio’ – Hook

‘There you are Peter’ – Hook

‘When did you know?’ – Good Will Hunting (Language Warning)

‘Story of the Fisher King’ – The Fisher King

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Jeff Lambeau

    This guy was my generation’s greatest movie mentor. Learned so much from his characters. My favorite will always be “Good Will Hunting”. RIP you beautiful man.

    Also, let’s take this opportunity to try to understand that suicide is a mental illness. Too many times we reduce death and suicide to simple political points. We do it because we’re afraid to actually tackle the tough issues. Using politics is a simple glue-and-tape solution that is only temporary and shabby. Understanding how to solve the problems of mental health and psychology among individuals in this country is a long term process, but solving it will have greater positive effects than any law or political agenda can ever accomplish. If you feel depressed, talk to somebody.

    • Yo Mamma

      “If you feel depressed, talk to somebody.”

      In a small amount of cases ‘speaking to people’ helps.

      But the mere fact that someone wants to die, is not to get away from the birds or the trees but FROM PEOPLE

      Its people that make life unbearable, so the big mistake is to go to people for help.

      Get a dog, a pal, head for the woods and camp out with nature. That will help

      • heftyjay

        With your obvious hatred of humanity, it is no wonder that people would want to get away from YOU. Talking to other people (besides people like you) does help most times. But if you’re depressed, getting licked by a dog is a temporary band-aid, not a solution.

        • Chris Parker

          As a person who’s known incredible depression myself, I can understand what yo mama is talking about. There can come a point where the thought of talking with another person, any person, in any way can become damn near torture. So I think what he is saying is that if you can’t go to people ,as sometimes we can’t…go to something…or somewhere…find the place where this is more peace than sorrow and pain.

  • Yo Mamma

    I think he is a hero. Anyone that wants to die and dies by their own hand, is just great!

    Anyone that has considered suicide knows, its not easy and he probably went through that day many times over thinking about how it will affect others, life after death?, how he will do it, who will clean up the mess, should he tell someone, but its illegal? therapy, drugs, rehab, on and on

    Good one Robin, loved your talent while on this land

  • Connor Kenway

    May Robin Williams finely find some peace.

  • MontanaBGreen

    *Damn* shame
    However Robin Williams had a good 63 year ride on his dash.
    He made our ride-on-the-dash a bit smoother with all the ways he made us laugh.
    His talent and humor helped overcome some of our stresses.
    His last TV show “Crazy People” was a favorite — along with his past successes

  • zyggy

    I think that this GREAT mans depression?. Is due not of personnaal problems but the
    World todays happennings, The lack of human love into the others mind, YES HE couldnt bear seeng peopke killing people, loke flys!
    Sorry its my own opinion! Not beeing caoable of looking into oure holocoust among humans today!, its dicusting,, such a wonderfull sencible beeing!

  • madman

    I remember him in the movie Moscow on the Hudson hiding by Maria Conchita Alonzo’s character & saying I wish to defect.

  • Pearls to Swine

    making people laugh is considered a great mitzvah. Once, the Talmud tells us, Rabbi Beroka was walking in the market with the Prophet Elijah. Rabbi Beroka wished to know who in the crowd had a share in the world to come. When Elijah pointed out two men, Rabbi Beroka asked them: “‘What is your occupation?’ They replied, ‘We are jesters, when we see men depressed, we cheer them up.” (Taanit 22a).


      The Talmud also tells us that all non-Jews are basically “Cattle,” and even “good” gentiles should be slaughtered and killed.

      • Pearls to Swine

        No it doesn’t.



          The Talmud teaches Jews to look down on Gentiles as inferior to them. Don’t believe the Jews when they tell you that Judaism does not teach contempt for the Gentiles. They’re lying.

          The Jews say they honor “righteous Gentiles.” But “righteous Gentiles” for the Jews are not pious Christians. “Righteous Gentiles” for the Jews are those who promote Jews and their agendas – like George W Bush and Hilary Clinton.

          I grew up as a Jew and I know how the Jews view “outsiders.” The Jews have nothing but contempt for all mankind except for themselves. The Jews use disdainful Yiddish words amongst themselves to describe the Gentiles:

          “Goyim:” This is what the Jews derisively call Gentiles to indicate an “animal nature” of the Gentiles.

          “Schwartza:” This is what the Jews derisively call blacks to indicate an “ape like nature” of the blacks.

          “Shiksa:” This is what the Jews derisively call a Gentile woman to indicate a “carnal nature” of a Gentile woman.

          ~ This Yiddish word “shiksa” is derivative of the Hebrew word “shegitz” which refers to the carcass of a pig.

          “Goyisha Kup:” This is what the Jews derisively call another Jew who is stupid. “Goyisha Kup” means “Stupid Gentile Brain.”

          From whence comes this Jewish disdain for the Gentiles? It comes from the Talmud, a wicked book, which the Jews consider more authoritative than the Bible

          • Pearls to Swine

            We have another word for people like you: “Shmuk”.
            Your are a liar and an anti semite.


            Calling me an anti-Semite is like Obama playing “The Race Card.” They are not my quotes, they are quotes from a Jew.

          • Pearls to Swine

            I knew you would say that. All anti Semites say that.
            They are misquotes first of all.
            The fact is you are cruising this site looking for negativity and hatred. My original post was because I have only respect and compassion for Robbin Williams and legacy of making people laugh. I am not here looking to inflame hatred. There are a lot of people like you on this talk back site of Glenn’s that can’t seem to cope with Glenn Beck’s positive messages and are compelled to exorcise their inner demons at the expense of truth and peace. I feel sorry for you.


            I don’t like Moslems, does that make me an anti-Islamite?
            P.S. – It’s Robin

          • Tuci78

            “…they are quotes from a Jew.”

            Well, yeah. Yiddish is a wonderfully pungent tongue for slinging invective. Well worth the investment of time and effort needed to gain minimal fluency.

            And that’s a sentiment by way of decidedly gentile H.L. Mencken, author of the seminal book on our country’s philology, The American Language.

          • Tuci78

            Yeah, but if it weren’t for the Ashkenazim, us Sicilians would never have managed to get organized crime up and running.

            Try to picture even a decently-educated guappone juggling two sets of books.

            (And the spelling is “goyische Kopf.” For all its Hebraic elements, Yiddish is fundamentally a derivative of German.)


            Are you calling them greedy crooks?

          • Tuci78

            “Are you calling them [the Yehudim] greedy crooks?”

            Hm? Are you incapable of conjuring the chief reason for keeping two sets of books?

            If you want some instantiation of “greedy crooks,” turn your eyes toward that cancerous rot festering in Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

            Moreover, were they truly “greedy,” d’you think they’d be sought and respected and valued for their contributions to our Family values?

            The laborer is worthy of his hire, nu?

  • Tuci78

    Sheesh. Doesn’t anybody reading here remember that this guy had been a staunch supporter of our Indonesian-in-Chief, whooping up the half-a-honkey’s victory in a performance over in the U.K. not long after the 2008 elections?

    A lifelong “Liberal,” was Williams.

    Maybe his final depression was the result of realizing that in Michelle’s Metrosexual Meatpuppet, he’d at last had gotten what he’d been whining for all his life – and the knowledge killed him.

    I guess now that he’s dead of asphyxiation, he’s even more true-“Blue” than ever before.

    Ain’t that hilarious?


      Liberalism is a mental disease. He tried to slit his wrist, but that was too painful so he hung himself.

    • Monk

      Piss off you JERK! And do us all a favor and GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY. People like you are not wanted or needed here in AMERICA. Your comment makes me sick!

      • Tuci78

        Oh? Well, to the best of my knowledge “obamaphilia” isn’t yet classified as a recognized disease in either ICD-10 or DSM-IV, so if you’re trying for a “mentally ill” diminished capacity defense, you appear to be S.O.L.

        So why are you sucking away at that tailpipe?

        Or has your beloved Hopenchangey Hubshi just thrown you under the wheels with the rest of the republic?

    • dmsday

      No, it’s not hilarious, it’s sad. Classic, liberal sign, make everything about politics, with as little class as possible. You meet both of those. I guess being a POS just comes natural to you.

      • Tuci78

        “Classic, liberal sign, make everything about politics….”

        Hm? Stronzo, where the heck were you as the late Mr. Williams spent every waking moment slagging Dubbya and everybody else in the Republican Party, from the moment Algore lost the election in 2000 to the day his beloved Man-Tan Messiah got voted into the White House by the usual Cook County coalition of tax feeders, kleptocrats, dipsomaniacs, druggies, and the dead?

        Williams was all about politics when he let his fangs out, and if you haven’t heard his howls of ecstasy over “Barry” Soebarkah taking a flamethrower to the rule of law in our republic, you ought to get acquainted with a Website called “YouTube,” hadn’tcha?

        Take a sniff, dungbeetle. The only thing stinkin’ up the joint here is you.

    • stephaniejane81

      you’re a really sick, heartless person…can’t leave politics out of anything can you? not even a suicide….how sick of you to make a joke out of it. I’m very conservative, but I have liberal friends who I love very much–if any of them died it would break my heart. screw politics–this is life and death, which obviously you don’t take very seriously.


    He was probably on prescription Big-Pharma drugs that drive you to suicide (or murder).

    • Tuci78

      “He was probably on prescription Big-Pharma drugs….”

      Might’ve been. In the past several decades, the tendency to throw mood elevator drugs at people with the symptoms of depression has become just about automatic, when it’s only endogenous depression that responds (if there’s any response at all) to meds in that category.

      I’m no pshrink, but I’ve got enough clinical experience managing patients with mood disorders to tell that Williams had shown signs of comorbid conditions – including “self-medication” with street drugs like cocaine – sufficient to make me gahdam leery of putting him on any of the antidepressants.

      But what the hell is any flyover country “gatekeeper” primary care grunt supposed to know about the lifestyles of the bicoastal rich ‘n famous?

  • Weejus

    People who commit suicide rarely do it to escape others, they do it to escape themselves. They lose hope that their life will ever be other than it is, not realizing that they have the power to change it. That they are the only one who does.

    It’s very Karma-ish that suicide has an extremely high prevelence among commedians. So many of those who make us laugh at life seem to find enduring it unbearable. Perhaps it is their unique perspective. Being able to explain this world’s insanities in terms that make lunacy safe and laughable inherently means facing this world’s demons head on.

    Whatever your politics, Robin, I thank you for blessing us with your visions, opening our eyes to the chaos, and leading us, however briefly, on a guided tour inside our own heads.

    I hope you find peace wherever you are now.

  • Cal Baize

    I understand your thoughts and allow and respect all your opinions. IMO Suicide is a selfish act. I understand depression for many who have a chemical imbalance is pathologic. I would never consider it because of the pain it would cause my loved ones. I would bear the pain. Spend your life worrying about others and your own problems will become less significant. I won’t judge anyone who commits suicide but I can’t condone it and I do understand its the pain they search to end. So sad he was talent. I have first hand with suicide in my family and I don’t have all the answers but I know its wrong.

  • metheoldsarge

    Anyone who thinks that drugs are harmless should remember this. They effect everyone differently and can make suicide seem the only solution. A tragic end to an otherwise brilliant entertainer.

  • B-Funk

    I agree with Beck. Some of his greatest comedic efforts were off-script, and his ability to just be his dorky self in front of everyone.

  • Dawn Hoyer Pennepacker

    Reading some of these comments is really a bit surreal! Robin Williams was a great talent…he had the GIFT to make us feel…to laugh, to cry. There is not a SOUL who can understand why he did what he did….it doesn’t really matter! He is gone. He will be missed, regardless of his political standing….and I would thank the press and the commentators here, to not hand out the details/comments to the salivating crowds, but to have enough respect for the man to allow his family to deal in private. Thanks Robin for giving of yourself! May you have peace at last.

  • Brenda J. Valentine-Bates

    Gooood morning Vietnam

  • Christine Dodd

    My favorite movie was of him portraying Teddy Roosevelt in Night At The Museum. Gonna miss Robin Williams.

  • DeborahLBedard

    One of my favorite “serious” Robin Williams movies was “What dreams may come”. He played a deceased man who’s wife commits suicide. He goes to Hell to bring her back. Wow, what a movie! I was moved by the message of love conquering all but due to his death, it’s particularly hard to watch now. This movie is never mentioned by anyone. Too bad……

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