Legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams made audiences laugh and cry throughout his decades’ long career. While you will undoubtedly hear countless compilations of some of Williams’ greatest hits in the coming days and weeks, Glenn asked Pat to put together a unique package highlighting some of Williams more “genius” moments.

“I asked Pat to put together a compilation of Robin Williams,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Everyone is running the same compilation of Robin Williams’ stuff and they’re running the ‘Good Morning, Vietnam,’ and then they kind of clip not funny parts from that movie. I really think that we should show the genius of Robin Williams. And the genius comes from him just improvising and going off script.”

Listen to the compilation below:

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You may have noticed the compilation ends with a clip from Aladdin, in which Genie says his biggest wish would be for “freedom.” Given the circumstances surrounding Williams’ death, Glenn found that moment particularly poignant.

“I actually asked Pat to include that part of the genie trapped because I really believe, in some way, that is who we all are. But the best example of it is Robin Williams. We have this phenomenal power. It’s not a genie. It’s this universal power, this strength, this being beyond our understanding. And it’s frightening sometimes,” Glenn concluded. “Robin Williams, the genie is finally free.”

Do you have a favorite Robin Williams’ moment? Share your’s in the comments below.

Below are some of our fan favorites from Facebook and the comments:

‘A run by fruiting- – Mrs. Doubtfire

‘Report to Orson’ – Losing a Friend” – Mork & Mindy

‘Carpe Diem’ – Dead Poets Society

‘Peter Pan Vs. Rufio’ – Hook

‘There you are Peter’ – Hook

‘When did you know?’ – Good Will Hunting (Language Warning)

‘Story of the Fisher King’ – The Fisher King

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