Meet the Democratic sheriff under fire in Milwaukee for his pro-Second Amendment beliefs

Glenn hasn’t been known to get involved in local sheriff elections – especially ones involving two Democrats – but on radio this morning, Glenn spoke to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke about the backlash he has received because of his pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment beliefs.

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“I don’t think ever we have ever gotten involved in a county sheriff’s race, but there is one that you really need to know about that is happening today. It’s happening in Milwaukee,” Glenn said. “This guy you have seen before… He’s a Democrat, but he’s common sense… He is one of the few that will actually get out and say the truth, especially when it comes to guns. That’s why Michael Bloomberg is pouring money into this race.”

Clarke assumed the sheriff’s position in 2002 after being appointed to the vacant role by then-governor Scott McCallum. Clarke has since won three elections. Clarke is up for reelection in November, and he is running as a Democrat. He faces a primary challenger in police lieutenant Chris Moews.

While he has easily run reelection in the past, Clarke currently faces a media blitz from the likes of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA super PAC, which has dumped $150,000 into TV ads attacking Clarke’s constitutionally-based, pro-gun stance.

To put that figure in perspective, Fox News reports Bloomberg’s $150,000 is more than what Clarke and Moews have spent on their campaigns – combined.

“There’s a big push by the left-leaning side of this party to get me out of here,” Clarke told Glenn this morning. “It’s for one reason: It’s because of my position on the Second Amendment in support of that. I’m a constitutional sheriff. It’s my position on encouraging people to play a role in their own safety.”

You may recall the controversial public service announcement Clarke released last year encouraging residents to take a more proactive role in their own safety following budget cuts in the county.

“I tell people, ‘You have a duty to protect yourself and your family.’ I’ve turned citizens into my partner in beating back crime by playing a more prominent role in it,” Clarke explained. “Glenn, you know, the first line of defense against crime is not the police. It’s always been the law-abiding citizens. This is a message I’ve carried throughout this county.”

It is this message that Clarke believes has the “hard-liners on the left up in arms.” The common sense message of personal safety – that Clarke believes is “resonating” in the community – is what has the left “so driven” to defeat the incumbent sheriff.

Clarke explained he is currently working with a depleted police force because of furloughs mandated by the mayor’s office.

“The mayor here has furloughed Milwaukee police officers – all 1700 – three days each. He has not filled the vacancies that have been created over the last couple of years,” Clarke said. “This is what average law-abiding citizens are up against. And I just got tired having to see them sit by while these government-controlled politicians here tell people, ‘Just call 911 and wait.’”

The Democratic primary in Milwaukee is happening today, and it is an open primary. This means registered Republicans can vote in the election, and former governor Tommy Thompson is actually encouraging Milwaukee Republicans to vote for Clarke on Tuesday.

“In Wisconsin, we have an open primary… I’m happy to have anybody’s vote. I don’t care what your religious affiliation is. I don’t care what your ethnic background is. I don’t care what your economic status is,” Clarke concluded. “It’s been a patchwork of people who kind of get what I’m talking about and say, ‘Well, that transcends my party affiliation.’ ‘That transcends all this other nonsense that gets in the way.’”

You can learn more about Clarke’s campaign HERE.

  • gator37

    Go Sheriff Clarke, you are RIGHT.

  • Nick

    I live in Milwaukee, this guy is a nut job.
    Clarke’s main concern is making sure his cowboy hat is on straight and boots are shined, and definitely not that his employees or the city of Milwaukee is safe.
    Announcing in a news conference that everybody in Milwaukee should no longer dial 911, but arm themselves and aim for center mass, is just plain stupid.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am all about conceal and carry and protecting ones self, and practice this myself, but this was an idiotic thing to say.

    • Pete L

      NOT!!! ………….Wish we had a Sherriff in my town with a pair of BALLS!!

      • Nick

        Are you saying “not” to my part about not calling 911 and just shooting people? If so, why bother having a police force at all? We might as well be self governing, be judge and jury. Lets just go ahead and dissolve the police and sheriffs departments all together, since we aren’t supposed to call them anymore.. That would solve the problem of this moron holding that post all together.

        • Deeznuts

          Your an idiot Nick. He encourages community involvement in, wait for it,……protecting the community. He looks to solve problems not continued division on political lines. He’s the solution while you and people like you continue to be the problem.

          • Nick

            Yea sure… “Deeznuts” expects me to take him seriously and give him an educated answer with that as his name.. You’re the idiot.

          • Racso

            Woo hoo, another lib resorting to name calling/demoralizing because his point has been demolished. Personally, if I need to call 911 and wait, I would rather take up arms and make that call to the coroner rather than have the call to the coroner made for me.

          • Nick

            Sorry, definitely not a liberal, nor am I the one that began with the name calling. The post I was referring to began, “Your an idiot, Nick”.
            As for my point being demolished.. I am entitled to my own opinions. He has been “my” Sheriff for the past several years and I can see through the interviews that he has with the national press. All the guy is, is a corrupt politician. I can’t wait for him to lose the election in November, to Moews.

          • Jane

            Nick, as a Milwaukee County resident as well, let me explain how the election works. There will be no “election in November” now that Sheriff Clarke has won the primary. I love “my” Sheriff.

          • Roger

            Allrite nick how bout this. A convicted felon breaks into your house with lets just say a handgun. Which is faster1) having your own weapon for defence ie, taking up your own weapon and defend your self (which is written into the 2nd amendment. Or 2 allow said intruder to shoot you, family, friends, who ever may be present. Id choose number one every time. As soon as you enter someone’s property u nwelcomed you are fair game. Cause after all the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy woth better aim. If you dont like the laws of the land, Mexico’s south and Canada’s to the north take your pick.

        • I_Callahan

          “We might as well be self governing”

          Ooh, Nick. The mask just slipped. As a matter of fact, we ARE supposed to be self-governing. The fact that you seem to think this is a bad thing says a lot about your views of Sheriff Clarke.

          “Lets just go ahead and dissolve the police and sheriffs departments all together, since we aren’t supposed to call them anymore.”

          Way to move the goal posts. Following your logic, either only the police can protect you, or there is no police; there is no big middle ground. That’s an asinine view.

          Since the Sheriff is under-staffed, along with the Milwaukee police, it IS incumbent on people to take care of themselves. You guys have a sheriff who thinks like that, and you want to remove him?

          God help our country.

        • JoeLin Y

          The purpose of the police in the government is to protect and serve and to deliver criminals into the hands of the law. Police are responsible for catching criminals who threaten the livelihood, property and peace of other citizens. Without the police patrolling the streets of the world, it would be extremely difficult for the government to prevent law-breaking and anarchy.

          Police are a symbol of authority and power in a neighborhood. People of all ages, backgrounds and races feel safer when police are patrolling. Many criminals are deterred from committing foul actions if a police presence is detected. In every community, the police are viewed as good servants of the public.

          Police officers may have to testify in court if they witnessed a crime. Police can also act as traffic controllers in case a light malfunctions, or if there is nearby construction work. In bad neighborhoods, the police are needed to maintain order. If there is a hazard that threatens any portion of the public, the police must try to correct the problem or request the proper assistance to do so.

          Do note that the Police are HUMAN BEINGS and at any given hour only a certain number of HUMANS are operating as police officers in any given 100 mile radius of your location.

          Generally speaking in most violent crime, the police are NOT THERE. They arrived AFTER-THE-FACT.

        • JoeLin Y

          you might have missed this in school … a government of the people, for the people, and by the people…

          You. Need to go back to school.

        • JoeLin Y

          Replying to someone with a hysterical solution solves nothing other then to make you seem hysterical… abandoning logic and reasonable debate/discussion.

    • Dave Gustavson

      Please Nick, stay in Milwaukee.

    • smokehill2

      No. It’s about time some cop had the balls to tell the truth and admit that it isn’t even his job to “protect” us, literally, since that would take armed bodyguards for everyone. Not gonna happen, and about all any sheriff can do is maintain whatever level of presence on the street that the taxpayers will support, and then chase wrongdoers when a crime occurs.

      No police department can ever respond fast enough to prevent a crime in progress, and especially when it’s already taken place. The primary person responsible for your safety, and your family’s safety, is YOU. If you leave it strictly to the cops, don’t whine to me when they wind up raped, tortured & dead — because YOU failed in your job.

    • Nathan Wilson

      Question: where does he say to never call 911? Defending yourself in your own home and calling 911 are not mutually exclusive. You can do both. Your safety rests SOLELY in your own hands. The police cannot be everywhere all the time. Unless the cop was on the scene at the time an incident starts, there is no way a cop can make it to the scene of a break-in in time to stop it. You call 911 to report someone trying to break into your home. You have to relay to the operator your address, name, and problem. The operator then has to inform dispatch. Dispatch then has to notify all on duty officers in the area of the location and situation. The cop then has to respond that they will investigate. Then they have to travel in their Ford Crown Vic to your house and hope there’s no traffic in the way, no one yapping on the cell phone not paying attention. All the while someone is bashing your front door in. Cops don’t have teleporters. Watch an episode of cops. Just how often do they get there in time to stop an attacker before someone is injured? Nearly every time they have to get a description of the attacker. What was he wearing? What was he driving? Which way did he go? The cops usually play catch up.

  • Pete L

    Politicians are the ones who put us all in danger, law enforcement is there to help get us out. But sometimes we just have to do it ourselves because otherwise it’s too LATE!!

  • ARJ190

    If Goonberg doesn’t like him and is spending a lot of money against him,,,, THAT is all I’d need to know to vote for him!!

    • Stryder51

      Didn’t work out too good for Bloomberg, did it?

  • Chris S

    I live in SE Wisconsin (formerly in Milw. County). I adore Sheriff Clarke! The opposition is running an ad supposedly against him, yet to those of us who understand his common sense approach (CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS!) it sounds more like an endorsement. I giggle every time I hear it knowing it’s likely backfiring. Kinda wish I still lived in the County just so I could vote for him.

  • cjhsa

    The only American stance is a pro-gun stance. His detractors are Bill of Rights hating communist clowns.

  • resident


  • James LaBarre

    I have to wonder if candidates like this are running under the wrong party. Just as there are plenty of Republicans who are actually Libertarians, I think there are lots of Democrats who philosophically are Libertarians as well. I know I spent a while in the Democratic camp because I felt (and still feel) the Republicans are dead-wrong on reproductive rights.

    • for_the_one

      There are a lot of people who if they actually sat down and fully evaluated what they believed in would end up Libertarian, or would switch GOP/Dem. Unfortunately people have become “fans” of their party. Fans, if you recall, is short for fanatics. And is the problem.

      It has gotten so bad, that historical issues get wiped away. Democrats were the big KKK supporters, and anti-civil rights groups, but dems today still defend those dems. Gop hold Lincoln on some pedestal, when in fact he violated the 10th amendment, and used executive orders to go around congress when he issued the Emancipation Proclamation – Exec orders, just like the GOP criticizes now. You could go on and on. Point being, the parties of today are “fans” of their label, ignoring problems of today, and problems of yesterday, caused by their own party.

      All is not lost. Most conservatives (read – not GOP) do not support most of the policies of GW. Drives liberals nuts too, when a conservative criticizes Obama, and then the liberal responds “oh yea, when GW did such and such”, and the conservative agrees.

  • landofaahs

    One of the democrat commandments: Thou shalt not stray from the plantation of liberal dogma concerning abortion, socialism, guns, sexual deviancy and a few others as dictated by the elites of the democrat party when they inform you of your new opinions.

    • Connor Kenway

      You forgot about not supporting the Constitution.

      • landofaahs

        You can’t list everything they screw up on because we don’t have that much time in life.

  • Connor Kenway

    Oh no a freethinker in the Dems so called big tent. I can see them getting the stake ready and the burning pile the left is on a witch hunt tonight.

  • Tim F

    God bless this sheriff.


    Last time I called 911, it only took 10 minutes for cops to show up.

  • suz

    320 some odd billion missing?

    this is one of the many, many places the money goes.

  • landofaahs

    My ancestors moved out of that area in the 1870’s. They were screwed up even back then. But there are quite a few democrats up there and in Minnesota that like to hunt and maybe the democrats will piss off some of the registered democrats enough that they will vote for a conservative like they did Ronald Reagan.

  • Dan Gregory

    If Sheriff Clarke was under fire,i wonder how he managed to win two times in a row?He understands what the 2A means..Once again Nanny Bloomberg and his ass kissing merry followers lost.That’s outstanding..Congrats to Sheriff Clarke and the voter’s who put him in.

  • Stryder51

    He just won his primary and with no Republican opposition, he’s going to be reelected. Way to go, Sheriff Clarke. The ONE Democrat I would ever vote for without hesitation. .

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