From Radio: ISIS in New Jersey?

Update: More details on this story can be found at TheBlaze.

A stunning photo is circulating around Twitter. It was allegedly taken in New Jersey yesterday morning and appears to show the ISIS flag proudly being displayed outside a home. It was tweeted by Marc Leibowitz.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.16.42 AM

Editor’s Note: We have intentionally blacked out the address and not linked to the original tweet.

  • Ward Clinton

    We need to stand against the radicals and encourage the others to stand also before the time comes when they will be terrified into supporting the radicals they really don’t want to have any part of.

    • landofaahs

      Stand how. A standing target makes an easy one. Now if you mean lock and load, then that is different.

  • Moozmom

    Now, see, my Dad’s generation who fought in WWII would have done the following: The men in the neighborhood would visit and discuss what to do about removing this presence from their town. Then they would remove them through going to the home, packing them up, and forcing them out of town. Should the police stop by during the process, well, chances are they were WWII veterans also; they would just stand and watch.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      Your dad’s generation also put all Japanese people (including infants and children) in concentration camps with little-to-no-food and unsanitary conditions where many of them died from poisoning, diseases, and starvation. Just saying….

      • Joe

        Very wrong by today’s view, but deemed necessary at the time. Oh by the way we won!

        • Jeff Lambeau

          So you’re a fan of Macchiavelli huh? “The ends justify the means”. Didn’t know a guy like you would subscribe to the roots of Marxist ideas. Good for you.

          • Yoikes

            In true life or death battle, the ends DO justify the means. Anything else is suicide, and that’s what we keep doing. We must exterminate the vermin.

          • carlcasino

            Fool me once, Shame on You, Fool me twice, Shame on Me.
            I am a Fan of Me & MY Family. I will not give you the opportunity to fool me twice. I live – You die-

          • Agent of Karma

            Hey Jeff, we’ve obviously underestimated your potential. Why don’t you buy a big box of donuts and take it over to ISIS. While you’re away, if you’ll kindly give us your address, we’ll watch your house and your stuff and make sure it stays safe :-)

      • Wild pop

        Have you read how the Japanese treated American prisoners in WW2? How about the Bataan death march. Just saying.

        • Lili J

          THANK YOU! Sometimes people don’t recall all the facts…

      • mrmagic1947

        Actually, it was the Great Hero of the left, FDR that did it. A great progressive. The pos we have now will soon be doing the same with anyone or group opposing him.

        • shanaldo3


      • Graywolf12

        Obamabot, I do not ever remember reading or seeing anything about no food, starving to death, or no sanitation facilities. Even if some of it is true how does this give the terrorists free license to behead, rape, murder sell women into being sex slaves and as of today cutting a Christian boy in half? Just saying.

      • Ed Parkyn

        Not true at all. Those people were cared for in all of those areas. What they really lost was their freedom. Much more important and precious than you could ever imagine at this point in time. Referencing the Bataan Death March, thanks Wild Pop…my high school gym teacher was there. He told us all about his experiences. They were worse than the history films show. The citizens and registered aliens of German extraction were carefully watched in the first case and just plain thrown out of the country in the second. Right or wrong Roosevelt, a Democrat by the way, had to make the really hard choice to use a shot-gun approach because of our rapid inclusion into WWII or take a long term approach and attempt to slowly weed out the enemies within. I really do believe that you should go and study real history on your own time and not swallow the hook, line and sinker that Obama and company have dangling in your throat.

      • Tsuyako808

        tsk tsk tsk . . . Jeff, are you trying to equate the greatest generation with an imperialist regime? Wow, that’s very sad and ignorant. I’m a 3rd generation Japanese American and damn proud to be. I agree with Moozmom – because my dad and grandpa would do exactly what he suggests. There was once a time when communities were close and men and women could recognize evil in whatever racial or cultural form it took. Really please educate yourself Jeff! You know who Daniel Inouye is right? Don’t disappoint us.

      • gjbare

        No the government did that. We the people never were asked.

      • faxxmaxx

        How dare you denigrate the Greatest Generation. If it wasn’t for them you’d be speaking German today or dead. They saved the entire continent of Europe. But that has nothing to do with the enemy who lives in that house and is unafraid of showing it. With your attitude, you may be speaking Arabic in the future or dead.

  • martha

    Why haven’t the authorities checked these people out??

    • Steve K

      Authorities???? You mean obama and holder?? I would not be surprised if they are both card carrying members of ISIS

  • Yoikes

    These evil animals must be exterminated! Carpet bomb them and their families off the face of the earth. Same concept as at the end of WWII.

  • Connor Kenway

    Oh great and I bet those people vote Democrat to.

  • MichaelCarl

    Yeah, keep in mind that FDR authorised the internment of the Japanese Americans. On the Western Front, a unit of Japanese Americans in the U.S. Army kicked butt against the Nazis. WWII, like any war waged under Constitutional circumstances–a proper Declaration of War issued by Congress–there are wide discrepancies in what takes place. In the case of jihadists, we already know they’re against the U.S. and anything Western. Anyone familiar with Boko Haram?

    Their formal name is Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, which means “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad”. Launched in 2002 and headquartered in Borno state, the group’s followers gave the group the Hausa name Boko Haram, which loosely means Western education is forbidden.

    This is the credo of all groups that are following Islam by means of the ‘Way of the Prophet.’ Unfortunately, this means we cannot coexist with them because they don’t believe in co-existence.


    ISIS was funded & trained with our tax money by U.S. Gov. – Hoooray!

  • Clark022

    So was ISIS being armed by the US in Syria, and did they also kill those Americans at Benghazi?

  • Clark022

    Are any of those Taliban leaders released from Gitmo for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl now involved with ISIS?

  • shanaldo3

    I don’t see the Japanese people holding THAT over our heads – but the black folks that I work with HATE me for what my ancestors did. How is THAT fair?

  • Paul Mercier

    I dare anyone in my neighborhood to fly that flag and I personally will tear it down and set it on fire. Paul Mercier 77041

  • Elena

    IT’s flying next to the Turkish national colors.

  • Tokcha Romero

    It is always better to keep things simple.
    Group of very bad people are outside. You are inside with your dear family and friends. Some of those milling about may not intend to kill you, but they are milling about with the ones who do intend to kill you. Quick now, you must decide,,, do you A. take time to ask politely which of the group intend to kill, maim and torture you and your loved ones or B, Take out as many as you can to change the odds in your favor. Remember, you didn’t start looking for the bad people, they came after you. If you answered A, you might be a very nice person, maybe a Saint, but I sure wouldn’t want you in charge of caring for my family or friends. See, how simple is that?

  • honorcouragelove

    Hey, Glenn you forgot to take the address number off this house.

    • Watch it

      It doesn’t help – what is the name of the street? Town?

  • Disqusileana

    I’m calling for the BEST use of NSA!!!

  • coffeeHouse1982

    In related news, we find that Obama’s 1/2 brother, Malik, is active in the Muslim Brotherhood and is now on a terrorist watch-list in Egypt:

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