Labor Day is almost upon us! Get ready for one of the biggest grilling holidays of the year with these great end-of-summer savings from Nebraska Star Beef. These packages deliver great value that the whole family will enjoy, all made up of our premium Natural Angus beef, there’s a package for everyone and with 2 packages under 100 bucks, they’ll fit every budget as well. We don’t put our steaks on sale often, but we wanted to extend a special offer for this Labor Day. If you’ve been waiting to try Nebraska Star Beef, now is the perfect time.

It Takes “Two”: 8 premium all-natural Angus steaks

it takes two

$143.96 $159.95
(SAVE 10%)

Two of each of our premium Natural Angus steaks, this package features everything from the Filet to the Ribeye, we even throw in a bottle of our “Signature” seasoning ― just remember, go easy on the seasoning, this is PREMIUM beef!!

New York Strip: Texture, tenderness and juiciness

ny strip

$76.45 $84.95
(SAVE 10%)

The favorite cut of the Nebraska Star Beef team, the NY Strip is the perfect combination of texture and tenderness. Our beef is cut and aged by a small family butcher who specializes in beef. There’s a lot of talk about buying local these days, well, these steaks come from cattle whose first time out of Nebraska will be when they are headed to your house for dinner. Package includes four 8oz New York Strips and a 7oz bottle of our “Signature” seasoning.

The Lollipop Guild: A selection of our smaller cuts


$89.95 $99.95
(SAVE 10%)

Six Premium Natural Angus steaks: 2 Sirloins, 2 Strips and 2 Ribeyes make this package an exceptional value at $89.95. This package is the perfect choice for a backyard camping trip on Labor Day. Comes with a 7oz bottle of “Signature” seasoning.

Burger Madness: Impossible to put down!


$127.46 $149.95
(SAVE 15%)

The name says it all. This package is for folks who are mad about burger. This is 15 pounds of premium, blended Natural Angus and Natural Wagyu ground beef, and a bottle of our “Signature” seasoning. This package is enough for most of the neighborhood if they decide to visit for your Labor Day party. This package is great for families who have kids starting back to school, the patties are very convenient to thaw in the morning and create a quick meal in just a few minutes.

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