Have we lost control of our country?

On Tuesday, the coroner’s office officially determined Robin Williams’ cause of death to be suicide. If you happened to catch any of the media coverage in the aftermath of the report, it was an overload of sensational speculation. Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson is writing op-eds for USA Today about how “there’s a ‘Ferguson’ near you,” and ISIS is threatening to divide America and take over the White House.

On radio this morning, Glenn was in a somber mood as he ran through the news of the day. The current state of the media and culture led Glenn to question whether “we’re in control of our country” anymore. Furthermore, are we, as Americans, working toward the same goals? Glenn played the Millennial Choir and Orchestra’s rendition of “America the Beautiful” from their album To Be American as he prayed for unity.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

I want to talk to you about who we are today and if we feel like we’re in control of our own lives. Do we feel like we’re in control of our own families? Do we feel like we’re in control of our own country even? And when I say ‘in control’ – are we working toward the same goals anymore? Are we working toward a country we understand anymore?

I see Jesse Jackson saying, ‘There’s a Ferguson, Missouri near you,’ and nobody is really speaking out and saying, ‘What is this insanity?’ We all want justice. We all want to make sure that our cops aren’t shooting people, but what is this where we’re burning down our own towns? Where is justice when you’re looting somebody who’s just fighting for their life in the same way you are. They’re trying to make ends meet.

We have a 12-year-old kid who’s now on tape as part of ISIS saying, ‘We’re coming over and we’re going to divide America in two.’ Well, a mission accomplished. Abraham Lincoln told us we don’t have to worry about the outside. We’re too great of a nation. We’re too strong of a people. If we’re going to destroy ourselves, if we’re ever going to be destroyed, it will come from within.

What unites us? What brings us together?

Thinking out loud here, I was proud of us for about three hours for the way we all came together on Robin Williams’ death. I thought, here’s the America I know. It didn’t matter what his political position was in life. It didn’t matter who our friends or our neighbors voted for or anything else. We all were hurting yesterday because a guy who made us feel good, a guy who we could kind of relate to because he just made us laugh at ourselves died.

But that spiraled out of control. I am disgusted by the media. They go and cover the coroner. What difference does it make how he did it? Why do I have to know what position he was in? Why? Why do I have to know that? How does that better my life? How does that change my life? How does that change the story? How does it do anything but assault the family and assault his memory? And then you self-righteous media people who are reporting on it: You’re carrying the damn thing live and then you come back and report on how many people are outraged that the coroner had the gall to say those things. You carried it live! Is there no decency?

I played a song in my office this morning at 6:00am. And it was a song that was recorded by a group we’ve told you about before, the Millennial Choir and Orchestra. I talked to this amazing choir about two years ago and I said, ‘Could you reset some of the songs that we all grew up with?’ And I put this CD on this morning and as I was reviewing all of the news, I just listened.

(music playing)

I listened to the words that we use used to all sing when we were kids but never really listened to.

(music playing)

We grew up in a different time, in a world that made sense. We would sing this in our school assemblies. I don’t even know if it made sense to us when we were kids. We were in the Cold War. We were burning cities down in the 1960s. But at least, in those days, man was trying to reach beyond the primordial slime and reach to the heavens, reach to the moon. There was something great to aspire to. Is there something to aspire to together today?

(music playing)

‘America, may God mend thine every flaw. May God confirm thy soul in self-control, thy liberty in law.’ Think of that. Liberty in law is self-control. Where is that in St. Louis? Where is that in Washington D.C. or our newsrooms or in our own homes?

(music playing)

And in that line is the answer: ‘When all success is nobleness and every gain divine.’ When we become those heroes again ‘who more than self our country love and mercy more than life,’ we will make it. If we see beyond our years and reset to something far greater than we even see today and we see the brotherhood that unites us all.

(music playing)

We as people have such great potential. Historians years from now will look back and they will judge whether we lived up to our potential or we squandered this profound opportunity.

(music playing)

Let it be written of us that more than self our country love and mercy more than life.

(music playing)

From sea to shining sea, I greet you. Hello, brother. Hello, sister. Americans all.

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  • soybomb315

    Yes, Glenn, we have lost control of our country. We lost it a LOOONG time ago.

    Our country is controlled by the globalists and bankers. That is why our debt is unpayable and we do not produce anything anymore.

    If you think we lost control of our country, then Ron Paul would have been your guy.

  • landofaahs

    We lost control a long time ago when the nanny state was born.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    We lost our minds let alone control and everything you talk about is just the after effect of that.

    • landofaahs

      I agree. We are only living through the symptoms of the disease. I tried to up vote you but it didn’t seem to take.

  • Hubzone

    The radical movement of the 60s and 70s was led by the people who are currently in charge of your government. Is it any wonder that we are in the state that we are in?

  • Ed Palmer

    Wisdom says that “We the People” have not lost the fight…
    … until “ We the People” surrender.

    Let’s all put our shoulder to the wheel, take a fresh breath, buck up our spirits and call ourselves “ American” and live worthy of the privilege !!!

    Hello Brothers! Hello Sisters! “ Americans All !!!”

  • NMx

    Now Glenn’s calling for unity… the mantra of the new agers…this is the most evil word in their lexicon today because if you do any research on the new age you will find that the call for “unity” is an deceitful and hate-filled one… They call Christians
    and conservatives “separatists” because they think there is a God
    outside of themselves…Since they think we are all god we are all one
    spirit… all united in one… they call for unity. Glenn knows this
    because I’ve supplied him with that information. What’s really evil is
    they literally want to kill Christians because of their negative attitudes (apparently
    towards sin, etc…) and all the evil that is going on today… they want to
    follow the Bible, but the new agers have their own bible and hate the real one.
    They say the thoughts and beliefs of Christians will hold them back from
    attaining godhood and hence they feel they can either re-educate people or
    kill them… they will literally check your “mind, etc… on a computer
    to check your “christ consciousness” not the Christ you and I talk about –
    their phoney christ mentality… Look up Constance Cumby online – its all there.
    But here Glenn is calling for unity… he’s really turned a dark corner now….
    Sad because for a time he really was on the right track… I’d swear these
    monsters have grabbed him and put a mind control device in his brain

    • soybomb315

      They say the devil will first go after the leaders of truth and corrupt them. I suggest Beck has been corrupted for a few years now. I hope many see it before its not too late and spread truth in their own way.

  • Wayne Bursch

    It is not Americans all. Many claim only hate and disdain for this country, and many do so based on racist claims hundreds of years ago in occurrence. Many use racism that they have never experienced to claim hurt and harm so that they may benefit. Many blame the very ones who pay for everything for all the poverty they received after they dropped out of the high school we paid for. It is a country that cannot be brought together, as God separates us from the World, and although we live in the world, we are not part of it. On that part I differ greatly from Glenn, as this nation will continue to spiral downward into despair and destruction if one believes more in the Holy Bible than they do in human nature. WWIII is coming, Glenn and yes, many here in the USA will be the reason why.

  • James

    It’s kind of hard to be united when we’re constantly being divided by laws and preferences. Laws such as “Hate Crimes”. Preferences such as “Disadvantaged Business Enterprises” and “Affirmative Action”.

    I think there are now too many cultures fighting for preference over all other people within the United States.

    Now is the time for those such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to be labeled in the same manner their KKK counterparts would be labeled. As racists.

    Maybe, when all are treated equal in the laws of the government, those who are most ambitious and qualified will be the same as those who achieve the greatest success.

    • Keith Hoffman

      Exactly! The laws….100,000+ of them have divided us and encroached on our liberties and freedoms to the point where people are “flipping their lids”…

      That’s what happens to overgrown empires….eventually they govern themselves into oblivion

  • bobjr4freedom

    We lost control by letting it get out of control.We have work to do and with God’s help it can be done.Repent and return to that shiny city God made us to be.

  • Keith Hoffman

    The Druggies and Hippies are running the Police State….doesn’t make a difference…..they are growing both Govt & the Police State…..


  • Quek

    Ah but that is the idea of America. No one is in control. We aren’t, and neither should the government be. We should be in control of our lives. The fight goes way back. It has always been one of control. Man was different than angels, he was given free will. America recognized the possibilities. If there were no people in “charge”. If we had a limited government and a few institutions that maintained the peace we could be free to pursue Happiness in an Aristotle sense, that would be the freedom to pursue our own purpose. Gradually the government has taken control but they can’t crush the free will.

    The question is can we get back to not having control of anything but our own lives and can we manage to get the government to release control. This shooting was just one among many. It is part of the fight for control. It will be used to get even more government control, not less. It will strengthen the police, not weaken them.

  • Jack Bass

    All I feel anymore in this country is confusion. It’s become very hard to separate the good guys from the bad anymore. It is instead a choice of the lesser evil, but it always seems there is an evil to put up with. I agree that this cannot continue, but what horrors await if we try to turn it around? There’s an epic battle brewing that’s not been seen since our own civil war because we as a country are becoming that polarized again. Hate and anger are strong on both sides. And yet, it sometimes is still difficult to know who’s on what side. Yes, a few seem clear, but so many others seem on the fence. Soon however, I don’t think we’ll see that many on the fence anymore. Something is coming.

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