Meet the Obama donors behind the Time Warner Cable/Comcast merger

It has been just two days since Glenn first asked his listeners to visit and fill out the FCC comments form in regards to the proposed merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast. Just 10,000 comments would have made a significant impact, but some 22,000 responses have already poured in from concerned Americans who do not believe this merger is in the public interest.

On radio this morning, Glenn thanked the audience for their overwhelming response over the last several days and encouraged people to tell their friends and family to make their voices heard as well. Glenn, Pat, and Stu also offered some startling insight into why Comcast executives are marching through the Congressional testimony and FCC comments period seemingly without fear.

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“Yesterday, we told you that Comcast has the largest lobbying team in the history of America. That’s pretty significant,” Glenn said. “They’re trying to get this merger approved. They’re trying to jam it down everybody’s throat. And they’re not afraid.”


As Glenn explained, when you look at the political donations of Time Warner Cable and Comcast, there is an obvious political bias within the companies. According to Forbes, Comcast employees donated $465K to the Democrat National Committee vs. $114K to the Republican National Committee in 2012. Time Warner donations were $442K to Obama and $28K to Romney.

But those fundraising figures are just the beginning. The Forbes article goes on to explain two Comcast executives playing a major role in the merger talks have deep ties to the Obama Administration.

1. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is a big Democratic donor and one of the President’s golfing buddies. He serves on Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. In 2011, Roberts hosted Obama and his senior advisor Valerie Jarrett at his home in Martha’s Vineyard.

2. Meanwhile, Comcast executive vice president David Cohen is overseeing the merger. As Forbes reports, Cohen and his wife have given some $500,000 to Obama while raising another $2.2 million. Cohen has hosted fundraisers for the President at his Philadelphia home.

The purpose of this FCC comments period – which ends August 25 – is to help determine whether or not the merger is in the “public interest.” Considering this merger would allow two of the biggest cable monopolies – with the worst customer service records – to dictate what 30% of America can see on cable TV, it is safe to say the public interest is not the priority. Ultimately, this merger means less choice, less competition, and higher cable bills.

“You ask the FCC: Is this in our interest or in the interest of some political cronies,” Glenn said. “This is clearly not in the public interest. Send that message clearly to the FCC.”

Fill out the FCC comments form HERE.

  • alvin691
  • Semperfijeffb

    They will get it approved. These people are the true power in this country. There is nothing going to change that. If you wish to change the power base in this country then you are going to have to stop giving them your money. Hollywood is very much against most things we stand for but we still give them billions to change what we hold dear. We complain all the time about this left wing thing or that and the truth is without the money of conservatives they could not do what they do. As long as we make them rich beyond dreams then nothing can be reversed. As long as we give them money the direction of the country will continue as it have for 40 years. If you wish to make a difference then do it if not we should just shut up and take it after all we payed for it kinda like that scene from Full Metal Jacket where he eats the jelly donut “There paying for it, you eat it”.

    • oplix

      That is because they provided the crack and now people are too addicted to get off.

  • fawnday

    Life isn’t political. If you don’t have an agenda you’ll get more done and have an easier time going through life. So stop with the agenda stuff and go with just plain entertainment driven programming(where even if there’s a message it’s not blatant unless you want to be Norman Lear in reverse) and Blaze TV will get on the air. To paraphrase Shakespeare, get thee to a programmer’s convention. Find someone to pick up the station as soon as you have things on it that’ll be for a general audience. Heck, if Oprah can do it so can you. Same with when the Inspiration Channel went from being a religion station to a family centered general station. Who cares how many mergers there are if you have stuff worth watching.

    • Roderick

      My gosh, someone actually has some sense… Thank you! I love a lot of what Glenn has to say, but come on, these whole “The US is dissolving!!” stories twice a day are getting old

      • fawnday

        You’re welcome. Yeah, even once a day for those stories is old.If people think the world is going wrong they are either TRYING to find stuff to complain about or else they aren’t trying hard enough to find things that are happy-making. Glenn has a reputation he has to live down which is one reason the station isn’t on the air.

      • RadioPatriot

        Get used to it. It’s happening.


    Rupert Murdoch wants to purchase Time Warner! Keep competition alive and please give the other political spectrum a voice! If this merger goes through, I will advise Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Glenn Beck to team up and start another cable company. I would advise them to make this new ‘BLAZE’ cable company ‘public’ and the Hollywood Liberals would have then gave birth to a sleeping GIANT! Don’t be foolish Liberals! Do the right thing or you’ll be creating your own cancer!

  • tingirly

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU GLEN. merger means MOMOPOLY in a different form. let’s hope it doesn’t happen

    • Roderick

      You can’t have a monopoly when half of the country doesn’t even get either of those two companies and there’s 10+ competitors. Merger and monopoly are actually two completely different things….

      • independent thinker

        It is possible for them to have a monopoly in their markets.

      • oplix

        your scale of logic is way too small.

  • landofaahs

    They can buy it but who’s going to watch or buy the product? Times are a changin’.

  • Papaboulay Mangoya

    papa woule la boumgawa gounga walla!!!

  • jenna rogers

    tv is already too expensive to watch. more and more people will watch on their computers for $8 per month.

    • jewelthief2014

      Who is your internet provider? How is it only $8/mo?

      • RadioPatriot

        Netflix. $7.99 a month, commercial free, loads of choices. I rarely watch TV anymore.

        • jewelthief2014

          Oh…awesome. You need internet to use Netflix, so I was curious what provider is used? Thank you!! I’ll check into Netflix.

  • Stephen C

    Good info

  • Connor Kenway

    So liberals are trying to control the media by kicking everyone out.

    • BA94TA

      Exactly. Rockefeller was quoted a long time ago saying the biggest opposition in a capitalist economy is cutthroat competition. If this merger goes through, we’ll soon see comcast either buying off the competition, or burying them by putting them out of business.

  • BA94TA

    A classic monopoly of scale. The largest company sets everything, and the smaller companies follow suit

  • Eldjr

    A merger of this sweeping effect can only serve the “public interest” in the same way that the Republic of China belongs to “the People”. It’s intriguing how it can be “the People’s Republic of China”, and yet, when “the People” want more of a say in how things are done, they get crushed by tanks.

    Despotism [especially fascist despotism] works most easily when you only have to gather a couple of reins into your hands in order to steer the wagon train.

    We need to understand what is happening: it isn’t communism; it’s fascism: government and corporate interests exercising control over the population ‘for the good of the State’.

    Let’s not overlook the trend of the last 25 years toward more global integration, more international intervention, more imperatives pressed upon the individual citizen to do “what’s good for the country” – including, apparently, submitting our children increasingly to a centralized education platform designed to “make America competitive in the global economy”.

    Education, whern I was young, used to be focused upon the ’rounding-out’ of the child’s skills and knowledge in order to open up their individual choices and options.

    No longer is this even implied.

    Now they are being educated to serve the State by supplying America’s corporate interests with the ‘human resources’ needed to compete globally. Individualism is now treated as though it were selfishness; individual rights are treated as extremism, capitalism – individual economic Liberty – is called, ‘greed’, while the egalitarians lay claim to the fruit of individual labor in the name of “the People”…

    And the avatar of covetousness and envy wags his finger and tells folks, “you didn’t build that without government help.” – implying that government is entitled to confiscate and redistribute property at will.

    As my wife often says about folks experiencing ‘buyer’s remorse’ over their spousal choice: “Marry in haste, repent at leisure”

    The day will surely come when – though incapable of accepting culpability for creating or exacerbating the downward spiral – when progressives will be very, very sorry to be sleeping in the bed thus made. They would do well to remember the fate of [fascist] Mussolini and his mistress.

  • ross mcglockness

    note to self, will never use comcast again.

  • Eurosunshine

    Roberts is Jewish, Cohen is Jewish. They figured out at some point in history that their best defense is a government that they can control that controls the public.

  • VegasAngelFan

    If the AT&T / Tmobile Merger was bad, precedent is already set. It would be the utmost in hypocrisy to allow this one through.

    • cowboicody

      AT&T and Tmobile merger failed

  • Henry Hughes

    Gosh, Republicans would NEVER take lobbying money or approve a big corporate merger, nosirree. It’s not like Ronald Reagan gutted FCC regulations, resulting in GE’s purchase of RCA (with NBC as the crown jewel), which was at the time the largest non-oil merger in the history of the country.

    You gotta love what we might call “the indignation of convenience” on display here. It’s like history goes “poof!” Except of course it doesn’t.

  • Chris Bogh

    Sounds like Mexico

  • Bob Anderson

    OF course it will be approved, Citibank and Traveller’s merged in 1998 in violation of the Glass-Steagall Act. It was predicted in 2000, that there would be an economic collapse in 10 years, right after Pres. Clinton basically repealed the Act. It only took 8.

  • ReddFrogg

    What is it when Time Warner Cable merges with Comcast?

    • ReddFrogg

      Commie Time!

  • Bob Kelley

    The best thing about this story is that there was a slight chance this merger could have been denied…..BEFORE Glenn Beck got involved! Now that he got involved and the narrative becomes left versus right……this will be automatic. Now that’s some sweet justice!

  • Roderick

    I thought Glenn supported a free market…. lol I guess not

  • RobF

    I usually agree with Glenn on most things but unfortunately he doesn’t all the facts on this one. The sale is listed for Comcast but there are other companies involved in deal. Currently many of these providers are spread drastically all over geographically, but with this sale it will help these providers become more organized and actually give better service for their customers. Ask any time Warner customer they will be grateful for the change. Besides, your wallet controls everything, you don’t have to have cable i.e. AT&T, Dish etc..

  • Doree Stone

    I stopped getting cable and satellite service. I use a Roku and my wi fi signal. I get all the shows, movies and news as well as radio via that set up and all I have to pay for is my Internet each month. But, people who feel they MUST see sports in real time, as if the score or plays change if they don’t see it as it happens, will continue to pay for cable and satellite. If the two companies merge, it certainly will be for political reasons. Just another power play. Thank goodness I won’t be affected by it, but I will add my voice to those who are against it.

  • Jackson De’Cathym

    Neil Smit the CEO of Comcast is a former Navy SEAL.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    Yes, this is the Cruxt of the Matter. We have just about lost Our Nation due to The Progressive Liberal Media and Hollywood that chewed off the hand that fed them, like rabid zombie dogs. As a direct descendant of Martha Washington (George was sterile), it Saddens me to no end to see such mindless destruction and loss of life everywhere because of it.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    Progressive Liberal is too long of a name for them, Zombies is good enough.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    Glenn Please contact me to join forces. I may be rough, but I am Good.

  • jason blackwell

    I have heard a question asked by several radio personalities. They ask “Where is the Muslim outrage?!” They have asked this question in regards to 9/11 and the current situation with ISIS in Iraq. The question is posed as a rhetorical device used to imply that Muslims, in general, agree with terrorist activities because they are apparently silent on the issue. However, seeing how our media is dominated by just a very small handful of players…the question should be, “Why doesn’t the media report the Muslim outrage towards these terrorist attacks?”. Well, one possible answer would be that the major media execs don’t want us to understand that the vast majority of Muslims are fed up with terror as well. Time Warner and Comcast have an agenda and I think it has more to do with stoking the flames than reporting the truth. It is more profitable to sell conflict than it is to sell peace. At least, that’s what the media seems to think.

  • jason blackwell

    More than just being able to provide substandard customer service at an astronomical price, with a monopoly on media output…they would have a monopoly on our perceptions.

  • EAMM

    1. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is a big Democratic donor and one of the President’s golfing buddies. He serves on Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness – wouldn’t you think MORE jobs would be in the US instead of being outsourced overseas???

  • Dan Smith

    I hate to disagree with Glenn, but he’s foolishly wrong on this one. The above opinion lacks the understanding of the dynamics of this kind of business. This merger is about more choices and preventing price increases. With the advent of satellite competing against cable, less choice and higher bills would be cable suicide. Dish companies long for cable to give less choice for more money. This merger is about making a better product for less, to stay competitive.

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