Obama responds to the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown

On Tuesday’s radio program, Glenn praised the family of Michael Brown – the 18-year-old shot and killed by a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday – for pleading for nonviolence amidst all the violence and rioting that has broken out in the area.

While Al Shartpon and Jesse Jackson have been at the forefront of ratcheting up rhetoric surrounding the tragedy, President Obama took a more conciliatory approach in his remarks. On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the President’s response.

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Unlike what he said in the aftermath of the death of Trayvon Martin, Obama’s response to this tragedy had a much more demure tone. Instead of likening Brown to his unborn son (as he did with Martin), the President extended his “deepest condolences” to the family and asked people to “comfort” one another.

Below is Obama’s official statement:

The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time. As Attorney General Holder has indicated, the Department of Justice is investigating the situation along with local officials, and they will continue to direct resources to the case as needed. I know the events of the past few days have prompted strong passions, but as details unfold, I urge everyone in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the country, to remember this young man through reflection and understanding. We should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds. Along with our prayers, that’s what Michael and his family, and our broader American community, deserve.

Given the President’s track record, Glenn found the remarks to be acceptable, though given the extent of the violence and the scope of the Obama’s influence, he does not believe the statement was strong enough. He would have preferred the President say something like:

“What good does this do? What are you doing? This is not the way he would want to be remembered… This makes you look bad as a community. Don’t do this. America will not side with people who are using something to go loot stores. It won’t happen. We’re better than this.

“There’s nothing wrong with [his] statement,” Glenn concluded. “[But] that is what the president should have said.”

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  • zemla

    Just HAD to get the last word in huh? I’m no fan of this guy but I’m pretty sure that if he did and said exactly what some folks ’round here wanted, they’d still find just one iota of displeasure to speak about.

    Same people who gripe about the weather when it’s 75, no humidity, and sunny out.

  • soybomb315


  • landofaahs

    He means none of it. Watch and see.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Which the left try to use his death to ban all guns again.

  • Vitae Loner

    Several people were murdered in the wake of the Trayvon fiasco, and Obama’s comments about it, merely because they were white. I don’t recall a single conciliatory word from Obama about those hate crimes. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what he says; just look at what he’s doing.

    • Nick Darwin

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      • kdau

        That’s great Nick! Perhaps you can donate some of your well-earned largess to the families of the victims of the ongoing violence in Ferguson, MO. Either that or stop spamming the message boards.

  • http://www.mrchrisg.com/ mrchrisg.com

    LAPD Cops just gunned down another kid, maybe Obama can talk about that too or the guy in NYC that cops strangled & choked to death…and the list goes on & on.

  • NoU4EN

    Highly unusual nowadays…with all the eyewitnesses – didn’t any of them have an iPhone to record what happened? Or maybe they did and the narrative doesn’t fit the video. On that note, when cameras were rolling and in full daytime view of hundreds of spectators, Miriam Carey was gunned down right in front of the White House. Remember Miriam – a black woman from Connecticut drove 300 miles to D.C. for some unknown reason with a small child in the back seat of her car. When she supposedly took a wrong turn in front of the WH she was terminated via D.C. police and Secret Service. She was shot several times in the back and these supposedly keystone cops (or expert sharpshooters) somehow missed hitting the child who was less than two feet away or bystanders. What’s missing? Oh yes, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, et al never uttered a word about the incident and the story is being deep sixed by the media. In the meantime, the Department of Injustice has determined that none of those police/SS did anything wrong but they are refusing to release the investigative report.

    • http://takopako.tumblr.com takopako

      several peoples’ phones were illegally confiscated at the scene of the murder. Please keep yourself informed before making statements like that.

      also, it is very important that stories about black women are kept in the media, as they are all too often looked over.

  • Cappy1437

    No one wants to hear what Obama has to say anymore. It means diddily squat. All he has done is lie to the American people. We don’t want to see his face on t.v. anymore either. He represents evil in the world. He needs to move back to Chicago, the hell hole he came from. Black kids are killing black kids all over the place there. Does he say anything about that? He doesn’t intend to go back there. He’s left that place for good and not looking back. Boy did you guys get duped. He has now elevated his status to hang out in sunny southern California with his movie star friends. And the black people thought he cared about them. That is a laugh and a half.

  • RockyMtn1776

    Is Obama going to comment on every single black kid murdered ever night. Usually by another black.

  • C20

    Is O going to comment is this 18 year old was a Christian?

  • AmericanIrish

    Apparently the protesters didn’t get the message. .this town is on fire. .

  • 2 IT too

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  • $118192972

    The odds of that cop shooting that kid for no reason is pretty close to ZERO percent.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Did he deserve to be shot for what he did?

      Was the cop threatened by someone who was running away that he had to use deadly force to stop them?

      Americans believe that people are entitled a trial by their piers before the death sentence is given.

      Which country do you hail from?

    • dluch

      Disrespecting or not immediately submitting to police should not be grounds for getting killed

  • thedogwalker

    Why does he always inject himself into these things? This has nothing to do with him.

  • 7tom7

    Here we go again our so call Havard lawyer jump in again without knowing all the facts that police are guilty just like in Cambridge Mass now he doing again in St. Louis !!! Even if the police are found in the wrong , obama just fanning the flames of lynch mob mentality or a witch hunt that all police are evil !!

  • bucketnutz

    Where was the oracle of division when , Thirty homicides in Chicago in a weekend were committed at the hands of Other Black Men? The only time this dope gets involved is when it is a racially divided scenario and he can pick the scab of unity .

  • kieramccarthy

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  • Wolfeman

    In some related video we find a brief summary of Obama’s lies about keeping your doctor and your insurance: http://youtu.be/8Gjpgn-AM1c

  • http://www.fayenicolehines.com/ Faye

    Really! Why isn’t he making a statement on countless civilians who are dying in the Middle East?

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