TheBlaze’s Jason Howerton found an amazing viral video last night of a regular guy issuing a big challenge to real men everywhere. Why is it so great? Hint: It has nothing to do with dumping a bucket of ice on your head.

In the video, North Carolina man Kendell Smith soberly explains, “I don’t really do Facebook videos or anything like that, but I guess since everyone else is doing a challenge, I figured I should do one too.”

“So, this is my challenge… to anyone who wants to accept it — see if you can do this.”

He then got up and picked up his son who was sitting off camera and said “Be a father. Take care of your kids. Be there in their lives and mean something to them.”

That’s a challenge every parent should take.

“This is great!” Glenn said after watching the video.


So far, the video has been shared over 57,000 times since it was posted on August 1st.